Canopen network with 3 "epos2 p" drives of maxon

I already had experience using  " EPOS2" drivers and MAXON motors  using USB and CAN network successfully.
Now I am trying to use 3 driver of "EPOS2 P 24/5"  AND  3 MAXON motor   222053. In commissioning step using pc as a supervisor (I don’t want to use internal plc) I have problems.
I use 3 "EPOS2 P" drivers. (using a USB connection from PC to the 1st and CAN connection to the 2nd and 3rd). Also I closed the JP1A[1] at the 1st drive (Which I guess you called master) and JP1[8] at the 3rd (last drive which I guess you called slave)).  When I wanted to connect  them slave drivers (2nd & 3rd),  "epos studio 1.44" only recognize master (1st) and the one that is connected directly to the master (2nd EPOS2 P). I could not connect to the 3rd one. Also I can not command position to any of slaves (2nd & 3rd ) even the one (2nd) that is recognized by  "epos studio 1.44"  .
Would you please help me to connct and command the all 3 my drivers of Epos2 P?

Hi there,
When you are unable to identify your devices in EPOS Studio, do you receive any errors, or do they just not show up? Also, just to make sure I understand your set up correctly, are the three drives daisy-changed (PC to 1, 1 to 2, and 2 to 3) or are they branched (PC to 1, 1 to 2, and 1 to 3)? Finally have you seen this KnowledgeBase,​3FC10862572AC0023FCA0 , on using EPOS drives with LabVIEW?
Miles G.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

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    Thanks for the reply.
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  • CANOpen Communication NI cRIO 9022 (9853 CAN module) - MAXON EPOS2

    I'm implementing a velocity control loop on two Maxon EPOS2 70/10 control units,  interfacing them with a NI cRIO 9022 (CAN module 9853). To this aim, I'm using the libraries from NI and they work quite well: for each EPOS2 I can read current, position and velocity using 2 PDO messages and set a desired velocity using 1 PDO message, all in a single timed loop on Labview Real-Time. My VI is based on a NI example included in the mentioned library. Even though the sampling time of the loop is set to 10 ms (as in the example file), I verified that all the operations were executed in about 30 ms.
    My target is 1 ms sample time and I'd like to know if there is any chance to get this; are there some limitations in the software/communication protocol I'm using or is it possible to achieve 1 kHz control frequency? Based on the documentation, the EPOS2 CANopen driver is split as follows:
    1.      Hardware Layer: VIs which interact with the CAN hardware (FPGA Interface folder).
    2.      CAN Layer: VIs which construct/deconstruct CAN packets and handle communication between the Hardware Layer and the top level application (CAN folder).
    3.      CANOpen Layer: Low level VIs which simplify the generation of the SDOs and PDOs used to communicate over the CAN bus (CANopen folder).
    4.      EPOS2 Driver Layer: High level wrappers over the CANOpen Layer simplifying the control of EPOS2 drives (main folder).
    It seems that the Layer that construct/deconstruct CAN packets is impelemented on the RT level. Is it correct? Do I need to move it to the FPGA level to improve performances?
    I look forward to hearing any suggestions from you.

    Hi Nevio, 
    I am trying to simply read encoder values from my EPOS2 24/2 control units into Lavbiew. I have been through all the documentation however I am unable to establish communication between the EPOS2 and labview.
    I am connecting the two using a USB connection. I can connect to and control the motors in EPOS Studio, but nothing in labview.
    I am very new to Labview so I am probably not putting the correct blocks down for initialization.
    Could you please help me by suggesting some good examples to look at or linking me to labview sample of initializing communication with the EPOS2 units. 
    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • Feedback application for a maxon brushed motor controlled with a EPOS2

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    The load cell is connected through a PCI 6014 and is working fine. 
    The computer can communicate with the motor through the "EPOS studio" provided by maxon, but it cannot perform such an advanced task and therefore I decide to use labview.
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    I'm not very proficient with labview and I would like to know if this is possible and if so can anyone give some directions?
    Thank you very much,

    Dear Jochen,
    Thank you for your answer.
    1. Which type of EPOS drive are you using? Could you please provide a link to a datasheet? 
    I am using a EPOS2 50/5, see attached pdf.
    2. Are you using a CANopen interface to the EPOS drive and is there also an option to use an analog signal as torque command?
    No, I'm not using the CANopen interface, but the labview VI provided by maxon (see attached).
    No, the controller has no input analog signal capability. 
    3. Are you using LabVIEW for Windows?
    4. What's the voltage level of your load cell signal?
    +10V to - 10V 
    5. Do you have any idea about the required control loop timing?
    I'm not even sure I understand what you mean, so no, I don't.
    I just want to add that my application won't require a high speed. The vertical motion will be around 2 cm/s at most 3 cm/s and I was considering that quasi-static.
    Thanks a lot,
    EPOS2-50-5-347717_09_EN_303.pdf ‏472 KB
    maxon ‏1520 KB

