Can i use both windows and OS X in the same hardisk

I want to install windows 7 ultimate(64 bit) on imac but if i install it can i use both OS X and windows in the same hardisk or do i have to plug in an external hardisk and can i still use OS X or only apple??

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Of course. You can install Windows and OS X in the same hard drive, because that's the purpose of Boot Camp.
I see you are using OS X Mavericks, so you can install Windows 7 or 8 in Boot Camp > Then, follow these steps to install Windows > 10.8.pdf
After installing Windows, your Mac will start up in Windows by default. In order to choose in which operating system you want to start up, just hold the Option (Alt) key while your computer is starting up.
If you do not want to do heavy tasks in Windows, another option you should consider is to install Windows in a virtual machine with the use of an app like VMware Fusion, VirtualBox or Parallels. This way is more secure and there's no risk to harm your Mac.

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  • How can i use both Windows and Mac os at the same time on my iMac

    How can i use both Windows and Mac os at the same time on my iMac

    You can use Parallels desktop or VM Fusion to run both operating systems at the same time. Both programs work well, but I personally perfer VM Fusion.

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    bashepard wrote:
    Can I use an iPad and a ipad2 with the same iTunes in my computer? I want to use both.
    Yes, No problem at all.
    Want to give one to I need to open a new iTunes account for her?
    No - you can share the same iTunes account (my wife and I share the same account). But when you sync the iPads, just remember to select the correct content for her iPad and the correct content for your iPad.

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    I am yet to find a way to do this.

    tkoe wrote:
    Hi all,
    I am an iCloud/MobileMe user, but have a Google Calender at work with other colleagues.
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    I am yet to find a way to do this.
    You can subscribe to both calendars on your iPhone/Pad etc, you can also subscribe to them on your Mac

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    Just that.

    No; all seats must be of the same license level. The design guide mentions this around page 1-2 when it talks about product packaging options (i.e. Enhanced, Premium, etc).
    Cisco Unified CCX deployments must have all product components and optional features of the same package type. Mixing components or options from different packages is not supported. For example, Enhanced Inbound voice option and Premium Quality Manager option are not supported.

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    Apple should make the change in the next OS that can link a keyboard language to different dialect for Chinese Language

    DrSQL wrote:
    Apple should make
    For them to see your request, you need to repost it at

  • Can i have both leopard and snow leopard on the same partition?

    I have a MacBook Pro with 10.5. I want to install 10.6 and keep 10.5 on the same drive. The drive has only one partition. What problems might I encounter.

    Yes you can, you could put the two in separate partitions to be safe.
    Unless,  as Michael noted, you use VM software to run a different OS on the same  partition, impossible is the word you're looking for. Not safe.
    He asked if you can or not. not safety advice. It's a simple yes or no. and yes you can. For all I am concerned, the man is an evil genius building an IT bomb before his final day after an untimely layoff. It's a yes or no question man. Did not ask your opinion on the highly unlikely event that he is able to go through the initial system checks and failsafes, and installation, and then the cosmic chance of success.  If you notice, the only thing I stressed was to get your backups. After that, go nuts.  It's how you learn.
    Trigger a dependency issue that the OS tries to correct and it snowballs into a mess.
    Is that supposed to mean something? Anything?
    Are you by chance one of the apple-sticker-prius jockeys who deliberately close the door on me in the far left lane because you feel that every situation has a moral right and a wrong, and you're left to opine?  Except what's happening is I'm on my Yamaha and a you're technically attempting murder? I"m used to this guy.
             ALright say your mac OS =64 bit, but the hardware inside is 64 and 32. Off the top of my head- the Intel GMA chipsets are still running 32 bit drivers regardless of OS. Install 64bit on that machine and I think you're going to have issues with faulty driver dependencies where GMA spots a newer driver on the old 32bit partition vs. install disc. Youcan't fix this. By the time you start seeing errors, the OS has already tried fixing the dependencies by following down the 32 bit trail and dumping its own core. Try it if you don't believe me.
    you want to fill the disk with zeros.
    kadaggett (or anyone for that matter), do not follow this advice. It won't make a spit of difference how fast your  Mac will operate. The only purposes for a zero erase is to either try to  map out bad blocks that have developed (in which case, you should  replace the drive), or you're making it much more difficult for anyone  to recover deleted data.
              Right off the bat I think you should stay away from SSDs or perhaps run them in IDE mode to be safe. Or you'd bereplacing them every other day.  WHat I"ll be doing is allocating 10% to cache, playing with the trim, keeping it <50% full, and using 60GB cache to run my OS. You do what you like.  Send me your old HDD's though. Ever try formatting an SSD? And then it actually boots as if you hadn't formatted? Hey you thinkinn maybe sentient Macs experience phantom limb syndrome?
    I find and fix bad blocks and realize 90% of them weren't bad. I don't know maybe the ghosts are back. But maybe it was static shock that temporarily crippled a few blocks. Can't know until touch it with a 0. And there is nothing wrong with 0s.  This is not 1987 and you are not going to hurt your What?  Don't order people to follow this or that advice - are you like the hall monitor around here?  WHy do you tell people what follow? Why do you assume they are here to follow? Do you feel like you just led people to the right path? You feelin good? Because I think we both look like ********.

