Can the MacBook safely be used with closed lid ?

I'm wondering if the MacBook and MacBook Pro can be used safely with closed lid when connected to an external display. I know in the past there was an heat issue.
Many thanks

It says you can, right in the manual:
Using Your MacBook with the Display Closed
You can use your MacBook with the display closed if the computer is connected to an
external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Important: To use your MacBook with the display closed, the MacBook must be
plugged into a functioning power outlet.
To operate your computer with an external monitor attached and the display closed:
1 Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your MacBook.
2 Connect the power adapter to the MacBook and a power outlet. Check that the power
adapter light is on.
3 Close the MacBook display to put the computer to sleep.
4 Follow the steps in the previous section to connect your MacBook to an external
5 Wait a few seconds and then press any key on the external keyboard to wake the

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    Yes, via Target Display Mode.
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    Hi - Try following the steps in the doc at this link.  Once you follow the link, click on:
    Install the Driver Using Windows Update with a USB Connection (Downloadable Driver Not Available) ►
    The printer driver should already be in Win7 (I don't believe it will be any different for the mini laptop). 
    Hope that helps.
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    I am an HP employee.

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    Aluminum, while flexible and lightweight, is a very soft metal. Apple was very careful with engineering the MBP to round the edges and make the shell as damage proof as possible. Still, with a little bit of hand pressure, you can cut into aluminum with an everyday table knife. That should tell you something.

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    The processor can handle HD video editing without any issue, but the problem comes with the GPU, the Intel Iris Pro GPU.
    That GPU is a bit better than the Intel Iris GPU included in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but it is still not good enough for serious video editing. If you make videos as a hobby or it is not an important task for you, the MacBook Pro with the Intel Iris Pro GPU may be enough, because it works with HD vide editing. However, if you need the best performance, you need to go for the most expensive MacBook Pro, that comes with a NVIDIA GPU

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    The iPod shuffle can't directly connect to the Internet or access iTunes Match itself; content put onto a computer through iTunes Match can be synced to it.

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    There may be some 1333MHz RAM that would work in your machine, but it's not what you bought, and the only way to find it would be to keep buying more and more modules until you found one that worked.  It is always safest to buy RAM with the right specs for your machine from a known-reliable, Mac-savvy vendor that offers a lifetime warranty and no "restocking fee" if you get a module that seems to be bad or go bad.
    RAM that is faster than spec will often clock itself down, not to the speed of the slowest module installed, but to the speed the machine's architecture is designed to use. But it doesn't always work — not even when it appears at first to work. And there's never any benefit to installing faster-than-spec RAM, because it never speeds up the machine's operation at all.

  • Advice about using the laptop with closed lid while connected to external display

    Hello all HP forum members!
    I have an ENVY 17 with Win8.1 64bit, a great laptop, but I need an advice about using it while connected via HDMI cable to an external display (TV).
    When I play heavy 3D games, the computer produces more heat than usual (of course this is normal), but doing so with closed lid, could this harm the  display in some way, as a result of the heat?

    Hi @VVel ,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP ENVY 17 Notebook and issue with keeping the Notebook on while closing the lid. Here is a document on changing the Power option.
    Control Panel - Power Options - upper left - Choose what closing the lid does.
    Change Plan Settings and also check Advanced Settings. Make sure you do this for both battery and power.
    Hope this helps.
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    Who? ITS VERY important when doing a restore, in fact you DO NOT want to do a wifi restore
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    Its called a Gigabit Ethernet adapter for a reason.
    "who the heck" is anyone working with their Macbook Air at home and want a MUCH FASTER download / internet connection.
    *Stockbrokers who pack their Macbook Air, arrive at work and plug that "hardwired" dongle to their Air........  because even seconds in the stock market can make the difference between losing a million $$, or making a million $$
    So now you know WHY,.....before you didnt.

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    While it is true that mice or other pointing device like track pads are not supported on the iPad since there is no real pointer, I use a stylus pen. I know it would probably tip over the iPad if you are standing it up, but it's the closest I've seen. I use the Wacom Bamboo stylus and a Zagg keyboard and the case for the iPad and keyboard. I use the stylus a lot on the Paper app to take notes in meetings and such. Not really a solution but if you are trying to move an insertion point in a document, it does work.

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    I use the Jot Script stylus with Good Notes on a daily basis, and I'm realy satisfied. I recently did some videos to show how this works for me, you could check it out, and I hope it'll help you find the perfect stylus and app!

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    If you have "Find My Mac" enabled in the iCloud settings:

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