Can you connect 2 ipods to the same computer?

my sister and i live together and share a computer (we're in college). i own a ipod mini and my sister just bought a fifth-gen ipod. is it possible for us to use the same computer and itunes and still have completely different music libraries (like it won't try and put her music on my ipod)? if so how?
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yes you can
see the following:

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  • Can You Run 2 ipods off the same computer?

    I have recently upgraded to a 60GB Colour Ipod, but still want to use my ipod mini for training with. Am I able to use both my mini and my colour ipod on the same computer with the same i-tunes?

    Are you trying to connect both at the same time? Just connect the mini without it's big brother connected.
    Otherwise, you might need an iPod software update.

  • Can you have 2 IPods on the same computer

    I have an IPod and was going to buy one as a gift for my friend but we share one computer, so I was wondering if there was a way to have 2 Ipods on the same computer, possibly even using the same software because we share mine right now. Before I purchase I need to know.

  • Can you connect 2 iPods at the SAME TIME to iTunes?

    I have a HUGE music library and I have 2 60 Gb iPods. I manage them manually. I'd like to connect them BOTH, AT THE SAME TIME , to make it easier to make sure they have totally different songs on each of them, and remembering is out of the question :-}. I would have to connect them both simultaneously, and be able to drag songs to either of them. Can this be done without problems?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    From what I have heard, it is possible to do so. I have never tried to do that, though, so I have no experience on this.

  • How can I connect two ipods on the same computer ?

    My girlfriend has just bought a ipod nano. I have already a "classic" ipod. Do you know how can I connect the two Ipod on the sasme computer without loosing all my songs ? Is ti possible to select songs that she will transfer ?
    Thanks for your answer

    I am trying to contact a Nano to the same computer that has a Shuffle and Mini on it but it just doesn't want to update. I have been sitting fr about 3 hours now trying to make it work and cannot get anywhere. Can ANYONE help?
    Do Apple not have an online help service? It seems a little strange for a company so large.

  • Can you connect two iPods to the same iTunes library?

    This might sound dumb but I honestly have no idea - I want to purchase a second iPod but don't know if I can run them both from the same iTunes library? The new one I want is a shuffle so a much small capacity then my other iPod. Help.

    amethyst.rose wrote:
    I want to purchase a second iPod but don't know if I can run them both from the same iTunes library?
    you can use a virtually unlimited number of mobile devices with a single iTunes library. in fact, Apple wants you to buy as many of them as possible
    [_*How to use multiple iPods with one computer*_|]

  • Can I connect 2 iPods to the same computer? How does this work?

    I have an iPod mini connected to iTunes. I just bought a Nano and I want to create a new library/playlist for it. When I plug it up it begins copying all of my files from my mini onto my nano. How do I separate the two? I need to have this accomplished before Xmas Eve. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    iMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
    iMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    with your ipod plugged in to the computer, go to itunes, preferences and then the ipod tab then under the music tab, select manually manage songs and playlists......
    that way you can plug it into any computer, and it wont automatically wipe everything....
    and you can put music on from any computer..
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  • Can you identify multiple Ipods to the same computer???

    My son's computer has "died" and I want to allow him to use Itunes on my laptop....My ipod is already in use on my laptop and has a library etc..... Can he also use Itunes with his IPod???

    This document might be of some help with that:
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer

  • If you already have an iPod..Can you use an iPhone on the same computer?

    If you already have an iPod, can you use an iPhone on the same computer?

    Yes, you can sync as many iOS devices on one itunes as you like.
    Make sure to give them different names.

  • How many times can you clean install leopard on the same computer?

    How many times can you clean install leopard on the same computer? Will the leopard dvd run out of installations and not let you install anymore?

    Hi colman Prez;
    Now that the funny comments have been made, I have a serious question and that why are you worry about reinstalling Leopard with an Erase & Install which is what I take that you mean when you say clean install. In actually fact there is no such thing in OS X as a clean install.
    I am curious because in all the years I have used OS X, I have yet to do an Erase & Install yet.
    I know with Windows that they suggest reformatting and reinstalling at the drop of a hat but that isn't true with OS X.

  • Can you have two iPods on the same account

    I have an Itouch and an old classic that I want to load different music on.  Can I have two ipods on the same account?  Thanks

    I have a iMac, MB Pro, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPod 4th all on the same iTunes account. Is that what you mean?

  • Can you have 2 ipods on the same accounts with different play list?

    Can I have 2 ipods on the same accounts with different plalists?

    Sure.  Each iPod is identified in iTunes with its own name and you configure each one as you wish:

  • Connecting two iPods to the same computer

    I currently have the shuffle. I want to get the 80 gig iPod and put all of my music on it. Can I use both pods on the same computer? I use the shuffle almost daily when I run, so I will still need to use it. Thanks.

    Yes you can use two or more iPods on the same computer.
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer

  • Can you sync two iphones to the same computer but with different itunes account

    i have got an iphone 4 and my brother would like to get one but we are unsure whether we can both sync our phones on the same computer, within him ended up with all my music and photos. is there a simple way round this?

    check out method one from this support article -> How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Can you have 2 iPods on the same iTunes?

    I currently own a 30GB iPod and we purchased an iPod nano for our son for his birthday. We are not sure if we can run both iPods through the same iTunes, or do they need to be on seperate computers?
    Please help...I cannot find any info about this.
    Thank you.
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    Sony Vaio PCG-K13   Windows XP  

    There are actually a number of methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer. Method one is to have two Mac or Windows user accounts which by definition would give you two completely separate libraries. Method two is to set your preferences so each iPod is updated with only certain playlists within one library: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer
    If you choose the update option "automatically update selected playlists only" you can create a playlist specifically for each iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used by the other iPod. Make your playlist a Smart playlist and limit the size to just below the advertised capacity of your iPod (For example if using a Mini or Nano that's around 3700MB for a 4G). You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or of course you could set one or both iPods to "manually manage songs and playlists" and drag whatever you like to them.
    For info:
    The iPod offers three ways to transfer music from your computer. You can select one of the following update modes from the iPod Preferences menu in iTunes (Edit=>Preferences=>'iPod' tab):
    1) Automatically update all songs and playlists. This is the default mode, in which your entire music library, including playlists, is automatically synced to your iPod. If the music library on your computer exceeds the iPod storage capacity, you are prompted to select a different update method.
    2) Automatically update selected playlists only. With this option, iTunes automatically copies the playlists you have selected to the iPod when you connect it to the computer.
    3) Manually manage songs and playlists. You can also choose to transfer music to the iPod manually. This allows you to drag and drop individual songs and playlists from iTunes to the iPod.

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