Can no longer connect to internet via airport

My roommate and I have wireless internet. I used it all last semester with no problems. Sometime in December, I was unable to access the internet (Firefox, Safari, tried both..) here in my apartment, even though Internet Connection shows a full signal under our Airport network. When I went home, wireless worked just fine on this laptop - same when I'm at a library with wireless.
I've tried restarting the wireless router, no success. I'm only able to access the internet when I'm plugged in directly to the router.
Any suggestions?

Um it's an AT&T DSL wireless router. Yes, my room mate uses the wireless. On my computer in the top right by the airport signal, when you click it, our network is shown with a check next to it, so it must be the signal from our router.
There's an IP address when I unplug my computer from the router (when the web pages cannot be displayed), but when I plug it back in to use the internet, there isn't an IP address - just an IPv6 address.

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    I have an iMac G5 that has been working fine on my Airport Extreme wireless network for 3 years. Suddenly, I can no longer access the internet over my Airport connection. The computer is on my local Airport network wirelessly (I can access it from my laptop and share files). I can connect to the internet from 4 other computers connected to the same wireless Airport network (2 MacBook Pro's, 1 Powermac G4). In addition, if I connect my iMac to my laptop via a twisted pair ethernet cable and turn on internet sharing on my laptop, my iMac can connect to the internet. All systems are running 10.5.5 and no firewalls in place. I checked my internet preferences and they have not been changed from what they were before when it was working. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHY SUDDENLY IT STOPPED CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET OVER MY WIRELESS AIRPORT CONNECTION?

    I have just experienced the same situation. Everything was working fine and now I can't connect to my airport from my macbook pro. I also have an iMac G5 working perfectly well on the same airport.
    Could it be a latest update that has caused the problem?

  • Guest Ipod touches and husband's iphone can no longer connect to internet with airport. But Ipad2 works and so does hard wire computer. where is the problem and how do we remedy

    WiFi connections no longer working on Iphone and guest's Ipod Touches. How do we remedy this problem. The Ipad2 and hardwired computer are working with no problem

    I had the same problem -- only iphones couldn't access wifi all of a sudden.  I solved it this morning by uploading a previous firmware version to my Time Capsule.  The solution was offered in a different discussion in the iphone section, which I found at :
    Eureka thats the problem
    The iOS 4.3.2 and 4.3.3 for iphone is not compatible with the firmware 7.5.2 for apple airport extreme and time capsule. If the WiFi router is an apple airport with firmware 7.5.2 an iphone with the updated firmware will not be able to detect and connect to the WiFi network.
    Solution The iphone firmware can not be downgraded, the airport firmware has to be downgraded
    1)  Make sure that the settings of your Airport Extreme are in mixed a/b/n mode
    2)  Open Airport Utility
    3)  Select Upload Firmware from the BaseStation menu
    4)  If you current version is 7.5.2, click Upload Firmware
    5)  Select 7.5.1 from the pop up menu
    6)  Restore Firmware
    Now the WiFi network is detected and connected perfectly as before upgrading the iphone to 4.3.3.
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  • Can't connect to Internet via Airport but CAN via Ethernet

    Yeah so I have tried TWO different of my AX's and can not connect to the internet via EITHER even though Network Status says "you are connected to the internet via Airport". But, if I hook the ethernet cable directly to the computer from the modem it connects to the internet fine. What am I missing. Oh yeah, and on one of the AX's the "music" tab does not appear next to the "WDS" tab thus not allowing AirTunes on that AX, any ideas on that too? PLEASE HELP!!

    CONNECTED!! After resetting the modem, llike you suggested, I am able to get the wireless network back up and running, BUT...I am still having problems with one base station not showing the "music" tab and thus not letting me stream music to it. When I hit "configure" the tab shows for a quick second then disappears. Any idea?

  • Network prefs: "connected to internet via airport"... but can't go online??

