Change the default margin settings for the MS word!

Hi All,
BI Publisher version:latest
Oracle Apps:12.0.6
We are facing an issue of which description is as below:
RTF output is being uploaded through "XML Publisher" Responsibility.
3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from Edge Not Preserved in RTF Output
This issue applies to Versions,,,,, and
Microsoft Word provides a Page Setup option for specifying the margin for the headers and footers from the edge of the page. This option is available by choosing the File menu, then Page Setup, then the Margins tab, and the From edge box. This margin setting is not retained when the output format is RTF. The output is created with the default margin settings instead. The margin settings do work correctly for other output formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.
So, the "default setting" mentioned here is around 1/2 inch for MS Word which is getting added in the output, even if the margin in template is zero.
Expected output:
So what we need to do is -
1. Check the MS word installation on the application server
2. Change this default margin setting as top and bottom 0 on the server in the MS word page setup. (I can give you steps to do this in word if required)
We have tried setting this margin to 0 on client side and generating the output and it makes no difference, so it must be coming from the server.
We need to know how could we modify the settings and need to know te source and Check the MS word installation on the application server?
Could anyone please share such an issue faced before!
Thanks for your time!

Hi All,
Our understanding about the RTF output is this -
When we generate an RTF report output from Oracle EBS, the word document that is generated is with the settings of MS word that is installed on application server.
This understanding could be wrong as we have never faced such situation before! We have come to this conclusion because the default settings that we do on client machine do not work.
And as per the documentation of BI publisher the RTF should always be generated with the default settings of MS word.
So what you could help us with is this -
1. See if the MS word application is installed on application server ( if you think this is not application server, but any other server then please check there!)
2. Change the default margin settings for the MS word.

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