Can't rename a folder in the project library

I created a new folder in my project library, but FCPX won't let me rename it from "new folder."  I don't have this problem in the events library.  What am I doing wrong?

I'm still learning . . .

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  • How to rename a new folder in the project library in FCPX

    How do I rename a new folder in the project library in FCPX?

    Why not ask in FinalCut Pro X forum.
    My guess is as in iMovie'11 - point at it and ctrl-click on it - may be there is a re-name function in this menu.
    Why they didn't name it iMovie Pro X is beyond me.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Can I import HTMLs from inside the project and use as portlet page ?

    As you know, I am using Java Studio Creator 2 Update 1 for my current portal project. I have created JSR-168 JSF Portlet Project for my portlet development.
    As I have some html pages ready for my development,
    Can I import HTMLs from inside the project and use as portlet page for my project?
    I did the followings steps:
    1: In side the project - File -> Add Existing Item -> Web Page ( imported test.html page from my local folder)
    2: Let it convert some of the tags for me ( so now it becomes - �test.jsp� )
    3: Set it to initial view.
    4. A default portlet page � newPortletPage.jsp is still there with no initial view.
    Now after doing this, No Visual Designer and Properties window available to for that �test.jsp� page. Though it allowed me to �build� the project successfully.
    When I build and run the portlet application, got the error message �Error occurred in portlet!� on Pluto Portal. Please advice.

    You do not open fcpproject files. You don't double click or anything else. The files have to be in the correct folder structure in the Final Cut Projects folder and the application opens them automatically. Can you post screen shots of the Final Cut Projects folder and its location.

  • IMovie '11 How do I recover a project that appears within the IMovie Projects folder but does not show in the Project Library?

    I have had my MBP for just over 3 months now!  Yes, I made the switch and up until now I have been quite happy.
    I now have my Time Capsule, Apple TV running and am generally getting used to life as a Mac user.............even bought Aperture and loaded all the family photos.  Now time to make some Travel movies.
    I have been working on a particular IMovie project for a few weeks now.  Size is 365MB.  Yesterday I closed IMovie and when accessing later that project is not available in the Project Library window.  It does appear in the IMovie Projects folder but I cannot open it.  I have copied the file to DVD just in case.  All up I have 4 Projects, the other 3 are practice files, smaller but they do appear in the Project Library.
    I have scoured the bulletin boards and tried many suggested fixes to no avail.  Main suggestion was to remove the following files from Library/Preferences
    However, this did not sort out my problem.  In the end I put back the original files.
    Does anyone have a straightforward fix for my problem or is this one of those ongoing issues that that needs Apple's attention. 
    After all the file is there with the others.  They are available.
    I realise that I can restore from Time Capsule but I am missing the last three days thanks to 'drop out'.

    Gweggie Boy wrote:
    Yes, considering we have an ongoing 'glich' within an Apple program with no obvious solution, we should be able to direct it straight to an Apple rep.  I will peruse this possibility when I get a moment.
    You can report the problem by providing feedback to Apple. In the iMovie app, from the menu select iMovie > Provide iMovie Feedback. This will take you to an Apple page where you can complete a form and submit it to Apple.
    The fix for this will probably turn out to be simple/ why doesn't Apple comment and/or address it????
    Other than the forum moderators, Apple doesn't normally monitor these forums, nor make comments on posts. So, it's up to us to report the problem to them directly (using the feedback form mentioned above).
    As the problem has affected me just the one time (touch wood), I haven't bothered to report it as yet. But, after seeing your posts on this, I'm now reconsidering that. Something must be triggering it. My system is in pretty good shape, so I'm guessing it must be a glitch of some sort, either in Mountain Lion or in the iMovie app itself. Perhaps it's a 3rd party app causing the problem? It doesn't give us much confidence now, in that we may start worrying about losing other projects.
    A good practice is to duplicate the project from time to time (something I'll be doing more of), although Time Machine backups also provide the necessary security. To duplicate, in Project Library view (where all the projects are listed) click on the project name so that it is highlighted, then select File > Duplicate Project. Alternatively, right-click (or Control-click) on the project name and select Duplicate Project from the pop-up menu. Of course, you may already know this. Duplicating probably won't guarantee that the copy will not also disappear from the Project Library, but is worth doing anyway.
    As I mentioned in the post I linked to earlier, when the problem arose with my iMovie project I was using ProRes 422 clips I had imported from a Final Cut Pro X Event. My immediate thought was that ProRes 422 had caused the problem. But this of course may have been coincidental - reinforced now by your experience, where you are probably working with Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) clips.
    Anyway, glad to hear that you've recovered your project through Time Machine. Unfortunately, I had to start from scratch as I had Time Machine turned off during my editing sessions (that's a story for another day).

