Can Macbook internal parts be custom fit into an empty 12" Powerbook shell?

I have a love-hate relationship with my new Macbook. It's very fast and I now have Tiger, etc., but the size, shape and keyboard are awful for me.
As an older woman who hunts and pecks, the Powerbook keyboard was just the right size and "feel" for my hands. Also, I could clearly see the black letters.
The Macbook keys are spaced too far apart for my fingers, they feel funny, and I can't read the light gray against white lettering.
If I can't get someone to squeeze this into my beloved 12" Powerbook, can I at least switch the key plates that you press on between the two? Maybe there are key letter stickers with large letters on them that I can get...??
Thanks ....
Grannie Geek
Grannie Geek

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to do what you want to do. The PowerBook and MacBook have virtually no common components between them. Your best bet may be simply to get a USB keyboard. Another option may be to switch to a black MacBook... the keys are white lettering on black keys... very easy to read. While it would be an unusual request, I don't see any technical reason why Apple wouldn't be able to fit your white MacBook with a black keyboard. Perhaps if you explain your situation to them, they can work something out.

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    Your iBook G3 uses the original 802.11b AirPort card.
    Your 1 GHz iMac G4 requires the 802.11b/g AirPort Extreme card. Your iMac can not use the older card.

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    Thanks Trevor!
    Bill Coan (BillCoan Photographs)
    Moravian Falls, North Carolina
    336-928-0498 (c)
    336-903-8674 (h)
    On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 6:48 PM, Trevor Dennis <[email protected]>

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    Can my macbook 4, 1 handle a 2tb hard drive if it fits into the hard drive bay?
    Does the hard drive brand matter as lon as the har drive fits in the slot?
    I want to put a 2tb hard drive in my macbook 4, 1 but I am not sure if the hard drive will work.
    Can my computer handle that big of a hard drive?

    "If it fits" will be the limiting factor. The largest capacity that I know of that will fit is 1.5 TB.
    OWC sold this 1 TB 12.5 mm WD hard disk a while ago that allegedly fit your MacBook4,1 so it stands to reason you won't be limited to a 9.5 mm dimension. The only 2 TB drives that I know of are 15 mm thick and will definitely not fit your MacBook. If and when you can find a 2 TB HDD in the required form factor it will work.

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    Sure, get the headphone jack replaced. Or do an Out-of-Warranty replacement at your nearest Apple Store for $199 USD.

  • Can MacBook Pro Ram fit in a white 13" MacBook?

    Hello there,
    I have a Macbook Pro 15" (mid-2010) and my wife has a white Macbook 13" (mid to late 2008).  I'm upgrading my 4GB ram to 8GB.  Does anyone know if my ram can fit into my wifes MacBook?

    No, your Mac book Pro uses 204pin 1066mhz PC3-8500 RAM
    The model 4,1 (Early 2008) White MacBook uses 200 pin 667mhz PC2-5300 RAM

  • Will a Macbook Pro HD fit into my Macbook?

    I have a friend that is exchanging his internal HD from his Macbook Pro. He offered me an excelent deal on his old 250Gb HD. Will it fit into my Macbook?
    Thanks for your inputs!

    The only reason it would not fit would be physical size of the drive. Go to one of the online stores, look for a hard drive of the same capacity for both the MacBook and the Pro. If they are the same then it should fit.
    Once you are ready to install the drive back up your entire existing drive with time machine. Install the new drive (its easy I replaced mine with a 250 gb) the instructions are on the internet. Then boot from your OSX disk. Repartition the new drive then restore your drive from the time machine backup and reboot. When I did this the only thing that happened when I rebooted is that OSX wanted me to reregister. Otherwise everything looked and worked the same.

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    What happens when you connect your MP3 player to your Mac? Does it show up in finder as an external drive?
    If it does you can copy those MP3 file to the Mac hard drive or to another MP3 player connected to the other USB port if it shows up in finder as another external drive.

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    Looks like mikeporter has done most of the heavy lifting for you in his excellent article.
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    How can the safe recommended operating temperature be only up to 95F when it is designed to fit into a pocket next to the body and the body can be at 98.6F or higher?

    98.6F is the approximate average internal temperature of the human body. It is not the external temperature. Do not insert your phone into any bodily orifice or carry it for long periods of time in your armpit and you'll be fine.

  • Can I install a 1TB Hard Drive into a late 2007 17" MacBook Pro?

    Can I install a 1TB Hard Drive into a late 2007 17" MacBook Pro currently running a 160 GB Hard Drive?

    It depends upon exactly what you want to do with your Mac.  My old Late 2007 17" MacBook Pro only has 4GB RAM and it works fine.  It is a little slow if I am doing anything involving heavy computing (rendering video, compiling programs, etc.) but it works just fine.  In most cases, the increased RAM will help performance, but the cost can be fairly high with an older machine like you have.

  • How large can an internal hard drive be on a Mac Pro part #ZOD8 ?

    How large can an internal hard drive be on a Mac Pro part #ZOD8 ?

    Mac Pro tower can support drives up to 4TB is size.
    If running 10.8.4, 10.8.5 or 10.9.0, there is a bug in Disk Utility that precludes proper erasing of drives over 2.2TB as Internal drives

Maybe you are looking for

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