'CHANGE' event not triggering for BTE 2214 on park/change from FBV1/FBV2

I have designed a workflow template for FI parking. If the parked document is rejected, i need to trigger FIPP 'CHANGE' event for sending workitem to approver when someone changes the parked document. In SWEL event trace, the 'CHANGE' event is not getting raised.
So i implemented a BTE 000002214 and now i am able to raise 'CHANGE' event and capture it in workflow. But this is only working when i park a document using FV50 transaction and later change it.
But when i park a document using FBV1 and then make changes from FBV2, the 'CHANGE' event is not being triggered in SWEL. Should i implement some other BTE like 2218 etc? Can you please help?

Hi Gokul,
You can try handling the SAVE event instead of the CHANGED event.
T-code FBV2 will not allow you to save the document unless you make some changes.
Try implementing BTE 2218 and revert.

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  • Enter event not triggering for read-only checkbox

    I have some objects in a form that get "locked" when the user signs the form.  I'm not using the digital signatures.  Instead, when the user types their name into the signature text field, a script runs on the change event that makes all of the fields in the form read only.  It also unlocks the fields if the signature is deleted.
    I was worried that we would get a lot of phone calls with users that didn't understand that the form had locked ("Why doesn't this form work?!"), so I added some code to the enter event for all of the fields that would pop up a messagebox to explain to people trying to edit a signed form that the form was locked and that they would need to delete the signature to edit the form.
    This plan works perfect for my text fields and decimal fields.  It does NOT work at all for my checkboxes.  For some reason, the enter event is never triggered for read-only checkboxes.  I don't see any other events that would obviously work for me though.  Any ideas?

    Thanks, those are reasonable suggestions.
    In the first suggestion, I'm unclear about one aspect of how I would accomplish this.  I assume I would allow people to modify fields in the form, but that when they did, a msgbox would pop up that would inform them that, if they continued with this modification to a signed form, the signature would be removed.  I'm all good to that point.  But if they answered that they do not want to continue modifying that field and removing the signature, how can I code it to set the value back to what it was before the change?  Is there some method that will give me access to the value of the field BEFORE the attempted modification?  I went looking for something like $.previousvalue, but found nothing.
    I'd suggest that I could use a two-stage solution, in which I store the previous value on the enter event, and save it just in case they do not want to change the field when prompted by the msgbox, but since the enter event does not exist for checkboxes (my original problem), that seems like it won't work.
    As far as radio button suggestion, I like radio buttons very much except for one fatal flaw: they aren't (as far as I can tell) clearable.  That is a shame.  Clearly some people (like me) want both exclusivity AND clearability.  And we'd like the controls to have an enter event.  But I know I'm demanding   Anyway, as it is, I just end up having to use checkboxes and create a boatload of silly code to make them exclusive.

  • Event not triggering for SWEC entry (MM_SERVICE) on create

    Hi All,
    I have been trying to trigger a customised event for BUS2009 based on creation of the Change Object MM_SERVICE.  I have created an entry in SWEC as follows:
    - Change Doc Object: MM_SERVICE
    - Object Cat : BOR
    - Object Type: BUS2009
    - On Create
    (no field conditions)
    However, the event does not seem to publish upon an insert of ESUH-SUMLIMIT (Overall Limit on the Purchase Req - a field in Change Object MM_SERVICE), as I am not seeing the event in SWEL.  Please note I have also tried to do this with field conditions in SWEC, but to no avail. 
    Alternatively, I have tried to setting the Change Doc config via SWU_EWCD, however, it comes back with an error message saying "No change document object for business object type BUS2009" - I believe this might have to do with the incompatibility of the key structures between MM_SERVICE and BUS2009.  We have written a function module to overcome this problem and placed same in SWEC, which is why the (BUS2009) event is currently publishing for "on change" of MM_SERVICE - is there any way around this?
    On the other hand, the event will publish OK if the SWEC entry is amended to "ON CHANGE" (with field conditions) - upon changing the value of ESUH-SUMLIMIT, not insert/create.
    Would anyone be able to kindly advise how I can get the event to publish upon "ON CREATE" as well?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your prompt response Surjith.
    However, I believe the above setup in SWEC is already configured for the purpose of triggering the event.  The customised event in BUS2009 (RELEASEDREQCHANGED) is linked to the Change Document Object MM_SERVICE via "on create" in SWEC - it's just that there are no events coming up in SWEL
    I have exactly the same config setup for RELEASEDREQCHANGED, MM_SERVICE via "on change" - and this is working perfectly fine (ie. I can see the event in SWEL whenever there is a change in any of the restricted fields of MM_SERVICE).
    My understanding is that upon "on create" (in SWEC), it is not necessary to set up field restrictions in order to publish the event.  In any case, I have tried to trigger the event both with and without any field restrictions, none of which came up with any event when a field in MM_SERVICE has been inserted.  This is the reason why I tried SWU_EWCD instead, however, due to the incompatibility in the key structure between BUS2009 and MM_SERVICE, the transaction did not allow me to complete the setup.
    Is there any way around this?
    Many thanks.
    ~ Andy

