Can we capture HTTP response for async message without BPM?

We are in the process of migrating an XI 2.0 scenario to XI 3.0.
The scenario is as follows in XI 2.0 - SAP sends an IDoc to XI which is mapped to an HTTP request and sent to an endpoint.  The HTTP response is captured and shown in SXMB_MONI.
When we migrate this scenario to XI 3.0, we do not see the HTTP response in MONI.  It looks like since the incoming message (IDoc) is triggering an asynchronous message flow, the HTTP receiver is ignoring the HTTP response payload if it sees a 200 OK status code.  Ideally, we would like for the HTTP response to be captured in MONI just as in XI 2.0.
Is there a way to capture the HTTP response without using a BPM to make the HTTP synchronous call?  It appears that there is nothing in the HTTP receiver communication channel that we can change (to change it from asynchronous to synchronous).
Thanks for your help,
Jay Malla
SAP XI Consultant
Licensed To Code

It looks like the problem I am having might be due to a bug in SP15.  It looks like i should see the HTTP response in MONI by default.  Some other people had this problem with SP 15.  Here is the posting:
Re: SXMB_MONI does not show payload after upgrade to SP15

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    I am working on a SYNC/ASYNC scenario with JMS adapter without using BPM. My scenario is SOAP<>PI>JMS. I configured the interface as below:
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    2. JMS Receiver Channel writing to Queue A.
         Module used:      a. RequestOneWayBean
                   b. WaitResponseBean
         Correlation Settings:
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                   c. Set JMS Property to "JMS Correlation Id"
                   d. Value = "XI MEssage ID"
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                   b. Set XI Conversation ID to "Stored JMS COrrelationID of Request"
    I can see the cid in the message from queue A. But I observed thhat the header format of the message in Queue A is "MQSTR".
    1. While writing the message to queue A, below adapter log details(part b) concerned me:
         a. Message '8747a7c2-2b06-11df-8055-005056a70ed6' successfully processed by channel
         b. Could not create acknowledgements for message '8747a7c2-2b06-11df-8055-005056a70ed6'
    I am not sure why I am receiving the message that "  could not create acknowledgements"
    2. While reading the message from the sender channel,I consistently get the error message as below:
         a. XI message ID corresponding to JMS message with ID 'ID:414d51205341504449442e514d202020c67b954b20005602'
              will be created as a new GUID with value '21bca916-424f-41f6-3347-c71090392b58'
         b. Error while processing message '21bca916-424f-41f6-3347-c71090392b58';  detailed error description:
     found no correlation ID: RecoverableException:
              found no correlation ID at ...
    Below are the blogs which I have already gone through:
    1. JMS Synchronous Scenario without BPM - Correlation Settings and Transactional JMS Session
    2. Note: 1086303
    3. Sync / Async Bridge without BPM
    In the note, they mentioned something about header being "MQRFH2". BUt in our case, the header is "MSSTR". Not sure whether it makes any difference.
    Please help.
    Edited by: GP on Mar 9, 2010 4:24 AM

    detailed error description: found no correlation ID: RecoverableException:
    found no correlation ID at ...
    This error would generally arose when there are multiple messages, got stuck in the outbound queue. Try to stop both the sender and receiver JMS comunication channels and clear both the inbound and outbound queues.
    Once all the messages in the queue are cleraed, try posting the message again.

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    Is it possible to read multiple files (each with single row) as one message without BPM by some configuration in channel?
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    input files placed simultaneously in input folder:
    file1: a,b,c
    file2: f,g,h
    file3: k,l,m
    after adapter picks files, xml message:

    Yes Bond. You can read the pattern what you have given.
    First Read the whole line in the file as one record. Now take the substring or write udf in mapping. This entirely depends upon your requirement.

  • Capturing HTTP Response  Async RFC - XI - HTTP

    Hello All,
    Can somebody please explain how to capture the HTTP response. My scenario is
    Async RFC --> XI --> HTTP. Its an external HTTP url and the HTTP response is in XML format.
    Do I have to use a BPM for this? Without using BPM I'm able to see the HTTP return codes in MONI...but unable to see the HTTP response.

    Thanks Aamir for the quick reply. We dont have to send back the response to the calling posting RFC. This is just to get a confirmation back saying message was processed. Writing the response to a file would be a good idea. So in that case how would the BPM look like? This would be a Async-Sync bridge case right?
    Barring error handling for now..will the basic BPM be something like
    Reciever  --> MessageTransformation (This interface mapping would be from ZRFC_Abstract_Async_MI to HTTPPostMessage_MI ) --> Sync Send step --> Stop.

  • Configure plain http adapter for receiving message from an external system

    we use Pi/700.
    Now I have an external system and I have to use HTTP (plain) to send messages to XI (via plain http adapter).
    I have no experiences with HTTP!
    In the external system I can only configure "URL, Username, Password" for sending messages - that's all!
    What do I have to configure in XI (communication channel, abap-stack, java-stack,...)?
    I don't know the URL of my XI-system. Is there an transaction code to get this information?
    Why do I need a Username/Pasword?
    For testing I can use a "http-post test tool" I found here in this forum.
    Thank you all for any help!

    Hi Hummel,
    In Exteranl System u have to use these values
    name="myhost"      value="xiserver"
    name="myport"      value="8000"
    name="mysystem"    value="XY_BSservice"
    name="myinterface" value="Order_out"
    name="mynamespace" value="urn:xi:hcl:powebapp"
    name="myqos"       value="BE"
    name="myclient"    value="300"
    name="myuser"      value="XYZCLNT"
    name="mypass"      value="xiuser"
    Here My system is the Business service created in Integration directory of XI, Interface is the one created in Integration Repository (This is Outbaound from external sys to XI)
    In XI U have to create
    Data Types : 1) Source Structure data type(from extenal sys)
                 2) Target structure (where u want to send from XI)
    Message Types : 2 with above DT's
    Message Interface: 1) Outbound, Async (Order_out)
                       2) Inbound , Async (for the target sys)
    Then Message mapping and Interface mapping as usual..
    And in ID u have to create 2 services one is XY_BSservice for sending system and the other is for receiving system...
    For sending system no communication channel required...
    Hope u will get idea from the above..
    Need any further u r welcome..

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