Case #0185257137

case #0185257137

Hi Dr Mike,
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I would request you to please refer the below link and check for any connectivity issue.
You can also refer and check for adobe entries in the host file.
Please let us know if this was helpful.

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  • Could I have CASE or IF statement in FMS queries?

    Is it possible to have case statements in FMS queries:
    For example:
    SELECT T0.[U_DepoistfeeON] case
          when T0.[U_DepoistfeeON] is NOT BLANK  then $[$38.111.160]='Deposit Fee'
          when T0.[U_DepoistfeeON] is BLANK  then  then $[$38.111.160]=BLANK
    end FROM OITM T0
    What is wrong with above query please? Thank you very much.
    I do not mind even if above query is doable with an IF statement in it.

    Hi Rahul, this is what I want -
    I have a user defined field attached to item master OITM. The field is called : U_DepoistfeeON
    The above field contains additional depositFee taxes for selling beer bottles.
    I have also created a new tax as part of Freight handling. While on Sales Order screen, the Freight (unhide first through forms field) drop down can have the new tax type selected automatically "Deposit Fee".
    Thus, if the line item is of beer type that has U_DepositfeeON, then Freight field should automaticlally pick the type "Deposit Fee".
    If U_DepositfeeON is zero then I would like the Freight field on Sales Order screen ($38.111.160) set to blank.
    I tried to achieve this through following using case statement.
    select T0.U_DepoistfeeON
    from oitm t0
    when T0.U_DepoistfeeON 0
    then $http://$38.111.160='Deposit Fee'
    when T0.U_DepoistfeeON = 0
    then $http://$38.111.160=''
    Of course it doesn't work. Note: I know I typed in DepoistfeeON, the error is not due to that.

  • BOM is not getting displayed in case of centralized planning plant.

    Dear All,
    there are 2 plants for which we have centralized planning. the users have created Equipment BOM for the two plants. but in case of the second plant for which the planning plant is different from the maintenance plant, the BOM is not getting displayed in the Maintenance Order (i.e. in the components tab).
    kindly through some light on it. whether i have to do some settings for it.
    Ritesh Kapoor

    Yes while using IH01, i have ticked the BOM explosion option, but when i am giving the plant there then only it is displaying the BOM of that equipment.
    Also when i am creating an order for the same equipment, then it does not displays the BOm & shows the message which i have written in my previous mail.

  • Case Cracks White MacBook (2006)

    I have observed cracks on my white macbook (Late 2006 model) case (both insde & out side). Everytime I take an appointment with the Genius, they say that they are so busy to replace the case and they might need at least 3-5 business days. Since I did not have an alternate computer, I have delayed a bit. Now that I recently got a iMac, I would like to turn in my macbook for repair. Not sure if apple has spares to repair the cracked outer shells. Any idea how long and how much it costs to get it fixed ? Or can I return my laptop to get some store credit and buy a new Macbook ??

    sparu wrote:
    Not sure if apple has spares to repair the cracked outer shells. Any idea how long and how much it costs to get it fixed ? Or can I return my laptop to get some store credit and buy a new Macbook ??
    Only Apple would know that.  Also, ask Apple.  Not going to happen.  You can't return a 6 year old mac and expect to get a store credit.  Since the repair volume of the store seems to be high, get an estimate and leave it there for repair if you find the price of repair to be acceptable.

  • I have files that have been on my computer for over a year and all of a sudden they wont open and an error message comes up saying they were improperly downloaded or came in an email attach which is not the case

    I have files that have been on my computer for over a year and I have used them several times and all of a sudden they wont open.  I received an error message saying they are improperly downloaded or came as an email attachement which is not the case.  Please advise

    They seem to be word files - they will open if I choose "open with" microsoft word, but if I double click they don't open they are appearing as PDF on my screen.  I even opened one and then tried to "save as" making sure I chose .doc and they still appear as PDF
    I just created a new document response.doc in word and when I saved to my desktop it appears as a PDF file and I absolutely did not create a PDF or save as PDF it was a simple word
    The message says "Adobe reader could not open response.doc because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example attached in an email and not properly decoded)
    The reader version is I believe the most current, I always update when prompted.  OS is Windows 8

  • In ALV Report Filter selection should be case sensitive

    Dear All,
    since one field is case sensitive in database table , i have to fetch that in alv report , but when i am applying  filter on that field its is simply fetching data with case description.  if its in caps it should fetch caps data but in   smaal case report showing no data
    Pankaj Vashista

    All text datas are case sensitive.
    To make it work perfectly You have to Use the Keyword translate to Upper Case than display
    Now filter can work.
    Without Transalation to Upper Case filter will not work.

