Can't export 720p .AVI in Premiere CS6

I have a bunch of 720p videos that I'd like to export as .avi, but none of the codecs or presets availible allow for this. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Premiere CS6 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC

Let's take a closer look at this.
When you say "AVI" do you mean the old NTSC or PAL AVI that was used with the original DV cameras? If so, that codec can't handle the larger 1280X720 frame as Ann pointed out.
Why do you want to export to AVI? Because you always did in the past? Or is there another reason that would help us help you?
Is it just that you want an archive? Something you can edit again? There are ways to do that. Lagarith creates a fairly large file. Is hard drive space an issue? If not, then Lagarith is fine. There are other, more compressed codecs that you may or may not find acceptable.
My camera, for example, records an all I-Frame file at 72Mb/s and if I want to back it up, I merely export to the same all I-Frame format at the same data rate.
What does your camera record?
Once you tell us what the whole story is, we might be able to point you down the correct path.

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    I am trying to export video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455 I can only capture the video but not export, why?

    1st, go to that forum
    2nd, provide LOTS more information when you get there... PPro Information FAQ
    3rd, read these previous discussions
    Export to Tape
    Hardware MPE must be OFF to be able to export via Firewire
    Last, The PPro/Encore tutorial list in message #3 may also help, with more help in message #5

  • Can't import uncompressed AVI files in CS6 Premiere Pro

    I'm using Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro on Windows 7 Pro (64bit) but can't import uncompressed AVI files.
    I get the error that the file has no valid fomat or is damaged, but I can watch the avi videos without a
    problem with the media player.
    I also have CS4 installed, with CS4 I can import this files.
    What can I do to solve this?

    AVI is a wrapper, what is inside YOUR wrapper - Exactly what is INSIDE the video you are editing?
    Codec & Format information, with 2 links inside for you to read
    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing for screen shot instructions
    Free programs to get file information for PC/Mac

  • Exporting an EDL from Premiere CS6 that SpeedGrade can read

    I have a long sequence which I now want to grade. I didn't grade the individual clips prior to editing them into a 70 minute timeline. I have tried the following without success:
    Exporting to SpeedGrade the Premiere timeline: it will do this, but leaves chunks of clips brown, as blank info in the SG timeline, so if I grade this, I'll have an incomplete graded file to apply back to the Premiere timeline;
    importing to SpeedGrade a ProRes 422 file which I then asked SG to divide into clips (the app quit after taking 40 minutes to examine the file, which it did successfully, but when I asked it to make clips, it quit)
    exporting from Premiere an EDL which I then apply to the QT ProRes file in SG. This is not accepted because there are certain key commands which SG won't accept, but there's no way to know how to export a "clean" EDL from PP to SG without those commands (I even went into the EDL using TextEdit to see if I could delete certain lines, but that was obviously a losing game)
    Suggestions welcome!

    Yes, I tried to find that forum and couldn't which is why I posted here, but since I have you on the line, and since you apparently have lots of experience with SG, can I ask you:
    Because of the way I've done this documentary I can only grade it now that the picture/sound is locked. If I export a ProRes flattened movie into SG, it will have the effects, titles etc which is not what SG wants, right? So do I duplicate a timeline in Premiere, delete the titles, etc, (what else: effects?) and then export to SG?
    If I export the timeline (using a MacPro but not the fastest newest model, 16GB Ram) it takes about three or four hours to export the DPX files. I'm trying it again, but don't hold any hope that it will export without some of those incomplete clips. I don't know what causes them. Could it be sections with effects, with stacked clips which have wipes and other stuff, combining them in the ProRes export to a single image but in a timeline exported to SG maybe its not reading that info?
    Whatever you can suggest would be great.

  • Export to .AVI in Premiere Pro on Mac

    We are hoping to migrate from Final Cut to Premiere Pro CS5 (Mac) to produce video for a big screen in our gym (among other things), because of the seamless interaction between After Effects, Premiere and Encore.  However, the program for the big screen needs the file to be an .AVI and won't accept any other format.   I can't seem to find how to export the video as an .AVI on Premiere ProCS5.  Is there a way to do this? 

    No, not directly. What codec do you need in the AVI? AVI is just a container, and can hold many different types of codecs, so you need to know what codec you specifically need for your use.

  • How to export in avi in premiere pro cs4 on MAC?

    How to export in avi format  in premiere pro cs4 on MAC?
    MAC 10.6.2
    downloaded div x for mac and did not get any option in export settings.

    I have checked the supported file format in premiere pro cs4 for windows and Mac.
    pre pro cs4 does not have that option.
    is there any alternate to this ?