  • I have a mid-2010 iMac and just purchased a 2TB TC, can't join existing wireless network with AC standard so attached to iMac via ethernet with TC wifi turned off.  How do i access TC now? not showing up in disk utility or on desktop. working fine with TM

    I have a mid-2010 iMac and just purchased a 2TB TC, I just found out that it can't join existing wireless network with new AC standard so attached to iMac via ethernet with TC's wifi turned off.  How do i access TC now? not showing up in disk utility or on desktop. It is working fine with TM.  My cheeper seagate drives etc kept crashing, so i didnt trust cheeper back up options anymore.  Connected those drives to TM via firewire and could see the drives and access them.
    Also, I didn't want to bridge TC with my new fios router that I paid 100 dollars for, to get N speed and also paying 10 dollars more a month for fast speed.  I heard that bridging slows down everything and then there can be port issues with mail etc.  I connect to the internet via airport only and it is pretty fast. Getting over 50mbs downloads and over 30mbs uploads.  Plus everything in my home it connected to my fios router, airport express for music streaming, two apple tvs, vuezone camer system.  I really didn't want to monkey around too much with my system.  But are there other options to connect the new TC.  Can't find info anywhere for this and called apple who gave me the info above.  after hanging up, i see that i cant access my TC and I am wondering if i would have to reset it to turn wifi on again to make changes to the drive, turn off blinking light  or repair it in disk utility if it should become corrupted.
    For other with similar issues i did solve some other problems: when i connected it to my ethernet port on my iMac wifi stopped working.  Found that I had to turn off the ethernet in the system>network screen, but then TM didn't see the TC so i restarted after changes and then it saw it.
    Now a rant.  I can't believe in this wireless age that Apple would make a product that cant join a wireless net work.  The apple rep said i could return it and look for the previous TC that would join an existing wireless network.  Are we going backwards?

    Ok... it is getting a bit clearer but there are still some questions.
    I connect to the internet via airport only and it is pretty fast.
    I was assuming airport in this statement in your first post meant the TC or the Express.. but I now realise we are still in the mass confusion stage where apple calls everything wireless an airport. So what you mean is the airport internal card of the computer??
    Also, I didn't want to bridge TC with my new fios router that I paid 100 dollars for, to get N speed and also paying 10 dollars more a month for fast speed.  I heard that bridging slows down everything and then there can be port issues with mail etc.
    I think this is mistaken.
    Putting the TC in bridge mode plugged into your FIOS will not slow the network.. nor will it cause mail or port issues.. in bridge the TC is just a fancy WAP and switch plus the network hard drive.
    If the computer is close it will be faster than the FIOS.
    You can run both wireless networks with different names.. so it is clear which is which. But you can also setup roaming so the computers themselves pick which is the best wireless.
    I tried extending the wireless net work and tried joining wireless network, but the TC kept crashing and I had to keep resetting the TC.  the Apple support person said these, extend wireless network and joint wireless network, are no longer a connection option with the new TC because of the new AC protocol.
    Thanks again!
    You cannot extend to a non-apple wireless router.
    You cannot use join a wireless network because when you do the ethernet ports will be cut off.
    But that has not changed.. I don't think Apple support is correct.. there has been no change with the AC model.. it is simply a fact that apple routers do not work in join wireless mode other than as a dumb client. The same applies to AC as to the earlier version.. but I have asked another person to check this.
    Join in the express is the only apple router that still allows an ethernet connection.
    For now you best use of the TC is bridged to the FIOS. Wireless you can sort out between several options.

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    I want to connect my Airport Extreme (4th gen) to this existing router to create a separate wireless network for visiting guests, where IP addresses of etc. are used. So I do not want to use the Airport Extreme in bridge mode, as I would like to keep the devices on the first network 'invisible' for those on the second network. (P.S. when connected in bridge mode, the Airport works well and can distribute a network with a different name from the first. It's just that I would feel more comfortable about our privacy if the Airport were to distribute a different IP range. False security, maybe?)
    I've tried doing this by 'Sharing a public IP address' in Airport Utility's Internet tab, leaving TCP/IP's setting to 'via DHCP', setting DHCP addresses to start with up to 200 with all else blank, and not using a standard host nor NAT-PMP in the NAT tab.
    When I do this the Airport complains of a 'double NAT issue'. Internet connectivity seems to be OK, but when switching between the two networks on my Mac I get complaints about my IP address being in use by another device intermittently.
    Can anyone help in how to get the 'double NAT issue' resolved?

