Can you adjust preset title effects on Final Cut Pro X

Im trying to play with the anchor points on a preset title effect called DRAMATICA.  The lettes LEAVE too quickly and don´t allow enough time to be read.
Can that be done? Is it possible to adjust the titles setting?  Can the anchor point be adjusted for duration?

If you mean changing the relative duration of the various phases of the title, you'd have to open a copy in Motion; but be warned that, at least for an inexperienced user of Motion like myself, it seems to be a quite sophisticated title. There are complex behaviors involved, so it is not like some where you'd just publish another parameter and be done with it.

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  • How can I publish the "levels" effect to final cut pro x?

    I'm trying to publish all of the color correction plugins from motion into final cut pro x, the "levels" effect in particular. I have read the instructions in the manual and published all the parameters and then saved it to send it over to final cut pro x but the problem that I'm having is when I open it up in final cut pro x all the parameters are there except for the histogram and its controls, what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it? Thanks.

    The short answer is you can't publish the levels graphic UI (you can, but it doesn't work in FCPX - all you get is the collection of the individual slider controls.)
    You can create a shape with a gradient fill. Set a middle color tab and a second opacity tab. You can use Link parameter behaviors from the color/opacity tabs to the the filter > Levels parameter controls. Use the color tabs for Black In, Gamma and White In. Use the Opacity tabs for Black Out and White Out.
    You can publish the shape's gradient.
    The problem is, to publish this UI, you're publishing an actual gradient and people will be able to make alterations to the gradient (it won't change how it operates the levels controls.) The other problem with it is that it is possible for users to accidentally pull off or add new tabs which will immediately break the effect (and immediate "undo" should repair it though). Then, figuring out how to manipulate the Gamma control is going to be a trick (I haven't figured out yet.) The values go from 5 (all the way left) to 0 (all the way right - with 1 the 50% mark) for the Gamma control itself, but the UI controller (the middle tab on the gradient) moves the control in the opposite direction and the values are logarithmic in scale. You can use the mid-tab control on the gradient linked to the gamma parameter value, but it won't behave the same way as you would expect a genuine levels control to behave (left to right goes from black to white when the expectation would be the opposite.)
    A gradient with links into the filter is about the only way to go if you want it give it a shot.

  • How can you fix corrupt Project Files in Final Cut Pro X?

    Hello All,
    I have reason to believe that one of my project files in Final Cut Pro X is corrupt.
    How may I begin to resolve this issue?  Is there a third party software someone could recommend, like Digital Rebellion (if they have software for FCP X, I'm not sure) that may improve, if not hopefully solve this issue?
    Many thanks!!

    Had a similar problem.
    Follow it here:
    among other steps taken I used Corrupt Clip Finder to isolate/remove the culprit and all was OK after that
    no idea how/why the file ( which I''d been using over 5 previous versions) became corrupted

  • Can't edit title text in Final Cut Pro X

    Okay I'm seriously about ready to pull my hair out. Every time I go to edit text, FCPX crashes. Now I have to close the inspector before editing text for it to not crash...and that works sometimes. But now I have a new problem. After exporting my movie, I noticed I needed to make some adjustments to titles... Tried double clicking the text in the doesn't even let me edit it anymore! Really? Why would you even release this Apple? Final Cut Pro X is clearly not finished. What a joke.

    It seems I have nearly the same problem. The simple fact of selecting the title in the project or in the project library crashes FinalCut Pro.
    I thought it was caused by the accended frensh characters, like for an imported iMovie Project, but this is not the case. Even without accended characters, the crash is systematic.
    Thanks a lot for the idea of closing the inspector! Now I can work with titles (sometimes at all) without crashing
    The good news is: I can edit the title, even when re-opening the project later, if I:
    1. Select the title element with the inspector closed
    2. Open the inspector
    3. Modify some parameters like the colors of the titles.
    - The first time I did it, the inspector opened, empty, on the left side of the screen !?!
    - It works even in the precedent little project wich I encountered the bug
    - I can edit too in the viewer.
    My config:
    MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Mémoire  4 Go 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Graphisme  NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
    Logiciel  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (11B26)

  • Where can I find a good, free effect for Final Cut Pro of electrocution?

    Where can I find a good, free effect for Final Cut Pro of electrocution?  I'm using it for a taser sequence.

    Open Motion, look for lightningin the generators. From there, it's a question of figuring out how it works and what you need to do to make it work for your sequence. That's about as free as it gets and it will ony be as good--even if someone else did the work for you--as the amount of time you're willing to invest.

  • How can you create a swish pan in Final Cut X?

    How can you create a swish pan in Final Cut X?

    Andy's -
      How's that for service?

  • How do I turn on the GUI controls for the Focus Blur Effect in Final Cut Pro X

    I can't find the setting that enables the GUI control overlay to manipulate the parameters of the Focus blur effect in Final Cut Pro X. When I have the clip and the focus effect selected I only get a center element overlay. At one point I had controls for all the other elements of this effect.
    anyone know a shortcut or how I can toggle these controls back on?

    I don't see any other screen controls either.
    Maybe there was a change sometime, or maybe you were using a different effect?

