Change Batch Management Flag in Material Master

TCode : MM17
Select General Material Data     MARA
Enter Material Number
Click on Select Fields Icon above New Values under General Material Data tab
Choose "Batch Management"
Check/Uncheck Flag for Batch Management & Save

Hi there,
Besides the note 30656 , there are two important points to be take into your consideration:
1) If you want to change the batch management, it is not enough to check for stock. You must also reorganize all existing batches for the material. You can do this using the TA MM73 and MM74 or SARA. After you have reorganized the batches you should be able to change the batch management. The Object to use in the txn SARA is MM_SPSTOCK. You must first set the deletion flag for the batch using txn MCH2.
2) If you have defined the batch level in the TA OMCE to 'unique at material level', it is not possible to turn off the batch management flag in one plant. You can can only turn it off for all plants at the same time. That means if you want to turn it off, the system checks all plants for the existence of stock. In other words, the batch management flag will be the same for all plants at any time if you use the batch level 'unique at material level'.
Hope this helps!

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  • Removal of batch management indicator from material master

    I had removed all batch stock from material code but when trying to remove batch management indicator from material master system is giving the message "batches already exist"
    Please suggest the solution.

       The material is NEW and Batch Managed.  No stocks, orders, batches are existing.
       If the Batch Management indicator is removed in Material Master, is there any way *to see/track the batch/lot * of the product.
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  • Changing Batch Management Level from Material to Plant

    Hi all,
    We are investigating changing our batch management level from material to plant to meet business requirements.
    SAP has pointed us to a note with a program to reset the batch level, as well as highlighting some things to look out for.
    I've conducted the change in a playpen system and so far it looks relatively straightforward, with complexities arising only when characteristics exist, or when a batch exists in multiple plants.
    Seems that batch master data is moved from MCH1 to MCHA, including the object link number to classification. Unfortunately it seems a limitation of the conversion is that the batch master data is copied to ONE plant only in MCHA, no doubt due to the fact the object number link to classification must be unique.
    My question is this: has anyone performed this change before, and if so can you offer me any advice on what to look out for, or potential problems that arose after the change?
    Any help or comments are appreciated.

    first of all try this simple one...
    You will have to delete all the materials, remove stock and then switch the batch management flag.
    To convert the batch from plant level to material there is Conversion Program defind by the SAP...
    1. For all releases lower than Release 4.5B, implement the corrections and the modification in the report RM07CHDX as described in the correction instructions.
    2. Create the report ZCHTCUCH, which is specified in the attachment.
    3. Run this report in the clients for which you want to reset batch level to plant level.
    4. Call transaction OMCT.
    5. Check whether the batch level for "Batch unique at plant level" is set.
    6. Implement Notes 821891, 944278, 950540 and 1091613 if you have not already done so (or you have not imported the corresponding Support Package).
    7. Execute the function "Batch Level -> Conversion".
    8. Define a plant for a plant view that may be missing.
    9. Always execute the report in the test mode first. Analyze the error log.
    10. If no errors occur, you can execute the report in production mode.
    11. If you are working with batch long texts, first execute the report ZM07CHDX_TEXT in test mode.
    try this out..hope is works,,

  • Batch Management deactivation for material master.

    Hi Guys,
    We are trying to change material master(MM02) by deacivating
    batch management in Purchasing is not accepting us to change the material masteer.
    Note: Stock of this materila and plant combination is zero.
    it is giving errror as below.
    Batch management requirement cannot be changed; choose "Display errors"
    Please help out regaring this.
    Warm Regards:
    Tata Reddy

    Hi Csaba,
    Material Master Maintenance
    The batch management requirement cannot
    be changed for the following reasons:
    Stocks already exist at plant level.
      Plant SLoc
       DT01 OL02
    Batches already exist.
    Warm Regards:
    Tata Reddy

  • Batch Management Indicator Required - Material Master

    My requirement -
    Batch management field has to be required for material Type "FERT"
    1) I created a new field selection group for the field "batch management" (MARA-XCHPF)
    2) Created a new Field Reference group with "Required" entry (OMS9)
    3) Assigned the New Field Reference to the material Type in OMS2
    The batch management Field is now a mandatory field.
    Issue is, when we try to create only the basic Data Views of a FERT material, system does not allow to save the material untill the "Batch Management Indicator" is activated (even if we are not referencing to any plant specific views of the material master.)
    We need to have the the Batch management indicator a required entry for FERT, but at the same time should be able to create material master with basic data Field only (we would be extending the plant specific views later)
    Is there a alternative method to have this setting to meet the requirements above?

    I think you can check if the batch level is defined on material or client now, if yes, you may check if that can be switched to plant level. As far as I knw the basic data is for client so the field is shown on basic data view and ask to input value as you customized.
    Alternatively, I think you can use the user exit MGA00001to check the field instead of the field selection, this is called when the material master get saved, then you can write your own source code to chec if the customer filled the  field only for certain situations.
    Best Regards.

  • How to indicate batch managed item in material master

    Dear Frndz,
    where should I have to enable batch management for an item in item master.

