Can we have Manual Form and Tabular form in the same page..

Is it possible to create a form manually with Save/Apply Change button and another Tabular form using wizard on the same page such that -
if we click the save button on the manulaly created form , it should save the data present in manual form as well as Tabular form...
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Hi Dan,
My table structure is :
process_id ( number primary key )
process_owner ( number which represent the user who is responsible for the process)
category_id ( number )
focus_area ( number )
frequency ( number )
process_description ( varchar2 )
Process Region
process_id ( number )
region_id ( number )
id (number primary key)
process_id ( number)
web_address ( varcahr2 )
Above is the struct of part of my DB.
At present my manual form does the following :-
When users click on SAVE button , it run PAGE PROCESS , ADD_PROCESS
I have following logic to insert into process table
Select seq.next_val into temp_variable from dual; - This is the process_id
insert into process values ( temp_variable , :p2_process_owner , :p2_cateogory , .... )
to insert into region i used the following logic ( Region is displyed as check box :p2_region north=1 , south=2 ,east = 3 and west = 4)
    FOR z IN 1..l_vc_arr2.count LOOP
       ( temp_variable ,
END;Now as I told, I want to have three text field where user will enter web_address and it should be added to process_website table
Thanks a ton for all your help
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    Unless,  as Michael noted, you use VM software to run a different OS on the same  partition, impossible is the word you're looking for. Not safe.
    He asked if you can or not. not safety advice. It's a simple yes or no. and yes you can. For all I am concerned, the man is an evil genius building an IT bomb before his final day after an untimely layoff. It's a yes or no question man. Did not ask your opinion on the highly unlikely event that he is able to go through the initial system checks and failsafes, and installation, and then the cosmic chance of success.  If you notice, the only thing I stressed was to get your backups. After that, go nuts.  It's how you learn.
    Trigger a dependency issue that the OS tries to correct and it snowballs into a mess.
    Is that supposed to mean something? Anything?
    Are you by chance one of the apple-sticker-prius jockeys who deliberately close the door on me in the far left lane because you feel that every situation has a moral right and a wrong, and you're left to opine?  Except what's happening is I'm on my Yamaha and a you're technically attempting murder? I"m used to this guy.
             ALright say your mac OS =64 bit, but the hardware inside is 64 and 32. Off the top of my head- the Intel GMA chipsets are still running 32 bit drivers regardless of OS. Install 64bit on that machine and I think you're going to have issues with faulty driver dependencies where GMA spots a newer driver on the old 32bit partition vs. install disc. Youcan't fix this. By the time you start seeing errors, the OS has already tried fixing the dependencies by following down the 32 bit trail and dumping its own core. Try it if you don't believe me.
    you want to fill the disk with zeros.
    kadaggett (or anyone for that matter), do not follow this advice. It won't make a spit of difference how fast your  Mac will operate. The only purposes for a zero erase is to either try to  map out bad blocks that have developed (in which case, you should  replace the drive), or you're making it much more difficult for anyone  to recover deleted data.
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    I find and fix bad blocks and realize 90% of them weren't bad. I don't know maybe the ghosts are back. But maybe it was static shock that temporarily crippled a few blocks. Can't know until touch it with a 0. And there is nothing wrong with 0s.  This is not 1987 and you are not going to hurt your What?  Don't order people to follow this or that advice - are you like the hall monitor around here?  WHy do you tell people what follow? Why do you assume they are here to follow? Do you feel like you just led people to the right path? You feelin good? Because I think we both look like ********.

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    Yes. On my iPhone I currently have my Exchange account via ActiveSync, as well as my MobileMe account. In addition to email, I can also see my MobileMe Home and Work calendars, along with my various Exchange calendar folders, either separately or merged (with color-coded dot to let me know which one came from which account).

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    Hi there TD.... Apple have sorted out my log in so now I have my old original account dating back to 2004.
    Eowyn2k has thousands of RAW that he does not want to have to go back and upgrade all libraries in Aperture.
    Obviously if he were using iPhoto and creating books from there then templates do change, however, as we both know, there are many third party apps such as iPhoto Manager that do great things that the basic iPhoto does not do. So has a third party developer created a conversion tool so templated images / photo books can be converted with no errors ? However this thread is about Aperture. I merely gave an example about a massive upgrade re CS that is dealing with actual files and not using templates  / books created by Apple which so change from version to version. I know a keen amateur who upgraded to iP 11 and found it could not do half of what they wanted it to that they downgraded to a previous version. They are now an AP junkie.
    Apparently this is progress in iP.. LOL.
    So it would not surprise me if an individual developer would create an app that would assist an individual in working with opening an AP2 library in AP6 and also keep all effects in place even though it would surprise me if Apple recode the way the burn tool effects an individual image ( for example ) when it is working fine just now. It may be improved but not changed so much that an image would look different if opened in AP6 when created in AP2.
    The RAW engine is being improved with new Camera models being released, we all know that. New codecs are being created and old are even improved. The RAW engine will be able to open RAW images, period, no matter how old they are. However once the images have been imported into Aperture and the RAW engine has pulled these into AP then AP is dealing with data so does it matter if the RAW engine has been updated for these older images currently in the lib ? Probably not.
    That would be like saying that an image created in Photoshop before Creative Suite was created would openly differently in CS5.
    My point was about upgrading libraries that have been archived to DVD or another back up solution.
    Nobody would want to upgrade all their archived material.. I would not and seems like Eowyn2k does not want to anyway. Eventually, there will come a time where he will have to upgrade those libraries if he wants to use them making changes and so forth in time to come.
    If they are not burnt / archived to DVD and are only on Hard Drives then it is best to upgrade them. I upgraded all my libs from AP2 to AP3 as they were resident on HD's... BUT any libs on DVD and not on HD's are still AP2. If I ever need them again then they will be upgraded as I do not run AP2 anymore... why waste time upgrading libs that are not going to be used again.
    I assume when you say iPhoto 9, you do actually mean version 9 which Apple have called iPhoto '11, just checking.
    and Eowyn2k.... what's your wedding photo website ?
    cheers / J