  • How to cause them to associate my Case Number 185689167 with the real phone number I need to be called at:

    I purchased a one year subscription to Acrobat Pro, and after installation on my MacBook, in the LaunchPad (aside from the normal Adobe Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Distiller, and Forms Central for Acrobat) a folder containing two icons.  The first was (I forgot the name) and the second entitled AAMLauncherUtil.  Shortly after installation I ran the AAMLauncher Util, and it downloaded and "updated" Acrobat Pro and installed Creative Cloud.  I was told by some person in Tech Support that I didn't need these two additional icons in LaunchPad, and I could just drag them to the trash.
    The folder would not go in the Trash, so I dragged them out of the folder and then the one whose name I don't remember was able to go to the Trash, but not the AAMLauncherUtil icon.
    I called Tech Support again, and got a technician whose name I will withhold, but although he tried to solve the problem, basically he was clueless and I could hear him asking other people in the background what to do and they were giving him suggestions, mucking around my library and deleting anything that sounded like it was associated with AAMLaucher, and in the end all he succeeded in doing was making my Creative Cloud not work anymore and produce messages that it was corrupted and had to be removed and reinstalled.  Finally he gave up and said that he was referring my Case 185689167 to the next level higher of tech support, who would call me within 24 hours.  Of course they never did that so I called Apple Support and a representative there went way beyond what he needed to do and we were able to uninstall and reinstall Creative Cloud and make it work again, although the AAMLaucherUtil icon remains there.  Currently, it doesn't update anything like it did the first time I ran it, or act like it is trying to update anything, but it does open Creative Cloud if you have closed it. 
    Several days later (not the promised 24 hours) I got an email from my Voicemail Service with a  transcribed message from Adobe Tech Support saying that they had tried to call me... at the number listed in my subscription payment details... NOT at the number I had told them to call me at, and since I am 7000 miles away from my billing number I didn't get the call.  The message requested me to call them back.  I did so, and the message on the VRU said I would have to wait approximately 30 minutes. Two and one half hours later (not 30 minutes) someone answered who was not Second Level Tech Support, and reiterated that it was not possible to transfer me to them, and he would note that I had called back and they would call me within 24 hours.... yeah right.  By then after waiting all that time to speak to someone I was so mad that I forgot to mention the correct number to call me at... although I had mentioned it previously.  Several days later (not 24 hours) they called the wrong number again, and when I didn't answer it then sent me an email that they were considering the case solved and closing it, and I could reopen it within 14 days. 
    I then called back and this time waiting 3 hours on hold, and the person who I spoke with (whose name I withhold for now) said he would reopen the case and they would call me within 24 hours... again he couldn't transfer me to them.  Again I forgot to reiterate the correct phone number that I had told them the first time since I was so mad about waiting 3 hours on hold.
    The next day, I realized that I had not reiterated the correct phone number, and I went into my account settings and changed the phone number in both places it exists, and then tried calling back to make sure they would call the correct phone number.  This time I waited on hold for 4 hours, and finally gave up without ever being able to speak to a person.
    The next day... still no call even to the wrong number since my Voice Mail would have informed me it there was a call.... I called Sales since that seemed to be the only way to talk to a real person, and screamed at them about this issue and was informed they couldn't do anything about Tech Support, or about associating my phone number with my case number, but he would put me in the queue for tech support since nobody was in the queue so they should call me back right away. 
    I did get a call in a few minutes, which said "If Valued Customer is available, press 1" so I pressed 1 and it went to music.  I then waited for 15 minutes of music with no answer, after which I got an email from my Voicemail Service transcribing the message saying:
    "Reschedule this call back for a later time press three to cancel this call back press nine. Your response was not recognized. Please try again. When valued customer is on the line press one to speak to a support specialist. If you need time to get valued customer on the line press two. To reschedule this call back for a later time press three to cancel this call back press nine. Your response was not recognized. Please try again. When valued customer is on the line press one to speak to a support specialist. If you need time to get valued customer on the line press two. To reschedule this call back for a later time press three to cancel this call back press nine."
    ... more. Please listen to your voicemail for the remainder of this message.
    They can't recognize me pressing 1?????  So who know... I was listening to music but did that mean I was really ever going to reach a real person, or was the Voicemail message correct and I would be listening to music forever?
    So this morning I tried calling again only to receive message the the Tech Support Telephone Lines were down for scheduled maintenance until August 10th... I tried chatting... that is offline also.
    Is there a way to associate my actual phone number with my case number... maybe somebody from Adobe actually reads these diatribes?  I need to be called at or after 17:00 Pacific time.... I was told the hours are on Pacific Time.... although  one representative who I was trying to coordinate the timing of the call with was very confused about the time zones. He was trying to tell me that the current time was 09:00 Pacific Time, which I knew to be wrong, and he finally admitted, after I challenged him to look on, that it was  09:00 in Bangalore, and Pacific time was 20:00.