  • How to collapse a folder in the project bin?

    Hi there.
    I'm trying to figure out how to collapse/expand a folder in the project bin.
    I whipped up a AEGP that listens and reports any/all command IDs, but when I collapse/expand the folder, I'm not getting any command ids.
    I've noticed there are many events that don't send any sort of command ID.
    Any ideas, or do you happen to know the command code that I could issue to collapse/expand a folder?
    I have not yet investigated if the javascript API offers a means to collapse/expand folders.
    Looking at the SDK, a folder is just another AEGP_ItemH.  Is there an attribute on it that I can set to toggle the collapse/expand? I was under the impression that AEGP_ItemH are opaque objects, but I'm still pretty new to this SDK (and well, C programming) so I wasn't sure how to go about inspecting the object.

    I have now discovered that your suggestion works, but ONLY IF there are NO BACKGROUND TASKS running.  I kept trying this over & over and I did eventually discover an almost imperceptible & very brief extra bolding of the folder name.  However, the focus would never stay on the label.  At some point I noticed my Background Tasks had stopped and then I could change the folder name as any Mac user would expect.  So, there is some undesirable effect associated with the background tasks.
    Thanks for confirming how it is supposed to work.

  • How can I make a folder in the TV for my home movies

    How can I make a folder in the TV shows for my home movies collection?  I have created a folder in the library in finder and put all the videos in there but they do not appear in itunes.

    It's best to never move iTunes media around in Finder. Add it to the Library through the iTunes interface by dragging them into the window. Once they've been added to the library, you can try using Get Info on the files in iTunes and change the tag info to make them group together. (A unique album name should do this.) If you want them to be included with TV Shows, you can try using Get Info to set the Kind to TV Show (found under the Options tab in Get Info), but I'm not sure if it will work. Otherwise, you could make a playlist and drag them into to access them all in one convenient spot.
    If you add the items as noted above and they still do not appear in your library, it's probably because they are not a compatible format.
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  • How can i move video and music and narration all at once in the project library

    how can i move video, narration and music all at once in the project library  it is only moving the video

    Select the directory with your pngs in it.
    Right-click>Browse with Adobe Bridge
    Select your pngs
    Tools>Photoshop>Load to photoshop layers (not sure how many layers this can handle--you may wind up having to do this in batches)
    Save your new psd
    In Flash, create a new symbol with a blank timeline
    Ctrl-R, navigate to the psd you made earlier
    Select all the Photoshop layers
    Check "create MovieClips for these layers."
    Convert layers to keyframes or flash layers (not important, since you probaby don't need to keep this symbol)
    You'll have Movie Clips, not Graphic Symbols, but maybe you can write or find a JSFL to convert them and then you can block select them, click the Properties button, and change the type from MovieClip to Graphc.

  • Where we can see Sale order Number in the project which is asigned to it.

    Where we can see Sale order Number in the project which is asigned to it.

    Thank you for your reply.
    Here we can see in repot format.
    Mainly Iam looking for a feild type for making report.
    My expected report format is
    Production order     WBS Element         Sale Order
    12345                     PR-154534              8736444
    for the above report I can get details of production order and WBS element fron Prodction order table.But I also want Sale order number.

  • Can I sort the Project Library?

    Two quick questions I had trouble finding the answers to.  Are there controls for sorting the Project Library?  With the Events Library, I have a ton of control on how I want my events to be sorted... but I couldn't find any such controls with the Project LIbrary.  My guess is that sorting by date isn't necessarily helpful, because it shows when a project was last opened.. not created.  It would be helpful if there was a way to sort by Project Creation date... or perhaps last export date.  As is, it's just sorted alphabetically.
    Side question:  What's the quickest way to find out what the default event for a project is?  From the Project LIbrary itself, I see I can highlight the project and look under the inspector for "referenced Events", but it doesn't seem to tell me what the default event is if multiple are listed.  Once in the project, I'm not sure how to find this information. 

