Can you update apps when connected to itunes on laptop?

can you update apps when connected to itunes on laptop?

Yes. You can download the updates to the apps in iTunes and then sync them to the iPad while the iPad is connected to your computer. I did that last night because I had so many large app updates to do - apps that were 250MB up to 650MB in size - and it just made more sense to me to do it that way.

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  • Can't update apps - 'cannot connect to itunes store'

    This is what I've been getting all weekend on my iPhone 4 (4.1).
    My Mac's iTunes also has been unable to deliver updates (OSX 10.6.4; iTunes 10.0.1); I can purchase and download iTunes music/videos just fine; but the check for app updates just spins for a bit and returns nothing.
    *But my iPad can see and download it's app updates just fine!*
    Any hints/suggestions? I've rebooted and logged in/out of my store account but that doesn't seem to fix it. Everything was working fine until this weekend....

    This is happening to me too, I'm in the UK - (are you in the US?), and when I try to update my apps via the 'app store' on my iPhone itself I get the message 'cannot connect to iTunes store', and when I go into (the latest version of) iTunes, and click 'check for updates' the blue/white striped bar goes across for about one second then just stops, without the message telling me that there are updates, or that there are no updates available.
    I really hope that Apple sorts this out soon, or at least acknowledges that there is a problem, when companies don't tell their customers what is really going on it causes all kinds of rumour and conjecture that could be worse than just telling it to us straight.

  • Can you download apps without going thru itunes store?

    can you download apps without going thru itunes store?

    iTunes on a computer and then a sync, or the App Store app on the device are the only ways of installing apps on iOS devices.

  • HT2731 How can I update apps when the screen just goes blank?

    How can I update apps on my iPad my screen is just blank. My phone updates fine.

    There are a number of other threads from people reporting a problem with a blank Updates tab in the App Store app on their iPads - it looks like there is a problem at Apple's end which they need to fix.
    Some posts are suggesting that you if you go into the Purchased tab in the App Store app you might be able to update the apps from there, though you will need to scroll through the list (potentially going through the A to Z list on the left-hand side of the screen, and similarly tapping the 'iPad Apps' button at the top left of the screen and selecting 'iPhone Apps') to find those with updates and individually update them.

  • Can not update apps on iPhone or iTunes

    I updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.3.3 yesterday and I now can't update any apps via my phone or iTunes.
    On my phone I get the error "Cannot connect to iTunes Store"
    On iTunes I get "We're sorry, we cannot complete your request on the iTunes Store at this time. Please try again later"
    Any ideas on how I can fix it.......Many Thanks in advance for any help

    Well I finally got the apps updated. How? I deleted them from the iPhone and then in iTunes the app became unchecked. I checked the app and then it was installed on the iPhone. The only problem was that any data associated with those apps was lost. With the games it was just the high scores, but with apps like Splash ID and Fuel Gauge it was all my passwords and a years worth of fuel fill-up data. I tried a restore of all that data using the backup, but what happened there was that when the iPhone restored the back-up it also restored the out dated app as well. Therefore the only thing I could do is re-enter al the data that was lost all over again. At least with Splash ID that was a sync with the desktop application. With Fuel Gauge it's a matter of going back and re-entering everything again. I hope this doesn't happen everytime I need to update a program.

  • Since upgrading my ipad2 to ios6 I can't update apps or download from iTunes

    How come since upgrading my ipad2 To that ios I cannot update my apps or download from iTunes?

    I'm sorry if not because I had the same problem on iPad 3
    But now I enter the music or video app and download from iTunes

  • Can't update apps to iPod using iTunes

    I often use iTunes on my computer to download and update apps on my iPod Touch 4th Generation running iOS 6.1.3 (since I don't have much wifi access).  Once I update the apps on iTunes, I plug in my iPod and click on the little "update" buttons.  Then I click apply, and the sync starts.  After a few seconds, the buttons that now say "will update" change back to "update."  After the sync ends, the apps are not updated, though any new apps will install.  Does anyone know why this is happening?

    Hey, I'm getting the same message! Now I have to click 'ok' en start the sync everytime the error shows. It is so infuriating. The alternative is a firewire cable, but that one is a problem maker too these days; it won't mount my iPod unless I reset it. It's a catch 22. I NEVER had a problem with my G4 black/white iPod...d*mn I miss it!

  • Can't update apps or sign into itunes

    Got this promo em after putting iPad on account. Read all the advice, tried DNS and changing time to late date. Found tha if you delete the apps waiting to be updated from the home page with the hold and wiggle method the apps to be updated will go. After that come out and log in. I had to redo my credit card details butl works ok now. I only had 1 paid for app £0.69 for update before but you will loose your paid for the apps for update that you have deleted. SP6

    I called and just got off the phone with Apple. They say iTunes is currently down and to try again in an hour or so...

