Can I sync apps to my ipad using two different computers + itunes

Hey guys,
I'm having a bit of a problem. I have two computers (windows laptop + windows pc) which I use both for buying apps (my ipad isn't always connected to our internet), recently I bought an app on my pc and then when syncing it asked for me to 'Erase and sync'. So I did this and the app installed fine, but all my other apps were reset.
Is it possible to use two different computers to buy apps and sync with my ipad without having to erase and sync?

Thanks for your reply,
Im a bit disapointed with this though, seems sort of impratical.. I dunno what to do now, what computer to stick with :/

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    Dear Dah,
    I now have two iPads, which I also (need to) have separate AppleID's for. I understand I can share apps between them if I authorize iTunes on my iMac with both ID's, but I am not quite sure about the correct way to do that. I already have the iMac authorized for AppleID#1. If I go into iTunes and click on Store/Authorize this Computer... and enter my AppleID#2 information into Account name and Password boxes, does this authorize my iMac's iTunes for BOTH ID's or does it just change the authorization from ID#1 to ID#2?
    If the former is correct, I understand the way to proceed is to xync up both iPads to iTunes and then I can drag and drop apps from one iPad's library listings to the other, right?
    If this is not the correct way to get dual authorizations, what is?
    pax / Ctein

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    I'm not sure of another way to do what you want, but there should be a Location menu in the Apple menu. You don't need to open the network prefs to change locations.

  • How can I edit a PE 12 project on two different computers?

    I just installed Premiere Elements 12 on my Macbook Pro.  I created a test project with several video clips.  I then saved the project to an external drive to /Volumes/Media Library/Premiere Elements Projects.  I then configured all scratch disks to point to /Volumes/Media Library/Premiere Elements Projects as well.  I then used the Project Archiver utility to copy the project to this same directory.
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    I am PC-only, so there are probably several things that are specific to a Mac, that I do not know, but I do this on my laptop and workstation all the time - both PC's.
    I set up an external HDD, so that it has the same drive letter in the OS of both computers. This is basically the same as the Mac Volume Name, but there are likely differences, that I do not know about.
    Then, I create a folder structure for my Project, with sub-folders for all media assets. I then either Capture to those, or Copy my "stock Assets" from my NAS.
    In PrE, I create New Project, in that Project folder structure, and then go to Edit>Preferences>Scratch Disks, and verify that all are set to Same As Project.
    I edit on the laptop, until I need to migrate to the workstation. I plug in that external, turn it on, and it's seen as the same drive letter, as with my laptop. I open PrE, navigate to my Project folder on the external, and Open it - all media, and all Scratch Disk files are there, with the same exact Path.
    Steve Grisetti, our MOD, uses both a PC and a Mac, so maybe he can talk about Volume Names, etc. on the Mac. I know that he does not migrate Projects to/from the PC and the Mac, as the PREL (Project) files are incompatible, but if he has two Macs, he'll be able to step you through Mac-specific issues.
    Good luck,

  • I can't sync apps to my iPad. They tell me to authorize my computer. But, I have already done that. A relative of mine downloaded apps to my iPad from her Apple ID. So how can I sync the iTunes apps from my PC to my iPad?

    I had gotten this iPad 2 from one of my relatives who had already purchased some apps using her Apple ID, after I got the iPad, I downloaded some apps from iTunes on PC through my own Apple ID, when I try to sync them to my iPad, they tell me to authorize my computer, but I've already done that. So, how can I sync my apps to my iPad? (By the way, I don't know anything about the Apple ID of my relative).

    delete/uninstall the apps that your relative downloaded on you iPad. to do that tap and hold on and icon til it shakes, once its shaking downloaded apps will havee (X) mark on them on a red bubble, tap on it to delete

  • Can I sync app data from iPad to iPod touch?

    I have a 3G iPad, to which I have downloaded a translation app called Jibbigo.
    I'm going on a missions trip next month, and there will be no internet there, so I need to be able to use the app in offine mode.
    This app can be used offline by downloading translators.
    I have an English/Spanish translator downloaded on my iPad, and all works fine.
    I also have a 4G iPod touch.
    I downloaded the Jibbigo app (and it works fine online), but have not been able to download the English/Spanish app onto it (in order to be able to use it offline)
    I can find no support from the company.
    Would there be any way to be able to sync the data (offline Span/Eng translator) from my iPad?
    I can't do a whole restore from backup, since the iPod touch is only 8 GB, where the iPad is 32 GB.

