Can't scan in Acrobat 10.1.1 / Lion 10.7.1

I cannot scan using Acrobat X (10.1.1) and an Epson Perfection 4990 scanner because it does not show up in the "select a device" dropdown box.  I can scan using the  application Epson supplies, but the resulting scan is 10-20 as large as I want, and I then have to deal with it in Acrobat anyway.  Neither Adobe nor Epson has been of any assistance. Adobe says the driver is bundled in Lion so it can't be uninstalled and reinstalled, which would not do much good anyway if the Acrobat application does not recognize the scanner.  Apple applications Preview and Image Capture recognize it, but that doesn't do me any more good than using the Epson application.

Are you sure of the math?  a 200dpi colour scan taking 500K represents an original document of two inches square.  You do know that each dot of those "dpi" needs three bytes of stoarage if you are scanning in RGB, and four if CMYK? Eight bits are used to hold the amount of each primary colour in each dot.
500K roughly 500000 bytes. Number of dots 500000/3 = 166666
Assuming a square picture:  side length is sq root of 166666 =408 dots
408 dots at 200dpi is two inches
Regarding size: the larger the resolution, the smaller the resulting size. A ten inch high document scanned at 100dpi is a thousand dots high. Displayed on a 72dpi monitor, the picture is 1000/72 = 13.88 inches high. Printed at 300 dpi, it will end up 1000/300 = 3.33 inches high.
It is the resolution of the output device that determines the physical size of the document. It is the resolution of the scan that determines the quality of the picture.  Your 12 Mp digital camera doesn't need you to print out your photos twelve times bigger than your old 1Mp camera.

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  • While editing a scanned pdf, Acrobat will not recognize the current font & change to very different font. How can I choose the font I want to match the current document?

    While editing a scanned pdf, Acrobat will not recognize the current font & change to very different font. How can I choose the font I want to match the current document?

     Thanks for answering. The version is XI.0.10. I just did the update yesterday hoping that I could now properly edit a scanned pdf document. Yes, it's happening on most all scanned documents. I followed your steps & found the list of fonts used in the document & then attempted to edit. The same occurs. When I type in a correction, I get an error alert... "the original font (in this case Fd 5805) is not available or can't be used in editing. Acrobat is using the font Minion Pro in its place." 
    When I select the text & right click as you suggested, my only choices are cut, copy, delete or select all, no "edit text".
    I have no other options to choose another font. Thanks for any help you can direct my way. 
          From: sukritd15 <[email protected]>
    To: Deborah Karr <[email protected]>
    Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 5:35 AM
    Subject:  While editing a scanned pdf, Acrobat will not recognize the current font & change to very different font. How can I choose the font I want to match the current document?
    While editing a scanned pdf, Acrobat will not recognize the current font & change to very different font. How can I choose the font I want to match the current document?
    created by sukritd15 in Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs - View the full discussionHi Deborah , I would like to know couple of things before I assist you further.1.Which version of Acrobat are you using ?2.Is it happening for all the scanned PDF' or any particular PDF? You can try these steps,Launch the scanned PDF >right click >Document Properties(from the drop down list) >Fonts(on the dialog box)>From here you will get the fonts used in that PDF . While editing the PDF ,select the text that are editing or typing in with the help of selection tool .After you select the text ,right click on the text and choose "edit text" from the drop down list .From there you will be able to choose the desired font . RegardsSukrit Dhingra If the reply above answers your question, please take a moment to mark this answer as correct by visiting: and clicking ‘Correct’ below the answer Replies to this message go to everyone subscribed to this thread, not directly to the person who posted the message. To post a reply, either reply to this email or visit the message page: Please note that the Adobe Forums do not accept email attachments. If you want to embed an image in your message please visit the thread in the forum and click the camera icon: To unsubscribe from this thread, please visit the message page at , click "Following" at the top right, & "Stop Following"  Start a new discussion in Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs by email or at Adobe Community For more information about maintaining your forum email notifications please go to

  • Can't scan Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 crashes when on Windows 8 PC

    I have Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 on a Windows 8 PC.
    When I try to use scan features, acrobat crashes.
    I select custom scan it crashes.
    I select configure presets it crashes.
    Because Pro crahses I am unable to choose what scanner to use for scanning. No idea what scanner Pro is attempting to use.
    I have the most current versions of both programs. Acrobat Pro 9.5 worked fine on Windows 7 PC.

