Cannot open two pictures at the same time - computer crashes

I have PSE7 and Windows7.    I cannot open two pictures at the same time.  When I go to open the second picture it crashes PSE7.  Anyone know how I can open two pictures at the same time?  What is the fix?

Hello Shawbrah
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, your method is actually the only workaround for a workplace with PSE7, but it isn't a solution for our enterprise network/domain.
There are different problems:
We have several computers with PSE7 installed. It does not make sense to manually install a local TCP/IP-printer on each PC.
We have many fluctuation in our company which means that the workplaces will often be moved and the PCs will often be replaced.
If the employees are printing over a local printer, our centralized printer monitor solution does not recognise print volumes.
The printers which are defined on our print server have special tray settings and these settings are "linked" to the core business application. Users should not be able to print with other settings, this could end in a chaos.
Finally to work with PSE in our company, there is no other way than upgrade to PSE8...

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    Not that I'm aware of. What exactly is that you want to achieve? There are tools for scanning media folders and adding any files not listed in the library, or deleting those that no longer exist. There are also ways to use one library for multiple users so that any tag update gets applied for everyone.

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    Hello hydrosound,
    Whilst you cannot open two Captivate movies in the same
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    the second project file that way.

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  • How  do you open 2 pictures at the same time

    Hello Everyone,
    I have just brought the above and am a complete newby to Photoshop.
    I can't believe that this simple task is proving to be impossible for me so please try not to laugh.
    All I want to do is open 2 pictures up in Photoshop so they are side by side ready for me to blend them.  Blending them isn't a problem as I have learned this.  My problem is when I select 2 of my pictures it loads just one of them into Photoshop which is then the background layer.  I can't move it or anything.  When I close this picture the second one then appears as the background image like the first one.  When I have seen other people open 2 pictures, they simply open them both like I have done and they come in side by side.
    Why won't mine do this?  Is there a button I'm missing before I open them?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    That's great, thank you!!!  It's only taken me ALL day to find this out.  Quite simple as I expected.
    Thank you very much both of you.

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    By FILE - IMPORT - FILE? It's just simple?
    Thank you!

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    If you activate iCal's Debug menu, you should find it has a 'New Calendar Window' option (Cmd-L). It is a bit of a knack to cutting and pasting correctly between windows.
    Best wishes
    John M

  • Acrobat xi pro will not open two documents at the same time

    I recently upgraded to Acrobat XI Pro and now when I try to open more than one document, the second one turns into a parallelogram and does not open.   The only thing that I can do is close everything out and reopen the documents one at a time.
    Does anyone have any suggestions.
    I have tried to reinstall and repair, both to no avail.
    I am using this on a Windows 7 machine 6GB ram.
    Thank you

    Please explain "turns into a parallelogram and will not open". Can't visualise that at all, please explain. A screen shot might be good (but DO NOT EMAIL IT).

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    Does Dreamweaver have the ability to open two websites at the same time?
    I basically have a CMS hosted on one server, that connects to my clients sites on other servers. I want to be able to open files on one server and edit them and also edit files on another server at the same time.
    If this isn't available in Dreamweaver, then I think it should be. I often need to copy code from one page in a site to another page in different site. To have the ability to have two windows open, each connected to a different website server would be invaluable to me. By having separate windows, each can have its own server connection. I don't know how easy that would be, but I'd love it!

    You can only connect to one site at a time.  And you need to edit files locally, save & then upload to the remote server.   AFAIK, no single FTP app is capable of connecting to more than one server at a time.  You might be able to do what you want with DW open and an additional 3rd party FTP client like Filezilla, each connecting to different servers.
    Nancy O.

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    Hi guys,
    I've just bought a new MacPro with two super drives.
    Do you know how to burn two copies of the project at the same time
    using DVD Studio Pro?
    Thanks in advance!
    DVD Studio Pro 4.2   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
      Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Welcome to the boards
    You cannot burn two DVDs at the same time from DVD SP though if you build the project you can tyr other approaches

  • Can I save and open an attachemnt at the same time?

