CAn I run Lion and snow leopard on the same computer with different sign-ins?

CAn I run Lion and snow leopard on the same computer with different sign-ins?

Alternatively, partition your internal HD and dual-boot it. Do note that you have to reboot to switch back and forth. You can't do it by logging out and back in.

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  • I need to run Lion and Snow Leopard on the same computer

    i have no money so the solution needs to be free.
    Can anyone help?

    Pondini: Formatting,  Partitioning, Verifying,  and  Repairing  Disks... -
    but I wouldn't just launch into this. I suspect your computer cannot run Snow Leopard as a major boot system.  There may be virtualization options, but if you don't know how to partition a drive then 2 pages of instruction using command lines to achieve virtualization may take a bit of easing into.  I haven't really gone into it myself, though I do recall discussions questioning legality.

  • Running Lion and Snow Leopard on the same MacBook Pro

    So here's the thing .....apparently Lion won't run Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 (which I'm quite happy with and not about to shell out silly amounts of money to Adobe for even CS3) and apparently there may be (and I stress may be) problems with Word 2008 (likewise money to Microsoft for Word 2011).
    I think, and probably won't know till I've installed it, that I'd like to try Lion on my Macbook Pro but keep Snow Leopard as a separate OS to run Photoshop, Illustrator and if necessary Word until I can afford to pay Adobe (& possibly Microsoft though I can't really see what improvements they can make to Word 2008) the large amounts of money they seem to think they deserve for an upgrade.
    Does anybody out there know if it is possible to run both Lion and Snow Leopard on the same machine and if it is how do I do it?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Likely a corrupted cache file
    Read the
    Deeper cache cleaning/resetting

  • Using lion and snow leopard on the same computer/ partition?

    In the old days to partition a hard drive on a computer the hard drive had to be erased/ reformatted first.  Do I understand correctly that partioning a hard drive no longer requires this?  Can someone explain, as if I'm 6 years old, how to do this?  I want to upgrade to lion so I can use i-cloud on a mpb  but must still have snow leopard due to a couple of ppc programs/files I still need  (such as the data in chronos personal organizer, quicken 2007, and maybe a few more).  So how exactly do I do this, without reformatting etc.  ?   Sharon

    Launch Disk Utility->Help->Disk Utility Help->Creating new partitions on a disk. Note, that to dynamically add a partition, journaling has to be enabled on all partitions. I have my iMac's 1 TB HD partitioned into three bootable volumes. Two running SL and one running Lion.

  • Why can't two different users use Itunes on the same computer with different log ins

    Why can't two different users use Itunes on the same computer with different log ins

    Pmorgan5672 wrote:
    Why can't two different users use Itunes on the same computer with different log ins
    They can, but not at the same time.
    If one user left iTunes running, and another user tries to use iTunes from a different Windows user ID, that second user will get an error message.  If they really want to use iTunes, they either have to beg the first user to log in and close iTunes, or else they have to restart the computer.
    If you are asking the technical reason why, it is something about context switching.

  • How do I copy purchases between 2 itunes libraries on the same computer with different log ins and separate apple user ids?

    How do I copy purchases between 2 itunes libraries on the same computer with different log ins and separate apple user ids?

    Load the library which doesn't contain the songs and drag them into the open iTunes application window. If you need to move them between different computer user accounts, put them into /Users/Shared/.

  • Can I install iwork and microsoft office in the same computer?

    Can I install iwork and microsoft office in the same computer?

    Yes, you can. I have both Microsoft Office and Apple iWork on my computer, and everything works just fine.

  • I can't run LR5 and EOS utility at the same time

    I'm running Mac OS 10.9.5, LR5.7 & Eos Utility 3.
    I can't run LR and Eos3 at the same time. Eos just crashes and have to force quit Eos.
    Any tips anyone?
    Do I have to downgrade to Eos2. Not a problem really I suppose.

    LR supports tethering using a Canon DLL and EOS Utility probably also supports tethering or at least uses something from a similar Canon DLL.  You probably cannot have two different versions of that DLL loaded at the same time, so it makes sense there are problems.

  • How can i run 2 i tunes accounts on the same computer without songs duplicating?

    my wife and I both have ipods, how do you run an account each on the same computer without files syncing on both ipods/ libraries?

    Using More than One iDevice on the Same Computer
    This applies mainly to couples who are adding another device and do not want their email, messages, etc. being duplicated on both devices. To begin read: How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer. You need to establish a separate Apple ID and password for whomever will use the new iDevice. See Apple - My Apple ID and Frequently asked questions about Apple ID. The easiest way is to do this on the computer using iTunes: iTunes- How to set up an Apple ID within iTunes.
    On the computer create a new user account for the person with the new iDevice. This will be the user account that person will always use. He/She will no longer use the other user account. This way that person will have a separate iTunes Library
    Start by transferring the new device(s) to a new account along with all your data.  Save any photo stream photos that you want to keep to your camera roll (unless they are already in the camera roll) by opening your Photos app, tap on Albums icon at the bottom. Now, tap on My Photo Stream album; tap Select; tap on the photos you want to select;, tap the share icon (box with upward facing arrow) in the lower left corner; then tap Save to Camera Roll.
    If you are syncing notes with iCloud that you want to keep then you need to open each of your notes and email them to yourself. Later you can copy and paste the text into new notes created in your new account.
    Tap on Settings > iCloud > Delete Account (only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; the person keeping the current account will not be affected,) provide the password to turn off Find My Phone and choose Keep on My iDevice when prompted.  Sign in with a different Apple ID to create your new account. Choose Merge to upload your data.
    Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and delete the other person's data from your account.
    Note: The essence of the above was created by user, randers4. I
    have made substantial changes to improve readability and syntax.

