Change aspect ratio to letterboxed

I have a whole sequence in image size 640x480 that is pillarboxed. I want to turn this into a widescreen sequence as i think it's a 16:9 letterboxed. any ideas on how i can do this? I am new to the behind the scenes of premiere pro.
thanks in advance

I don't understand what it is you really want.
Your footage is 4:3 using square pixels. (Or is it really something else?) To make it 16:9 widescreen, you would have to chop some off of the top and bottom. Let's say, you would end up with 640X360.
OK. now you have lost some from the top and some from the bottom and you have a widescreen video. But it is pretty small. Is that what you want? Or did you think you could blow it up to HD?

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  • Changing Aspect Ratio in FCPX 10.0.08

    Hi - I think I must be losing my marbles because i cant, for the life of me, find out how to change Aspect Ratio during edit.
    My rushes are previewable as full screen but once i pull them into the timeline they get letterboxed automatically.
    I search online and came across advice to go to Sequence > Settings > Change Aspect Ratio, but i cant seem to locate it.
    Can anyone help?

    I dont seem to have that icon?

  • How to change aspect ratio on shockwave

    Hi guys,
    I need your help. I cannot find the answers by how to change the aspect ratio on shockwave. Please can someone help me how I can change aspect ratio on shockwave??

    Just like this one:
    Is it possible to change the aspect ratio on the propert?? if so, which property that I should use to change the video frame??

  • Can you 'force" change aspect ratio for DVD player 4.0?

    I have burnt a dvd-r from my pioneer hdd/dvd recorder (630H). The program is in 16:9 ratio but plays at 4:3 on my powerbook dvd player 4. (All other dvd-r burnt via other burners appear OK however - so I guess this is something peculiar to the Pioneer) Why is this?. Question is: is there any way to "force" the apple dvd player to change aspect ratios? Thanks for any assistance.

    I've got about 20 video tracks and one audio track all laid out and I've decided I'd like to insert something before the audio track so if I move the audio track everything else will be off.  Is there a way to shift all the video tracks and the audio track over to the right to make room for the inserted video?

  • Change aspect ratios

    How do I change aspect ratios before I start a project? 4:3 or 16:9
    I have looked everywhere and do not see it.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Change the Easy Setup to the appropriate anamorphic or widescreen format. If you make a new project the new sequence in it and the capture settings will be in the format you assigned.

  • ITunes changing aspect ratio of recorded TV shows

    I use Elgato's EyeTV to record TV programmes, and their Turbo264 plug-in to encode for the Apple TV. All the programmes added to my iTunes library are suddenly appearing with the aspect ratio of 1456*576.
    I am certain that this is an iTunes problem rather than an Elgato problem because:
    1) If you look at the file properties in Finder the files are the correct aspect ratio of 1024*576
    2) I recorded an entire series in December and watched the first two, which displayed correctly, but appear to have become retrospectively stretched.

    Hi Richard,
    sounds like you are suffering from the same sort of issue I am;
    Played-back programmes are ending up extremely letterboxed through iTunes and if they weren't wide-screen to start with they appear as a window in centre screen.
    The weird thing is if you open the iTunes library files using Quicktime you will find they display in the same strange way until you change a couple of playback settings. Then they appear perfectly.
    It would seem that you can't make the same playback setting changes in iTunes.

  • How to crop canvas and change aspect ratio?

    I'm working on a project shot with an old camera from the 70s. I used that camera but recorded the signal on my mini dv camera. Now I have a black border on the right side of the image.
    This project is going on the Web, not TV. How can I crop the canvas (and change the aspect ratio) without a black border? I know there's a crop feature in the motion tab, but that results in same aspect ratio with black border. Is this possible?
    (I don't care if the aspect ratio is non-standard, and I don't want to letterbox.)

    If you are going to the web (what means you'll downscale at the end) and you shoot using an old camera, the loss of quality of the upscaling probably means nothing in your final web encoding.
    You can make a test upscaling just some seconds of your movie an encoding it for the web to check the final quality.
    Hope that helps !

  • Any way to change aspect ratio via youview box?