    I've got steady green lights on my airport express and modem/router; and in Network Preferences it says that I am connected to the internet via Airport (green light here too). BUT, I can't get online with any of my browsers or my mail client. What's going on here? Help appreciated.
    eMac 1GHz, iBook 14" 1.33GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    If you have a Modem Router combined and an Airport Express
    The Express must be set up to NOT DISTRIBUTE IP's.
    You do not mention what brand Modem or Router or Modem /Router combined. Your network confiquration can very a little depending on what you are using.
    If you are using all Apple Airport products the confiquration is pretty straight forward.
    If you are using 3rd party products then the set up can be a little different.
    From what you say in your post you are using 2 routers, my quess is the Express is set up to distribute IP's and if your other router is set up this way then thats your problem.

  • 24" imac 2.4 says connected to internet via airport--but does not

    I just got a new 2.4ghz 24" aluminum imac. There are three other macs in my house, all of which connect to our wireless network and are able to browse the internet. This new computer can connect to the network, yet it always has one of two problems: either it says it is connected to the network, but can't access the internet, or it says it is connected to the internet via airport, but when you open your web browser, no such luck. Many times when I open the network preference panel, there is no router number assigned. Sometimes there is. I can connect to other networks in the neighborhood that don't require a password just fine (how I'm writing this). Why can this new machine not connect, when all three of the other macs in the house have no problem?
    anyone, please help. this is frustrating.

    OK but, like you, my other machines (PowerPC iMac and Power Book) did seem to work OK while the new iMac was playing-up. It was only when I noticed that the Old iMac had not downloaded some podcasts that I started to look at the router. I now remember having a similar problem a few years ago - frequent failure to automatically log-in to the router, occasional failure of manual log-ins and slow/unreliable connection once logged-in. A new router fixed the problem. It's a real pain but there you are. Must remember to keep receipt of current router and kick-up a fuss if it fails within the guarantee period.
    Sorry if this doesn't help but I thought it worthwhile posting my experience over the last 2 days.
    Have you tried connecting to your router by ethernet?
    I'll let you know if the problem returns but all is sweetness and light at present.

  • Trouble connecting to internet via airport

    i can't connect to the internet via airport.  Does anyone know what the problem may be?

    There are several items that may be behind this issue.
    So troubleshooting them by trial and error is most likely
    a way to attempt to resolve the cause, especially with
    an older OS X and hardware, while trying to connect to
    a newer base station and different newer frequency...
    •Wi-Fi: How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity
    The above covers several areas of settings and ideas.
    If the computer has been online, and now does not work
    wirelessly, that may be a matter of an accidental change
    in settings; or something turned off that used to be on.
    A general overview, w/ examples of settings similar to the above, for 10.3.9/10.4.11 appears here: sx-wpa2.html
    Is you computer running OS X 10.3.9 Panther? If so,
    your built-in AirPort card may be an 802.11b version
    and the security protocol would not work with a newer
    or modern wi-fi base station (WEP, WPA) unless those
    settings were changed. You can turn off security if the
    computer is too old to be able to connect with the old
    settings for that protocol. Also, a later wireless base
    station may not see an old wi-fi card using 802.11/b.
    So it is a matter of knowing what you have on either side
    of the connection issue; the base station and the wi-fi
    card have to use the same frequency and security. Or
    there are work-arounds to attempt to correct this matter.
    Hopefully you can connect and use the wi-fi internet.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Can no longer connect to internet w/ cell signal - advice?

    Hi, all -
    I can no longer access the internet using a cell signal on my Droid 3. Everything was working fine until about a week ago, but now I get no 3G signal at all and only one or two bars. When I turn on the WiFi, I have no trouble accessing the internet. I can make calls with no problem, but cannot access the internet or my apps.
    I have tried the following, but I am still not getting a usable wireless signal:
    ·        -  Restarted device several times
    ·       -  Turned “airplane” settings on and off
    ·        - Removed battery, replaced it and restarted
    ·        -  Dialed *228, then option 1 to activate service
    ·        - Dialed *228, then option 2 to reprogram service
    Does anybody have any other ideas? I REALLY do not want to use the "nuclear" factory reset option unless absolutely necessary!
    Thanks in advance for any help!