  • How can I run two independant LabView applications from the same computer, without taking a performance hit?

    I have two identical, but independant test stations, both feeding data back to a Data Acquisition Computer running LabView 6.1. Everything is duplicated at the computer as well, with two E-series multifunction I/O cards (one for each test station) and two instances of the same LabView program for acquiring and analysing the data. The DAQ computer has a Celeron processor w/ 850Mhz clock and 512MB memory, and is running on Windows NT.
    I have noticed that when I run both the applications simultaneously, I take a substantial performance hit in terms of processing speed (as opposed to running just one program). Why does this happen and how can I prevent it? (In t
    his particular case, it may be possible to combine both the tests into one program since they are identical, but independant, simultaneous control of two different LabView programs is a concept I need to prove out).
    Thanks in advance for any tips, hints and spoon feedings (!)....

    Depending on your application, you may or may not be able to improve things.
    Firstly, each task requires CPU time, so a certain performance difference is guaranteed. Making sure you have a "wait until ms" in every while loop helps in all but the most CPU intensive programs.
    Secondly, if you are
    1) streaming data to disk
    2) Acquiring lots of data over the PCI bus
    3) Sending lots of data o ver the network
    you can have bottlenecks elsewhere than in your program (limited Disk, PCI or Network bandwidth).
    Avoid also displaying data which doesn`t need to be displayed. An array indicator which only shows one element still needs a lot of processing time if the array itself is large.... Best is to set the indicator invisible if this is the case.
    I think
    it would be best if you could give some more information about the amount of data being acquired, processed and sent. Then maybe it will be more obvious where you can optimise things. If you are running W2000, try activating the task manager while the program(s) are sunning to see where the bottleneck is.
    Using LV 6.1 and 8.2.1 on W2k (SP4) and WXP (SP2)

  • Can several members of a household use the same library with different log ins

    Once you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes to a computer, can different members of the same family use the same library but with different log ins or do you need different computers?

    exactly:) you first gotta transfer the apps from your devices by connecting them and going to file and "transfer purchases" and it should bring the apps over
    PS: do make sure that the computer is authorized for all of the purchases do this
    -go to store at the very top of the page (usually up there with file,edit,view,and controls)
    -choose authorize this computer
    -enter the email address and password associated with the purchases you are transferring and hit authorize!!
    -quick transfer and done, you guys can share whatver you transfer to the library
    hope this helps:)

  • Can  you download itunes 2x on the same computer with different email address

    can you have 2 accounts for itunes on the same computer

    If you mean iTunes Store accounts, yes, you can authorize your system to up to five different accounts.

  • Sharing Playlists and Music on the Same Computer with Different Users

    I'm trying to share music and playlists between different users of the same computer.
    Ideally I'd like to use the same iTunes music folder for all users, and have the same music and playlists show up no matter which user logs in (without having duplicate copies/files of the same songs clogging up our hard drive).
    also would like to be able to sync our shared iPod no matter which user panel we're logged onto.
    is any of this possible with the new version of iTunes?
    thanks much i advance.

    If you want all users to be able to access the same music, but with different libraries, NikkiG's advice is spot on. However, I thought I'd throw in my 2¢ since I just set this up for a friend.
    If you want all your users to have exactly the same library, and not just access to a shared library, do the following:
    -move the entire "iTunes" folder (~/Music/iTunes) into the Shared folder or to separate drive.
    -in each user's account, remove the iTunes folders (or just move them to a new location until you're positive this method works for you)
    -pop open (/Applications/Utilities/ and here's where it gets a little dicey; type the following into the command line:
    ln -s /Users/Shared/iTunes/ ~/Music/iTunes/
    What this does is create a symbolic link (think alias, but more technical and powerful) between the iTunes folder in the Shared folder, and each user's iTunes folder. This way, each user is directly accessing the iTunes library, and not just through the shared area in iTunes itself. This allows them to add/remove music and playlists to the same library.
    HOWEVER, this method will mess up if you have multiple users logged in and using iTunes at the same time.

  • Can I partition a new macbook air hd to run lion and snow leopard?

    I have a new 2011 Macbook Air and it came with Lion. I still have some mission critical programs that are not yet compatable with Lion. Can I partition the HD (I have 256GB) and dual boot with Snow Leopard? I have the Snow Leopard upgrade disk from another Mac. Will Snow Leopard work on this machine?

    No. The new MBAs require Lion and will not run Snow Leopard.

  • Running Lion and Snow Leopard

    I have Lion on my mid-2012 MBP. I want to install Snow Leopard onto a partitioned HD so I run games supported by PowerPC. How do I safely do this?

    The newest Mid 2012 Mac's will not run Snow Leopard. They will run Lion as that is what comes on them, at this time.
    Snow Leopard does not have the correct drivers for the new hardware in the newest Mac's and Apple Never update an older OS to work on new Mac hardware.

Maybe you are looking for

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