Can't view a particular website, help!

I tried to register to the website (Chinese)
But got message says" Can't register"
I tried to log in with the user name and password that I just registered, it redirected me to this web page: (English)
I read through it, and still don't know what's wrong with my computer settings.

Look through your browser's prefs and make sure it will accept cookies. In Safari Preferences this is in the Security tab, in Firefox it's Privacy. In Safari, make sure you don't have pop-up blocking enabled (Safari menu).

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  • Why can't I view a particular website in my Firefox browser?

    I cannot view this website from my browser. However I can see it from Internet Explorer. All other websites open correctly in Firefox. I removed my old Bookmark, cleared my cookies and nothing.... help!
    == URL of affected sites ==

    I am having this problem too. I cannot see the Royal Mail or Parcel Force websites. they load just fine with other browsers so it can't be a problem with my firewall.

  • Can't view messages on website after Yosemite upgrade

    A friend built me a website some time ago and people can leave me messages.  After the Yosemite upgrade, I can still see a new message has come in but when I click the "view" button, nothing happens.  I can't open the message to read it.  I wondered if it was just my mac so I tried to view them on hubby's macbook.  Same thing.  We do both have adblock on our macs.
    I dug out our old, Sony laptop and fired it up....running XP.  I logged into the website and clicked the view button on the messages.....they opened right up.  Does anyone have an idea what settings I need to change in Yosemite to be able to view my website messages?  Thanks

    Once connected to the PC.. you will have to Sync the messages to see them on PC..
    Open OVI Suite..Goto Sync-->Sync Now-->Messages...when the process is over, you will be able to see them in the OVI Suite.. Just syncing the messages may not show you senders' / receivers' name but only the numbers... so sync the contacts too...
    --------------------------------------------------​--------------------------------------------------------​--------------------------------------------------​--If you find this helpful, pl. hit the White Star in Green Box...

  • How do i download flash flyer to my mac book pro lap top it is block .it states it is outdated .i can not view any video please help .i need step by steps explanation please .

    PLeas help with detail information .Im unable to watch you tube or any video .My flash flyer need to be  update .Can i please have steps by steps how to achieve this process . I have a mac book pro .thanks in advance .I try but no sucess.desperate .All the site are asking me to pay .

    Go here ->
    Download the Flash player disk image and mount it by double-clicking the icon. Once the disk image is mounted, double click on the installation package. Be sure and restart your browser(s) before you try to view a YouTube video.

  • Can't view flash on websites without clicking on word flash

    I am on a mac running snow leopard.  I just downloaded flash player from Adobe.  I installed.  It's on my desktop.  IF i go to any website that has a flash player image, all I see on the screen is a grey window with the word Flash.  If i click on the word, then i see the flash, but it doesnt' happen automatically like it used to on my old g-5 mac..  Why?
    also, I want the flash icon off my desktop, where can I put it, do I move it to applications folder?

    Hi, you may want to read the system requirements for Flash Player to make sure your system is supported. 
    This is the Mac Troubleshooting Guide that may help:
    When you use the Flash Player Uninstaller(need to do) and Reboot(restart your computer) then you need to use the Flash Player Installer to Install it, then Reboot. Flash Player is a browser plugin and works thru your browser. It is not a standalone
    I'm not that familiar with Mac, but the Flash Player icon may represent the Installer? Read the Troubleshooting Guide which may be helpful. I think you could use "Trash" to remove the icon? Not sure, just have read that somewhere.
    Hope this helps.

  • How can I view "non-mobile" websites?

    Is there a setting that would disable the browser from automatically displaying only the "mobile" version of websites? Because, sometimes I want to see the "full-version" of such sites as Thanks!

    One thing that might help.
    Go to Settings > Safari
    reset History, Cookies, Cache.
    One more thing that might help out.
    When you access a website with the iphone or another mobile device, the website has a header script that reads the browser that is accessing. depending on the variables found, the script can redirect to an alternate site. So if surfing the web with an iphone, the web programmer can create a site optimized for the iphone and then redirect.
    To learn more, this link might help.
    Hope this helps.

  • How can I add a particular website to the Windows8 Start Screen. IE has an option but I can't find one for Firefox.

    I have a new PC with Windows8 installed.
    I would like to add Facebook. twitter and outlook mail etc to the Start Screen.
    I do not wish to use the Microsoft 'Apps' as they are all mobile versions and I do not like them. The only way to get these programs on the Start Screen is to add a link to the website direct.
    My preferred brower is Firefox but there is no option to add a website to the start screen in firefox, however there is one in Internet Explorer.
    Also, if possible, am I able to get the program to just open up in a new tab? rather than new window each time?

