Can't sign PDF documents.

Can't sign PDF documents. After pressing the Accept button, no preview of my signature, and the screen reverts to the document.

Is the camera working in other applications, such as Photo Booth? Does the green light come on in Preview?

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  • Can IXOS (OPENTEXT) handle digitally signed PDF documents

    Hi All,
    we have requirement where we want to store digitally signed PDF documents in IXOS (OPENTEXT) server and view them using IXOS viewer.  I have tried to save one digitally sighed PDF but it was also password protected and I was not able to open it with the IXOS live link opener.
    Request you to share your experience or views on this.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,

    yes IXOS handlesDigitaly signed PDF documents,
    Please refere tihis doc..
    The repository supports queries based on metadata, full-text index and even a combination
    of both. Another option is to render document content to a long-term format like TIFF or PDF.  Using
    digital signatures (time stamps) it can be assured that content cannot be modified without recognition.
    Hence clearly say's retrival or access doc need to enter digital signature which are preconfigured during DOC creation phase.

  • Digitally signing pdf documents

    We want to digitally sign pdf documents that are generated in the printing service / AS. (rwclient is used on the client machines to access the printing service.)
    The digital sign should be on all generated pdf documents, with no intervention by the end users. The digital sign should hence be on behalf on the organisation, not the individual user issuing the pdf dokument.
    In addition we would like to lock the pdf documents in order på prevent manipulation of the content.
    Any surgestions on how to achieve this?

    You can create your own destination .
    An example is available on OTN :
    Secure PDF Destination
    This destination creates a secure PDF that is password-protected. This sample is tested with Oracle Reports 9i, Oracle Reports 10g (9.0.4), and Oracle Reports 10g Release 2 (10.1.2).

  • How do I sign PDF documents on the MS Surface Pro

    How do I sign PDF documents on the MS Surface Pro
    I have the most current Reader.

    I am not sure exactly what you did and what did not work.
    But you can ask question on the Acrobat's Security & Electronic Signatures forum to get help from the Acrobat experts.
    The detailed description of the problem and screen shots would be helpful to get answers.


    Hi, After installing Adobe Reader 10.1.10 can't to do several actions. I saw that since version 9. I can't save PDF  documents provided by internet companies. The options that appears below, like  to save, print, + or -, are flashing all the time and can't do anything. If I click right button in the name of the document, the option save destiny deshabilited too. What can I do? pls urgent. My operative system is Windows 7.

    Best to keep the replies in the other post, but I wanted to comment on something you said "I was told that Adobe X is a 32 bit program and that could be why it's running slow." Yes, it's a 32 bit program. No, it's complete nonsense to say that 32 bit programs run slow. There seems to be a general belief that 64 bit is better because, well, because, um, because it's a bigger number so it must be, right? Sorry, I'm not mocking you, but there is such nonsense about this, that I think software makers are having to put a lot of effort into making 64 bit software for no good reason at all.

  • Does anyone know of an e-reader app for the iphone that has text to speech capability? I have a Kindle 3G that can read whole pdf documents and books but I cannot figure out how to do it on my iphone 4.

    Does anyone know of an e-reader app for the iphone that has text to speech capability? I have a Kindle 3G that can read whole pdf documents and books but I cannot figure out how to do it on my iphone 4.
    All of the apps I have found on the App store either do not have the text to speech capability or if they have it they will only read a page at a time or simply read the text you paste into their window. I really do not understand what is so difficult about having this feature as Kindle provides it--though Amazon does not make the feature available on its iPhone 4 app.
    Please help.

    thanks. yes i am aware of the VoiceOver feature but it is NOT the solution to my problem. as you said, it is a solution to a different set of issues. i want the text to speech ability because i there are books i need to read but do not have the time to sit down and read them and have become used to listening to them read to me either by a professional human reader or with the text to speech software on the Kindle.
    I think Apple makes the best audio devices but i am really disappointed in this inexplainable shortcoming. if apple can give us siri they ought to be able to design a nice little button that i can push to turn on text to speech while i am in a document, book, magazine or webpage. clearly it is possible as apple has added the "reader" button in safari to have web pages dropped into the reader format.
    thanks for your suggestion though, it is what everyone suggests but it does not address the issue.