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    PowerPC G4 Dual1.42 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   2 GB DDR SDRAM

    Yes, there are several posts here about how to do this. Very quickly . .
    If you have already install v6, you will have to remove it.
    Then, install v5 and rename the app, so v6 will not write over it.
    Now reinstall v6.
    Check other posts for how to uninstall.

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    It should be possible for HTML DB to "see" that the table "<sourceschema>.b" already has a primary key.
    bw - Christian

    In the create application wizard, when creating form or tabular form pages, you can only use tables with primary keys, and not views, because that wizard is automatically deriving the primary key from the table definition. If you want to build forms on views or tables without a primary key, you need to use one of the create form wizards while working on an existing application. Those wizards allow you to pick your own column as a primary key column.

  • Running Forms and Oracle 9i on the same PC

    Some time ago I installed Oracle 8 and Forms and Reports 6i on the same PC (Windows 2000). I did specify a different ORA home for the Forms product to the database product. I believe this means that your registry is set to access one, probably your database, and not the other. My instructor on the Forms course I had attended, said the old 2.5 version of Forms and personal editions of Oracle would work together on the same PC, but Oracle have prevented this being possible in later releases, by having this ORA home issue. I failed to find a work round and no-one replied to my quey on the issue.
    Do the latest dowloads, Oracle 9i, etc. allow you to run both the database and Forms on the same PC and if so are there any tips for me in installing them so it will actually work?
    Many thanks,

    Hi there,
    installing 6i for 8i on the same box is not a problem. I find it better, on a personal pc to have them in different homes.
    - create a folder called 'Oracle6i'
    - when prompted for the install home - point to this new directory
    once the installation is complete you will need to copy the tnsnames.ora file from the oracle database home and paste it into the corresponding directory of the oracle6i installation.

  • If you registrate one Apple ID for each iPhone/iPad, you'll get 5GB on iCloud for each Apple ID, right? I have two iPhones and one iPad  with the same Apple ID, why can't I get 5 GB fo each of them?

    If you registrate one Apple ID for each iPhone/iPad, you'll get 5GB on iCloud for each Apple ID, right? I have two iPhones and one iPad  with the same Apple ID, why can't I get 5 GB fo each of them?

    Actually, everyone missed one point, when a device is priced, the cost of icloud storage space for that device is also included in it that is why they are able to give you 5gb each for each user ID, in nutshell there is nothing free coming with apple device purchase, it is paid for.  What they are trying by giving only 5gb per user ID irrespective of the number of devices used is pure broadlight looting, they take money from you when you buy each device and give you nothing, This is a case of goods and services bought but not fully deliverd ie apple can be suied for discreminatory treatment towards it's users. I wonder why no one tried this yet in America where everyone sue everyone for petty things..... there is no one to take up this issue? . if tim got any love for the guys who shell out money for the devices his company makes, he should be implimenting this as priority before someone wake up from sleep and sue him.

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    if i have multiple iPhones and Mac Mini sharing the same Apple ID, can I use Facetime between the devices?

    Yes, but if you want these devices to have complete capability of calling each other they each must have their own separate, individual e mail address.  If they don't have individual e mail addresses, the i phones will be able to call each other because you'll be using their  individual phone numbers -- the Mac mini will be able to call the i phones, but, the iphones will not be able to call the Mac mini.  This is because the iphones will be using the mini's e- mail address to make the call, and if they have the same e mail address, they will think they are calling themselves, so the call will not connect.
    So, the way I see it is,  if you keep all of the email addresses the same, the only thing you'll loose is the ability of the iphones to call the mini.
    EDIT:  Thinking about it, my first sentence needs to be modified.  Your iphones can share an email address but it must be different from the Mac mini address.
    This isn't rocket science, but it can make your head spin. LOL

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