Can i use two icloud accounts on the same computer?

can i use two icloud accounts on the same computer?

You can have content from two iTunes Store accounts in one library, and multiple libraries on a computer.

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  • Can you have two itunes accounts on the same computer?

    Can you have two itunes accounts on the same computer and if so how do you access them without syncing each others music?

    Yes. Use separate iTunes libraries(launch iTunes with the Shift(Windows) or Option(Mac OS X) key held down as needed), or different user accounts on the computer.

  • Can you synch two itunes accounts on the same computer?

    can you synch two itunes accounts on the same computer?

    pflip wrote:
    can you synch two itunes accounts on the same computer?
    What do you mean by, "synch two itunes accounts"? You don't sync iTunes accounts.
    WHat are yoru trying to accomplish?
    iTunes account= Used to make iTunes purchases.
    iTunes library = All your media and what you see when you open iTunes.

  • How can I put two icloud accounts in the same pc?

    Hallo, I have two icloud accounts, one for me and another for my wife, and I would like to put the two accounts in the same pc, because I want to share all the photos of the two accounts with the pc automatically, but I do not know how to do this. The icloud panel only let me to put one account, and if I want to put another account I have to put out before the first account.

    I found some clues last week in these linkes.
    Which has the contents like the below:
    Assume you are running on Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer, have first installed version 1.4.2, then version 5.0, and you want to run 1.4.2.
    Go to the j2re1.4.2\bin directory where JRE 1.4.2 was installed. On a Windows default installation, this would be here: C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2\bin
    Double-click the jpicpl32.exe file located there. It will launch the control panel for 1.4.2.
    Select the Browser tab. Microsoft Internet Explorer might still appear to be set (checked). However, when 5.0 was installed, the registration of the 1.4.2 JRE with Internet Explorer was overwritten by the 5.0 JRE.
    If Microsoft Internet Explorer is shown as checked, uncheck it and click Apply. You will see a confirmation dialog stating that browser settings have changed.
    Check Microsoft Internet Explorer and click Apply. You should see a confirmation dialog.
    Restart the browser. It should now use the 1.4.2 JRE for conventional APPLET tags.
    I tried the method of change the control panel but they did not work either.
    Any other helps?
    Thanks in advantage.
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  • Can we share apps on two ipads using two different accounts on the same computer?

    I just got and iPad 2 and am giving my wife my old iPad. She has a separate itune account for her ipod. Can we share apps on the two iPads with two different accounts running on the same computer?

    Dear Dah,
    I now have two iPads, which I also (need to) have separate AppleID's for. I understand I can share apps between them if I authorize iTunes on my iMac with both ID's, but I am not quite sure about the correct way to do that. I already have the iMac authorized for AppleID#1. If I go into iTunes and click on Store/Authorize this Computer... and enter my AppleID#2 information into Account name and Password boxes, does this authorize my iMac's iTunes for BOTH ID's or does it just change the authorization from ID#1 to ID#2?
    If the former is correct, I understand the way to proceed is to xync up both iPads to iTunes and then I can drag and drop apps from one iPad's library listings to the other, right?
    If this is not the correct way to get dual authorizations, what is?
    pax / Ctein

  • Can I have two itunes accounts on the same computer?

    I share a itunes account with my family and we all purchase games, music, etc on this account. However, I would like my own account so I can purchase whatever I want with my credit card. Am I allowed to use two accounts in the same itunes? I want to make sure that i can play apps and music from both accounts on my iphone with no trouble. thanks

    Am I allowed to use two accounts in the same itunes?

  • Can you use two iPod's on the same computer?

    I currently have an iPod Video, and my mother wants to get a shuffle or nano. The problem is, we only have one computer that will let iTunes run. Is it possible to use two iPods on the same computer, or even with the same iTunes?

