Can't get past home page of instructables after upgrading to firefox 13

I can load the home page, but if i click on anything past it, it acts like it continually loads, nothing comes up on the page, it sticks at "Transferring data from" or "Read" it seems to only have happened after upgrading to firefox 13. I have an old version of firefox aurora that came with the tor browser suite and tried instructables on there. worked perfect, and i was going to instructables on a regular basis before the update, so it's gotta be from the update right? what can i do to fix it?
P.S. It's not just the specific URL under "URL of affected site" because none of the pages will load after the home page.

did that solve the issue? i still believe it has more likely to do something with faulty cache (maybe the restart of the browser really triggered it );
if it was an issue with dns prefetching it would be rather strage since you already were on the domain & wouldn't have had to resolve the domain for the subsites again. and since the server, your isp or your local hardware might not support ipv6 fully yet, it can always cause some glitches too...

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    Is you Windows user account an administrator account? If you don't have proper permission to install software on the system, you need an administrator to enter their username/password

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    did that solve the issue? i still believe it has more likely to do something with faulty cache (maybe the restart of the browser really triggered it );
    if it was an issue with dns prefetching it would be rather strage since you already were on the domain & wouldn't have had to resolve the domain for the subsites again. and since the server, your isp or your local hardware might not support ipv6 fully yet, it can always cause some glitches too...

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    I forgot to "break" the html code, so it didn't show in the question. Found the Edit option, repaired questin.

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    So, that's where I am at this point. Now I find out how I've managed to mess things up so completely, and cross my fingers that someone will please, please, please have an answer. Thanks!

    Kristen Stanton wrote:
    I tried to backup my iBook HD using target disc mode, but it wouldn't work. The target computer (G4 running 10.4) would come up to the blue screen with the FireWire logo bouncing around, and would go no further.
    I think the problem there is that you need to boot the iBook with the T key held down, not the G4(10.4). What this does is mounts your iBook's drive on the G4. The bouncing FireWire logo should be on your iBook, not your G4. This means that you connect the two machines, hold down the T key on the problem computer to mount the volumes onto the working computer.
    There shouldn't be a compatibility problem because it mounts it as an external hard drive (not necessarily a boot volume.)
    Will the disc come out of the iBook when there is no longer a FireWire cable connecting to both computers?
    Let me know...

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