Change Logs for Infotypes !!

How do i activate Logs for an Org Infotype ? Can I do this for Custom Infotype too ?
Thanks in Advance !!

Hi Naveen,
Please refer the following steps in SPRO
Position Budgeting and Control ->Automatic Commitment/Budget Creation ->Basic Settings ->Activate Recording of Financing Relevant Infotype Changes ->Define Relevant Object Types for Change Log
Here, you can define the object types for which you want to monitor the changes
Position Budgeting and Control ->Automatic Commitment/Budget Creation ->Basic Settings ->Activate Recording of Financing Relevant Infotype Changes ->Define Infotypes Relevant for Change Log
Here, you can define the infotypes that you want to monitor.
Finally, make sure the change log is activated at the below step
Position Budgeting and Control ->Automatic Commitment/Budget Creation ->Basic Settings ->Activate Recording of Financing Relevant Infotype Changes ->Activate Change Log for Infotypes
I hope this helps you.

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    HI experts,
    i want to create business event change (table HRP1000)  log as audit report.
    i have checked change document HR_IT1000...This object class did not recoreded in CDHDR table..
    do we need any activation to record info type changes......
    thanks in advance...

    Hello Ram,
    Please review AP Note No. 87861.

  • Change Logs for TCODE -- FILE

    Hi Friends,
        Please help me in finding the change logs  for the TCODE  FILE,
        i.e  The changes made to the Logical paths
       I had tried  Utilities---->change logs , but unfortunately i cannot find any changes logs
       But there are changes made to the logical paths in my system but i cannot see them in change logs
    chandrasekhar j

    rec/client is a profile parameter, you can view the settings in transaction RZ10.  However I find program RSPARAM more useful, the report lists all system parameters with their default and altered value.  Also if you double-click on a parameter you can get to the full help text for its meaning.
    The parameter essentially switches on table change logging for configuration tables (based on the technical settings of the table) and has to be set before the changes are made.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to check and delete the change logs for DSO

    Hello All,
    I have build a process chain that will delete the change logs for DSO prior to 7 days but when i executed it, the number of entries are still the same within DSO.
    Then i tried deleting directly from "Environment" menu from DSO maintainance but does not work. Can anyone please explain how to resolve this issue or the proper process of deleting the change logs. Appreciated.

    Check out the below two articles

  • What is the impact - Activating Change Logs for Material Classification Dta

    To activate Change Logs for Material Classification Data I must first set the flag for "Multiple Objs Allowed" for the Class Type 001 Material Class. I am curious of what the impact of setting this flag will be. Also, is there a way to measure the DASD impact of activating the Change logging for this data.

    In addition to the performance impact the process of turning on Change Logs for Classification data will convert the tables KSSK and AUSP to use an internal SAP number as a key instead of the Material number. This will cause problems for any custom programs that access those files directly and expect the material number to be the key. This file conversion occurs during the execution of program RCCLUKA2 which is used to Flag the change logs for existing records. This can be reversed by running report RMCLINOB. Because of the above impact we decided here to NOT implement this change in production.

  • How do we chcek change Logs for any stndrd transaction

    Hi gurus,
    Are there any tables to check change Logs for any SAp standard t-code ?

    ALex ,
    For eg :if its a t-code related to Purchasing : then Purchase Order and it's corresponding item level details are retrieved.
    But i m thinking in a different way: i need to check LOGS of a t-code which might have a transport request
    following such a transport request i can get the USER details who migrtaed the changes of t-code (for eg:ME23n)
    from SAP QA to SAP PROD.
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  • How to see the change logs for billing document

    Could you please how to see the change logs for billing document.
    My client is using ECC 6.0 & if i use VF03 > Environment > changes > does not show the changes i had made.
    Thanks in advance

    hello, friend.
    you should be able to see changes done after the initial creation and saving, by going thru Environment > Changes.  try it again, and this time make sure that changes were done to the billing document prior to posting to accounting.
    normally, when configuration of Billing is done correctly, there will be little or no instances of changing anything in the Billing document,  as saving the document after creation will post this to Accounting.  of course, inclusion of a posting block in the billing type will provide you the opportunity for changes. 

