Can't save layered .psd files in Photoshop CS3

I noticed yesterday that I can no longer save layered .psd files to any folder. What does get saved is only a generic file symbol.
I'm using a Dell 8200 computer, 1GB of RAM, IntelPentium4 processer, Windows XP Professional,and a Canon MP780 multiple function printer.
Please help.
George Masi

Is it saved incorrectly, or is the problem just that the icon is the generic one. In other words, can you A) click to open the file from the desktop. And, b) if you can't click from the desktop, can you open the file from within Photoshop, and see the layers correctly.
If B works, and A does not, then this means your Windows has lost the association between PSD files and Photoshop. You can often correct this by right clicking the file, and choosing Open With, with the Always open with this program field checked. There is also a way to set the icons back up, but this is more complicated.

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  • Can not send my NEF files to Photoshop CS3...Please Help

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong!!  I shoot with a Nikon D300. I use Photoshop CS3 along with Bridge and InDesign. I have Windows Vista. Now that the facts are out of the way........
    I have tried installing an update of Camera Raw. I did the following. Please correct me before I pull my hair out!!!
    I first removed ACR 4.0 and put it in a folder on my desktop (Camera Raw .8bi)
    I then downloaded DNG Camera Raw 4.6 zip from the Adobe site. These were my next steps:
    start/computer/double click local c/program files/common files/adobe/plugins/cs3
    I then took the DNG camera raw 4.6 and placed it in the last folder (cs3)
    I started Bridge. I can see my Raw images there. I double clicked on an image to transfer to photoshop and an error message poped up (once again) saying that photoshop does not support the file. I went to the help section of cs3/about plugins and there was not a camera raw icon I could click on.
    Did I install this in the wrong place???  What can I do to obtain these files? I need them to be converted to JPEG or a TIFF.
    Someone please have an answer! I'm praying!
    Thank you,

    The DNG converter is a stand-alone application which is an alternative to Adobe Camera raw. Particularly useful when your camera is not  covered by the latest version of ACR.
    It does not go in any specific folder and you have to use it to convert your NEF files to DNG format in order to view them in Bridge and process them in ACR.
    You really need to read the instructions on the download pages and in the links there before ploughing on to disaster!

  • Can only save as psd or other photoshop file format

    in cs3 extended i made changes to a photo (duotone,cuves, vignette etc.)each on its own layer,then flattened the image. when i go to save as, the dialog box only has photoshop file formats.other images i have done have all the file formats available.
    i tried converting the image. it will convert as a jpg but not a tiff. also tried save as copy, no go. i ftp tiffs to my lab so i really need help with this one.
    i am running windows vista.
    thanks jerry

    "Anyone" is a perfectly good single word, Dave: "Tennis, anyone?" However, "any one" is the proper usage in other contexts, where the "one" is the focus, as in "I'd be willing to take any one of the many very fine prints Dave made."

  • How can I recover a .psd file that photoshop says is 'empty'?

    I've been working on this file for a long time, then I tried to work on it tonight, and Photoshop gave me a message that said "Could not complete your request because the file is empty."  I have no idea why this happened and I really don't want to have to redo all of my work.  Any suggestions?
    My operating system is Mac OSX.

    If not, and you're out of luck, take heart...  Photoshop CS6 has an auto-save feature that might be able to help you.
    I have also suggested multiple times that Adobe start to make use of the Trash Can / Recycle Bin, so that any older save could be recovered in a pinch.  I've gotten fairly little attention with that suggestion, though it would be well appreciated by people like yourself, I'm sure!

  • How can I save an ICO file in photoshop CC?

    I already tried installing the plug-in for the CS6 version but it doesn't work. Can anyone please help?

    Hello JJMack,
    Thank you for your help. I already tried installing the plug-in, I downloaded it from but unfortunately it didn't work. The solution I follow was to convert my file using an online service, Nevertheless I still would like to know how can I do this using photoshop.
    *I am using a Mac Book Pro

  • How to open animated .GIF files in Photoshop CS3 and newer

    Q: Since ImageReady is long gone from Photoshop, how can I open animated GIF files in Photoshop CS3 and newer?
    A: File -> import-> video to layers.
    In the dialogue box type "*.*" to show all file types.
    Select your GIF file and which frames to import.
    They will now be available in your animation palette.

    curt y, sorry for the late reply, I tried that but I doesn't work. I have to choose at least two files in the Load Layers window in order for the OK button to be available and then some action script uses the different files to make layers and merges them but not from the frames of the gif file. I can undo through the script to see what it did but it never accessed the frames of the gif file, just the first frame. Choosing "make frames from layers" in the animation palette only puts the original files into layers - that is only the first frame of the gif file.
    I guess I'm out of luck with the 64  bit version of Photoshop as Zeno suggested :-(
    What program would you people suggest for opening each frame from gif files?