    There are some Windows 8-specific features in development, but I don't know whether this one is available yet (or when it might be). I wonder whether someone could create an add-on to do it? I didn't see one in a quick search.
    If you create the shortcuts using IE, but have Firefox set as your default browser, do those tiles launch the sites in Firefox?
    There is a setting to open external links in a new tab in the last active window. I'm not sure whether that extends to the Firefox program icon. Normally, external links follow your preference for links you click inside Firefox, but you also can set their behavior separately as described in this post: (it's long, bring coffee).
    Are we getting any closer?

  • Can't Open One Particular Website

    For some reason, I can't seem to open on my macbook. I have tried it on chrome, safari, and firefox. And none of them could open the site. I have tried to empty my cache and browsing history, but to no avail. I have tried with anonymous proxy like or, again gives me messages like can't find the page or it is unavailable.
    When I run a Traceroute from, I get the following message:
    Hop T1 T2 T3 Best Graph IP Hostname Dist TTL Ctry Time
    1 0 0 * 0.6 ms AS21844
    THEPLANET-AS 255 US Unix: 6:31:50.564
    2 1 0 * 0.6 ms [+0ms] AS21844
    THEPLANET-AS 0 miles [+0] 254 US Unix: 6:31:50.589
    3 1 0 * 0.6 ms [+0ms] AS21844
    THEPLANET-AS 0 miles [+0] 250 US Unix: 6:31:50.622
    4 0 0 * 0.6 ms [+0ms] AS21844
    THEPLANET-AS 0 miles [+0] 61 US [Router did not respond]
    5 0 0 * 0.7 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 250 US Unix: 6:31:50.680
    6 0 0 * 0.8 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 249 US Unix: 6:31:50.742
    7 15 5 * 5.1 ms [+4ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 58 US [Router did not respond]
    8 5 5 * 5.1 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 57 US [Router did not respond]
    9 5 7 * 5.3 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 56 US [Router did not respond]
    10 46 37 * 37 ms [+31ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 55 US [Router did not respond]
    11 46 46 * 45 ms [+8ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 54 US [Router did not respond]
    12 55 47 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 53 US [Router did not respond]
    13 46 46 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 52 US [Router did not respond]
    14 65 47 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 51 US [Router did not respond]
    15 47 47 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 240 US Unix: 6:31:51.125
    16 45 45 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS3356
    Level3 0 miles [+0] 243 US [Router did not respond]
    17 61 45 * 45 ms [+0ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 0 miles [+0] 244 US [Router did not respond]
    18 66 46 * 46 ms [+1ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0] 243 US [Router did not respond]
    19 * 46 * 46 ms [+0ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0] 242 US [Router did not respond]
    20 * 46 * 46 ms [+0ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0] 243 US [Router did not respond]
    21 * 47 * 47 ms [+0ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0] 243 US [Router did not respond]
    22 * 50 * 50 ms [+3ms] AS16509
    AMAZON-02 -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0] 241 US [Router did not respond]
    23 * * * 99999 ms [+99999ms]
    [Unknown] [Unknown - Firewall did not respond] -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0]
    24 * * * 99999 ms [+0ms]
    [Unknown] [Unknown - Firewall did not respond] -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0]
    25 * * * 99999 ms [+0ms]
    [Unknown] [Unknown - Firewall did not respond] -1 miles [+0] 0 miles [+0]
    26 * * * 99999 ms [+0ms]
    [Unknown] [Unknown - Firewall did not respond]
    [4 hops with no response:
    assuming we hit a firewall
    that blocks pings] -1 miles [+0]
    I'm not sure what this all means, please help.
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    I can open that site no problem with Safari 5.0.4
    Since you can't access the site on any of your browsers, you might want to try restarting your router.
    And try OpenDNS.
    Open System Preferences - Network then select the Advanced tab then select the DNS tab.
    On the left click +
    Add these numbers exactly as you see them here.
    Click + again.
    Click OK.
    Restart your Mac. See if that makes a difference.

  • Can't buy one particular album - Help!