    I want to be able to open an email with an attachement or attachments and click on the save button for the attachment(s), designate the location (folder) where they are to be saved - but also tell Mail to save the attachments then open them up on the desktop. Two operations in one. If you understand my request you understand what you have to do now - two separate steps. Save. Then find the saved files and open them.
    Open the attachment from the email which then downloads the file to your designated "all-purpose" location (not the ultimate location you'd want to save it). Then once you've seen it, you do the save thing with the original mail attachment and then have to go back and delete the file from the designated all-purpose download location.
    This latter problem of having to delete unedited downloads manually could be solved with an option in Mail preferences to automatically delete unedited downloads in the "all-purpose" location after that same attachment had been downloaded to another specific location on your hard drive. This option for deleting unedited downloads does not exist, however.
    But even if this step-saver option existed in the preferences, you still would not be able to tell your Mac to save a particular Mail email attachment to a particular folder AND open that attachment at the same time in one command.
    That's what I want.
    Maybe I want both. Save and open together plus the ability to automatically delete unedited attachment downloads in the "all-purpose" download file after the same attachment has been downloaded to another specific location on your hard drive.

    with IOS 6 yes you will be able to do that

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    When converting the iPhoto library to Photo most of the albums that were in place in iPhoto converted to albums in Photo . . . .but not all. Some were retained as events mainly those that were folders within an album. In order to move them to the right album I would like to have multiple albums open at the same time (side by side) so that I can make sure not to duplicate photos or move them to the wrong spot.
    I cant see how to do this, it seems that I can need to open one album and check phots and then close to look within and other and rely on memory. There must be a more efficient and accurate way to do this?

    All of the events in iPhoto were converted to albums and are located in the Folder titled iPhoto Event in the sidebar of Photos. 
    You can't open multiple albums at the same time.  You can create a smart album that will do essentially the same thing with the following criteria:
    Album is "A"
    Album is "B".
    The smart album will display all of the photos in those two albums.

  • WDS 2012 R2 - Cannot PXE multiple clients at the same time

    Hello All,
    This is my first post on here so I apologize if this is the wrong place.  I work for a school district and we are implementing WDS 2012 R2.  We've been extremely satisfied with the speeds and ease of use through unattend files.  However, for
    the past month I've been looking for a possible answer to a problem that has plagued us from day one of implementation.
    So here's the problem:
    I have a stand alone WDS server which is not a domain controller and is not our DHCP server.  I have IP helpers and broadcast forwarders setup on the network.  As well as option 66 and 67 in DHCP.  So far so good right!
    Well that's partially right.  When we boot one client at a time to the WDS server.  Everything works as intended.  We can TFTP the necessary files from the WDS server.  Everything boots up and we're off and running.
    However, if we boot up two or more clients at the same time.  The WDS server never responds to the traffic.  The clients get their DHCP information.  They start the referral and download from the WDS server, but get no response.  I'm
    really hoping that someone on here would have some insight of something I can try.  I've about exhausted my list of peers and contacts.  They're all stumped as well and were smart enough to stay with 2008 WDS.
    I would prefer to stick with 2012 R2 since it's setup and working for the most part.  With only this one hiccup.
    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

    Hello Daniel,
    I appreciate the reply and apologize for taking so long to get back to this.   Things have been a little hectic over here.
    I have tried everything on this forum and I am still unsuccessful in PXE booting multiple clients at the same time.
    Multicast is enabled on the server, and it works for the clients.  However, as stated in the original post.  I cannot boot multiple machines at the same time.  I can start them from the image selection screen around the same time though.  So,
    that appears to be working fine.

  • How can I view two emails at the same time

    Is it possible to view two mail messages at the same time. We are testing iPads at work and this is the biggest problem

    You cannot view 2 emails at the same time on an iPad. This is not a supported feature.

Maybe you are looking for

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