    Dear Srini,
    You can maintain batch management in Sales:General /Plant (FG),Purchasing view & work scheduling view of Material Master.
    Edited by: Raja on May 12, 2009 7:36 AM

  • Batch Management Flag on a Delivery Item

    I have an item in a delivery that has the "Batch Management Flag" marked on iten level (material tab and picking tab from delivery). That item doesn´t have a batch associed, then the incompletness log shows the message: "Batches / valuation types not completely allocated"
    I want to make a goods issue directly from the Storage location , without a batch, but the sistem doesn´t allows, even removing the "Batch Management flag" from LIPS-XCHPF.
    How can i make to clear the incompletness log for this delivery or make that delivery complete after removing the flag from LIPS-XCHPF?

    This Material doesn´t have a Batch associed to the Storage Location, because the Batch Management Flag in material master is not set. This is the problem, i need to make the goods issue directly from the storage location, without a Batch.
    I don´t know why this flag was set in delivery, it´s a closed field and it was set automatically.
    I try to clear this field in table LIPS field XCHPF, but even so the system shows the message in incompletness log of the Delivery and doesn´t allows do the goods issue.

  • Default the Batch Management flag for some Material Groups

    Hi Gurus,
    Is it possible to Default the Batch Management flag (under T code MM01) based on the material grops.Like for example if the Material groups -01 then the default value for batch managemnet flag should be checked.
    Our OMCT  set up is -Batch unique at the Client level for a material
    Edited by: Ruchi Dutta on Oct 22, 2008 11:55 PM

    Hi Ruchi,
    have you got the solution ??

  • How to Remove batch mangement indicator from Material Master

    I am trying to remove batch mangement indicator from Material master..but system does not allow
    Before this .. I have done all activities also ...clear open SD documnets ,deliveriy documents ,PO documents ,Process order teco and . reservations and activae deletion flag in  batch  ... and made current period  stock an previous period  stock zero... i have cleard all documnets ...still system does not allow remove indicator..could you please guide in this issue to remove batch indicator.

    Please refer the below links.
    Re: untick Batch Manegement Indicator on Material Master
    Remove batch management flag and deletion of material documents
    How to remove Batch Management in the Material
    Re: How to remove Batch Management Check in the Material

  • Wants to activate batch management for a material which already had a Stock

    i want to activate batch management for a material which already has a stock and open Purchasing documents.
    is there any way by which we can do it without removing the same.
    please help.

    program name is RVBCONVMAT2BM
    but i am doubtfull it will be delivered with standard SAP, you need to request you from SAP as they charge for this.
    this program convert the material to batch and all relevant dependant documents will be updated with batch no.
    Pravin Mukkawar
    pasting  some description of the program
    REPORT rvbconvmat2bm.
    Report illustrates the call of function module VBZ0401_CONVERT_OBJECTS
    which sets the batch management flag for one material including
    depending objects. Function module VBZ0401_FILL_BUFFERS helps
    improving the performance.
    then logic......

  • Is it possible to activate Batch Management for a material without Class?

    Dear Experts,
                           Is it possible to activate Batch Management for a material without having Class & Characteristics maintained. As my requirement is to procure Fuels in Batches only with external no. assignment without any parameters to be checked at the time of Goods Receipt? Batches are needed for Accountability purpose.

    Chandan H N wrote:
    > Dear Experts,
    >                        Is it possible to activate Batch Management for a material without having Class & Characteristics maintained. As my requirement is to procure Fuels in Batches only with external no. assignment without any parameters to be checked at the time of Goods Receipt? Batches are needed for Accountability purpose.
    > Regards
    Please check this answered link:
    Batch-classification view
    If you want classify a batch, then you should have maintained the batch classification in material master which is either class 022 or class 023 (depends on your batch level set in cusotmizing). The material class 001 has no impact on the batch classifcition, it is what it is: a classification for the material.
    Edited by: Afshad Irani on Jun 20, 2010 4:40 PM

  • Change the characteristic Values in Material master date

    Hi Experts,
    How do change the characterstic values in material master ? Is there any standard BAPI or t.ocde or LSMW
    Best Rgds

    I often changed classification with LSMW using IDOC CLFMAS

  • Change the characteristic Values in Material master dat

    Hi Experts,
    How do change the characterstic values in material master ? Is there any standard BAPI or t.ocde or LSMW
    Best Rgds

    Hi Suma,
    Probably this question should be asked in another forum (MM) then the one for DMS related questions

  • Change Special Procurement in the material master?

    How can I change Special Procurement in the material master? Right now Special procurement field is greyed out and would not allow me to change it?

    Have you used any MRP profile.
    If so in transaction MMD2 for MRP profile, choose the special procurement type field & change the selection from display mode.
    Now in transaction mm02 the spl procurement field can be entered/changed.
    Senthilkumar SD

  • Can not change the ABC indicator in Material master MRP1 View?

    Hi All,
    I could not change the ABC indicator in Material master for material X. Could some one please specify the condition or prerquisit for making chnages in ABC indicator?

    Hi Animesh,
    In Logistics Information system , ABC analysis can being done  and results updated in Material master for ABC indicator by background job run.
    The relevant transaction is MC40  ( Total Analysis) .
    This transaction when run in backgroung with field "Update ABC background processing mode" clicked, will update the ABC indicator appropriately.
    You can find different criteria based on which A, B,C is decided.
    I hope this will be useful to you.
    Please check and confirm.

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