  • I can't update facebook or connect to itunes on my iphone 4s while on my home wifi

    When I am at home (wifi) and I go into Facebook or try to update an app, it states "network error" or just won't update.

    either do a reset - hold down the home/power button until you see the apple logo and then release, then wait for the phone to boot back up or power cycle your router.

  • Can you use apps from one computer/iTunes accounts on multiple iPhones?

    Hello All!
    I have been using a 3G since they were released on and syncing it to one computer and one iTunes account. My wife now wants an iPhone as well. I know what Apple's policy is on music and video, but what about app sharing. *If the phone is synced with the same computer and uses the same iTunes account (on the iPhone to login), will she be able to free access to all of the applications I have previously downloaded or will she need to pay for all non-free apps?* I couldn't find an answer in the Apple knowledgebase (except for the iPhone software itself, not the 3rd-party App Store apps).
    I would appreciate a quick answer, as we're thinking of picking one up tomorrow. I'd appreciate the help and thanks in advance Happy holidays!

    Thanks all! I'm glad to have that answered. Apple said they couldn't answer it! Love those tech/sales support people for iTunes!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  • HT201272 Can't update apps or buy songs or apps

    Hi can't update apps or buy from iTunes . I was able to do all of this but can't now can anymore help me plz

    Your credit or debit card credentials must be associated with the same country where you reside.
    "Although you can browse the iTunes Store in any country without being signed in, you can only purchase content from the iTunes Store for your own country. This is enforced via the billing address associated with your credit card or other payment method that you use with the iTunes Store, rather than your actual geographic location."
    From here >  The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store | iLounge Article

  • Syncing app while connected to itunes

    My touch will not allow me to sync my apps nor will it let me check the box to sync my apps when connected to itunes.  The screen is faded and will not let me choose anything! Please help!

    iTunes was restricted so I had to go and make it unrestricted.  That still didn't work until I logged into iTunes through the touch which required me to enter the security code on my credit card. I powered down and back up then connected to iTunes.  This worked!
    Your help was much appreciated!

  • Since software update, can't see contents of iPod when connected to iTunes

    About 2 days ago, when I connected my iPod to my pc (iTunes), it said there were some software updates for my iPod so I downloaded them and the iPod rebooted itself. Once it came back up, my iPod showed up in iTunes under "devices" on the left hand sidebar. I got the registration page - I usually click register later, but nothing happened this time. It didn't bring me into my iPod. So I tried to Register. I could get so far, then it asked if I wanted some free movie or something, I said NO THANKS, CONTINUE, but nothing happened. I wasn't registered AND I couldn't access my iPod. I can see my iPod under My Computer. I can see "sandra's iPod" uder devices in iTunes. BUT, I can't get to the content when connected to iTunes. All of my stuff is there on the iPod. I can play my iPod when it's not connected to iTunes - but I can't see the content, manipulate playlists, delete songs, etc. when connected to iTunes. I am almost positive this is a result of the latest software updates to the iPod. I have not updated iTunes - I didn't want to and compound the problem. I'm not a techy person - so please be gentle! Thank you. Sandra

    Resolved at home.

  • I am having trouble accessing the iTunes store via iTunes.  It shows an error message "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store.  The network connection timed out..." There is nothing wrong with my connection and I also can't update apps in the app st

    I am cannot access the iTunes store via iTunes on my PC and also can not update to 10.6.3.  It keeps telling me that my connection has times out and/or check my settings.  There is nothing wrong with my setting.  I am also having trouble with the app store on my iPhone 4s and can not update apps.
    I have signed out of itunes and now cannot sign in again.

    I feel you pain i'm haveing the same problems here.
    iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. The
    network connection timed out.
    Make sure your network settings are correct and your network
    connection is active, then try again.
    does anyone plz have some insight for us.

  • My iTunes library will not completely sync to neither my iPad nor my iPhone -- both are completely updated with the latest software. What do I have to do?? When I try to do the "autofill" option when connected to iTunes it says "no songs can be copied"

    My iTunes library will not completely sync to neither my iPad nor my iPhone -- both are completely updated with the latest software. What do I have to do?? When I try to do the "autofill" option when connected to iTunes it says "no songs can be copied"...I literally bought some of these songs yesterday on my iPhone and now I can't sync them to my iPad. What is this issue? Usually I would just have to plug either device into iTunes and everything would sync, now nothing new syncs.

    On your iPad tap Settings > Store
    Switch Books off then back on then reset your iPad.
    Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button down at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

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