  • Is there an easier way to work with adobe after effects and final cut pro x

    I use adobe after effects and I am thinking about deleting motion and compressor ( I can always install again). If you have a good reason to keep those apps let me know because I don't want to be hasty. If I delete them and stick with after effects and final cut pro...  Is there a secret to easy working between FCPX and adobe after effects?

    You'll go from FCP X to and from Motion a lot easier than AE.  Motion does pretty much anything AE does, most of the time faster and easier.  Without Motion, you can't do custom templates.  You can't customize the encoding of files without Compressor.  Why would you want to remove them from your system?  Leave them, use AE if you want along side of them.  But I'd learn Motion first.  Cause AE doesn't read FCPXML, so going back and forth between them is a PITA.
    And until Apple releases the round trip between FCP X and Motion fully, we have this gem:

  • How do i create a spotlight effect in final cut pro x

    How do i create a spolight effect in final cut pro x any help would be greatly recieved!!
    all i can find is tutorials for how to do the effect in the older version of final cut
    Many thanks!

    In the Timeline position your Playhead at the starting position.
    In the Viewport position the Shape Mask at the starting position.
    In the Inspector click the Add Keyframe button.
    Press Control-V to open the Animation Editor to see your keyframes.
    Move the Playhead and the Shape Mask to a new position.
    In the Inspector click the Add Keyframe button.
    Continue adding keyframes until you have defined the Shape Mask’s movement.

  • After effects vs final cut pro?

    Is comparing adobe after effects to final cut pro, a fair comparison? What I mean is, looking around on youtube, I see better... effets on projects made with projects on after effects. now, I love FCP for editing, does adobe give a better program thats can do effects. I am looking to make my videos look more profesional, and I notice after effects has effects built into its system to do effects.
    After looking at this vidoe, im sold, final cut pro can not do this that quick.

    David Bogie Chq-1 wrote:
    I am looking to make my videos look more profesion< </div>
    Effects do NOT make your videos more professional. Professionalism is the only thing that can make your videos appear to have been produced, written, shot, and edited by a professional. Even faking professional video requires elevated professionalism.
    Hey! Just wait one second! That's is NOT what is promised by Apple and whoever makes those promises! All I have to do is buy the computer and the software and I'm a "professional!"
    But I truly and strongly encourage you to go ahead and purchase After Effects based solely on the Video Copilot tutorials. Know in advance that AE is about ten times as complex as FCP ever will be and you will want to post extensively in the Beginner's AE Forum on the cow.
    I would also suggest extensive posting in the FCP Beginners forum on the Cow for the OP.

  • I m havind 15inch 2011 late macbook pro lap i7 processor 8gb ram 1tb hdd can i use avid media composer and final cut pro in this specifications?

    i m havind 15inch 2011 late macbook pro lap i7 processor 8gb ram 1tb hdd can i use avid media composer and final cut pro in this specifications?

    Can't speak about avid, since I am not familiar with the software.
    You can certainly use FCP X on that machine. It should work better if you use a fast external drive for your media and projects.
    There is a free trial, so try it out and see how it goes. You should also follow some good video tutorials, if you are not familiar with the application. FCP X is a lot different from Avid, Premiere or even Final Cut Pro 7.

  • Can I migrate an iMovie project to final cut pro and keep the edits intact?

    can I migrate an iMovie project to final cut pro and keep the edits intact? It may be a solution to my apparently corrupted iMovie

    The manual tells ..
    keep in mind: just the 'plain cuts', not the eye-candy iMovie offers, wil be transfered.
    unfortunately it says ...:
    You initiate the process from within iMovie. The project file and the media used in the project are copied to your Final Cut Pro library.
    For more information, see iMovie Help.
    so, if your iM doesn't work anymore, you can not transfer.
    plus, my personal opinion!, I would start from scratch in FCPx...
    What issues in iM do you expect FCPX to solve,...?

  • Can i set a default transition for final cut pro x

    Can I set a default transition for Final Cut Pro X? I'm doing a multicamera edit and would like all edit points to have a cross dissolve transisiton. Can I make this happen by default?

    Cross dissolve is the default transition. It's applied with Cmd-T.

  • I have a Sony HVR-V1P, can i successfully capture and edit with Final Cut Pro X

      I have a Sony HVR-V1P, can i successfully capture and edit with Final Cut Pro X

    My HVR-A1U was able to capture just fine.  The only issue I had is that it has mroe frequently than FCP 7 ever did find Timecode breaks and split my clip apart.  I never had breaks before, so while it is possible I had them on this latest tape, I think X is just more picky.  I mean heck, it found three in a one minute timeframe.  My A1U worked with X without me needing to adjsut any settings form how I had it setup for 7.

  • I just purchased Final Cut Pro X i accidentally pressed paused when it was downloading and now I can't find it, i just purchased Final Cut Pro X i accidentally pressed paused when it was downloading and now I can't find it

    Ii just purchased Final Cut Pro X i accidentally pressed paused when it was downloading and now I can't find it, i just purchased Final Cut Pro X i accidentally pressed paused when it was downloading and now I can't find it

    You should see it in your Purchases page of the App Store.

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