  • Change pointer not triggered for LBKUM of MM02

    HI im generating Idoc for material master change through BD21.
    But when I change the value of Total stock (LBKUM) in accounting view of MM02
    Im using transaction MIGO to update LBKUM value.
    In this case change pointer is not getting generating....and there is no entry in CDHDR and CDPOS.
    Please tell me how to generate change pointer for this field.

    Hi lucky,
    I am facing the same problem. Can you please let me know the solution you have used?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Shopping Cart Workflow - "Wait for change event" not firing?

    Hi there,
    I have a scenario where if I create a shopping cart above my spending limit it will go into the approver's inbox, that is fine.
    Now if I change the total value of the shopping cart to be within my spending limit the original workflow should be "logically deleted" and a "no step approval workflow" should be triggered.
    I see when the SC workflow triggers it also branches with a "wait for events", so that if it changes etc it will get caught here.
    When I change the SC it does not do anything, the value of the cart changes but it still sits in the approvers inbox and the "no step approval workflow" does not trigger.
    We are busy upgrading to SRM 5.0, it worked perfectly in the SRM 3.0 system we had.
    Any ideas what would cause the "change event" not to fire?
    Thanks for the help

    Hey Masa,
    You are the man!! That solved it.....I have implemented the BBP_WFL_SECUR_BADI and for whatever reason I set the security level to 4 when it should have been 2.
    4     "High" (workflow is never restarted when changes are made)
    3     "Medium" (WF restarted conditionally when changes are made)
    2     "Low" (workflow is always restarted when changes are made)
    1     "None" (changes to the object are not allowed)
    0     "Not defined"
    Thanks for the help

  • BSEG.CREATED event not triggering when a document is posted in FB60

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement in which i need to post documents in FB60/FB65/FB01 tcode. But when i post the document in FB60 the event BSEG.CREATED is not triggering. I could not see any trace in SWEL. But when i park the document in FB60, FIPP.CREATED event is getting triggerd.
    Can anyone tell me why this BSEG.CREATED event is not triggering.
    Thanking you in advance,

    Hi Viji,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    We have maintained the required configurations in the system related to this. But still the event BSEG.CREATED is not triggering.
    for this the alternative solution is to implement the BTE '1030'. But our functional team is asking us to check whey standard business object BSEG.CREATED is not triggering when we post a document. So that particular reason we are not able to find out.
    Configuration maintained.
    1) Created a workflow variant and assigned it to particular company code(OBWA and OBWJ).
    2) Checked the 'Posting' release' and 'Release payments' checkboxes in the OBWA transaction.
    3) Event linkage for BSEG is active.(SWETYPV)

  • Nexus 7010 bgp state change alert not triggered to NNM

    Hi ,
    BGP state change alert not triggered  to NNM on  Nexus -7010 for Monitoring.
    Details of the Device:
    Nexus 7010 :     
      BIOS:      version 3.22.0
      kickstart: version 5.1(3)
      system:    version 5.1(3)
    BGP neighbor status :
    Neighbor        V    AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down  State/PfxRcd      4 65505 5089234 5194515    51359    0    0     6w2d 391      4 65505 5044293 5146859    51359    0    0    30w4d 378     4 15404  120744  114811    51359    0    0     1w6d 1     4 65501 5261796 5264413    51359    0    0    2d06h 0
    Snmp trap enabled:
    snmp-server user admin network-admin auth md5 0x690c4ede8a88ba7f2de791dbe7a77f0a
    priv 0x690c4ede8a88ba7f2de791dbe7a77f0a localizedkey
    snmp-server host traps version 2c xxxx
    snmp-server enable traps bgp
    Downloaded cisco-bgp4-mib version, bgp4-mib tried and performed snmpwalk  as given below
    nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -c xxx .
    Error : No MIB objects contained under subtree
    nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -v 2 -c xxx .
    No MIB objects contained under subtree
    Kindly advise to resolve the issue

    You can set an alert for Warning State. This is feasible.
    Juke Chou
    TechNet Community Support

  • Release strategy not triggering for Specif plant

    Hi Friends
    I configured a release strategy with three charecteristics. P.org, Plant, Net value.
    this stretegy is triggering for specific plants which are under a particular company code, and if I change to my plant and P.org. its not triggering.
    I have deleted all the classifications and release strategies from, no other data in VV_T16FS_2 , AUSP,T16FV,and T16FS tables except this release strategies data.
    do we have any settings at cocode level??????
    please respond if answer known
    Points would be awarded for for your valuable answer.

