Can't edit .html file in dreamweaver?

Why can't I edit .html file in Dreamweaver CS 5.5 when it is not attached to a template?
I have always been able to edit it every other time I have opened the file (since I built the site over two years ago).
Now each time I try to edit it in Design mode, no matter where I click in the file the whole page gets a dark grey overlay and I can't get a curser.
I am still able to edit the code directly but I do not want to be restricted.
The last thing I did the last time I opened the file was paste Google Analytics code in just before the </head> tag. I did this to all the files on the site but this is the only one that isn't working. I have tried taking out this code but it makes no difference.
I am using a 6 month old Macbook pro.
Can anyone help me?

In your stylesheet you have -
.container {    overflow:hidden; width: 100%;}
.container2 {   overflow:hidden; width: 646px; margin:0 0 10px 0}
Try right clicking on the page in Design view and then selecting Element view > Full and see if that helps.

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    I've recently purchased a Macbook Pro after my PCs failed on me and also had to get a Creative Suite Web Premium. I have always used Dreamweaver to edit my php files. In Windows XP, I had to run the programme to run as an Administrator to edit php files. Now I have not a clue how to do it on Mac! Each time I tried to save a php file, a dialog box appear stating: Access to Macintosh
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    You shouldn't have to do that on the Mac or Windows.  Only thing I could find that would suggest loading files from there is a tutorial by David.  And although I would normally agree with him, keeping the files in a system library folder for a testing environment is really unnecessary.  I'd recommend moving them into your /Users/{username}/Sites folder.  There is already a modification to the apache server to recognize that as http://localhost/~{username}.  Or install something like MAMP that is in the Applications folder.

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    CFB 2.0.1, installed as stand-alone on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.  Although this has been the case since CFB 1.0, and on various Windows installs.
    Whenever I edit a HTML file (ie: with a .html extension), CFB creates  a temporary file in the same dir, eg: .tmp_charts.html.33659~ (the original file name is charts.html).  I've no problem with this - other than the fact it should not be necessary - but what I do have a problem with is that it does not tidy up after itself once it's done: the tmp files stay there.  This is a bit sloppy.
    I'm sure (100% sure) I've raised with this with Adobe in the past, and raised a bug for it, but it's not on the bug tracker for some reason.
    Can other CFB users test out what happens when they edit HTML files with CFB? Note: the tmp file does not show up in the navigator listing within CFB, but it is there in the file system if one looks with Windows Explorer.
    I'm going to raise a bug again (done: 3328624), in the hope this can be fixed.  It's a minor thing, but I'm sick of accidentally committing rubbish to my source control because I forget CFB can't tidy up after itself.

    Still: they should just not be there in the first place.  They don't appear for any other file type that I am aware of.
    Come to think of it, I had another issue with CFB leaving bits around a while back.  Ahhh, now I can't remember exactly what the issue was.  I remember it had to do with mapping a networked drive.  When I would map a particular drive letter, say 'W', then start CFB it would create an entire folder hierarchy on there seemingly from a different server.  I know this because we have two different CF environments here; some server are running CF under JRun and others are running CF under WebSphere.  I only noticed this issue because I had mapped one of our JRun servers and all of a sudden it had portions of the WebSphere directory structure on there.  I think it had to do with a workspace in CFB but can't remember for sure.  I fixed it a while back by removing the offending setting in CFB.  Man, wish I could remember exactly what it was...

  • Can you edit muse cc in dreamweaver

    Can you edit Muse CC in Dreamweaver ?

    This question is really best on the Dreamweaver or Muse forums but here is the answer I found:
    "Muse is not intended to be a code generation hand-off tool for downstream editing. We recommend you do all of your site editing in Muse, rather than exporting the site from Muse and editing the code elsewhere. By staying within Muse, you can continue to use the full functionality of Muse to update your site. As soon as you move to altering the output of Muse, there's no going back (unless you're willing to re-make your changes each time you export from Muse). The HTML code output from Muse is not optimized for manual editing."
    Form this forum post: Re: Muse to Dreamweaver?
    So while it may be possible it is not recommended.
    Hope that helps.

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    If your html file is on the same server as your adf application then when user presses "Edit" button you can use standard java api to read this file from filesystem to some managed bean variable and show it in large multiline af:inputText component(in popup or new page), and when user press "Save" button, save content of af:inputText to file and then refresh af:inlineFrame(or just navigate back to previous page) to show changes.

  • Having issues opening html files in dreamweaver for mac

    Every time I try to open an html file in dreamweaver, the file starts to open and then crashes. I cannot get them to work. HELP!

    Can you please share your crash logs.  Either you can copy it from the crash reporter dialog which comes up when application crash. You need to click on show details and then copy the logs which shows up. Or you can share the latest crash log created at  /Users/LIbarary/Logs/DiagnosticsReports/.

  • Why can't edit my epub using Dreamweaver cc?

    I exported a fixed-layout ePub created in inDesign cc.   I want to edit the file with Dreamweaver cc.  When I opened it in Dreamweaver the files were read only.
    How can  unlock this.   I do not want to rename the files because it will screw up the iBook when I uploaded to Apple.  I looked through the code and it isn't a
    template.  Please help.

    Not sure what your process is, so forgive me if I reference steps you've already taken.
    Unlike Sigil (see the latest releases here) or Calibre, far as I know, Dreamweaver is not a direct editor of the .epub format. You have to unzip it, make your edits, then zip it back up. Unzipping an EPUB is just a matter of renaming it. So for example, if your file name is "Book1.epub", then make a copy of it and rename it to "", and unzip it. I usually just make a Dreamweaver site out of the unzipped folder, make my edits, re-zip it, then change the extension back to .epub.
    If you've already done all of that, maybe right clicking on a file or folder and selecting "Turn off Read Only" will help:

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    Wrong forum to post the question, try to post the question in crystal reports community.
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    Thank you for your post.
    Buzzword lets you import Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF), Word 2003 XML, and Open Document Format (.odt) files. (Font substitution and other formatting changes sometimes occur on import, depending on the content of the document.) You'll need to convert your HTML file to one of the supported file types before importing to Buzzword.
    Kind Regards,

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    how can i edit psd files in PS touch or which software/app i need for androiud tablet (newest tablet) @samsung

    You can import PSD files into Photoshop Touch but the PSD file will be flattened. (The original, of course, will remain untouched; PS Touch just copies it upon import.) I imagine this was done as a failsafe measure since PS Touch has no support for masks or adjustment layers (not to mention that PS Touch only has support for about 12 layers).

  • I purchased PDF pack and can't edit my files

    I can't edit PDF file. What do I do?

    Hi eagle9454,
    I am happy to help. But, I need a little more information. Have you converted PDF files to Word or another format, and are unable to edit those files? Or, were you hoping to edit PDF files with Adobe PDF Pack (which is something that it can't do)?
    Please let me know a bit more about the trouble that you're having, and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

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    can you edit xml files in adobe contribute

    No, you can't even open them in recent versions of PSE.

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    For some reason I can't edit any files anymore, i.e. when right click on order.jsp, DTR is grayout. Seems like it happened after I reinstalled NWDS and reimported projects. I tried Sync sources, it did not help.
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    Thanks, Jin

    Right now do you have any open activities? If so, is it on the same jsp file?
    If you have a open activity, obviously you will not edit option for the same file again.
    If that is not the case, there might be an update in your track. You need to perform "Update Configuration" on your track. go to Inactive Dc's -> Right click on your track and select "Update Configuration".
    You can also try, Closing and re opening the NWDS and logging in to NWDI again.
    Hope this helps!

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