  • Can not open pdf documents...

    can not open pdf documents..., when i use my laptop without restart two,three day's....???????
    why is that ??????????

    AmS-Haz wrote:
    I mean, when I install the Adobe Reader 8 previous problem occur, as same as Adobe Reader 9, I did not use or install Adobe Reader 8 &
    Adobe Reader 9 both are concurrently....
    Do you have, or have
    had, both Reader 8 and Reader 9 installed
    at the same time in your machine? If you have, you must
    do as graffiti
    suggested in a previous message.
    Extra line breaks kindly provided by the software.

  • Can I convert .pdf documents to word and back again using Acrobat 9 Standard?

    Can I convert .pdf documents to word and vice versa using my (already purchased) Acrobat 9 Standard?
    OR do I need to inhstead upgrade the Acrobat 11 already on my laptop to PRO?

    The link is for Acrobat XI, but should basically be the same for Acrobat 9.
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  • We sign PDF documents with a certifified id KPN Corporate Market CSP Organisatie CA)

    We sign PDF documents with a certifified id (KPN Corporate Market CSP Organisatie CA) in Adobe Acrobat 11.0.7 and after signing the document, some user get the message "Problematic" Certificate validation problem.   Any idea? Thanks

    You'll want to ask in the Acrobat forum: Acrobat

  • I can not open pdf documents

    If I want to open a pdf document I get the following error-message:
    "Error during page elaboration. A problem occurred during reading this document (109)"
    I have Adobe Reader V8. I removed the version 8 and installed version 7, but I still can not open the document.

    I can not open .pdf documents unless I save them first.  But sometimes I can't download the file first - I get an error message that says that my version of Adobe can't open a .pdf in a web browser...

  • Solution manager can not open pdf documents

    What is the reason Solution manager (we have still 3.2) can not open pdf documents (under project documentation).
    Thank you in advance

    Solution Manager is the SERVER, it can't open PDF documents; most likely your PC can't open them.

  • Ever since my last update from acrobat i can't sign my documents it gives me an error code 2148073483. Did acrobat update a code to make me buy a newer version or what, how do I fix this issue?

    I can't sign my documents error code 2148073483

    Hi Robert,
    Please refer to the KB Doc :

  • How can I send PDF document from adobe

    How can I send PDF document from adobe

    If you mean, "How can I send a PDF document from Adobe Reader?" then answer is: Click on the Share button (arrow out of box icon), and choose E-mail document.

  • Can i import .pdf documents?

    can i import .pdf documents to iPhone 4 (CDMA)?

    The question is, can i import .pdf documents to iPhone 4.
    Answer, Yes you can, it's called Dropbox.
    Once you have downloaded Dropbox on your iPhone and on your Mac (one is an iPhone App, the other is a Mac Software), open an account it's free.
    Look on the right hand side of your Desktop menu bar for a blue box icon, click on the icon and chose "open Dropbox folder", drop any pdf file into the Dropbox folder (lets say the Public folder) the document will Sync, once that is done it's now available on your iPhone, simply open Dropbox on your iPhone, located the folder, open the document and read it. For those who don't know, the iPhone 4 can read pdf file by default, no other software required.
    PS : Another great App for the iPhone and Mac is Evernote, it has very powerful features.

  • Can I generate pdf document that has Acrojs functionality with the sdk?

    Hi, I was wondering if I can create a pdf document with Acrojs functionality in it from the sdk. I'm looking to see if I can create an application in C# that generates a pdf document with a form scripted with Acrojs. Is this possible? Thank you guys for your attention.

    >Until now, I could see the TOC on my PDF.
    Nothing has changed.
    Remember, iBA is not a PDF authoring tool.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Is there any way I can import Illustrator files in Photoshop touch?

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    All, I'm looking for some information about the feasibility of connecting a Flash application built in AS2 to BlazeDS. Is this possible? Are there any tutorials/overviews to help me get started? Many thanks in advance for any insights or advice.