    Thanks for your answer TSN!
    I did try Chat yesterday and it didn't work.... said unavailable.  I'll will try it again. 
    I do understand that this is a Community Forum, but it appears that some Adobe staff persons do read and respond to some messages, so since all other avenues of contact seem to not work, I thought I would try this just in case somebody from Adobe happened to read it and could do something.
    A secondary reason I posted the whole explanation is that I thought maybe somebody else had experienced this issue as well and might comment on it.
    As for it being a problem or not, maybe it is not.  Adobe did work when I installed it.  When I invoked that icon "AAMLauncherUtil" the first time, it updated Acrobat Pro and Installed Creative Cloud (which the original trial subscription had not installed).
    I then noticed that these two icons didn't seem to do anything useful.  The first time I called and was able to connect to support, the rather poor attitude person who answered just said to delete both icons in the folder... that they weren't needed.  When I found that one of them could be deleted and not the other one "AAMLauncherUtil" could not be deleted, and since the tech support person had suggested deleting them both, I called back.
    The next rather clueless person in tech support spent a lot of time trying to help get rid of it, but couldn't.  When he was mucking around in the "Library" he deleted everything named "AAMLauncherUtil" from the Library (but left some stuff I would have imagined could have been deleted like references to my previous trial subscription.
    After he got done, Creative Cloud no longer worked and he couldn't figure out how to fix it... we were getting messages the Creative Cloud was corrupted and needed to be uninstalled.  He said he was going to refer the problem to a  higher level tech support, and that he couldn't transfer me there... they would have to call me which would be in 24 hours.
    The next day (since the higher level tech support failed to call back) I called Apple Support, and they helped me find a Creative Cloud Uninstaller and we ran that and re-downloaded and installed Creative Cloud again.
    I would expect from the name "AAMLauncherUtil" that this icon would Launch Adobe Application Manager and perhaps try to update my product(s) like it did the first time, OR report that my software is up to date... as most other software update attempts would do.  However what it really does now when I invoke the "AAMLauncherUtil" icon is just to open Creative Cloud just as if I had clicked on the icon in the top menu bar of my Apple Menu Bar.  The Apple person suggested that MAYBE it is supposed to do that if you have shut down Creative Cloud for some reason, and want to start it up again without restarting the computer.  Maybe that is so, but if it is, then I would have expected that they would have renamed the icon to Creative Cloud or something more descriptive of what it is supposed to do.
    As is is now, I am not sure if it is a leftover remnant of my original updated installation that should have gone away when I updated and it installed Creative Cloud, or if everyone else running Adobe Acrobat Pro XI has this icon in their Launchpad as well and it is supposed to be there for some unknown reason to perform some unknown function.
    After all that happened, I did update Creative Cloud, but that was within Creative Cloud itself when it reported having an update available, and not using the "AAMLauncherUtil" icon at all, so that would appear to negate it's possible update functionality wouldn't it?
    Assuming you are using a Mac, do you have such an icon in LaunchPad?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Bad bug with ID3 tags of different case for same artist

