Changing Filter Values from Macro in BW 7.0

in my Workbook I need to change Filter Values of some queries in runtime.
The first thing I found was BEx API reference for BW 3.5, but I wasn't able to make these functions work. After all I found this code:
    Dim BEx As Object
    Set BEx = Application.Run("BExAnalyzer.xla!GetBEx")
    Dim dp As Object
    Set dp = BEx.DataProviders.Item(sDP)
    Dim dimension As Object
    Set dimension = dp.Request.Dimensions.Item("0CALDAY")
    Dim filters As Object
    Set filters = dimension.filters
    If Not BEx.ServerStateExists Then
    MsgBox " Please refresh before using this Makro"
    Exit Function
    End If
    Call filters.SetFilterValue(sFilter) 'this sets the filter value
But using this code I wasn't able to set more than 1 filter value, because the function SetFilterValue removes all previous filters, but now I need to set more than 1 filters.
I also tried to separate different filter values with comma, but this did not help.
Also I will be glad if someone could give me a link on documentation about BEx objects in Excel.
Thanks in advance,
Pavel Baronov

Check this........

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    I am trying to pass filter value from the column LY Spend YTD columns where we have a filter option and passing the year filter 2013 as below.
    FILTER("Fact - Purchasing - Invoice"."LY Spend YTD" USING (Time."Year" = '2013'))
    My goal behind doing this is, we have a filter already present for the whole criteria on the year which is 2012.
    But specifically for this column i dont want to pass the year 2012 to it, Instead I want to pass 2013 to it. But I am not succeding the result is blank.
    Please suggest and let me know if further understanding is needed.

    Hi Srini
    Thanks for you reply.
    I cannot do that way because some measures are satisfying with year 2012 and displaying the data and other measure are satisfying with 2013.
    I am working on LY Spend YTD, LY spend YTD - 1, Spend YTD and Year ago spend.
    So thats the reason I have thought that way of passing the filter in column formula irrespective of criteria filter.
    Please suggest.

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    It is not possible to have Input controll in all tabs that will be set from another .
    But There is one workaround .
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  • PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2010 - Unable to get filter values from... Error 10828

    I currently am using PPT to expose data from a Microsoft Analysis Server cube. The cube is wide open and requires no permissions to access.
    The behavior of my filters is odd as sometimes they work perfectly fine, and other times I receive the following error upon report run:
    Unable to get filter values.
    An unexpected error occurred. Error 10828. Additional details have been logged for your administrator.
    I have looked at the ULS logs and found the following:
    An unexpected error occurred.  Error 10828.  Exception details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    
     at Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Server.PmServer.QueryTimeIntelligenceInternal(DataSource dataSource, DateTime currentTime, String formula)    
     at Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.Server.PmServer.QueryTimeIntelligence(RepositoryLocation dataSourceLocation, DateTime currentTime, String formula)
    An exception occurred while rendering a Web control. The following diagnostic information might help to determine the cause of this problem:  Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BpmException: Unable to get filter values.  PerformancePoint Services
    error code 20700.
    This is odd to me, as I can trick the report to run by changing the date filters to another day, then back to the original days that error'ed out and everything is fine. Some guidance would be appreciated.

    Do you mean that you have Office 2007 and Office 2010 both installed in you computer?
    Based on my test, I copy a Access 2010 database into a computer only installed Offic 2007, then using Excel 2007 to import Access database data, no error occurred.
    So double click the Access database to see whether the databased is opened with Access 2007 or Access 2010. If it is opened with Access 2010, then try to save it as Access 2007 to
    check the issue.
    Jaynet Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Reading filter values from dtp in routine of transformation

    I try to read a date from the filter of a dtp and propagate this value during the transformation in a routine. this is my code
    *Date parameter from DTP
           i_calday    type /BI0/OICALDAY,
           i_date(16) type n.
        data: t_filter_values type RSBK_TH_RANGE,
              l_filter_values like line of t_filter_values.
        t_filter_values = p_r_request->GET_TH_RANGE( ).
    * get DTP
        LOOP AT t_filter_values into l_filter_values.
          move l_filter_values-high to i_date.
        I_calday = i_date+8(8).
        RESULT = I_CALDAY.
    but when dubbing my code t_filter_values is always empty and I do not see the selections from the dtp. please do you have an idea what is wrong?

    I found the error thanks to Ghuru Balaji S,
    now the code is working:
          t_filter_values  type RSBK_TH_RANGE,
          i_filter_values like line of t_filter_values ,
          i_calday    type /BI0/OICALDAY,
            i_date(16) type n.
    t_filter_values = P_R_REQUEST->get_TH_RANGE( ).
    READ TABLE t_filter_values with KEY
      FIELDNM = 'DATEFROM' into i_filter_values.
    move i_filter_values-high to i_date.
    I_calday = i_date+8(8).
    problem was that I had other selection in the dtp
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  • Changing Property Values from within a Function

    I'm wondering how I can change a property of an instance from
    within a function inside a method. I have some code here...
    Basically I just need to set _lynn_idle to false when a tween is
    occuring and _lynn_idle to true when the tween is finished.
    Unfortunately I can't seem to simply set it to false or true inside
    these listener functions like I'm able to anywhere else (seems the
    variable is only local to the function when I need it to access the
    variable associated with the instance). Any help is much

    Inside callback handlers the class members go out of scope.
    To remedy use a local (local to the function) reference to the
    current object.