    Thank you deepak for your quick respond
    Actually There were already release strategies  with same charecteristics, and with the values of other plants and other P.orgs which are under certain companycode.
    these were triggering perfectly for PO
    Now created new strategy for plant and P.org under different plant code of different cocde. this strategy not triggering for PO.
    but if the release strtegy  values replaced by the erlier plants and P.org  again its triggering.
    Now I created new chars, class, and stategies still same problem persists.
    Release stategy working for the values of a prticular company code plants, Porgs.
    and already tried your suggestion Cocode as char. but same its working for only that company code not for my companycode

  • How to tackle the dataflow problem when Value Change event always triggers after another GUI event

    We know that Value change event always triggers after another GUI event. Eg, the user modifies string control, the user clicks on a boolean control. Then event boolean clicked is triggered before event string control value change.
    Now suppose somehow the GUI event that must happen to subsequently trigger the Value change event can potentially affect the data that Value change event is supposed to work on. How can we tackle this problem ?
    For example, in a mockup application that the grand purpose is to have user entered values in a textbox logged to a file (no missing information is accepted, and there is a boolean to determine how the information is logged).
    There are 2 controls, boolean A when clicked (mouse down) will load random number in text box B. Text box B is designed with event structure VALUE change which saves whatever values user enters into text box B to a log file.
    There are 3 problems when instead of clicking anywhere on the front panel after modifying text box B, the user ends up clicking on boolean control A.
    1. Event mouse down on Boolean control A will execute first, modifying text box B content before the user entered values in B get saved.
    2. The value of boolean A can potentially affect how textbox B is loggged.
    3. The value of boolean A affects how the file is logged and this is indeterminate. Somehow when running this VI with no Highlighting, the textbox B Value change event executes -before- boolean A value is updated (F to T). When running this VI with Highlighting, the boolean A value is updated (F to T) (because we click on it) -before- textbox B value change event occurs. Why is it like this ?
    Now the situation I made up seems non-sense, but I believe it resembles one way or another a problem that you might run into. How would you solve this problem elegantly ?

    You can set the string control to "update while typing".
    Are you sure appending the log to itself is reasonable? Wouldn't it grow without bounds if the users keeps entering strings or pressing the ingore button?
    Why isn't the "constant" a diagram constant instead of a control. Is the user allowed to change it?
    To reset just write empty strings or a false to local variables of the controls (renit to defaults" seems a bit heavy handed).
    All you probably need is a single event case for "ignore:value change" and "String" value changed", no need for the local variable..
    Also add a stop button and an event for it.
    You don't need the timeout event.

  • Workflow not triggered for PR from MRP run

    I have PR Release strategy workflow configured, working well when i try to create PR manually, triggers workflow.
    PR's created thorugh MRP run, triggers release strategy but not workflow.
    I checked the event trace 'releasestepcreated' event not triggered through MRP run.
    Please respond ASAP.
    Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

    The response i got from SAP.
    Please see note 67866 Purchase req. from materials planning -> no workflow

  • Event from Change document not triggerring

    I've used chnage document FMRESERV to track change in table KBLP-DELTAWTAPP for any value change, but although I'm chnaging amount from FMX2, the event for this chanhe document is not triggerring. Can you please help me how to resolv the issue.

    Further, check if the change pointers are activated in transaction BD61 and if the pointers are maintained in transaction BD52. If these are maintained correctly along with the flag in the data element, the change pointers should be triggered.
    Does this help?

  • Subtype event not triggering and supertype event triggers twice!!!!!!

    We have created a subtype for object bus2030 and also an event created for that. My workflow should trigger whenever an inquiry is created.
    I've maintained this as triggering event in SWDD and done type linkage is SWE2 and everything looks fine.
    When i simulate or create event the WF is triggered but when create inquiry in VA11 WF does not triggers.
    I've checked SWEL for event trace but no event is triggered at all... Am i missing something... I've done almost everything that i used to do...
    Even synchronized buffer!!! nothing paid me a solution...
    Infact the same was working with 3.1i system but after migration to ECC6 we had to create new WF template for the same Process.
    Now I also see that the supertype bus2030-created event is triggered twice but, obviously no receiver type exists. But the zbus2030 event is not being triggered at all!!!!
    Kindly help me understanding my mistake...