  • Can't export short avi film.

    I can't export even a small clip of finished film. It crashes towards the end of the export. I have a 40 minute film and even to export 4 minutes it crashes. 2 or 3 seconds works OK though. Also it won't update the program on the Cloud.

    1. The computer freezes and I can't even turn it off to reboot, I have to hold on the reset button awhile to turn off the computer. It often freezes in the last few minutes.
    2. No error messages. Can't even open the Task Manager when this happens. It also happens when i just launch a rendering. I managed to reduce my sequence render and exports to a few seconds at a time and then it works, but that is horrible.
    3. No, the computer just freezes.
    4. Everything hangs, even the mouse freezes.
    5. The   system disk is a USB 3 disk (SID), fast, 500 giga with 380 giga free.
    the editing project is on 2 Tera sata disks, mounted in a stripe format. (NTFS formatted). Rotation 7200.
    The memory ram on the motherboard is around 24 or 26 gigas.
    6. The current sequence that crashes is:
    720 x 480
    00;39;53;15, 29.97 fps
    48000 Hz - Stereo,
    My export settings in Media Export are: Format- AVI, Preset-NTSC Widescreen
    Video Codec - DV NTSC
    the description of Output is:
    720x480 (1.2121), 29.97 fps, Lower,00;39;53;15  , Quality 100  Uncompressed 48000 Hz, Stereo 16 bit  
    the description of the Source is the same:
    720x480 (1.2121), 29.97 fps, Lower,   00;39;53;15
    48000 Hz Stereo
    Thanks for your input.

  • Can't export to avi

    I have a Captivate 4 session that I need to export to avi in order to edit it with other video in Adobe Premiere Pro, but in Captivate, I go to File > Publish and choose the avi setting, and it starts exporting for about a minute until the memory usage peaks out and I get the message "Runtime error 217." My RAM is 2 GB. Any suggestions?

    Hi there
    When publishing to AVI, you should have a choice of several CODECs. Perhaps try publishing using a different CODEC?
    Cheers... Rick
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    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcerStone Blog
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    I am new to AI CS6 and I hope that Image Traces can be exported as files that are usable in ArcMap 10.0. I ultimately need a shapefile in ArcMap.

    You export a DWG from AI and import it into ArcGIS. Read the ArcGIS help and forums for instructions and tips on how to avoid problems.

  • I can't export my videos in premiere  or media encoder

    Hey Everyone,
    For some reason, I can't export any of my videos. I have reinstall all my programs but its still not working. I even put a regular MOV. file in media encoder but it still doesn't work.

    Error Compiling Movie... some past discussions and ideas
    -and nested sequences
    -and WMV files frame rate
    Also, More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

  • How can i export as AVI uncompressed in Premier Pro?

    Theres a simple question here. How do you export as AVI uncompressed? There are a number of people asking this question on the forums although answers are always steered elsewhere.
    I currently have Adobes cloud service and there ISN'T the option to export as AVI uncompressed. Have adobe decided not to facilitate this now?
    Just in case i get another response from someone saying well what are your purposes for this type of export when there are so many presets that will satisfy your exporting needs.. For glitch purposes its important to export as AVI. Please help.

    Thanks Ann
    Unfortunately there isnt an AVI option at all. According to other responses i have just seen, you need the below:
    "Either get a PC for that job or export as MOV and convert to an AVI wrapper."
    Heres the drop down menu so this is completely clear.
    But MOV isnt provided either!

  • Premiere Elements 10 MAC OSX, can't export to AVI or WMV and Crashes everytime

    I recently bought Adobe Premiere Elements 10 3 days ago, instead of FCPX because of pricing issues (Difference around 175€). This App, since i have installed it, keeps crashing every time, with simple actions like split a clip, adding a effects, using subtitles, etc. A video editing app that only exports to wmv or avi on pc version is shameful. I can't even use flip for mac to export to wmv... witch is one of the most used file extensions around the world as well as AVI. This information is not shared on the app store, and i found it later on forums and on adobe website. I am not happy at all and I wish to have my money back. Since i bought it on the Apple App Store, they told me to talk directly to adobe.
    The order number is: MH3SJK7FDJ
    Waiting for your response
    Martim Durão

    If you have purchased Premiere Elements, within 30 days, then Adobe offers a full, money-back guarantee, and all you will have to do is contact Adobe with your S/N and invoice info, to return the program for a full refund. Just do not let the 30 days pass.
    As for the Supported Export File Formats, see this Adobe KB Article. Note the "Windows Only" besides AVI and WMV.
    Now, many Mac-users have had good luck with Flip4Mac, regarding WMV files. Not sure why that is not working for you. Most of those users are on PrPro, but I would not think that would make a real difference, but could be wrong there?
    Good luck,