    So if someone is connected to the modem/router network they will be able to see the HD I will have put in to the AirPort Extreme?
    As I said above.....since the modem/router and AirPort are bridged, devices on the modem/router wireless will be able to "see" devices on the AirPort wireless, and vice versa.....
    If they can see the HD connected to the AirPort Extreme, will they be able to access it
    Yes, unless you plan to password protect the drive connected to the AirPort Extreme.
    or will they still need the password needed to get onto the AirPort Extreme network?
    The modem/router and AirPort Extreme are bridged. They are on the same network. All devices are on the same network when the modem/router and AirPort are bridged. Not sure how else that I can say this.
    Also, because it is bridged, I shouldn't have any problems accessing the HD I will have connected to the AirPort Extreme from an external location?
    Accessing devices from a remote location is never easy....and a topic for a different post/discussion. If you have a "static" Internet IP address from your provider, and have all the details on how to forward ports on your modem/router, you are off to a good start.
    Apparently there is some addressing issues because devices can be seen as "Double IP" because the modem/router would have allocated IP's as well as the AirPort allocating IP's thus making connections slower until resolved
    When you "bridge", all IP addresses are issued by one device. There will be no conflicts on the network, since they are bridged.
    Once again, in very simple terms, you have two doors (access points) that open into the same room (network).  One "door" is the modem/router and the other "door" is the AirPort Extreme. They are on the same network....("room") because they are bridged.

  • Hi, I'm using a Mac Pro here. I am trying to connect it with my NAS hard drive. But i could not connect to it because i have an ethernet which connects to the intranet in my company and Air Port for the internet.

    Hi, I'm using a Mac Pro here. I am trying to connect it with my NAS hard drive. But i could not connect to it because i have an ethernet which connects to the intranet in my company and Air Port for the internet and it could not detect the the ip address after i input the correct address on "Connect to Server" window. Please help! Urgent! Thanks

    I did not say it is not possible.
    I said if your company networks are monopolizing both ports, you should talk to them about what options are available.
    Maybe you can get the company Intranet over wireless if you change some configuration items such as Subnet Mask.
    Maybe you can get on the Internet over Ethernet.
    You really need to ask them, and do not let them blow you off because you have a Mac. If they balk, ask them how it would be done on a PC (becasue it will be the same on a Mac).

  • Intel 82566 DM GbE compatible with High Performanc​e Driver?

    Let me explain:
    I have IM Q35 motherboard that comes with 1x Intel 82566DM 10/100/1000 NIC and 1x Intel 82573L 10/100/1000 NIC.
    I need to get those 2 NICs working with the High Performance Driver from NI because of my network settings (I need the firewall enabled).
    I managed to get the Intel 82573L to work, but not the 82566DM. Is 82566DM compatible with the High Performance Driver?

    Hi Peter,
    The 82566DM is not compatible - you'd have to use the standard Intel driver.
    Howwver, recent versions of IMAQdx include an attribute under the Advanced Ethernet settings called Firewall Traversal that use a new feature in the GigE Vision spec to allow the image traffic to traverse most stateful firewalls properly. Support is needed on the camera too, but most cameras these days support it.

  • How do I hook up a G3 iBook to my home network with only Windows machines?

    I'm completely ignorant of Apple technology but pretty good for a novice with Windows PC's. To help a family member with an iBook (Mac OS 10.3.9) back up a gazillion family photos (at least 3.2GB in the iPhoto Library), we want to connect his iBook to my home network with two Windows machines (one of which is connected via UBS to an external drive for backup). But before I just connect his iBook to an Ethernet port on my Westell modem+router, what should I know?
    I need to know all the basics and all the steps, in as detailed a manner as you can stand to tell me.
    And when it all looks good, what are the steps to copy the iPhoto Library to a designated spot on one of the Windows machines (or that external hard drive)?
    By the way, this is the iBook:
    Machine Model: iBook
    CPU Type: PowerPC 750 (2.3)
    Number Of CPUs: 1
    CPU Speed: 800 MHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 640 MB
    Bus Speed: 100 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: 4.6.4f1
    System Version: Mac OS X 10.3.9 (7W98)
    Kernel Version: Darwin 7.9.0
    Many thanks!

    When I got my first mac this ( ) article helped me enormously.
    It's very easy to write to the disc once you've set up the network.
    On the mac locate the iPhoto library (normally open finder and click on pictures).
    Open another finder window and locate the windows PC on your network, then mount the folder to which you will back up the iPhoto library.
    Drag the iPhoto library to this folder.
    Wait some more.
    When the copy is complete check the images can be accessed from the PC.
    Unmount the folder from the mac by dragging it to the trash.
    Beware though, if you're like me you'll find this apple thing adicitve!!!