        dmiller28, being without data is very difficult! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and you are on the right track with the troubleshooting steps. Have you tried checking the network settings in the device? To do this you will go to: menu>settings>wireless and networks>network mode and check if it is set to CDMA. Otherwise the next step is to do the factory reset which will be the last resort option. Keep us posted, thanks! 
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  • Can't connect to Internet via Airport

    I have a PPPOE ISP account. Before upgrade to Lepoard, just fine. Now I can only connect to internet using cable via my router moderm. I cannot connect my wireless router.
    The wireless router will appear to be connected but it said self assigned IP. If I hardcode an IP eg. to it. The Airport status will become connected but still cannot dial into my PPPOE account. An message no PPPOE service will appear. But if I plug in the LAN cable, everything work fine. Why this happen? My wireless router work fine with my Window XP and my Mac (before upgrade to Lepoard) What configuration should I change? I am an idot to networking. I have download all patch and has tried boot to safe mode etc.
    Anyone can help?

    By power downs do you mean Sleep?
    One thing that might work is to set the IP to Static in Network>Configure IPv4>DHCP with Manual Address.

  • Both iMac and powerbook can't connect to internet via Airport.

    I have an iMac that is directly wired to an airport base station and a G4 powerbook that connects via a card. Neither can connect to the internet. The iMac is set up as follows:
    Cable modem > ethernet cable to WAN port on AEBS > ethernet cable from AEBS to iMac.
    The powerbook detects the base station and created its own network as soon as it did, yet still nothing. The first and third lights on the AEBS flash as to show activity and I have unplugged the modem to reset it multiple times.
    I am completely confused as to what is going on. Can anyone please help?

    If it helps any, I'm in the same boat. I've had an AEBS that has worked well until yesterday. Now, my Powerbook can't connect to the internet via wireless or ethernet (connected directly to the AEBS). My POwerbook CAN talk to my networked HD. To make things worse, my two Tivos (connected to the network via an Airport Express & WDS) CAN connect to the internet.
    I'm totally confused. Since I can't connect to the internet when directly plugged into the AEBS, but can connect when I plug directly into the cable modem, I think I'm going to just buy a new AEBS...

  • Only one of three computers can connect to Internet via Airport

    My partner made a change in airport settings when a problem with the router came up and I only partially have it fixed.  We have three different computers that have all been accessing the Internet via an 1st generation Airport extreme.  The Airport is connected via ethernet to the cable router.  One computer, the one that was used to set up the Airport originally, can connect to the Internet just fine.  The other two laptops can "see" the Airport network, but cannot get an Internet connection.  Do I need to reset the Airport and start over?
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Your partner likely changed the AirPort to Bridge Mode based on the information in your post.
    Check the following setting on the AirPort Extreme using AirPort Utility - Manual Setup
    Click the Internet icon
    Click the Internet Connection tab
    Connection Sharing = Share a public IP address
    Update to save settings and allow 25-30 seconds for the AirPort to restart.
    Then restart the entire network again.

  • Can't connect to internet via AirPort Extreme with Laptop running Vista

    I've seen a lot of posts on this topic, and maybe I'm just out of luck, but anyway...
    My PC running XP can connect to the internet through the AirPort Extreme, but laptop will not. I load the AirPort Utility on the laptop. Should I be able to see the base when I run the Utility? It does not see it. I can see the wireless network with excellent strength, but all I can do.
    If I can't get this to work, I'm going to just return it and to back to the wireless router. I was enticed by the ability to connect the printer and external hard drive to the base. I would like to get rid of the PC and just use my laptop for everything.

    Looking over your original post again, I think I might have misunderstood you the first time. If I understand you correctly, your Vista laptop can see the wireless network and connect to it (so you have access to the Internet), but you cannot see the Airport Extreme Base Station when using Airport Utility.
    If your Internet connectivity is not an issue and it's just that you can't see the base station in Airport Utility to configure it, try using an ethernet cable to connect your Vista laptop to one of the LAN ports and see if the base station shows up in Airport Utility then.