    Acrobat 9 was coded to support Windows 8. As the Acrobat 9 product family passed into "end-of-support" earlier this year that lack of compatibility for Windows 8 isn't going to change.
    Be well...

  • I can only scan one document at a time

    I can only scan one document at a time on my scanner. Can PDF files or documents be merged together?

    Your scanner software may be able to do that; not Adobe Reader.
    If your scanner software cannot do that, then you'll need Acrobat or

  • How can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature

    how can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature.  only give a jpg or bit extension

    pf1tarac wrote: how can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature.  only give a jpg or bit extension
    Hello pf1tarac, I don't believe that is possible. In order to create a PDF file, you would need Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF compatible product to save a scan to the PDF format.
    There are some free PDF programs available.  Here  is a link to one of them.
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  • Turn off the annoying OCR scan in Acrobat 9.

    Please provide a way to turn of the annoying OCR scan in Acrobat 9. It is un-needed
    and really slows things down.  I want to read the file not edit it.

    Doug Lerner2 wrote:
    Well I hope they turn that into an option sometime.
    You can send your Request to Apple by using this link...

  • Windows DEP error when scanning in Acrobat Pro 9.2

    I scan in Acrobat Pro using create docuemnt>from scanner, via a TWAIN driver.  I upgraded from 9.1.3 to 9.2 recently, last week sometime, and this is the first time I've tried to scan.  If I try to scan, I get an error that Windows DEP is closing the program (note: I don't know why the image below says 9.1, as the version is 9.2).  I triec the DEP settings from the defualt for essential windows programs and services to specifically excluding Acrobat 9.  I also repaired my Arcrobat 9 installation.  I have Windows XP SP3, no new Windows updates are available.  None of those things fixed the problem.  Help!