    I have a Sharp LC-13SH1E 20" tv. Since replacing the Vision box with the new Youview box 3 days ago, the picture is all stretched and elongated up/down. BT advised changing the aspect ratio on my tv but there is no way of doing so on this tv. 
    This is the advice i received from a pc forum:
    "It sounds like the YouView box is outputting a widescreen image, and because your TV's has an aspect ratio of 4:3, everything looks stretched vertically.
    I've had a look at the manual for TV too but there don't appear to be any options for selecting the aspect ratio. I've also looked at the YouView box manual expecting to see the same sort of options I get on my Sky Box such as 16:9, 4:3, 4:3 letterbox, etc. The last two are the ones relevant to your setup. I can't unfortunately find the same settings for your YouView box. Have a good look yourself and hopefully you'll find there is indeed a way to change the box's aspect ratio to 4:3.
    Good luck."
    Can anyone help please? Been round and round in circles with the **bleep** thing.....
    Go to Solution.

    MartinSW wrote:
    cath60 wrote:
    Actually, i have another question... since i was not made aware of this design fault when i took out the contract, can i cancel it? Really cross.
    The picture should be displayed on your TV in a letterbox - a wide thin image in the horizontal middle with black bars top and bottom. If you're seeing it any other way the chances are your TV IS doing something to the picture.
    I think the problem is actually that the TV isn't doing anything to the picture. It's just treating all signals as though they are 4:3 regardless of what the WSS indicator is telling it (SCART Pin 8 ?). Hence 7ft-person-o-vision. This seems a bit daft considering widescreen transmissions have been around for donkeys years long before digital TV or Freeview and Youview. The TV does seem to have a fundamental design fault. I have a 14 year old portable 4:3 CRT TV and even that allows me to display widescreen transmissions correctly in letterboxed format.
    I can appreciate that you might have assumed a new box would do the appropriate 4:3 reformatting like the BT Vision box does, but I guess they have to phase out support for certain things at some point in time. All the BT boxes after the silver ones also had the picture output over RF cable facility removed as well which annoyed a lot of customers. Sky have now removed that from their latest boxes as well. Things move on. It's just unfortunate that you happen to also have a TV that seems to have been designed with no thought for widescreen transmissions.

  • AE changing aspect ratio of rendered frames

    I'm rendering .png frames at NTSC DV, 720x480, Pixel aspect 0.9.  My composition settings in AE are set to the same, however, when I import the frames they are listed as 720x480 (1.11).  When viewed in the composition window the frames extend past the viewable area on both sides.  Using AE 7.0.
    Why is this happening, and how do I fix it?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    This is going to sound weird but it's the truth. The aspect ratio doesn't change the pixels. Aspect ratio only sets the interpretation - or tells a video app how to  make those pixels fit in a desired space on a scan line. It's a lot like the PPI tag added to images intended for print. The tag has nothing to do with the actual pixels.
    That said, if you can't find a setting for choosing pixel aspect ratio when you setup the output module and the render settings, then the PAR tag won't be added to the render. AE, or your NLE will then take a look at the frame size and make a guess as to PAR and field order. The guess may be wrong. If it is, all you have to do is go into the interpretation settings and change them.
    I'd guess you're rendering to a DV codec. If so, there's no PAR tag so all you have to do is reset the interpretation. The same goes for Premiere or FCP or Vegas or any other NLE. Sometimes DV footage gets interpreted as the wrong PAR.
    Hope this helps.

  • CS4 changing aspect ratio, resizing video

    I've been working on a project at school for some time and am just now getting to the editing factor. My issue is about half way through editing it seems that its changed the aspect ratio from wide screen to a more standard ratio. I have it set to scale to the frame size. Just to clear a few things up they were all captured the same, all the original quicktime files are the same it's just once I import them into premiere that I start having issues. I really appreciate it, thanks

    After uploading it to youtube the size gets so small you can hardly see it. My main goal with this thread is to get the video to actually scale to the frame.

  • Changing aspect ratio of copy protected videos?