  • Can't connect to internet via AirPort, but am getting full signal strength.

    I can connect to the network, but can't connect to any website on the internet. My laptop PC is able to connect to internet & network wirelessly..... but it's just my MacBook that can't.
    Thanks & happy thanksgiving.

    what ip address to you have in your laptop?
    is it set to DHCP or did you manually enter in a ip address in your network preferences?

  • Macbook connectivity to internet via airport extreme is flakey

    Just bought a brand new airport extreme and I already own a June 2009 Mac book pro w/ snow leopard.
    I always run software updater, so the Airport 2009-002 patch/fix is on this system.
    I have a strange problem with my connectivity to the internet from my mac via the airport extreme.
    Very regularly (and seemingly randomly) the laptops connectivity to the internet will drop out... i.e. websites won't respond, big websites (like google) don't respond to pings or anything. While these internet "drop outs" are happening, i can jump onto my PC (which is connected to the airport extreme via ethernet) and the internet is working fine.
    Also, Wifi never drops out through this whole situation. This means that while I can't access the internet, my reception is still FULL and I can SAMBA connect to my PC and with other computers on the network.
    It's very strange that purely internet via the Airport Extreme is having these issues.
    The Airport is in Bridge mode (which means the ADSL modem/router is the DHCP server). The ADSL modem/router does not have wifi active or anything connected to it (other than the airport).
    I've never had any issues with my internet - this is the first. My only real option if this can't get resolved is to return the airport, as this is inhibiting me from working from my laptop.
    Anyone else experience similar issues?
    Can someone recommend any course of action to work around this issue?
    Is there anymore information this forum needs to debug this problem? How can I obtain this info?
    I hope someone can help.

    I seem to be in a very similar predicament, however I'm served even worse:
    I'm loosing Internet connection over both LAN and WIFI. And the Airport Extreme does not detect the loss of connection even though the logging indicates the internal ntp client (trying to connect to fails (already on dns resolution).
    Currently, I'm dvlp-ing a shell script that checks 4 websites, and if all 4 are unaccessible, I launch an applescript that restarts my airport extreme basestation.
    This however does not always seems to solve the problem. Seemingly I would have to reset the modem.
    The problem can - according to me - not be provider related, since it does not occur when the TimeMachine is replaced by a SL-installed mac mini (that however cannnot function as router (yet)).
    Any hints ? anyone ?
    I previously had installed an Airport Extreme 10/100 version, which showed the same behaviour. Since the system was out of warranty, I decided to upgrade to a faster system, including TimeMachine, but unfortunately, the problem is still there.
    I'm guessing now it could be related to the router being configured in dhcp (getting its ip address over dhcp), but the server provides a static ip address (never changes),... and maybe here there's something fishy.

  • 4 Macs, 2 will connect to Internet via Airport, 2 won't

    I have Airport Extreme with four computers linked wirelessly. All "see" the Airport and can share files with each other, but only two (the Apple PC's) connect to the Internet while the Intel Mac's don't. I have checked apple setup, network, everything and can't figure this out. When I run network diagnostics the results claim the airport express doesn't have a static IP. It's no problem with the Mac PC's...
    I don't have these problems at home with Airport EXPRESS.

    I have a similar situation but unfortunately no resolution.
    Comcast modem connected to Airport Extreme various Macs connected through Airport.
    Black MacBook - 10.4.8 connects fine, Internet, Mail, problem.
    iBook G3 - 10.4.8 same, works fine.
    17" G5 iMac - 10.4.7 gets full Airport signal and DHCP IP, but will not connect. Sometimes it will not even get an IP until I reset the Airport.
    iBook G4 - 10.3.9 same problem as iMac.
    I tried deleting prefs, pram reset, and a number of other things. I wonder now if maybe one of the 10.4.8 computers updated the Airport so that it will no longer work with other earlier systems. I will try to update the iMac to 10.4.8 by downloading the update on another computer and transferring it, since it cannot connect to the net. Will Post the results.

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