  • P1006 - networked with XP and VIsta-64 not printing more than 2 pages

    Hello - I have a dilemma with my HP P1006.  I have the printer directly plugged in (USB) with my XP (32bit) PC.  I have a Vista-64 PC networked with it.  Both (XP-32 and Vista-64) are plugged in directly to the router (not wireless).  My question is why can I not print more than two pages at a time with items opened on the Vista-64 PC?  I CAN print more than two pages with items opened in the XP-32.
    Things I've done:
    1 - uninstalled everything & reinstalled the latest drivers for the XP-32.
    2 - marked the printer as "sharing" on the XP-32.
    3 - confirmed the printer is marked "enable bidirectional sharing" under the printer properties on the XP-32 PC.
    Things I perplexed about:
    1 - why won't items (docs, webpages, etc.) print more than two pages at a time from the Vista-64 PC?
    2 - is there any reason that I should download a driver for the Vista-64 OS? If so, which PC do I download it to?
    3 - I have another printer (Lexmark inkjet) connected in the same way (except it is a serial port not USB) and it can print more than two pages of a document at one time with no problem from either the XP-32 or Vista-64 PC?  Why?
    Any thoughts on this situation?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciate.
    Thank you - Jane.

    I just get a system message at teh bottom of teh screen saying "output cannot be issued " and it remains on teh same screen . I goto t-code va23 and enter my quotation number and on the top I select sales document ...issue output and select my output type and print preview or prnit , it comes out of that screen into the first screen and at the bottom gives msg "Output cannot be issued". I beleiev its not allowing the smartform to display when there are more than 2 pages , because I tried it with a contact which has 2 pages and it shows output but when I try with the one having more items i.e more than 2 pages it comes out of it . Its a smartform issue and something in the smartform is causing problem I beleive.

  • HP LaserJet M1120 MFP will not print on wireless network with Windows 8.1 operating system

    The printer worked on the wireless network with Windows 8.
    I have been advised that it does not work with windows 8.1 because a driver is required. However this is not available to download.
    It is ridiculous that by having the latest operating system I am unable to use the HP printer on the wireless network
    When will HP have the driver to download?

    Check the support site here.
    Make sure you have the firmware update also.
    Say thanks by clicking the Kudos Thumbs Up to the right in the post.
    If my post resolved your problem, please mark it as an Accepted Solution ...
    I worked for HP but now I'm retired!

  • Best setup for a small iMac network with NAS?

    Hello all,
    Any recommendations on how to setup a small network with 3 machines and mutiple users?
    We run a design studio and currently have 3 x 27" iMacs with a couple of laptops that come and go, that all connect to a Synology DS213 NAS drive. (All the iMacs are connected to the NAS via ethernet through a gigabit switch, so we have a reliable connection)
    All 3 machines have just had their HD's replaced (all backup up to the NAS) and are currently blank canvases - so I'm keen to get a decent network system up and running that works well in conjunction with the NAS drive. They're all running 10.6.8, but I'm happy to put them on Mountain Lion and install OSX server. It seems most feedback isn't great, but I'm interested to hear any ideas,
    Thanks in advance..

    Rick may be right because although i didnt think of it before i tend to have notoriuosly long classnames for my php classes and i have used samba on occasion (when rsync is out of the question for one reason or another) and never had a problem. I use kubuntu (feisty at the moment )with an ext3 filesystem. if i have a chance this evening ill give it a try and see what happens.
    You could also possibly use FUSE to use an ssh filesystem for the shares... i don tknow how that would figure in your back up though.
    Also if worse comes to worse you could tar or dmg the the necessary files... just some thoughts.
    Ill be interested to know what you end up implementing....
    OH one last thought... Compile Darwin from source and use that as your server

Maybe you are looking for

  • IPodService Module has encountered a problem and needs to close

    After allowing Windows XP to install Service Pack 3, I started getting the error message "iPodService Module has encountered a problem and needs to close" whenever I plugged my iPod 60 Gb into my PC. I spent months, literally, reading and asking and

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  • CCM 2.0 automatic catalog upload

    Hi, experts We are using SRM 7.0 and CCM 2.0, we would like to know if there is a FM to make the catalogs upload automatic, or if is possible to develop it, which way we'd proceed. Thanks in advanced.

  • MySQL Date Question

    I have two DATETIME columns in a table. Is it possible to get the difference between the two dates and then format the output as H:M P? I've been trying to get this to work for a while... but now I'm not even sure it's possible.

  • FM Core issue?

    Since installing Snow Leopard, ive been having some crashing issues (first just with CS3 suite), that was so called "permissions, cache" issues, by my Mac specialist. I got my MAC specialist to fix what he thought was the issue by deleting un-compati