    I am attempting to watch a widescreen TV show I purchased through the iTunes store on my LG plasma screen. My usual setup is a digital video out and into the plasma using VGA. The screen in this mode only gives me two aspect ratios to choose from: 16:9 or 4:3. In 16:9 mode the image appears streched and in 4:3 mode I have black margins an boths sides of the screen. When I watch a widescreen video in 16:9 it is streched with margins at the top and botton and in 4:3 mode I have now margins left and right and top and botton. I therefore usually change the aspect ratio in Quicktime so that it displays correctly in 16:9 format on the plasma. Unfortunately the new TV shows in the store are not just copy protected but I now cannot even change the aspect ratio of a video anymore under "movie properties". So the only option I have is to use the S-video output of my old Powerbook and connect to the composite input of the plasma. While this gives me many more aspect ratio options (intrinsic to the design of the plasma) the picture quality is poor. So how can I solve this? I do not want to purchase Apple TV. I have everything hardwired and do not want to change that. I understand that the files need to be copy protected. However, Apple should enable me to change the aspect ratio of a video to be able to view movies at high resolution and without a distorted picture. Any idea how to solve this?

    Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for your note, but the issue a bit different. Clicking the "fit page" and "fit width" allows you to change the zoom on the document, but the viewing area within the pod remains at a fixed ratio. So the document (unless the pod size is set at the same ratio) never fills the entire pod. Is this clear? I've added some screen shots to show what I mean more clearly.
    As you can see, no matter what the zoom level is on the PDF (or if it's to fit width as the above screen shot), it's constrained proportionally (as I mentioned, I think it's at 4:3). Ideally, I'd like to get the PDF so it can fill the entire pod and zoom in and out. Is this possible with Connect?
    Thanks! Appreciate your help.
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  • Change aspect ratio of video

    Is there a way to change the aspect ratio of the video streams delivered by the VideoPublisher from 1:1 to other aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9)?

    You should check this topic. Hironmay recently answered it and I believe it could be helpful in answering your question.

  • Aspect Ratio of Letterboxed DVX100 Footage

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what the exact aspect ratio would be of DVX100 footage with the widescreen matte turned on. In trying to measure it in Final Cut, applying the 1.66:1 and 1.70:1 mattes don't do anything, but the 1.78:1 matte crops off a slight additional amount of any shot. Using Compressor, the 1.75:1 matte also crops off slightly more footage than was originally matted by the letterbox.
    If it helps, here are the numbers that Compressor provides:
    Using 1.66:1 matte crops the top and bottom to a value of 47. Using a 1.75:1 matte crops the top and bottom to 57 and selecting 'Letterbox Area of Source' crops the top and bottom to 54.

    I can't tell you exactly what aspect ratio the DVX100 with the widescreen matte turned on. I can tell you what a 4x3 matted aspect ratio should be. It should be 4x3 1.77777778.
    Figuring this out in NTSC broadcasting specs is a little misleading Eg: 4x3 1.33 native equates to 720*486=1.48148148148 or 720*480=1.5 due to non-square pixels. Conversion to square pixels helps. 640*480=1.33333333. for 16x9 640*360=1.77777778.
    I wouldn't rely on a correct line count coming out of the camera or out of Final Cut without a profressional grade scope ie: Tektronix.
    So, if what you're trying to do if place mattes to match your video I would suggest creating the mattes manually to line up with the existing mattes.

  • Change aspect ratio in a nearly completed project

    I need to change the aspect ratio of a nearly completed class project from 720x480 down to 720x418.  My source material is x418, but I started the project at x420, and I need to get rid of the black bars.  I thought the crop tool might do it, but it doesn't change the aspect ratio of the project.  Please help!

    You can't do this in FCP. You need Compressor to create custom image sizes like this.

  • Changing Aspect Ratio on multiple clips

    I posted earlier about the "16:9 confusion". I have since figured out that somehow my aspect ratio went to -33.33 on all of my clips. The only way I have found to fix this is to change the aspect ratio on each individual clip back to 0. I have hundreds of clips. Is there a way to select & change them all back to 0?

    glad you got it solved.
    As you can see you can conversely paste attributes (should you need in the future to paste filters, basic motions etc. to a number of clips ) by simply copy (command+C) the clip to which you applied a given effect or basic motion and select and right click the desired clips and choose "paste attributes..."

Maybe you are looking for

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