    Thanks Tom,  I ended up finding one of my answers.  With the project selected in the Project Library, I can see in the Inspector under properties the "referenced events" down below, but I was not noticing at the very top in lighter grey where it showed "Default Event: Name of Event" ... That solves that.   Once inside the project itself, I couldn't find a way for seeing this information, but at least I can see it from the Projects Library screen.
    Basically I'm taking over as editor for a company and trying to make sense of the previous editor's organizational structure.  Let's just say... it's not very organized.  He did a terrible job of naming events and projects and I was having trouble figuring out what goes with what.  I've actually had to build a spreadsheet just to make sense of his mess.  Hah

  • Where can I bring new ideas to the project Firefox?

    Where can I bring new ideas to the project Firefox?
    I can't find the place to post suggs..
    All the forums seems to be created to help for errors and problems.

    You can use the [ Hendrix feedback channel] if you have remarks or suggestions and want to pass them on to Mozilla.<br />
    Your comments will be visible in one of the news groups:
    * [ Mozilla feedback news groups]

  • How to hide the file name (the bizarre number assigned by the camera) when exporting an image version in aperture from an album. Pl understand I want to keep the file name in the project library version.

    how to hide the file name (the bizarre number assigned by the camera) when exporting an image version in aperture from an album. Pl understand I want to keep the file name in the project library version.

    Within Aperture you have Images, which are constructed on-the-fly from two files (the Master and the Version).  You get an image-format file _only_ when you export an Image.  You select the file name (usually a scheme) when you create an image-format file (that is, when you export).  Look under "Aperture→Presets→File Naming" for built-in Presets.  You can, of course, create your own or customize any provided.
    The Preset is applied to only the file newly created by your "export" command.  It is not applied to the Image in Aperture (unless you rename your Versions or your Masters).

  • Why did my project disappear from the project library?

    I recently finished a project, exported it to the "project file" in the Movie folder, and from there burned it to a disk. No problem. Since then, I have been thinking about making a couple of changes to the project, but when I opened the Project Library in iMovie, lo and behold, it was nowhere to be found. All of my other projects were there, but this one was gone.
    I looked in the project file in the Movie folder, and there it was, along with the movie, but I can't edit it any further in its present location. If it were in the project library (where it belongs), I could certainly edit it, but I can't figure out how to get it back there, so to speak.
    Two questions: first, why did it disappear from the Project Library, and second, what can I do about it now? I could always start from scratch (using clips in the Event Library), but that means doing everything over again, which I prefer not to do. Any ideas?

    I've got the similar problem:
    any one able to solve it???
    I've also restarted a million times but it still doesn't seem to work...

  • Suddenly my project window has no scroll bars, and if I return to the project library, select my project and click edit, another project LIBRARY appears partially covering the project window.  Help.

    In the middle of making a movie, the scroll bars vanished in the project window and I could no longer navigate at all.  If I went to the project library and selected the project, another image of the project library slid in and entered onto my screen.  after repeated attempts to open the project in various ways, I have it now, but there are holes in the project window (blank background) and no scroll bars.  It does not respond to anything.
    can someone help?

    I'm adding more information:
    in Finder, my iMovie folders are all visible and accessible.  When I click on a clip from iMovie Events folder, Quicktime opens and plays the clip.  ALL my video is not missing - it just isn't showing up in the Event Library!
    This happened all of a sudden, while I was working on iMovie project (on both computers).
    All my Projects are intact, and play when I open them. 