    I started having this issue about a month ago and have done some systematic testing regarding this.  First some particulars:
    OS = Windows XP SP3, all updates installed and current.
    Scanner = RICOH IS330DC with TWAIN driver
    Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.x and 9.2 (see S.O.E below for explanation)
    Scanning operations were typicaly done through AA using the scanners "Native" interface.  MSOffice Document Scanning was also used.
    Sequence of Events:
    Installed WXP aprox. June of 2008, have been installing all updates automaticaly
    Installed AA 8.x at the same time, installing all updates as they are released.
    Performed scanning operations on a daily basis of over a year with NO DEP errors (thousands of scan operations on a daily basis)
    Scanning operations slowed beginning of October of 2009 but still had not received any DEP errors.
    Scanning resumed November 5, 2009.  Started scanning process from within AA (Create new PDF from...Scanner).  AA scan dialogue window opened, selected scan button.  Waited for Adobe to open "Native" scanner interface.  Received the following message instead:  "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program".
    Attempted to scan with AA 9.2 NOT using native scanner interface, received identical result.
    Upgraded to AA 9.2, on November 10, 2009
    Scanned a document both with and without using "Native" scanner interface.  No change in DEP message.
    Attempted to add AA 9.2 to "exclusion" list in DEP settings (OptIn setting).  I did not receive the message regarding DEP "must be enabled for Adobe Acrobat" that some have reported (possibly specific to Vista/W7 installations?).  Although windows allowed adding AA to DEP exclusion list, results were the same.
    Scanned a document using MS Office Document Scanning feature and using scanner "Native" interface.  NO DEP MESSAGES RECEIVED.
    Scanned a document using MS Office Document Scanning feature WITHOUT using scanner "Native" interface.  NO DEP MESSAGES RECEIVED.
    Disabling DEP (AlwaysOff) does resolve the problem but is NOT recommended as DEP is a critical security feature.  As such this work-around is NOT acceptable.
    The results of the testing were:
    Windows and specificaly DEP are allowing the Microsoft supplpied MS Office Document Scanning utility to use the same RICOH supplied drivers and "Native" scanner interface that DEP is NOT allowing Adobe Acrobat to use.  Simply put, even though in WXP I can add Acrobat 9.2 to the exclusion list, Windows DEP still will not allow Acrobat 9.2 to exectue programs or drivers on it's own.  Which is why I believe this is not a RICOH driver issue but either a Microsoft issue or Adobe issue or most likely Microsoft having an issue with Adobe Acrobat.
    Yes, a workaround would be to use MS Document Scanning and right now that is what I am having to do.  However I find it terribly inconvenient that I have to go an extra step to convert thousands of pages of text from tiff to pdf. when I have paid hundreds of dollars for Acrobat to do it directly to .pdf .  Besides, the custom programming and batch job features I use and rely on were developed specificaly for Acrobat and REQUIRE me to use it and not some other utility.  It is simply NOT cost effective for me to use MS Document Scanning and still be able to provide the services I provide.
    My questions are these:
    Is Adobe actively addressing this issue?
    Why is MS Office Document Scanning able to use the scanner drivers and dialogue window when Adobe Acrobat can not?  Why is MS Windows specificaly identifying secondary code execution by Adobe Acrobat as a problem while secondary code execution by MS office is considered acceptable?
    What happened over the last three months that suddenly made DEP aware of Adobe Acrobat being untrustworthy in regards to code execution where as before it WAS trustworthy, at least in regards to Windows XP installations.
    Prior to this issue I had NEVER even heard of DEP (again Windows XP user).  Did Microsoft release a DEP upgrade to Windows XP users that we were not aware of?  Did Microsoft include DEP as a new feature in a recent WXP SP3 security update (over the last three months) and this is why we are seeing this now?
    Regardless of When DEP was released and for who (WXP, Vista, W7), my questions #1 and #2 are still valid.  Can someone at Adobe please address this?
    ****** UPDATE #1 - 11/23/2009 ******
    When adding items to the DEP exclusion list, it will only allow the addition of ".exe" (executables).  I have not been able to find a way of adding .dll files or any other extension types.

  • Can I scan to PDF using Adobe Reader X?

    I want Reader to manage my scans.  Can I scan to PDF using Reader X, or is that only a feature in Acrobat.  If so, how can I use it as the default manager for my scanner.  I am using a Fujitsu FI-6140. 

    i answered it myself.  the option to use adobe reader came up the second time i tried

  • I can't scan a document in my printer and have it open in Reader like before

    can't scan a document in my printer and have it come up in the adobe acrobat reader like it did before my last update...can anyopne suggest a solution...have been on hold with adobe for 46 minutes.

    Hi lostinma,
    Are you scanning and then saving to PDF with your scanning software? What happens when you try to open the PDF in Reader? Do you get an error message?
    Reader doesn't allow you to create PDFs, so you wouldn't be able to scan directly into Reader.

  • Emailing Scans in Acrobat 10

    It is incredably frustrating that I have to save a file before I can email it in Acrobat 10. This was not the case in 9. Does anyone know if you can do this. A lot of the scans I email I do not want a saved copy of because the scan was for someone else and plus once I send it I have copy of it.
    Please Adobe fix this so it operates like acrobat 9.

          It is still possible to do the same thing using Acrobat X. In fact the entire workflow looks much better. Please follow the steps below:
          1. User scans a piece of paper to Acrobat X. You should now have a new scanned document loaded in Acrobat
          2. No need to save the document.
          3. Click the email icon in Acrobat tool bar or else click on the Share pane on the right.
          4. Select the attach to email radio button in the share pane.
          5. Click Attach button and you have your email with attachment ready to fly.
          6. User should be happy now.
    Please let me know if you still face any issues.

  • I can't scan over wireless with my laserjet 100 color mfp m175mw - Windows 7

    HP Scan software doesn't boot up and work unless printer is hooked to pc via usb.  Can't seem to scan wirelessly.  Normal?

