Cannot open InDesign files on Mac that were saved on PC

I subscribe to Create Suite and have it installed on both my Mac and PC. So, they should both be the most current version, right? All updates are current.
A few (not all) InDesign files that were created/saved on a PC will not open up on my Mac. I get this message:
Cannot open [file name] because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign CC (10.0).
You must use that version or later to open the file. To then enable it to be opened in these version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML.
"Save As InDesign CS4" actually has IDML in parenthesis, so it's all one option. When I bring the file over to my mac, it doesn't open properly (for example all the images are gone).
Could it be possible that there is a newer version of InDesign only for my PC and my Mac can't open those files? Seems ridiculous.

You would have no problem opening a file in version 10.0 if it was saved in 10.1, just as you would have no problem opening any other version dot release file in ay dot release of that version.
The problem here is the PC was updated to CC2014 and the Mac was not.
The OP also mentioned missing pictures when using IDML. IDML removes the previews, but you would need the linked images in any case for output, regardless of whether  you use .indd or IDML to move the file.

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
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  • I cannot open InDesign files after upgrading to CS6.

    Error message is "Cannot open the file *.indd. Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug in that support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application" Can anyone help!

    That message means exactly what it says, more or less. The three possibilities are it isn't an InDesign file at all (we see that here a lot), there is a .idlk lock file in the same folder (delete it), or the file has been damaged (frequently happens with flash drives).
    If you open the file in a plain text editor like NotePad or TextEdit (it will look like gibberish) and paste the first few lines here we may be able to tell you if the file is damaged or not an InDesign file.

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    Don't use Acrobat, use Preview. Preview is already pre-installed on your computer. If you cannot locate it, type Command-Shift (opens Spotlight) and type in Preview and hit return.

  • Opening INDD files in Windows7 that were created on a Mac

    I'm not even really sure if this is a PC - Mac issue but here goes.....
    I am having performance issues, particularly with type, switching between tools and updating links. All of these seemingly simple tasks are inordinately slow. The INDD CS6 docs were created on an iMac with an i7 processor and plenty of RAM (I know because I created the documnets). Now I am having to open these CS6 docs at another location using a Dell with an i7 quad core and 24 gigs of RAM running Windows7.  The issue seems to effect docs that are very graphic heavy. On the other hand other Mac generated docs open and run just fine on this Dell. Both the imac and the pc being used are heavily equipped and shouldn't have any problems.
    One note: all the files in question were sent via a browser based FTP connection.
    Can anyone help or am I doomed to watching the little blue ring in windows7 spin forever?

    Thanks. I knew about the missing font issue. Once those were loaded or replaced performance got a little better. However, I didn't know about the color profile issue. I switched the application to use the working profile rather than the document profile and that seemed to help. These files in particular that I'm having issues with were also transferred via ftp and during the time frame they were transferred there were some strange anomalies when downloading or uploading to the ftp. The files could be slightly damaged but not enough to destroy the file completely.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Can you open/edit indesign files on CS3 that were created using CS5?

    I recently bought indesign CS5 and am using this for my internship; however, my boss is still using CS3 and said she could not open or edit the indesign file i sent her.  I looked under "export" to see if there was an option and did not find anything.  I am using a mac and I believe she is using a P.C., also, when I last sent her the file, I was still using my free trial - does any of this make a difference?  Please help! 

    This has been covered endless times but anyway, I'll do it again!
    You have to export an idml file from CS5, then open that idml in CS4, export an inx file from there then open that in CS3 and save as an indd.  Sorry but there is no way round it, fullstop, end of story etc etc.  So if she is using CS3 and you're using CS5 there is no route between them unless you have CS4, and even then the route is littered with pitfalls!  Look here for a rather long discussion / sometimes rant on the subject.
    Ultimately she'd have to upgrade, or you could see if you could buy a CS3 or 4 version but it is very hard to get a legitimate copy, the only way is buy it off someone you know and most people aren't selling because they're upgrading.
    Best news last, there is a short term fix, go to this guys blog and you can download a trial version of CS4 which will last for a month.

  • Opening .indd files in CS5 that were created in a newer version

    I need to open .indd files in InDesign CS5.  Apparently those files were created in a newer version of InDesign, to which I do NOT have access in order to create legacy (IDML) versions of those files.  What is the "fix" for this issue?

    I'm trying to create my organization's newsletter from .indd files that the previous editor created in a "free trial version" without also saving them as .idml files.  Now that version is expired and I'm not even sure what version it was, though I suspect it may have been CS6.  I was able to open an .idml file from another author that had been created in CS5.5 as I had access to all the links and fonts in the zipped folder.
    So what you are telling me is that these files are useless to me unless I upgrade my InDesign version?  I don't have that kind of a "budget".

  • Cant open InDesign files from mac on pc

    I am trying to open some InDesign files made on a mac on my pc but it does not work.
    I have the latest version of InDesign on my pc computer. 
    We have tried:
    Open the mac files as they are.
    Resave the mac files as old indesign format and open them on PC
    Export from mac to IDML files and open those files on the pc.
    Open the file on my pc as a "copy"
    Nothing works.
    I get the message:
    Either the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application.
    Having a deadline for this project very very soon so really need to fix this. Any ideas out there?