    See these articles about using more than one iPod on one computer, and with either one or more iTunes libraries.
    Multiple iPod installations.
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer.
    If you have the latest iTunes, an easy way to create a new library is to hold down the 'alt' key whilst opening iTunes (for Macs), or hold down the 'shift' key (for Windows).
    This will give you the option of either using the current iTunes library or creating a new one.
    There are various methods of transferring different songs to different iPods with a single iTunes library.
    One is to manage the songs manually.
    With this setting, you can drag and drop songs/playlists etc onto the iPod from iTunes, and also delete and/or edit songs which are currently on the iPod without affecting the iTunes library.
    If you wish to keep the convenience of automatic sync, then you could set the iPods to sync with "selected playlists". This setting can be found in the iPod summary screen under the 'music' tab. With this setting, different playlists can be transferred and later deleted from each iPod without affecting any playlists stored in iTunes or the playlists on the other iPods.
    Also, on the 'summary' main page you will see the option to "only sync checked items". With this setting selected, if you remove the check marks from any songs in iTunes, they will not be transferred to the iPod. You can restore the check mark if you want to put the songs back on the iPod at a later date.
    Be aware that when playing songs in iTunes, any songs that do not have a check mark against them will be skipped over and will not be played.

  • Can't use two i-pods on the same computer

    I recently bought a new Gateway with Windows Vista after my first computer completely died. I hooked up my i-Pod, authorized the new computer but had to back up using my back up CDs. However, all went well.
    I thought I would be able to do the same thing when I hooked my Dad's i-Pod up. Instead my songs show up in the library when his i-Pod is hooked up. His songs show up in the music folder that appears directly under devices, with his i-Pod clearly listed as the device.
    I tried hooking up his i-Pod under a different account and the same thing happens. I-Tunes won't let me backup his music.
    Any clues about how to get out of this mess?

    Yes. Each iPod maintains its own preferences:
    Using two iPods with One Computer and check this link out: Natalie Beresford, "Multiple iPods/iTunes Installations", 04:04am Nov 26, 2004 CDT

  • Can we use two icloud accounts in the address book app in Lion?

    The answer is yes because we are doing it for months in our business. This way we can share our business address book between our 3 Mac and iphone and ipad and still have our private address books on all those devices without sharing them. It seems however that the app Address book cannot understand the situation. When I select my business card in my address book and say that it is "my business card" it appears the same on my colleagues' computer. they have then me instead of them as their business card and when they open their session on their computer I'm there! It seems that iCloud hasn't been thought for the purpose of sharing address books. Can we have a business icloud that doesn't stick to one persone? Or can we have several "me" in an icloud address book? Is there any other way to share parts of an address book without sharing it entirely? We'd like that it works like in ICal.

    Currently, we don't have a Volume license. Basically what we need to achieve is a number of macs to have the same information particularly calendars, reminders, numbers file, and contact informations from one cloud. Without my manager's own icloud conflicting with his files or the public icloud.

  • Can I authorize two Apple accounts on the same computer?

    I have a first generation iPod Touch with OS version3.1... I have authorized the computer at home to install latest available os versions to this first generationiPod Touch.
    Now,my wife has bought a new iPod Touch and she wishes to install the latest OS4 in her new iPod Touch. She wishes to use our single computer to autorize her apple account to downn load her purchase to the iPod Touch.
    My question is this: Can a single computer authorized to access Two different Apple accounts [Each Apple account has different payment card details]?
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    yes there can be two different accounts authorized. Sign into your account and authorize your purchases. You will however use the same music library.

  • Can I have two iTunes account on the same computer

    My wife and I each have iPhones and an iPad. How do I synch on a single computer?  We have 2 apple ides

    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices ... - Support - Apple

  • HT204053 can i have multiple iCloud accounts with the same Apple id

    Can i have multiple iCloud accounts with the same Apple id

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    No, your ID is essentially your account. You can have email aliases and you can have multiple accounts, but I don't think that's what you are asking.

  • I have only 1 ipad device, can I create 2 icloud accounts for the same ipad?

    I have only 1 ipad device, can I create 2 icloud accounts for the same ipad?

    Of course.
    To create the first iCloud account, open Settings > iCloud, type your Apple ID and follow the steps to set up iCloud.
    Then, to add a second iCloud account, open Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Add Account > iCloud, type the second Apple ID and set up iCloud for this Apple ID.
    Note that one iCloud account will work as the primary account and the other one as the secondary account. See >

  • Can I use two separate computers with the same adobe ID.  I want to update my kobo from either unit

    Can I use two separate computers with the same adobe ID.  I want to update my kobo from either unit

    I doubt it is possible to run two instances of iTunes on the computer at the same time.  To do so would require two users to be signed in and running iTunes under each user.
    The better solution would be to either clean up and merge the two libraries or have iTunes running on a second computer.

  • How can I sync two separate iPhones on the same computer?

    How can I sync two separate iPhones on the same computer?

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

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