    - See if this works: one-to-a-new-ipad
    - If the is an iPad 1 then you should be able to restore the iPod for the iTunes backup of the iPad 1 provided that you delete/remove from the iTunes library all media that was on the iPod like app, music and videos except the one app.
    - You can't restore the 4G iPof fro a backup made on onother device if the other device has a higher iOS version.
    - What hapens when you try to download the app on thie iPod? ( English/Spanish app)?
    Is the app compatible with iOS 6? Maany now require iOS 7 but yo may be able to download the last compatible version by:
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • Can't sync apps, music or videos on my iPhone4 with iTunes 10.2.2

    I just updated iTunes to 10.2.2 (on 10.2.1 everything was going smoothly) and now it seems that i can't sync anything to my iPhone 4 (fw 4.3.2). I'm using a Windows 7 32-bit OS.
    After selecting any app from the apps tab, iTunes will display the next messages:
    - It will sync the phone just after pressing the apply button;
    - Prepairing to sync;
    - Copying "Angry birds" (this lasts for like 1 second);
    - Determining apps to sync;
    - Finishing sync.
    After this process, on my iPhone, there will not be any new apps installed or any other files (music, videos) copied.
    Any ideeas why is this happening?

    Same Problem but with my iPod Touch 4th gen and that I can't sync my music. I tried re-installing itunes, Creating new playlists, added the music to the playlist then synced but it will not sync my music. I get 'determining tracks to sync' but skips to 'finishing sync'. I can take music off my iPod but can't add it. Fix this apple, this is very frustrating!

  • HT4327 can you sync stuff to an ipad using an iphone cable?

    Itunes sync is saying the apps failed to install and its loads of them

    The iPhone cable does not matter. It is universal. The problem would be directly from the iPad software and the iTunes software. Shut down both the iTunes software and the iPad software by fully shutting down the iPad and iTunes. Then restart both and initiate your sync again.

  • HT4623 How can I sync my iphone and ipad with a different computer? I started this at work but now I want to have it sync at the home computer only.

    How can you change the computer that sync's to your iphone and ipad?

    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive

  • Can I sync music to my iPhone using a different iTunes library

    Hi guys,
    I've seen various discussions on the net concerning this subject, but none of which provide a clear answer. Long story short, my last laptop broke, I now have a new laptop, but am unable to sync music to my iPhone because it's a different iTunes library. When I click manually manage music, I am prompted with a message stating that I'd have to delete all of the music from my iPhone to continue (which freaking *****). I am just wondering if there is a way around this.

    Oh, it appears the sync from playlist malarkey works. Hurray!

  • Can I use two different computers to put music on my iPod touch?

    To be clear, the issue is this:
    I've been using a PC to transfer songs to my iPod, but that PC it's not working right now so I want to use my other PC to transfer songs while my official PC gets repaired. This new PC it's associated with my apple ID
    Can I transfer songs from the new PC without loosing the previous songs that were on my iPod?

    If you have enough space on iPod Touch, switch your virus scanner off and the firewall too.

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    We are a multiple ipod family with itunes installed on four computers. Can we collect music from more than one computer? or do we need to fill up all the computers with the music files. Can I store music on a maxtor back up and get the ipod to go there to get music. Help. New to this.

    And possibly this: Multiple iPods/iTunes Installations...
    Colin R.

  • I can see my contacts in my iPad using the contacts app, but i cannot see a single contact being synced to the iCloud contacts section when i use my computer to log into the iCloud website?

    i can see my contacts in my iPad using the contacts app, but i cannot see a single contact being synced to the iCloud contacts section when i use my computer to log into the iCloud website?

    I am signed into the iCloud and contacts are turned on in the iCloud settings on my iPad. the iCloud account is checked in the groups area of the contacts settings. the calendar is turned on the same way and that syncs to iCloud...just not contacts.

  • HT4236 tring to sync photos from my pc to ipad but it says "ITune cannot sync apps to the Ipad "user's Ipad" because the apps installed on the Ipad could not be determined.  I don't know what that means.  Can anyone help?

    I am trying to sync photograpghs from my PC to my ipad but it is saying ITunes cannot sync apps to the ipad "user's ipad" because the apps installed on the ipad could not be determined.  I have no idea what that means.  Can anyone help?

    I'm sorry about your loss.
    Are you trying to recover data from this iPad, or to set it up as new (erase everything on it, and simply use the iPad as if it were brand new as your new iPad)?
    If the latter, you can place the iPad into recovery mode as shown here.  You may have to try this several times:
    iOS: Unable to update or restore

  • We have two ipads and two different itunes accounts, can I sync my wife's apps and she mine?

    we have two ipads and two different itunes accounts. can I sync my wife's apps and she mine?

    Yes, you can use the apps from both accounts on the same iPad. You will both need to authorize each others iTunes account for use in each others computer account. You may authorize up to five Macs/PCs to use stuff from your account and that computer can then transfer the stuff to up to 10 iOS devices.
    Open iTunes in your account and have your wife sign into her iTunes account in the iTunes app. First authorize your computer account to use her iTunes stuff from the iTunes Store menu. Then have your wife download all of the iOS apps that you want to use into iTunes. Now you do the same in her computer account.
    Remember that only you can update apps acquired with your iTunes account and vice versa. So you will need to either sign into iTunes on the computer or directly on each others iPad to update any apps that need it. It is a little confusing at first, but you get the hang of it quickly.

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