    Hope you have already set the deletegation in SWO6.
    Now, event dont get triggered automatically, jus because they are defined in object. They have to be explicitly published in thesystem.
    Check for a suitable user exit in your transaction, which makes use of function module to create the event, from that you know how to proceed.
    If you dont find user exit, try other triggering techniques such as change documents, logistics, BTEs... etc.
    Sandeep Josyula

  • Business Event not triggering the PLSQL procedure.. What to do?

    We need to call a plsql procedure when the GL Approval workflow has ended with approval. I thought i could do this by customizing the relevant business event.
    We are on EBS 12.1.3 with RDBMS :
    I saw that the business event oracle.apps.gl.Journals.journal.approve was disabled currently. I enabled it and created a subscription for it. Subscription was a PLSQL procedure. Currently, for test purpose only thing it is doing is to insert a row into a table.
    Business Event Subscription settings:
    Triggering Event
    Source Type:Local
    Event Filter: oracle.apps.gl.Journals.journal.approve
    Execution Condition
    Phase: 100
    Status: Enabled
    Rule Data: Message
    Action Type:Custom
    On Error: Stop and Rollback
    PL/SQL Rule Function: XX_GL_APPROVE_BE_PKG.Get_Attributes
    Priority: Normal
    Documentation (Not sure what value to be given for these. I went with the below values.)
    Owner: Company Name
    Owner Tag: Custom Schema
    Using the below query i can see that the business event is getting called when the approval happens (One row added each time approval happened). But I cant see any rows in the table where it should insert a row. What could be going wrong? How can i verify that the procedure has been called?
    select * from WF_DEFERRED where corrid ='APPS:oracle.apps.gl.Journals.journal.approve'
    PROCEDURE Get_Attributes
    INSERT INTO xx.xx_test_table VALUES ('From BE');
    END Get_Attributes;

    Thanks Alejandro. Now this is working.
    Changes i made:
    1. Added the WFERROR workflow as a subscription to this event. So i could see that the function i am calling from the event did not have proper signature.
    2. Changed the function signature to have standard parameters like:
    function subscription(p_subscription_guid in raw,
    p_event in out nocopy wf_event_t) return varchar2 is
    l_result varchar2(20);
    insert into xxvtv.xxvtv_test_table values ('From BE');
    when others then
    wf_core.context('XX_GL_APPROVE_BE_PKG','function subscription', p_event.getEventName(), p_event.getEventKey());
    wf_event.setErrorInfo(p_event, 'ERROR');
    return 'ERROR';
    end subscription;
    3. Changed the owner name and owner tag both to the custom schema name (XX)

  • Subsequent event not triggering​?

    i have a MAIN VI and a SUB VI which communicate events through control refnum. flow of events is as follows.
    1) sub vi changes a value of its control and this event is handled in the main vi(this works)
    2)main vi in response to the event changes one of its control and triggers an event from the event handler itself which is handled in the subvi event handler.
     the first phase is over. now the main vi is running a while loop and the sub vi is running a while loop and main vi triggeres an event every ~150ms. which is to be handled in the subvi. this is the part which is not happening. i can see the main vi's control getting updated but the event(if generated) is not handled by the subvi. i'm using control's property node->Value(signalling) to change the value as well as trigger the event. what can be the possible cause?
    hope my question is clear.
    Go to Solution.

    i found the problem .
    the subsequent events were not being handled because the loop in which the event handler ran looped **once**
    i.e the initial condition was itself false so the loop only ran once.
    this loop was controlled by `stop if true`. it had to be `continue if true`.
    the boolean variable that controlled this loop was true. this should have been my first clue.
    sorry for the trouble

  • OnEnter event not triggering in standard WD

    HI Experts,
    I am creating a view enhancement in standard WD component. I have craeted an action for Onenter event for an input field.
    When i press enter after selecting that field, the action is not triggered and hence my event handler method is not executing.
    Please let me know the reason why it is not happening and how can i fix it.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sushant Singh

    I dont think if you change the properties of UI elements which are standard will work.
    If already OnEnter is created for input field then you can create Post-Exit , Pre-Exit methods.
    Alternative would be to make the Standard Input field as invisible and create you own input field with same properties as of standard one.

Maybe you are looking for