  • How can I use an mpeg in Premiere cs6? I converted it to an mov and it still wont work

    I am trying to use an mpeg file in my premiere pro cs6 project.  It is stock footage I bought online. It imports but when I try to play it is stuck on the first frame.  I converted the file to an mov in quicktime and it still wont play in premiere. I am on a mac. Please help. Thanks

    SATA II is generally just fine, no fuss no muss, for the system. Using PCIe to boot adds problems and most if not all such PCIe SSD cards do NOT WORK in 32-bit Mac Pro 1,1 and 2,1 (and the 3,1 is also sometimes difficult with some cards).
    Data uses though are useful, work, and benefit. Lightroom, Aperture, scratch, even iPhoto - all those graphic libraries.
    I would rewrite and make it "will the native SATA II drive bays" work, and the answer to that is YES. But not faster.
    You have a 4x and 8x slot, so one of those is fine.
    It is the reads and zero latency seeks along with queue depth and high 90K IOs per sec that help an SSD shine.
    Putting a 250GB or 500GB EVO 840 is the easiest and best return on system improvement you can make for $120-240 (plus $14 for Icy Dock adapter).
    Even the 2008 has two 4x PCIe 1.1 slots. The 2009 has PCIe 4x 2.1 slots that share bandwidth and cap out (only learned from stripping SSDs using two PCIe cards and 2-4 SSDs), so they aren't perfect either! ONLY the 5,1 really has the best PCIe design and setup.
    Sonnet only supports or recommends their Tempo Pro which is what I bought, so I don't know off hand how well yours works and if it even will. Some cards do require EFI 64-bit, AND 10.8.x or later, and maybe even PCIe 2.0 - but only to work, ie they don't work or not supported in PCIe 1.0... but NOT about the bandwidth.
    Booting in 10 seconds is nice. Launching a full dozen apps in 10 seconds (and ready to use) also. Only larger program suites takes 20 seconds now.
    250MB/sec is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to boot drive SSD.

  • How can I export a selection as premiere PROJECT FILE to edit in another project....?

    Wondering if anyone else has come across this issue....I must of hit an awful evil key because for the third time deep into an edit I traced back to my intro to find most of the audio pulled a Houdini on me and disappeared.
    I've been through a tough edit, it's not as simple to just go back into my bins and recollect the clips to create my intro.
    Luckily I found the exact intro I need in an auto-saved project file. Copy and pasting obviously does not transfer through project file changes, there is an option to "Export as Premiere Project File" under File, however after marking specific in and out marks and even selecting all clips I want to export, my option tool remains gray and inaccessible.
    I need to export these specific clips as a project file so I may import the file as a sequence to a larger project.
    Thank you so much in advance for your time and feedback.

    Have you tried importing the sequence through the Media Browser?  To do so, browse to the backup of your project and double-click it. That will show you all the contents of the project. You can then drag the sequence into your working project.

  • Can't export video out of Premiere cS5.5

    I am NOT tech savvy and easily overwhelmed at reading some of the suggested solutions to other people's issues. Any patience you can give me is very much appreciated after I ask dumb questions or give dumber answers.
    I am editing a wedding on my iMac. I can give specs later if needed. I have edited other weddings before on this system with the occasional need to force quit from time to time. This time around I used the Dynamic Link option to do my color grading in After Effects. The residing Premiere clips take way too long to render, if they render at all, and playback is always choppy so I export H264 files from After Effects to replace my clips in Premiere.  At first, I didn't put a cap on the data rate which made all my files really large. My reception section was like 30 something GB and I could understand why that wouldn't allow me to dynamic link to Encore to finalize for DVD. So I limited the data rate to 40,000 kbps so that i wouldn't sacrifice quality.
    After importing the clips and adding them to the timeline I still couldn't get Encore to open properly without it being forced quit. So I broke my timeline up into 4 smaller sections to export to MPEG 2. The first section exported beautifully. I haven't been able to get Premiere Pro to do anything since. And I've constantly had to force quit Premiere Pro through the entire project.
    Is anyone willing to help me out here? I thank all in advance.

    What Mac OS? It makes a difference. Neither Yosemite nor Mavericks is supported officially, but we believe work.  See the following thread for some info.
    CS5 Encore Yosemite
    If would not use dynamic link; it is just a headache with the other issues you will have.

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