  • How Can i change the value from A to B!!!

    In table VBAP for VBELN 4 the entry for VSTEL we see the value as SHIP I want it to be changed to FEXP?
    please respond at the earliest

    tHANKS FOR THE INFORMATION. What is the transaction code for this?
    Can you give me an idea in clear way. Thanks in advance.

  • How To Change 'ALL' Value from Radio button

    Is it possible to change the 'ALL' value that is defaulted in the radio button group in BEx Web Designer?  Instead of showing as 'ALL' I would like it to display 'Show All Products'

    Create a custom Javascript which will replace the text for ALL on the onload event of the web template.

  • Passing filter value from one Tab to Another

    I have a web template that contains 5 tabs and I want to use dropdown webitem in the main template and affect all the tabs with the selected value.
    Is it possible? If yes what is the code etc.

    Hi Amit,
    I'm actually implementing the same scenario you just described, my TABs web templates Data Providers doesn't have a fixed definition of the query/query view, I do a reset_data_provider during runtime (when user clicks on the tab and based in a char selection - single drop-down box).
    Now since my TAB data provider is refreshed with a new query/query view each time I go into a TAB the home screen filters or selections done within a navigation block (around 25 chars) doesn't impact the "local" tab table.
    Is this your scenario as well?, any guidance will be more than welcome.

  • Pass filter value from one wad to another

    Hello Guys.
    I'm using BW version 7. 
    I have the following issue.
    I have a WAD that displays 32 link items, representing a country for each link.
    The user selects the country he wants to see and then another wad is display with 2 tables and 2 charts with information, but I want that this information get filtered based on the country link that the user selects.
    For Example, if the user selects country 1. 
    The information of tables and charts in the other wad have to be filtered by conutry 1.
    How can I do this issue.
    Thanks in advance

    Suppose you are having two web templates with technical name TEMP_1 and TEMP_2.
    In TEMP_2 you should be using a query having a variable var_con that populates Country
    Write the following code in Template Temp_1 using ahref (Please use proper anchor tags. i have not used it below because it was not allowing to write HTML code )
    <<a href = "SAPBWOpenURL(SAP_BW_URL_Get() + &CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=TEMP_1&VAR_NAME_2=VAR_CON&VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_1=Country1"> Country1 </a>
    <<a href = "SAPBWOpenURL(SAP_BW_URL_Get() + &CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=TEMP_1&VAR_NAME_2=VAR_CON&VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_1=Country2"> Country2 </a>
    So in your temp1 you can se two hyperlinks as sown below.
    Click on that it will take you to Temp_2 with the value of var_con populated accordingly.
    Hope this helps.

  • Change profile value from pl/sql

    Edited by: Jason ORCL on Jun 2, 2009 9:11 AM

    Just my 0.02 but:
    You might find the right answer on the [HRMS |] forum:

  • How to retrieve dynamic filter value submitted from control query to .....

    How to retrieve dynamic filter value submitted from control query to broadcast query.....
    I'm trying to change the hierarchy version determined by a userexit variable in the broadcast query.
    The Hierarchy Version should be dependent on the input filter delivered by the bursting query.
    But how do I catch the dynamic filter value which has been submitted by the bursting query,
    with other words:  where does the bursting query store it's out put while sequentially starting the broadcast query value by value?
    BTW: the filter value from the bursting query appears under "dynamic filter values" in the information of the broadcast query...
    Any thoughts are welcome!
    Edited by: Heinrich Krupp on Jun 24, 2009 1:25 PM

    Further information,
    Report is used via webi only, not Xcelsius or Dashboard.
    Report is consuming BI Web Services.
    Although we can pass in prompt values to BI Services, I couldn't find if we could pass a variable or dimension object into this field. Anyone knows?

  • How do I use pots on my client machine to change values, from the field, on my server machine and all other client machines?

    I am using Lookout 4.5, build 12, and I am having a problem concerning pots. I have data tables created for the different size sewer stations my system monitors. For each station, there are setpoints for starting and stopping of the pumps. I want to be able to change the setpoints for a station on the client file using a pot and have it change on all other machines running Lookout. I did this in 3.8 using DDE, but I don't want to use DDE anymore.
    I created a pot on the client file and URL'ed it to a pot on the server. On the server I created a table with a generic member "A" named "Lead Setp" and then created a member "A1" named
    "C5_1LeadSetp" then a member "A2" named "C3_1LeadSetp" and so on....
    In this table I connected the generic member "A" to the Pot I created on the server, and I connected A1 to its corresponding setpoint signal coming in from the field.
    On the client file I connected (in the table similar to the one on the server but with all signals for the station) the "A1" member to the setpoint signal coming in from the field, and I connected the "A" member to the Pot I created on the client file which is URL'ed to the pot on the server file.
    But, when I change the value of the pot on the client file, only the pot on the server and the "A" member in the table on the server change to the value of the pot on the client. The "A1" member whose screen I am changing the values from on the client does not change! This is the last thing I have to do and my file will be completely converted to 4.0. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks for any responses..
    Jason Phillips