    I dont know what the orginal mac version is for this. And it will take some time to find out.
    Can i see this somewhere? Could this make a difference?
    Use this:
    Yes it makes a difference. First off, my script checks if it's indeed an InDesign file. If it is, it tells what version the file was created with (and recent versions of the script will also helpfully tell you what that means for you, i.e., whether or not you can open it with your version of inDesign).
    Further check: nothing weird in the file name? Don't assume -- delete the original file name and type in something reasonable. There are lots of weird Mac symbols that may have hitched a ride along.
    If that does not work: either post the file somewhere for us to look at (preferred), or open it with a hex editor and show us the first couple of bytes. This so we can verify what it is.

  • Iwork cannot open excel files,what mac software can open Microsoft excel fi

    wHAT mac software can open microsoft excel file, other than microsoft office suite?neoffice is quite slow.why iwork cannot do this?

    wHAT mac software can open microsoft excel file,
    other than microsoft office suite?neoffice is quite
    slow.why iwork cannot do this?
    NeoOffice is slow compared to some programs, but it is the most accurate at opening Excel spreadsheets.
    iWork does not open spreadsheets because it does not have a spreadsheet program. Check back in January to see if Apple add a spreadsheet to iWork '07, and in the meantime let Apple know that you want one.

  • Can't open .inx files in CS3 that were created in CS2

    I am presented with a message..
    'Indesign.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.'
    This happens when I open a .inx file from it's location by double clicking on it and also if I open CS2 and use the file>open route...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Bear in mind that when you open a CS2 .inx with CS3 (assuming that it works), there is no information about the CS2 composition in the file, so CS3 composes everything. Thus, you might well see reflow that you won't see if you just open a CS2 file with CS3.
    On the other hand, if you do open a CS2 .indd with CS3 with the intention of doing further work on it, be prepared for that reflow to suddenly happen the moment you start trying to edit any text.
    This is actually a good argument for going the .inx route in the first place -- all surprises of layout and composition hit you in the face immediately rather than happening hapharzardly as you work with the document.
    You could use the Document Reflow command (Ctrl + Alt + /) after opening the .indd to get the composition changes over with in one swell foop.

  • Cant open Indesign files unless opening through Bridge

    We have just upgraded our PCs to CS5 & cannot open InDesign files unless we open them through Bridge, we have tried open with but this doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions? Illustrator & Photoshop are fine.

    Sounds like an issue where either the folder you opened the last file from conventionally is no longer available or you do not have sufficient permissions to access it. The info on the last used folders/ files is retained by the programs and if something goes astray, that can cause this behavior. In any case, trashing the prefs to get rid of the wrongly stored paths might be enough, so try that. Simply move the files in C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 7.0\en_US out of the way and let the program create new factory defaults.

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    It seems to be a fairly new/rare problem, I can't find any discussion on this problem elsewhere...

    I'm having the same problem. I don't have any answers. But here's some information about what I'm seeing that might help someone sort this out.
    I recently upgraded to Mavericks
    Both newly downloaded dmg files and ones that were downloaded and sucessfully opened under a previous version of OS X cannot be opened now
    I have two user accounts on the same machine. On one I can open dmgs without problem. On the other I get the error.
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    Both accounts are admin accounts
    I transferred the disk image that opened properly on my main account to the second account's ~/public/drop box folder and the second account could not open the image.

  • I am running InDesign CS5.5 and trying to open an In Design File but getting an error message. " Cannot open the file "PDavidLCover.indd". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file

    I am running InDesign CS5.5 and trying to open an In Design File but getting an error message. " Cannot open the file "PDavidLCover.indd". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file me be open in another application."Please help I really need to get this file open.

    Since you've shown us the folder contents it's a good bet it isn't in use (no lock file). And it doesn't look like the file is mis-named as there doesn't seem to be anything else there that would be the .indd file (but just in case, open it in TextEdit and paste the first few lines here so we can see what the file header says), so the most likely case is the file is damaged. Is that on a removable device of some sort?
    You can try the tool at Repair corrupt InDesign Adobe files on Mac OS X  or send me a link to the file by private message and I'll try the recovery tool I have for Windows.

  • Getting error "Cannot open the file "*****.INDD". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application."

    How to fix this problem
    "Cannot open the file "*****.INDD". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application."

    When I have seen this message it is either when I try to open a document with an older version of Indesign E.g. an indesign 2014 document with Indesign CC.
    The other time I have seen it is to open an Indesign CC document with Indesign 2014 which does not have Mindsuite - a plugin I use. Mindsuite, as yet, has not upgrade the plugin for Indesign 2014 therefore it recognises that a the document was created withe a plugin that the 2014 version does not have installed.
    I believe your problem will be something like that.

  • Cannot open InDesign CC file

    I have some files that have been sent to me (Australia) from Belgium.
    All open fine except one which displays this message
    "Cannot open the file 'xxxxxxxx' Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file may be missing, or the file may be open in another application"
    I can open the other ID CC files they have sent without issue.
    I have the latest upgrade to iD CC
    Any clues apart form getting the file saved as an IDML and resent would be appreciated!

    Hi Bob. they sent the files on DVDs. All were compressed to fit onto the DVDs as either multi part RAR files or ZIP files. The file in question was in a 3 part RAR file, which seemed to uncompress OK, certainly all of the images and fonts are OK. My guess is that the file was already corrupt when they compressed it. I have asked them to save as an IDML file just in case they do have a strange plug in that they have used. Thanks for your thoughts (you are a legend!!!!)

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