    My itunes files and music library are on a different drive than my boot drive. It is an internal drive (always on) in my Mac Pro at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes with music library at /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music. iTunes is setup to automatically keep it organized and copy files to the media folder when adding. It has been this way for years, never a problem.
    Just recently, and I think this may have coincided (but I'm not sure) with a 10.6.5 Snow Leopard update, my music started disappearing! The entries were still in the library, but with the missing exclamation mark in itunes with it reporting that it couldn't find the files. But only certain artists. After searching my computer, I found the missing files it at the same path, but on my boot drive, at /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/<missing artist>!
    Trying to add these files back to my library would work briefly, but then they would magically disappear out of /Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music and go back to /Media1/iTunes/iTunes Music/
    I figured out the one thing the different artists that had this behavior had in common - some of the ID3 tags for the same artist, which are the basis for organization, were in different cases. I think there is a weird case sensitivity bug that is breaking things. When I add back only those songs for an artist with ID3 tags for the artist of the same case, the behaviour stops.
    I'm posting less looking for an answer and more to raise visibility and hope this gets a fix.
    Example entries from my iTunes Library.xml, notice how the 'k' in OutKast is a different case in the entries.
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/OutKast/Speakerboxxx,%20Th e%20Love%20Below%20(Disc%202)/13%20Pink%20&%20Blue.mp3</string>
    <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/Media1/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/Outkast/Aquemini/12%20Spot tieOttieDopaliscious.mp3</string>

    I'd like to note that I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'd add to this but petegas4life has it spot on. I'm just replying in hopes this thread gets noticed so the engineers at apple can look into this and hopefully fix it in the next release.
    Reproducing the problem is pretty simple too. Just take one song from an album and change the case of the artist name. You'll see the music move to the boot drive and all of the songs from that artist won't work in itunes anymore. And if you're relying on iTunes to edit the tags, fixing the files is a PAIN because they keep disappearing on you.

  • Switched computer cases and now I hang at the MSI splash screen.

    Hey guys. I've never had any problems with building my PC until yesterday on the simplest of tasks.
    I decided to buy a new case and switch everything over but when I did it decided to hang on the MSI motherboard splash screen.
    * MEM 4Gx2|G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL + one more stick.
    * Processor = AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8GHz Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT55TFBGRBOX
    * Graphics Card = HD 7950
    * Motherboard = MB MSI| 880GM-E41 880G R
    * PSU = CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply
    * OS = Windows 7 64Bit
    * No overclocking.
    So far I've done the following. 
    * Removed battery/Jumped the bios. 
    * Checked and rechecked each RAM stick. 
    * Removed all connections. 
    * Removed graphics card etc. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Christmas has kind of killed my budget for a new build.
    These are as far as I can get before everything stops working.

    Really strange.
    Have you made sure that there was will be/was no contact between mobo and case (apart from spots where the contact should be made) ? This could've break the motherboard.
    Check ALL of the power supply cable connections between it and mobo.
    Now something weird which doesn't seen to make any sense... Try to put your motherboard back to the old case.
    That's all my suggestions, apart from that, if you're still able, then get it on a warranty and RMA it.
    Good luck.

  • Error after creating a new item in 'Case Worker'-- 'Agent Dashboard'-- 'Task Details' screen

    In 'Case Worker'-->'Agent Dashboard'--> 'Task Details' screen, I have created a item named 'YEARS' using 'Create Item' in 'Personalize Page' screen. It is not going to tasks page and giving error as "
    oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: No entities found, entityMaps not defined for attachment item (YEARS)." How can I remove this field now..