  • Can I use my ipod and an iphone on the same itunes library?

    I want to buy an iphone but when I asked the sales assistant if I could use my ipod and iphone on the one itunes library she said she thought I should be able to but was not 100% sure. I want to be able to play my music, audio books etc on both.

    Hey deepseablue71
    here is the link "using multiple ipods with one computer" again, just tested, it works for me:
    How do you use the same itunes library for multipul ipods/iphones? >
    First of all, when it comes to music I create playlists. That makes it more easy to handle on different devices.
    When I plug in my iPhone I select the playlists, video or other data I want to have and sync. Same with my iPods. After that I have similar playlists and data on my iPhone and iPods, even calendar and adressbook are updated.
    Hope this helps,

  • Can I use a usb and wireless keyboard at the same time on a mac pro

    I wish to use the Mac Pro USB keyboard for Logic shortcuts and the Mac Pro wireless keyboard for normal typing etc. Is this possible?

    Just as Matt has said, the Mac uses "all devices active" philosophy with keyboards and pointing devices. It does not automatically Switch to a later-installed device, it uses them ALL at the same time by default.

  • Can I have both V6 and V5 loaded at the same time?

    I am going to keep V6 but would like to reload V5.
    Is this possible running both versions? When updates for V6 are available I would like to give them a try. But for the time being almost all of my iMovie videos have Gee Slick transitions. Many crash V6 or just turn black and will not render. If it is possible to run both versions I would like to know if there are any pit falls I should look out for.
    PowerPC G4 Dual1.42 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   2 GB DDR SDRAM

    Yes, there are several posts here about how to do this. Very quickly . .
    If you have already install v6, you will have to remove it.
    Then, install v5 and rename the app, so v6 will not write over it.
    Now reinstall v6.
    Check other posts for how to uninstall.

  • Using both WiFi and GPRS (not at the same time!)

    When at home I want my E71 to use the WiFi, probably also when available in hotels etc. but otherwise I want to use the GPRS data conenction. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to set things up so that the E71 uses the 'best' connection.
    Am I missing something or do I always have to select the connection method manually?

    Your not missing anything, its not there. If you want to change the connection an application uses you need to do it manually each time.
    The other option is to load an application such as this one.
    Message Edited by twopuds on 06-Sep-2008 07:04 PM

  • TS1398 How can I use both, Windows PC and iMac, when using WiFi?. It is either-or. What can I do?

    How can I use both, Windows PC and iMac, when using WiFi?. It is either-or. What can I do?

    What does this have to do with using an iPad?
    But yes, you should be able to connect to your home WiFi network with multiple computers and devices. In my house my wife, my daughter and I will all be using the WiFi Internet connection at the same time with our Laptops and I will also be using my iPad, my daughter uses her iPhone, and we have no issues at all.
    Is this what you want to know about?

  • HT4818 Can you use both Bootcamp and Parallels with the same Windows 7 installed

    I have Parallels installed with Windows 7.  Can I use both Bootcamp and Parallels on the same machine depending on whether I just want to work in Windows all day (Bootcamp) or alternate during the same session (Parallels)?

    You can, yes. But there is a complication: once you activate windows it will only be activated for one of the two methods you use. So, let's say you install into boot camp and activate windows. You can then install Parallels and it will find your boot camp installation, but when running in Parallels, Windows will report that it is not activated. Or, you can activate it in Parallels and when running in Boot Camp Windows will report that it is not activated. The reason for this is because Windows thinks it is running on different computers depending on how you boot it. This may not be an issue for you if you run Windows a lot one way and just occasionally the other way, so be sure to activate Windows in whichever method you use more often. Hope this helps!

  • Can you use Time Capsule on a windows and 2 macs at the same time.

    Can you use Time Capsule on a windows and 2 macs at the same time as either a backup for one and a seperate HD drive for two?

    From one viewpoint the Time Capsule is just NAS (Networked Attached Storage) and it supports the file sharing protocols necessary for both Windows and Macs.
    From the viewpoint of the Macs it can also be used by Time Machine for backups.
    As NAS it can be used for storing files, and there are many backup software packages that support NAS on both Windows and Macs.
    In addition from a networking point of view it can serve as a router, wireless access point etc.

  • Can I use both SID and SERVICE_NAME in my DG configuration?

    Need little guidance for the following senario
    I've got a shared database where more then one application connects to. To configure failover from primary to standby, I need SERVICE_NAME'ing but my applications connect using SID naming conventions to this DB
    Can I use both SID and SERVICE_NAME in DG configuration + make the applications failover to STANDBY DB as well?

    You will hardly achieve a proper connect to your new Primary using SIDs after switchover.
    Stay away from using SID - connects with your applications and use application services for that instead.
    Kind regards
    Uwe Hesse

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