  • Activate change logs for the table V_T007K

    Change log check box is activated in table and change logs is activated in system. But still I am not able to view any change logs recorded for the table V_T007K using SCU3 transaction.
    I tried by changing some data and than checked the SCu3 transaction. nothing is recorded against the table.
    Please let me know what needs to be done to capture the change logs for the changes done to the data in the table V_T007k table.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    The table u mentioned V_T007k  is not a transparent table
    .its a view only for views u cant track changes.
    But only for transparent tables u can only track changes thru SCU3
    Also u can find the changes in a table from SAP TABLE
    CDHDR and CDPOS.
    if helpful reward me points.
    Manas Ranjan Panda

  • Change logs for Z table.

    Hi All,
    I am trying  to fetch the old value and new value for the z table field.Change log is activated for the Z table. but i dont know how to fetch the change logs.
    SCU3 is the standard transaction to see the change logs for all the tables.
    Is there any table where the change logs values are maintained?
    Does anyone know how to get the change log value?
    Thanks in advance.

    If for a specific set of tables no change documents are triggered by SAP you can always setup your own Change Document Object with transaction SCDO.
    Of course you need to be careful with this transactions (how big is the table data, how many changes, etc...).
    Table logging is something else, they are stored in table DBTABLOG and can be analysed via SCU3.
    For table logging you need extra system parameters to be set, they are explained in SAP Note:
    Note 1916 - Logging table changes in R/3
    Pay attention with table logging because a lot of tables are logged in DBTABLOG once you activate the parameter, this can have a major impact on performance.
    To have an idea what other tables will be logged, check tcode SE16 on table DD09L and put an 'X' in field PROTOKOLL, result will be thousands of tables.
    In your specific scenario I think it is best you go for the change documents with SCDO.
    Wim Van den Wyngaert

  • Change Logs for customer master data in 3.1 H version

    Hello All
    Are they any existing reports or change logs for viewing changes to customer master data in 3.1h version.  I want to be able to report based on changes made to customer master.
    I know there is a good report in 6.0 version for this- S_ALR_87012182.
    If I have to develop a custom program for this in 3.1h. Which table I should use? KNA1 or CDPOS.
    Any ideas will be appreciated.

    Please check the filter settings maintained for the adapter object CUSTOMER in R3AC1. The same filter settings can be referred in tables Table: CRMFILTAB (R/3) and SMOFFILTAB(CRM) as per srinivas's reply.
    Check the sales area of the customer maintained (Sales Area, Division, Distribution Channel etc.) and see if the current filter settings are restricting the customer from getting replicated in CRM. If everything is maintained fine then check for any failure Bdocs in SMW01 or SMW02.

  • Change logs for Shopping cart

    Is it possible to get the change logs for a shopping cart in SRM as to who deleted a line item after approval? We are in the SRM 4 version ( classic scenario).
    The problem is that the batch job user seems to be coming up in the last update for the shopping cart and the backend PO is deleted with the RFC user name.
    Are there any tables in SRM where the change is logged? I checked CDHDR/CDPOS tables but it is difficult to get the logs for the shopping cart especially for the deleted action.
    Any clues/ideas would be appreciated.

    expand the shopping cart
    in the right top corner you can see
    Display Changes
    shopping cart might be deleted by BATCHRFC
    if the BUYER deleted a PO and the status will be updated in the shopping cart by BATCHRFC user.

  • Change logs for EP7.0

    Hello Gurus,
    How do we find change logs for user creation, role assignements etc in EP 7.0? Thanks in advance.

    Please check the below links, will help...

  • Change logs for Order

    How to capture the change logs for the order.

    Use CO03 transaction to display the production order.
    Click on the i adjacent to the status, use menu path Extras --> Change documents
    which will display if the change management is active.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Change logs for tcode WE20 and MN04

    Hi Gurus,
    Good day.
    Please help. does WE20 and MN04 generates change logs? If yes, please advice on how to check change logs of both transactions.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have never seen change logs for WE20.
    MN04 is creation of conditions. as conditions usually stored in own tables, the change history needs to be activated for these tables via SE11 first.

  • How to get change log for z-fields in VBAk(Sales order)

    Hi All,
    Please help me in this.
    My requirement is get the change log for z-fields in sales order.
    In the sales order header level we have one tab Additioanl data.
    In this we have z-fields, if we change any of the field value, it is accepting the same and updating in data base as well.
    But it is not appearing in change log<. I.e. Environment->changes.
    How to get the change log for the z-fields.
    In data element level enable the check box of change document.
    Please help me in this.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jaya,
    For this you need to do some coding. Here is a link which tells you, step by step procedure how to activate Change log for the Z tables.
    THe Object that you need to use for Sales Document   is VERKBELEG
    Hope this helps..
    This is Primarily a Technical Consultant Job. Take his help before you make any changes.

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