    Please see the suggested solutions in the following docs.
    Entity Maps Not Defined For Attachment Error When Selecting A Deliverable (Doc ID 358385.1)
    Corrupt Personalization - No Entities Found Entitymaps Not Defined For Attachment Item (Doc ID 1085011.1)
    R12:Supplier Page Unexpected Error: 'No Entities Found EntityMaps not Defined for Attachment Item' (Doc ID 1361320.1
    Geography Hierarchy No Entities Found, EntityMaps Not Defined For Attachment Item (Doc ID 831088.1)
    Depot Repair Bulk Receiving Error: "No entities found, entityMaps not defined for attachment item" (Doc ID 1357977.1)

  • IPod nano case with protective screen, available in store (looking for one)

    Hey, im looking forward to buy my first mp3 player, and its gonna be a white iPod Nano. I read alot of reviews, and some people have problems with scratches, and their screen cracking. I am really concerned about the screen cracking.
    Is there a good quality protective case with a screen protector, (maybe a wheel protecter, not noccesary though), that is sold at major stores (wal-mart, circuit city, bestbuy, etc)? Price can be an issue too, so not too expensive. Thanks in advance!
    pc   Windows XP
    would this be a good case?

  • Value difference for GR/IR Clearing Account in case of MIGO and MIRO.

    Hello Experts,
    One of our client has asked me about clarification regarding GR/IR Clearing Account shows different values when MIGO and MIRO posting. Scenario is that,
    Calculation of import Duty
    Input goods
    Material Base Value
    Landing Cost
    For computing Customs landing charges need to be added
    BED @
    Loaded in material cost
    CVD, @
    Credit taken
    Customs Education Cess
    Loaded in material cost
    ADDL Duty
    Credit taken
    Customs Duty
    All duty
    Hence Material cost in GR/IR should be Rs. 22,14,813
    Diff (2219092-2214813= 4279)
    Whereas it is taking Rs. 22,19,092
    My concern is that GR/IR Clearing Account consider only Material cost and non deductible tax amount i.e. CST which is loaded on material cost but system consider some different values, please check the above calculation. When user post MIRO in that case system automatically konck off GR/IR Clearing Account and post difference amount i.e. RS. 4279 to Inventory Account which is wrong. I dont know how system behaves in such manner.
    Please giude me on this issue as soon as possible.
    Vishal Jadhav

    Discussion moved. Please use Internationalization and Unicode for CIN related queries.

  • Making SKTO condition type as 0% in case of credits

    Hi All,
                  This is about the common scenario where in we give the credit back to the customer in normal practice as well in case of returns.
    The requirement is that whenever I create a credit memo (G2) or credit for returns (RE) , the SKTO should read as 0%. The catch here is that since the credit  memos are cretaed with reference to the orignal billing doc the SKTO condition which has the % discount copied from the payment terms is going to get copied in the credit memo request .
    Moreover there might be scenarios where the credit memo request is created independently w/o reference to  the original doc . So even in this case the SKTO is going to have  the % discount . It is because of this reason why I don't want to change/create any copy control routine from the original invoivce to the credit memo request doc.
    My question is :
    1. Is it possible to have the SKTO read as 0 % in case of credits ( G2 & RE) docs even though the credit memo request has a payment term which has the (xyz) % discount . ?
    2. If I am going to change the copy controls from CR to G2 or RE (returns) to RE (credit for returns), how
    would I need to do ?
    The Whole essence of this requirement is that my business doesn't want the cash discount (SKTO) to figure when they issue a credit.

    Hi Lakshmi,
                            Thanks for your suggestion .But I have bottlenecks in both the cases:
    1. In case 1 if I have to change the pricing procedure I need to introduce 2 new pricing procedures as we have 2 different products and both of them use different pricing procedures. This is a viable solution ,but I need to spend most of the time convincing the business that it doesn't impact anything .
    2. In case 2 , I have 2 credit scenarios ,(i) normal credit memos (ii) credit for returns . I have  the F2 -G2 in VTFF,but there is no F2-RE as of now . So I might have to create this . SInce this both the billing types are standard, is it recommended to create F2 -RE in VTFF?. Please let me know .
    OR as said by Mr .Shivram , I am looking at the option of modifying the requirement 6 assigned to SKTO in the pricing procedure .

  • Requirement of invoice list in case of a proforma invoice generation.

