Cannot share photos with photo sharing

i am having trouble rouble with shared photo streams, I'll recieve the invite and as soon as I accept I always get the message that "this photo stream is no longer shared! How can I sort this out?
I also have family sharing on but the family share album is nowhere to be found in my photos app, if I look at my sons iPad it shows he is subscribed to the family album set up by me and if I send a new photo share request nobody ever recieves it!
im on iOS 8.02

Version  9
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"Re: I cannot share photos with anyone ,for i select someone i get error code 400."
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  • I cannot share photos with anyone ,for i select someone i get error code 400.

    I cannot share photoss with anyone for when ii try to select someone i get a error code 400.

    Version  9
    "domnic.rj23" <[email protected]> wrote:
    domnic.rj23 created the discussion
    "Re: I cannot share photos with anyone ,for i select someone i get error code 400."
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  • I cannot share photos via my hotmail account but works with Gmail

    Can anyone help?
    I have been using my hotmail account to send/share photos on iPhoto. Recently I cannot share photos via my hotmail account but works with Gmail?
    What do I need to do to get the hotmail account working again?

    In iphoto I select the photos to send, click on share and email. I setup the email in iphoto and iphoto sorted out all the pop3 & SMTP settings all i had to do was put my email & password in. Since its gone wrong I have got an ipad but no changes to my email settings.
    I have been looking at the 'mail' which is also setup for hotmail and I can't send emails from there either so i don't think there is a problem with iphoto.

  • I have an Iphone 5, updated to newest iso7, and I dont have the airdrop feature and friends cannot share picture with me

    I updated everything and using the iphone5, but I do not have airdrop feature and friend cannot share pictures with me

  • My Nokia 701 cannot share photo using NFC to C7

    My 701 used to be able to share photo from gallery to my wife's C7 Anna. Strangely, when i tried to send few marked photos, the sending process was taking forever and i had to cancel it. After that, when i tried to share even one photo at a time, the process was still taking forever (sending via NFC unsuccessful). Even after i've done the factory reset, i still cannot send any photo via NFC anymore. Anyway, my 701 is able to receive photos from C7 (updated to Belle). Please help.

    I had got problem NFC not sharing photo using NFC , I turned on NFC and Choosed photo to  send  but it view send messenger, send via mail and send buletooth but not view send NFC   I tried many time not working , somebody help me and Fixing issu NFC  my mobile Nokia 701 OS Belle  Firmware version 111.030.0609  contry code HK  product name  RM-774   
     I reinstall System but not working NFC 
    thanks very much 

  • Cannot share documents with few users in one way trusted domain

    I am running in a wiered issue. I setup people picker in SP 2013 foundation version to lookup the user from one way trusted domains after which I started getting all the users from that domain in my intranet. I can also share or modify the permission of
    users being administrator. However when I try to add 2 specific users as site collection administrator or try sharing a document, I get error.
    I can lookup their name but when I try changing their permission or share document with them, I get error. It's wiered because it is only with this two users. there is no difference from Active Directory point of view between these and other users. Please
    help or suggest some trouble shooting steps.
    Hardik Bhilota.

    Hi Hardik,
    What was the error message when sharing documents with the two users?
    Please also check the ULS log for detailed error message which is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS.
    What is the permission of the two users in SharePoint site? Can they access the site?
    Please also run the two commands below to see if the issue still occurs:
    First, on every front-end Web server on a farm run this command:
    STSADM.exe -o setapppassword -password key
    Second, on a front-end Web server run this command:
    STSADM.exe -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadforests -pv domain:DnsName,user,password -url http:// webapp
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Dropbox: I cannot get video to play and cannot share pictures with those who do not have Dropbox installed.

    Dropbox: I cannot get video to play and cannot share pictures or video with those who do not have Dropbox installed.
    I am running OSX 10.6.8
    Processor:    3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory:      4GB

    To share either select the link (paperclip) icon on the right of the file or folder list.
    Cut and paste the link into an email you send your friends. Do not use the "share this" option in Dropbox as it forces them to join.
    You can test it after deleting your browser cache and cookies - you will no longer be signed in to Dropbox but the link should work fine.
    Hope this helps !

  • How do i share apps with Home Sharing?

    How do I share apps from one iPhone/iPad to another with Home Sharing?  "Automatically download apps" is checked on both computers on the network, but they never show up.

    As indicated by ckuan, as long as all devices are using the same Apple ID for store purchases then you will be able to share everything you purchase from iTunes. Just make sure you log-in to the iTunes Store on each device using the same Apple ID.

  • I bought macbook pro before 1 week, i cannot share photos via mac to iphone 4, is not pairing (in system preferences bluetooth is on and discoverable) can anyone help me? i did't synchronise my mobile with mac is that a reason for bluetooth not paring?

    Y is everything very difficult in macbook?

    but i dont want to synchronize my mobile with mackbook.. b cos i already synchronized my iphone 4 with another laptop.. if i synchronize with mack book again means my phone data ll all use to erase right?