    Hi Jason,
    If I understood your task correctly, you want to change the Setpoints on the Server DataTable using Pots from different clients. And also reflect these changes on the clients locally.
    You correctly remoted the Pots on the Clients to the corresponding Pots on the Server. However, you do not need tables on your clients. All you need is Expressions on each client to the particular cell of the Clients.
    So, to summarize: On the Server, the Pots write to the DataTable. And since the Pots on the Clients are remoted to these Pots on the Server, you can affect any change using these Pots. Because of the common remote source (Server Pots, i.e.) all of these Pots will always be in sync. Finally, to get the Setpoints on the Clients, just insert Expressio
    ns to the Server's DataTable.
    I am attaching a simple example ( which does this. There are three processes -- My_Server, My_Client1, and My_Client2. I had them setup on the same machine so the paths are all process relative, but you can always change those to computer relative or absolute and move the client processes to diff machines.
    Hope this helps.
    Attachments: ‏12 KB

  • Change condition value in debit memo and credit memo

    Hi Experts,
    When I am trying to create Credit Memo/Debit memo I could able to change the condition value for which condition type the value is there in Sales Order, but where as for other condition types it is not changeable.
    For example for Freight the Condition type is ZFRE,  value is 100 rs in sales order 90000001.
    If I create credit memo with reference to sales order I can able to change freight value from rs100 to rs 75.
    But what to do If I do not maintain freight value initially in sales order and if I want to adjust freight value ZFRE as rs 60 in credit memo. Presently I could not able to enter values in C/D Memo.
    Hope my question is clear to you all.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Naresh
    If I understand correctly,  then you want to include the freight amount automatically in the Credit memo which was not featuring in the Credit memo request.
    If it is so, then first see which is Pricing procedure working  for your Credit memo Request.
    In the Pricing Procedure, check the freight condition type (e,g. KF00).
    See the what is Acees sequence assigned to it and in the Access sequence what are table assigned.
    In  condition type KF00,  Access sequence assigned is KF00 and two condition tables "Incoterm" and "Incoterm Part1 + Part2" are assigned to it.
    In the Access sequnce of your Freight condition type , add another/new condition table "350" (Sales organisation). This table is already available in standard system.
    Select the new condition table row, and click on the "Field" in the dialog box till the technical names are opened up / shown inspite of warning.
    Once the technical names of the fields are shown , you can see the green light there, then save it.
    Now, create a condition record (VK11) for your Freight condition (e,g. KF00) by choosing the "Sales organisation" level  from the key combination.
    Then go to the Copy control (VTFA), find the combination "G2 from CR "> go to Item level > select item category G2N and go to details.
    Here, you change the "Pricing type" value to " H " and save it.
    Now, when you will create a Credit memo with reference to the Credit memo request, the  new Freight condition (KF00) will come into effect in the Credit memo, even if ,it was not there in the reference document.

  • PMS: Creation of new filter values

    Dear Reader,
    I am working on a PMS implementation where one particular appraisal template has multiple appraisers. The only way I can attach and identify between multiple appraisers is by creating new filters in table T77HAP_FLT_SEL.
    I plan to then use BADI implementations to help identify the persons for each filter value from OM relationships.
    But am at a loss as to how to create new filter values in this table. Would anybody be in a position to advise?
    Thanks in advance.
    Example scenario:
    Every appraisee has three appraisers: MANAGER, BUSINESS AREA GENERAL MANAGER (BAGM) and DOTTED-LINE MANAGER (DLM). There is no unified logic in the existing OM structure to identify the BAGM other than to create a custom relationship between all child org units and the position of the BAGM.
    I need to name all three participants as appraisers in the appraisal category - but the only way I can name multiple persons as appraiser is to provide a selection ID at the category level (the selection ID being the filter value picked up from table T77HAP_FLT_SEL). For this, I would need to create values for BAGM and DLM in T77HAP_FLT_SEL so that I can pick them up when configuring my category.

    Thanks Dilek,
    That was the first thing I had tried. However, there is no maintenance dialog for T77HAP_FLT_SEL in transaction SM30 - the error says no maintenance objects exist for this table/view.
    From my research so far, it looks like the selection ID/filter value is picked up by BADI HRHAP00_SELECTION. But am not sure if the same BADI is used to populate new values in this table or not.

Maybe you are looking for

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    create or replace procedure pro(p_number ) is cursor c1 is select *from emp where empno=p_number; v_file utl_file.file_type; begin v_file := utl_file.fopen('dirc','filename.txt','w'); for i in c1 loop utl_file.put_line(v_file,i.ename || i.empno ||i.j

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    Hi, I have a byte[] and I am trying to save it to a file.....such as a tar.gz or .zip file..... how would I do that? I have taken the byte[] and made a string, and then saved it ...but i think this would be different right? thanks.

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    I am setting up a custom firefox profile and would like to tweak some of the options that are accessed via about:config. I would like to know where this information is stored and whether I am able to modify these options outside of the browser.