    Dear Experts,
    I have a case where the customer is indulged with the export sales & he had delivered the excisable goods to his customer (or we can also consider it under STO as one of the above case) & wants to arise a proforma invoice in context to this transaction with the delivery document being taken as the reference document in the billing screen VF01; where, as I have already mentioned that the PGI has been done. Now the problem is this that the billing document is not getting generated with an information log that, '_The invoice list cannot be determined_'. Now I am not able to understand that why this is happening? This was the delivery related with a single line item.
    I went for changing the billing relevance field at VOV7 from 'A' to 'J' & even tried by changing the copying requirement from '010' to '311' at VTFL, from LF to F8 (as this is normally followed during the issue of free samples & subseqyent free of charge deliveries); but was not able to get the required output.
    What to do? Kindly assist.
    With regards,
    Edited by: M.Santosh.Kumar on Jan 28, 2011 7:25 AM

    1) The document flow is like this that between the two plants for e.g. 1000 & 1100 under the same company code  the stock transfer needs to take place.
    2) Plant 1000 is devoid of the required amount of stock, hence it raised an enquiry for the aforesaid amount of stock with plant 1100
    3) Plant 1100 confirmed the availability of stock
    4) Plant 1000 raised a purchase order with plant 1100
    5) Plant 1100 raised the sales order for the required quantity of stock with plant 1000, & has done the PGI under delivery.
    6) Now the plant 1100 wants to raise one proforma invoice with respect to the delivery of goods being done to the corresponding plant 1000 & one commercial invoice for the payments to be made.
    7) The processing from raising the purchase order to the delivery of the goods to the respective plant has already being performed.
    8) At the moment of creating the proforma invoice with billing type F8, the system is throwing an error message that it is not able to generate the billing document because of the reason that the invoice list date cannot be determined.
    or else in the other way, in simple manner what needs to be done when simply the billing document is not getting generated in context to a delivery document because of the reason that the invoice list date could not be determined. Does this have to do anything with the POD time frame or the pricing conditions being defined under the pricing procedure which has not been followed upon while processing the sales order?
    With regards,

  • Profit-Center derivation in case of intra-company with external P/O

    I work within ECC 6.0 with new G/L and profit center accounting.
    I wonder about the system behaviour in the following case:
    1. profit center (PC) #1 is doing a sales order and needs material from PC#
    2. PC #2 generates a purchase order (naming PC#1 in the P/O)
    3. goods receipt leads to the posting
        debit        stock  (PC#2)    credit GR/IR    (PC#2)                ...o.K. from my side
    4. invoice receipt
        debit       GR/IR (PC#1)     credit A/P        (PC#1)
    5. subsequent postings (costs on sales orders) o.K.
    As you can see debit and credit an the GR/IR are not balanced on profit center level.
    Does anyone have an idea how to solve that? Is there a user exit or something?
    Thanks and best wishes for 2012

    Hello Sangram,
    thank you for your fast reply.
    It is not about the amounts. They are correct.
    I got confused regarding the change of the profit center numbers on the level of the GR/IR.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error while posting journal entry: -5012/unbalanced transaction

    Hi everyone, I got this error message when trying to add a FA Retirement.  FA is dated 26.May.08, depreciated for the month of May 2008 and would like to be retired on 01.June.08 (sale with customer). FA G/L Account Determination is completely define

  • Problem in matrix 3d

    Sir, I am trying to experiment with new CS4 and AS3 to create 3D aplications using matrix3D class.i recently encountered a problem in the Code and I am unable to compile it even. URL:

  • XML on PSP

    Hi everyone, I've just created a .fla to verify if XML can load on PSP flash player. XML can't load! do you have some information about this argument? Any PDF or guide?

  • Fun. mod which retrieves  values stored in the SETLEAF & SELINET  Table

    I am doing a report which needs to find the meaningless location.  For which i need to go the transaction GS03 and give the set id Z_AA_EXCEPTION_LIST_M03, and get the meaningless location. This value is stored in the table SETHEADER, SETLEAF, AND SE

  • Going from G4 to Intel

    I am going from a G4 machine to a new macbook. Will my microsoft office 04' for Mac software work on the intel machine or do I need new software?