    ITunes Music Store customer service has sent me a boilerplate email that clearly didn't result from even reading my plea, so in my frustration, I am asking for advice and help from the discussion board community...
    Please help me test this problem and prove conclusively that it is an iTMS problem...
    I cannot purchase one specific album, "The Disney Songbook" by Jim Brickman. Clicking the "Buy Album" button results in a 5002 error,
    Cannot purchase "Unknown". An unknown error occurred (5002).
    There was an error in the Music Store. Please try again later.
    This happens with iTunes 5 and 6, on multiple computers (all Macs) and multiple accounts. I can buy other albums and tracks, but not this one album.
    Help me! You don't need to buy the album to see this issue -- IF YOU HAVE NEVER CHECKED THE "Don't warn me about buying tracks again" box when buying something. If you have never checked that box, and get a warning before buying anything, please help me by going to the album (link provided below), clicking once on "Buy Album." If you get the error, please post a confirmation to this thread. If it says instead "Are you sure you want to purchase this album" instead, please click 'Cancel' and post your results, as well.
    Link to the album in question:
    Thanks so much -- any advice is also much appreciated, but I fear that this is an iTMS problem, and is only 'solvable' on their side!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the one going crazy. I tried to download the exact same album about 5 days ago. I sent Apple an email explaining the situation. I STILL (five days later) have not received a response. I've tried downloading it from 3 different computers, all with the same 5002 error.
    I just dowloaded iTunes 6.01... hoping that it would fix the problem. Not to be.
    I understand that I could download the songs one at a time, but then I'm paying more that the 9.99 value of the album.
    WHERE is Apple's customer service. Just finding the email address was a nightmare in itself.

  • Can't view videos on websites like NBA on the same screen

    I use leopard OS and when I try to open a video from sites like NBA, the file is opened in quicktime player outside the site. I want to see it embedded on the webpage, than opening quicktime in a seperate window. Is there any preferences I can change to do so?

    "I opened quicktime preferences and opened MIME settings and unchecked streaming and mpeg files,"
    Recheck them & also do the following:
    System Preferences>Quicktime>Advanced
    Click on the MIME Settings button.
    In the next window that opens up make sure that Streaming-Streaming movies is enabled (checked).
    While you’re at it make sure all the boxes are enabled by clicking on the corresponding triangles so that they are pointed down.
    This will show the “hidden” boxes.
    Click the OK button.
    Now click Streaming
    Your settings you should be (as starters):
    *Streaming Speed:* Automatic
    Make sure Enable Instant-On is enabled (checked).
    Now click on Browser
    Make sure:
    Play movies automatically
    Save movies in disk cache
    Are both enabled.
    *Movie download Cache Size:* Slider set all the way to the left.
    Optional: Repair permissions & restart the comp.

  • Using FF 3.6.13 and get 406 error and can't view my own website, other browser work fine

    All of a sudden I get this error, 406 Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /postersschool.html could not be found on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Hi halacious, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    Airport & Bluetooth are two separate Interfaces, so that is a bit confusing.
    Where is this Website hosted? Locally on your own machine, or on the Internet?
    Any Router involved there?

  • I Can't View a Specific Website

    I installed Leopard yesterday and even though there were a few glitches, all it has needed so far is a good night's "rest" after all of the updates that I had to download.
    I even ran into the classic Leopard DNS problem. When I put in the OpenDNS nameservers, I was able to connect to most of the sites that I couldn't connect to after "upgrading" (yes, it's a matter of perspective to some  users =D) to Leopard. I think that took care of the problem, actually.
    I ran a Ping command on and I received these results:
    +Ping has started ...+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +ping: sendto: Permission denied+
    +PING ( 56 data bytes+
    +--- ping statistics ---+
    +10 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss+
    I'm feeling quite confident that the problem's my MBP. Before I made the switch from 10.4.11 to 10.5.0, I could connect to the site just fine. When I switched to 10.5.0, I couldn't connect. When I updated to 10.5.7, I still couldn't connect. I checked my "hosts" file in my /etc/ folder and I didn't add any code for a self-imposed ban from a most distracting site (for the record, believe it or not, I only care about the Word Challenge app and the Tetris app).
    It's also not a specific browser problem. I do have the Invisibility Cloak script running on Firefox, but I have taken out the domain from there, cleared the cache, etc. and the browser doesn't connect me to Facebook. Safari doesn't connect me to Facebook either, but it's no surprise seeing that the Ping showed I'm being denied access altogether.
    I can connect to the site just fine using the family desktop, so I think that eliminates the router problem. I also know for certain that a site-specific block via my WiFi connection hasn't been implemented.
    How else can I troubleshoot this connectivity problem? It's not urgent and it's almost quite fun troubleshooting this problem, considering that it could be a lot worse when I recall the problems that plagued early (and also a lot of subsequent) 10.5 users. I'm learning so much about this stuff and it's been fun.
    Thank you for your time + expertise!