  • IOS7: Cannot share photos via iMessage from an album

    Over the weekend I was sending some photos to a friend with a new 5C.
    When I navigated to the image in Photos and then shared the photo via Message, it didn't work. It seemed to work, and I got a texting window with the recipient and the photo, but nothing was actually sent and the iMessage did not appear in my message history with that person.
    If I started with a new iMessage and then added the photo to it, I got an identical window (iMessage with recipient and photo) it worked. It did appear in the message history.
    Anyone else experiencing this? I've heard of messaging problems with IOS7; is this one of them?
    I just checked my Contacts and noticed that I had the phone numbers marked as Mobile and not iPhone. Dunno if this makes a difference.

    Hey Lorne17!
    I have a couple of suggestions for you regarding this issue. First, you should try to perform a reset on your phone according to the steps in this article:
    iOS: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    Next, try adding an attachment into an email through the actual body of the email instead of through the Camera Roll. Information about doing this can be found here:
    Insert a photo or video.  Tap the insertion point. Tap the arrows to see more choices. Also see Edit text.
    Write messages - iPhone User Guide
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Have a good one!

  • Cannot Share Photos to Web

    I recently upgraded to iLife '05. When I try to add photos to my homepage, a message "Importing Themes" appears. After a long pause, an error states that a connection could not be established (even though I am still currently online). I subsequently performed all available upgrades and am now at OS X 10.3.9; the error still appears. Any advice?

    Hi Tara,
    I would post your post in the .Mac integration forum and even do a search for "Homepage" there. Many have been having problems and some have found solutions.
    In the meantime you can manually upload your images and make your album on the web interface.
    You can bypass iPhoto altogether until the situation is resolved. You can manually upload your album to your iDisk.
    Within iPhoto, share/export your album. Choose how you want them named, export size should be 800 x 600.
    You can choose to export to a folder on the desktop, OR you can navigate to your iDisk/Pictures folder (by clicking on your iDisk in the left column of the Export window, then highlighting the Pictures folder...wait till the files show up.
    Now click the button on the bottom left for "new folder" name the folder to the name of your slideshow. Now click "ok"
    Wait till all your files are uploaded to your idisk Pictures folder.
    If you exported to the desktop, then open up your iDisk folder (mount your iDisk), navigate to the Pictures folder and drag your folder of exported photos into the Pictures folder.
    Go to your .Mac homepage.
    Go to "create a page" and choose the album template you want.
    In the next window your Pictures folder will open up. Highlight the folder you just uploaded, and click the "choose" button
    Now you can finish your editing, titles, etc. and you are good to go.

  • Cannot share photo via email in iPhoto

    When trying to share a photo via email in iphoto, i get this message
    Check your Internet connection. If the connection is working properly, the email server may be down. Try sending your email again later.
    Myh internet is working fine and my email is working fine.  I am using an icloud email account.

    What are your settings for email in the iPhoto Preferences? You may want to switch from iPhoto as an email client to - see Old Toad's post here:
    Re: iPhoto will not email from share saying that the 'server does not recognise the username/password combination'. My email account is working fine. Whats happening!

  • Cannot share photos in iPhoto

    I get a message saying "email did not go through because the server did not reply".  I have no problem photostreaming through the iCloud but email seems to hit a road block.  Any ideas on whether my iPhoto app (in both iMac and iPad) cannot find the server?

    What email service do you use? Have you recently change it to require a double login for security purposes? If so that is it - if not then
    in the iPhoto preferences ==> accounts delete your e-mail account and reenter it
    IMHO the better solution is to set Apple mail as the email client in the iPhoto preferences

  • Cannot share photo through mail

    iphoto gets stuck. after a long time (with the blue bar at the bottom being all the way to the right) I get a message saying the mail server is unavailable. Meanwhile I can send and receive mail through Mail without problem . . .

    in the iPhoto preferences set mail as your email client

  • My wife cannot share calendar with me

    I cannot send an invitation from my wife's iPhone or iCloud account to share her iOS calendar with me.  We each have separate iCloud IDs (but the same Apple ID).  I have been able to share my own calendars with her, but not the other way around.  BTW, my iCloud ID and Apple ID are the same - I don't know if me having the same Apple ID and iCloud ID is causing any of these issues.
    When I go into her phone to share a calendar it looks like it sends an invitation to me (it says "Shared with <me>"), but after about 5 seconds that message disappears and I get no invitation.  If I try to do it on a computer via her iCloud account it gives me an error message that "Your changes to this calendar couldn't be saved because of a server error.  Please try again."
    I've looked for answers online but haven't been able to find any.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm not sure what's causing that.  I wouldn't think the problem is caused by your share Apple ID, which also happens to be your iCloud ID.  The notifications should be based on the iCloud ID so as long as they are different you should get the notifications.  (In fact, if you were using the same iCloud ID you would have received an error message that you can't share the calendar with yourself when you tried to share it.)
    That said, if you have another email address associated with your iCloud ID you could try sharing it with that address instead to see if that would resolve it.  (Or you could go to and add an alternate address to your iCloud ID to test if sharing the calendar with this address would work.)

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