    Hi @juancgallardo ,
    I see that you are experiencing issues scanning over the wireless network and hardwired network on Yosemite.
    I would like to help you out with this issue today.
    The drivers for Yosemite are installed by the Apple Updates.
    Installing Your HP Printer Driver and Software for Mac OS X.
    Did you add the printer as a Bonjour printer or IP Protocal?
    IP Protocal won't allow you to scan, just print.
    You can also download and install the HP Printer Drivers v3.0 for OS X.
    If you are still having issues then check that the scanning ports on the router to make sure that they are open. You can contact the router company to check and open these ports 9220/9500/427 on the router.
    If you still can't scan, connect the printer directly to the Mac with a USB cable and see if you can scan. Just to rule out a network issue.
    What kind of router do you have?
    Please provide in detail the results if you are still having issues.
    Have a nice day!
    Thank You.
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    I work on behalf of HP

  • Hp laserjet 400 mfp can't scan, i lost the installati​on cd

    i have a hp laserjet 400 mfp and i can't scan.
    I have Windows 7 and the printer works just fine with the W7 software, but the scan option is not available, because the software installs only the printer, not the scanner.
    I lost the installation cd and the installation software from hp support only install the printer , not the scanning option. Please help.  
    I also tried the e-mail scanning software from hp, but i don't know if it works , because i don;t know how to set the settings.
    Thank you.

    Hi, thank you for your answer. I tried with the full software you gave me in your link, but it was no good, because my printer is a Laserjet 4100 MFP, and the software was asking for an usb device, wich my printer is not...
    I don't need the driver for the printer, i have that driver, but that driver sees the MFP like a simple printer, without scanner, so, the scanner remains usefull. I need the full software or the CD.
    I don't receive an error, i just need the full software for Laserjet 4100 MFP. I didn't find it on HP's website, unfortunately and i don't have the installation CD anymore, cause i lost it....
    Thank you.

  • HP Photosmart 5520. Can't scan to my computer

    HP Photosmart 5520. I can print FROM my computer just fine, but can't scan from the printer TO my computer. Message is "Connection Error." This happens sometimes, but usually I can fix by turning everything off, disconnecting, and starting over. Today nothing works. This is getting tiresome. Printing works fine.  BTW, I do not control the router & can't just turn it on and off. I am not technologically savvy; I just want the thing to work.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    The scan to computer is disabled by default (I don't know why the software girls/guys desinged that way). On my machine, driver for Windows 8 is much better (even same exe file). Please enable it using the following steps (please note: for Windows machines)
       Double click printer icon on desktop,
       Click Manage Scan to Computer,
       Click Enable
    You may want to tick the last square too.
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  • I have just updated Acrobat to version 10.1.13. I am using a MAC Running Yosemite.  When I try to scan a document, after the printer scans Adobe Acrobat quits and I get an unexpected closure error.

    I have just updated Acrobat to version 10.1.13. I am using a MAC Running Yosemite.  When I try to scan a document, after the printer scans Adobe Acrobat quits and I get an unexpected closure error.  I am running Mac OS 10.10.1.  This only started happening when I installed the update of Adobe Acrobat.

    Hi MEW1,
    Is the printer connected wirelessly or wired?
    Go to Preferences and under categories go to > Convert to Pdf then select the Image Capture and then hit ok button.
    Close Acrobat and then relaunch it and see if it helps you while you do scanning.

  • Can I add a text form field in Photoshop that can be edited in Acrobat reader?

    I design coffee labels with Photoshop then send them off to the printers. The printers then open up a PDF and put in the best before date before printing. At the moment I have to add the text form fields using Acrobat Pro after i've saved the photoshop document as a Photoshop PDF. The problem is if I want to edit the labels at a later date, I have to re-add the text form fields with Acroabat again. 
    Can I add a text form field in Photoshop that can be edited in Acrobat reader? Is it better to use another program for this task?
    Thanks in advance

    As A1's Calculate script, under "Simplified field notation", enter:
    A * 0.8
    The same goes for B1 and B, resp.

Maybe you are looking for

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    is it possible to have my text messages sent to my email as well?  or is there a way to view them other than on the phone?

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