    You gave me an idea, nerowolfe. It wasn't that specific cloaking app, but there was another cloaking app that I had completely forgotten about. It's Eyebeam's SelfControl app, which essentially blocks every domain I input in the domain "blacklist" for a certain amount of time. I recommend the software still as it has been conducive to more productivity, but for some reason the version of the software permeated past a specified block time and established an "all the time" block of the sites I enlisted.
    To troubleshoot, I visited all of the sites on my "blacklist" and my connection to those sites were blocked every single time, even when I'm not running the application. I've since uninstalled it (deleted the app + whatever plist I can find in the machine) and I've been able to visit all of the sites ever since.

  • I can't view avi files - please help!

    I recently bought a Samsung Smartcam, which in the booklet says it saves in JMPEG format ("video compression format H.264, MJPEG"), however when I open the files they have been saved as AVI, which my Mac won't open.
    I have a MacBook Pro running the latest version of Yosemite.
    Will I have to download a converter and convert all the videos I want to view, or is there another way? I looked at the settings on the camera and it doesn't give me an option to change the format.

    I recently bought a Samsung Smartcam, which in the booklet says it saves in JMPEG format ("video compression format H.264, MJPEG"), however when I open the files they have been saved as AVI, which my Mac won't open.
    H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) and MJPEG are two different methods for compressing video data. Both are playback compatible with QT. AVI is a file container. It is also compatible with QT under Yosemite. However, QT is not programmed to play AVI files that do not contain MJPEG compressed video with or without some form of PCM encoded audio. So the primary question here is "What kind of data is in the AVI container?"
    Will I have to download a converter and convert all the videos I want to view, or is there another way? I looked at the settings on the camera and it doesn't give me an option to change the format.
    Unless the device records both H.264 and MJPEG simultaneously and stores both to AVI files (which alone would prevent playback), there must be a setting, either built into the device or controlled by separate software, that allows you to switch between H.264 (in a different file container) and MJPEG in the AVI file container. I would recommend trying to open the file in a third-party player like VLC to see if the file will play and what kind of data formats the file actually contains. As to the conversion of data—that would normally be a last resort to be used only if necessary.

  • How to set IE compatibility view programmatically in Browser Helper Object?

    Goal: In IE11, I need to set "IE=EmulateIE7" compatibility view for particular websites.
    Adding an HTML meta header or a HTTP response header is not an option as we do not control the websites. Configuring IE (Tools > Compatibility View settings...) is not fine-grained enough as it truncates the website URL to the second and top level domains.
    My approach is to achieve the same but more fine-grained with the help of a Browser Helper Object (BHO). Is this possible at all?
    I created a C# Hello World BHO according to an online sample. It works in IE9. I haven't tested it in IE11 yet. Now I need to add some flesh to the bone. My idea is to register with the appropriate WebBrowser event, check the URL being retrieved, and then
    set a WebBrowser property to turn on compatibility view if necessary.
    Is this feasible?
    Which WebBrowser event would that be? DownloadBegin or DownloadEnd? Other?
    pure guess: WebBrowser.PutProperty("X-UA-Compatible", "IE=EmulateIE7")?
    Any ideas to cut down my trial-and-error space? Thanks a lot!
    PS: I (prematurely?) posted this question last night on

    The compatibility list is more about developer and user preference and Microsoft tends to not provide API to override preferences. 
    If the user accepts launching a separate window to render the content in some alternative browser (pretty much like viewing source in Notepad) you can modify the browser emulation registry value before launching your own webbrowser control based application. 
    Visual C++ MVP

  • Can't  view Impact and Lineage tab in Meta data report

    Post Author: mohideen_km
    CA Forum: Data Integration
    Hi guys,
    I have a problem in meta Data Report ..
    IN Impact and Lineage Analysis
    I can View only OVerview Tab.I can not view Impact and Lineage
    Help me to figure out..

    Select text column (varchar column) -> Treat Text as -> custom text format ->Remove @ (default) -> add [html]<script>sometext(‘@’)</script> followed by your javascript
    for eg:
    [html]<script>buildGoogleChart(‘@’)</script> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function show_alert() { alert("Hello! I am an alert box!"); } </script> </head> <body> <input type="button" onclick="show_alert()" value="Show alert box" /> </body> </html>
    hope helps u.........

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