Can you use Time Capsule on a windows and 2 macs at the same time.

Can you use Time Capsule on a windows and 2 macs at the same time as either a backup for one and a seperate HD drive for two?

From one viewpoint the Time Capsule is just NAS (Networked Attached Storage) and it supports the file sharing protocols necessary for both Windows and Macs.
From the viewpoint of the Macs it can also be used by Time Machine for backups.
As NAS it can be used for storing files, and there are many backup software packages that support NAS on both Windows and Macs.
In addition from a networking point of view it can serve as a router, wireless access point etc.

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    Hi Jerry_L and welocme to Discussions,
    using such USB or Firewire connected external harddrives with two computers at the same time is usually not recommended by the manufacturer.
    Doing so might lead to data-loss and the like.
    Check with the manual of that harddisk to verify.
    Using it with one computer at a time with your partitioning should be doable.

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    OK, but in general I can use this one device as both file storage and Time Machine.
    I thought that (for some reason) once I set up the Time Capsule to act just as Time Machine storage I would be unable to access it as a plain file storage.
    I have just tested it now, and it seems it can work as both - file storage and Time Machine. I can see the Time Machine backup file on it and folders where I can dump regular files.
    The only thing I would need to occasionally do is delete some old backups to keep Time Machine segment below 1 TB just so I have plenty of space for regular files.
    This thing is awesome. :)

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    Yup. That's the way iMessage works. If you are signed into the same profile on both devices, they will share messages.

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    Viveka in Sweden!


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    You can and it should be automatic depending on your refresh rate.  If your phone and iPad refresh every hour, or only on request, then the iPad will not show the change until you refresh the email account.
    Next time you delete emails, try it....Refresh the screen on the iPad.
    This only works if iPad has internet connection.

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    Michael Riordan wrote:
     A user would need 2 licenses of Photoshop to run on their Mac and their PC, even if they had a mac and wanted to run windows on that hardware set, they'd still need separate licenses for the PC side and the Mac side.
    You are confusing hardware and operating systems.
    If you are running the Windows OS on Mac hardware, you are running Windows.
    comtsguy01 wrote:
    ...then when logged on in the Windows mode, I could install my Windows based verison of CS5 with my Windows based serial number and it should work...right?
    Yes. That will work fine.

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    No. Standalone serials are platform specific. You will have to get Creative Cloud or a separate license for your Mac.

  • Using three monitors with screen spanning and mirror at the same time

    I have a mac pro with two graphics cards and I currently have three monitors connected using screen spanning which works fine.
    But I would like to change this so the desktop is spanned over two monitors and the third monitor is a mirror of one of the other two.
    Is this possible?

    Thanks very much, perfect!
    Only thing is you don't need to press the "?" button. But it seems a little temperamental when you option + click + drag. I found you to have to deselect but clicking anywhere in the window and reselected the window you wish to mirror (which I assume press the "?" does the same thing).
    I never thought it was going to be this simple, I was sure I would need to install a third party app or something.
    Thanks again!!!!!!!

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