  • I can't open the psd file I did yesterday! It says that the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop.

    I can't open the psd file I did yesterday! It says that the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop. I worked in a CS6 version but also tried opening in a CC but nothing happens. Help
    more info:
    Photoshop never crashed or anything.
    I was working in my school's mac but running windows, and the file was being saved in the school's network not on the computer. I thought it had been saved and I also copy and pasted the file in my hard drive to guarantee a copy but none of the are opening.
    The file size was appox. 1giga
    Thanks a lot

    The problem was saving over the network. Working across a network is not supported.
    This is the boilerplate text often used in connection to saving to a network (please NOTE the part where it explains that normally, it does work, but that it is impossible to troubleshoot someone else's network remotely, and that's why it's not supported by Adobe):
    If you are opening files over a network or saving them to a network server, please cease and desist immediately in the event you are currently experiencing problems with one or more files. Working across a network is not supported.
      Copy the CLOSED file from your server to your local hard disk, work on it, save it again to your local hard disk, close it, and copy the closed file back to the server.
        Of course, the fact that Adobe does not support working across a network does not necessarily mean it won't work.  It should.
        Adobe's position is that there are too many variables in a network environment for them to guarantee that everything will work correctly in every network, especially given the fact that if something does not work properly, it's probably the network's fault, and Adobe has no way of troubleshooting your network.
      If you can't work locally, you are on your own, and if something happens, you're on your own. If you must work from a server, make sure your network administrator is a competent professional.
    When problems arise, a lot of valuable work can be lost.

  • InDesign: How can I export indd pages to layered psd files?

    I wish to create layered PSD files from the pages of InDesign marketing brochures so that they may be used as templates in Photoshop by photographers (or whomever) that neither possess nor understand how to use InDesign? I have seen offerings by other offering both an indd file and multiple psd files but I cant discern a simple way to make that happen. I am hoping to be able have it occur via a "click" -- convert indd to layered psd. Id doesn't not appear to allow PSD export. What is another method to do this? I'm on PC.

    One way would be to export every Indesign layer as PDF and to assemble them again to a multi-layer PSD file.
    But there is a also script that can do what you want. Unfortunately for you, it is for Mac only.

  • Can't Open PSD files in Photoshop! What's happening?

    Hi guys,
    Can someone pls tell me why when I open a PSD file in Photoshop CS2 or CS3 , the psd file apparently seems to be opened but in reality nothing happens as I only get a blank image in Photoshop? In other words, it's like the file has not been opened at all as I only get the usual very small grey and white boxes in Photoshop although at the same time the psd filename and other data associated with the file can be seen on Photoshop's interface as if the file has been loaded normally when in fact it's far from it?!!!...
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Just to let you know this happens after I tried to open a downloaded file from the Internet but it happens all the time when I try these kind of files in photoshop.
    Pls help
    Thanks in advance for your help..

    Hello guys,
    Thanks for your replies first of all.
    To answer your questions John, please refer to the Print Screen in this link:
    I highlighted in yellow the most important things related to this topic in the pic, also referred to in my previous email.
    I got the psd file from a public filehosting site and many users thanked the uploader for his great upload; thus I must have something wrong or I'm doing it wrong as the others seem not to have this prob!!!
    As regards Ed's question, no indeed, I don't have any problems if I create a psd file myself closes it and opens it whenever I want.
    And the filesizes are not at all small as the ones I'm talking about and which I'm having the problems with are sized from 20MB to 32MB.
    Reference to your last question Ed, no I haven't tried to trash/reset preferences as per the FAQ as I have only been using Photoshop very recently.
    Thanks in advance.
    Seems like strange I don't know.

  • I am using CS6 on a 64 bit PC. When I try to print A4 size layered psd files the program crashes. What can I do to rectify this?

    I am using CS6 on a 64 bit PC. When I try to print A4 size layered psd files the program crashes. What can I do to rectify this?
    Spoken to IT support who inform me its because files are on network, however they are on my desktop and program is installed on my PC not a network.

    Other sizes print. Bizarre.

  • How is the best way to backup and organize Adobe layered .PSD files on iMac OSX maverick?