  • Can not edit my songs in the itunes library

    Can not edit my songs in the itunes library
    Windows7 64 BIT / SP1  /  Self-built PC
    Latest ITunes version 10.4
    80GB Classic 5th GEN IPOD
          I had almost full of content on my ipod,then I upgraded from XP HOME(32) to Windows7 (64 Bit)
    What I did not want to do was to spend time loading All 75GB back on the itunes Library, but decided I should restore the ipod, since it's been acting up a bit. I did not deactivate the last XP OS Computer prior to formatting the harddrive,because I thought it would not matter, since the software would be GONE.
    So I downloaded another itunes/Quicktime on this new Win7 O.S., and created the same playlists I had before, then dragged each genre/main music folder into the appropriate folder in itunes.
    I clicked on a few songs to change the Info, but they are all greyed out and I cannot edit anything....I never had these problems before.
    How to I re-enable to EDIT the INFO again?   Thank you!
    (itunes also told me I had authorized four out of five computers for this device...WHAT?  There is only one computer, and my one ipod.  
    ......BUT.......My sister has a 16GB itouch, and I put my songs on her itouch, also charged it up on my computer, since she does not have her own computer yet. Will that mess anything up? 
    Can she create her own User apple ID/password, then be able to edit her stuff from my computer? AUTHORIZE her itouch on my computer, or do I have to create her own playlists (because I have an 80GB, and she has a16GB, obviously, she will not get all mine on her small device) then checkmark ONLY her playlists to manage on her itouch, from my computer?
    A few people told me to try this....
         I Plugged in the OL' ipod, Under the SUMMARY TAB, and under the OPTIONS TAB, I changed what I had, which was "SYNC ONLY CHECKED SONGS AND VIDEOS" [B]to MANUALLY MANAGE MUSIC AND VIDEOS"[/B]
    THEN - I went back into my Win Explorer Main Music folder,and under PROPERTIES, I unchecked the READ-ONLY Box, hit APPLY, then OK, then I went back into the itunes library and tried to edit a few songs, but they are all still greyed out and not editable.
    I went back into the WIN EXPLORER main Music folder and checked to see if the READ-ONLY was still unchecked, but it automatically reverted back to READ ONLY.
    Another question I wanted to ask was this. I have my main Music Folder on my Storage HDD. They are MP3 files, and listed as Country,Blues,Classic Rock,Reggae,etc.  After I installed the WIN7 OS, I had to download itunes again/Quicktime,then dragged each main music folder into the appropriate playlist until they were all there.  Since my itunes app is on my Boot Drive,and my main music folder on my Storage drive,am I wasting or adding any needless HDD space having on both HDD'S? or is this a non-issue?  Thank you!

    Hello All!
    Well, after posting the help messages, I went diggingthrough both my itunes folder on my (C) drive, and then the Music Folder on my(F) Storage drive where I keep all my music files and then went into securityand in each line, I made FULL CONTROL, APPLY, then went back into iTunes afterplugging my ipod in and clicked on MANUALLY MANAGE TUNES.
    I don't know which did it, but now I can edit the songs. To answer yourquestion, I was able to play the songs, but just couldn't edit any of themuntil now. Thanks for your Reply!

  • How do I get photos from the iPhoto import folder to the iPhoto library?  It uploaded, but hung while deleting from my camera, so no imported photos are in the iPhoto library.

    How do I get photos from the iPhoto import folder to the iPhoto library?  It uploaded, but hung while deleting from my camera, so no imported photos are in the iPhoto library.  I watched it upload about 400 photos, one by one.  They're somewhere, but they don't appear in the iPhoto library. As iPhoto was deleting them from my camera, it got hung up, then a message came "you should eject before disconnecting a device."  I hadn't touched the camera.  The message came by itself.  I couldn't get iPhoto to respond, so I disconnected the camera and did a Force Quit.  Opening it back up, the pictures were gone.  Can somebody help me? 

    What version of iPhoto are you running?  Assuming it's iPhoto 9 or later Apply the two fixes below in order as needed:
    Fix #1
    1 - launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.
    2 - run Option #4 to rebuild the database.
    Fix #2
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    1 - download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    2 - click on the Add Library button and select the library you want to add in the selection window..
    3 - Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the Library ➙ Rebuild Library menu option.
    4 - In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    5 - Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments but not books, calendars or slideshows. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.

Maybe you are looking for

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    This just started today, also my downloads all say instead of what i named them. What has happened and how do i fix it quick!!??

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    hi all ! Im trying to create a XML with the following structure: <Programa> <!--root --> <Agenda><sub>Piso</sub></Agenda>And Im trying to generate that with the following code: Element root = doc.createElement("Programa");             doc.appendChild