    How is the best way to organize and backup Adobe layered PSD files on iMac desktop OSX maverick?
    I lost all my Adobe Photoshop files + everything else on my IMAC when it crashed. They reinstalled Operating System.  But now i must install programs such as MS Word & Adobe indesign suite.
    Please help me determine what is the bestway to backup Adobe layered  PSD files? I believe these are my choices to be assured this doesn't ever hapen again. Please comment.
    Buy Apple Airport Time capsule $280.  But I am not sure if it can store PSD layers. Can it or do you have to have Apple Apperture  software to act be sure layers are saved
    I had had trouble getting Adobe Cloud to sync to save files and so just trusted my computer to not ever crash.  Any hints on this procedure
    Are there any hints on PhotoShop image organization for a current IMac usser ?
    Please help.
    Teann  ucreateit

    My backup plan is to use Time Machine to make a backup to an external disk drive plus I also do a clone of my system disk. So far between the bootable clone and the Time Machine backup this plan has covered all of my needs.

  • Can you sort layers by file size?

    I'm working on a catalog, not my own, that was set up with all the layout done in Photoshop then placed in ID for copy and a few rasters (barcodes, mostly) to be placed in ID.  Without getting into a conversation about how this is actually supposed to be accomplished, I have run into a problem.
    The .psd is hitting the 2GB limit for file size and can only be saved as a .psb.  .psb can not be placed in ID.
    I would like to reduce the size of the .psd.  Is there a way to figure out where the bloat is?  I know that there are some fat smart objects that could be rasterized, but I don't know which ones are the most chubby.  Can I sort layers by file size or determine the size of a layer without drilling into every smart object?

    I don't know of a way offhand except to export the layers as files and observe the file sizes.
    Photoshop Help | Saving images   File menu > Scripts > Export Layers to Files.
    Maybe even faster would be to save the PSD as a Layered tiff. Tiffs have an upper limit of 4 GB.
    "Save as" would allow you to keep the PSD as a backup and InDesign should recognize tiffs.

  • Bulk save as psd file not saved with Maximize Compatibility selected in preference

    I want to do a "bulk save as" for psd files that were not saved with Maximize File Compatibility selected in Preferences. I'm trying to import those files into LR5 but I get an error message. Or is there a work around for resolving this issue? I have both PS CS6 and PS CC. Also Bridge for both. I've just subscribed to LR5.

    LR does not support Layers, PSD files may have layers so you may have a problem using LR to do what you want to do.
    Set your Photoshop Preferences to always save with Max Compatibility.
    Record a save action one step menu File>save.
    Then use Adobe Bridge menu Edit>Find to find all your PSD files.
    Then select all and use menu Tools>Photoshop>Batch  and if your lucky and don't catch an Adobe Bug Photoshop will start and the Batch dialog will open,  You can the set the Save Action Set and the Save Action  all the PSD selected in the Bridge should open and saved.
    I cancelled the search short here the search for all psd files could take a very long time and did not run the batch.
    You will have a better chance not catching an Adobe bug if Photoshop is not up and running when you use the here.  Bridge may try to start a different version of Photoshop then the one running when you use menu tools>Photoshop>Batch.  Bridge CC was updated to start CC 2014 there is no bridge CC 2014.
    This site scale image poorly you can scale them if you view them in a new tab or window.

  • Can I save a dng file from Photoshop6 to import back into Lightroom 4

    Can I save a dng file from Photoshop6 to import back into Lightroom 4. I don't understand why this is not straight forward.

    The DNG format's goal is to be an universal file formats for camera raw files:
    You can save a DNG from camera raw without a problem.
    Just go the the bottom left hand corner of the interface, and select "save image".
    (as explained here in the help files: html#WSB0DC278F-B3DF-4a60-88BC-B3D6A852C242 )
    Or are you trying to save an file edited in Photoshop as a DNG?
    For what purpose, exactly? A TIFF, PSD or PSB file can have a raw file, saved as a Smart Object (to allow later reprocessing in Camera Raw) and all the pixel/vector editing layers intact.
    If saved with maximize compatibility, it can be opened in Lightroom for cataloging, and editing, if needed.

  • How to edit PSD files on Photoshop Creative Cloud

    Hi there,
    I am new to Creative Cloud and just downloaded the Photoshop App to my desktop. However, I can't seem to find the options where I can edit my psd files. Can someone please help me? I would like to know how I can start editing PSD files on the Photoshop Creative Cloud App.
    Thank you so much!

    HI Resumeboston16,
    Which version of Photoshop are you using? Photoshop CC?
    You'll probably still want to save you PSD files locally to the computers hard drive. You can upload them to the Creative Cloud files page here through the browser.
    Then you could download it on another computer to work on it there.

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