Changing Track Sequence in Playlists

For some reason I'm finding that I can't change the track sequence in some playlists by just dragging a track to a different position. What's strange is that I can click and drag in some playlists but it doesn't work in others. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

In the playlist, do not sort by album or song or any of the other headers EXCEPT for the first column (the number column). When sorting by that column, you should be able to manually move songs around in the playlist.

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  • Cannot change track order in playlist

    Created playlist.  Went to change order of tracks in list.  Cannot move track to change location within the playlist or figure any othe way to accomplish this.

    View > View Options.  When the View Options box comes up, set "Sort by" to "Manual Order."
    Once this is done, you will be able to move songs up or down by drag-n-drop.

  • Can't change track location in playlist by dragging anymore

    can't change track position anymore on any playlist, what am I missing?

    Make sure that the sort indication (the little black triangle) is above the left-most column, i.e. the column of numbers.
    If the triangle is above any other column, the playlist will stay sorted by that column, and you will not be able to drag individual tracks up or down

  • Making iTunes automatically change track info of playlists

    Hello all,
    I'd like to know if there is a way to automatically change song info of all the tracks in a specific playlist.
    More specifically, I'd like to know how to make itunes automatically change the Grouping of songs as I add or remove them from any given playlist.
    Ultimately, what I'd like to be able to do is see which songs are set to sync with my iPhone and which aren't when I'm looking through my entire music library.
    Maybe there's a solution using Automator or Applescripts. I tried using smart playlists, but those seem to only be able to populate a playlist based on track info, which is the opposite of what I want to do.
    Thank you all in advance for your help,

    I suspect iTunes is revealing "corrections" made by Windows Media Player. If so the damage is done and you'll probably find other tracks have been affected over time.
    See my post on Getting iTunes & Windows Media Player to play nicely. Most importantly uncheck the WMP options as displayed in the final image.

  • Changing track order in playlists??

    Hello. I will probably sound really silly asking this but it has been a problem for me since i started using iTunes (which was ages ago - ha!). I'm trying to burn a CD from a playlist but would like to change the order of the songs. Is this possible and how?? I remember reading a reply to a query similar to this and it was simply to click the numbered, blank title column and then click and drag. I tried this but it still doesnt work. Im sure its just me missing out on something really obvious but please help because as i said its been an issue for a while. Thanks guys

    Normally u should just be able to drag n drop to the place that you want it to be? take the song u want n click n hold, then drag 2 where u want it n there should be a little black arrow/line thingy showing where its going to be put?

  • Video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6

    Dear people, can you please help me find out why video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6.
    All it shows is the audio track and it is maximized to the first frame of the sequence. Video tracks are there but hidden - although video IS showing up in the program monitor.
    When I pull the tracks down in the timeline window using the dividing line between the video and audio tracks and set the sequence work area back it works fine, however it is a great annoyance having to do this every time when i swap between sequences.
    Can anybody please suggest a solution to this?
    I'd appreciate any help.

    This is the audio tracks problem i cannot overcome:
    (basically every type of audio i drop/place onto the timeline becomes left channel only, regardless of it being music or camera-recorded audio.
    In the source monitor everything plays back just fine, but when placed to the timeline - it becomes LEFT only.
    Weird.... (or am I and not it)

  • Change Tracking in SQL 2012 - Behavior Change

    We observed some change in behavior for Change Tracking feature in SQL 2012 Express. Sequence is as follows,
    CT is not enabled at DB level. (Of course at table level too)
    Created and populated table CTTEST with some rows, say 10 rows
    Enabled CT at DB level
    Enable CT for table CTTEST
    Queried change tracking data, using change table function (select CT.* from CHANGETABLE(changes CTTEST, 0) CT). No rows returned. Perfect.
    Updated few existing rows
    Queried change tracking data using CHANGETABLE function as above. Now it returns the modified records. But SYS_CHANGE_OPERATION column shows as 'U', indicating update. Same scenario was tested in SQL 2008 Express, and we got SYS_CHANGE_OPERATION column
    as 'I', indicating as Insert. 
    Is this a change in behavior? Can somebody clarify this?
    Note: SQL Version is, "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 11.0.2100.60 (X64) Express Edition  (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)"

    Please note that I am not talking about CDC, but CT - Change Tracking and that too in Express edition. 
    Yes, I know, when we update primary key value, we will get a delete and insert transactions in CT. But my scenario is different. I am updating the rows, which are already available prior to enabling Change Tracking in that table. In that case only, I am
    observing this. 

  • HT1386 Change of order in playlists. Problems after sync

    I have my ipod classic for many years, but recently encountered problems after sync. Itunes changes the order of tracks in my playlists. I want them be ordered by album, but itunes ordered it by "ticked". I tried to change it before sync. First this seem to be work, but now the order is again wrong. I find this really annoying, because "ticked" seemed to mean to be similar to "by name" of tracks. This does not make any sense for my music.
    Any ideas, what I can do?

    This is the iPod touch forum.

  • Each track of each playlist is listed.  How do I turn this off?

    I recently bought a new CD and imported the tracks into the iTunes library. (I was not internet connected at the time so I entered track information prior to starting the import).
    After the import completed, I clicked on the leftmost button on the bottom which is supposed to create a new playlist. The display changed to show every track of every playlist that I had. I have so many playlists, that it was very difficult to find the new (unnamed) playlist.
    Why are all my playlists listed track by track and how do I turn off this behavior. Anybody out there who can help with this issue.
    Dell   Windows XP  

    You might have repeat turned on. To turn it of open up your music app and tap the two looping arrows on the left under your song progress meter until they turn white. If that dosent help you might just have to delete your playlist and then rebuild it.

  • TrackControl, Change Track, and others questions about AvTransmit

    Hi there,
    I've got multiples questions about JMF and AvTransmit, hope you will help
    For a small student project, i'm developing a streaming server using JMF, i have used the AvTransmit example.
    Streaming, etc... everything work fine, i stream music over web
    But i need help with "playlist" :
    // Get the tracks from the processor
    TrackControl[] tracks = processor.getTrackControls();
    First Question :
    The Processor use a MediaLocator to get one track, is there a way to indicate multiples tracks, such as a directory containing multiples audio file ?
    At this time, i can only set 1 file in the MediaLocator.
    I'm using a simple class as Playlist (a File[]), and, when i want to change song, i stop the thread, change the MediaLocator with another file, and restart the thread.
    It works on a Lan, but on Internet, Player (I use VLC for my test) lost the connection, i need to restart VLC to get audio again.
    Second Question
    Is there a more "elegant" way to change tracks ?
    Last Question
    I have think about building my own object Playlist... gasp...
    I've look at the javadoc... but i'm a bit lost... does my class have to implement TrackControl ? what are the object inside etc...
    If someone knows information about this...
    That's all ;)
    Thanks !
    Tommy, french student (sorry for the english)

    First Question :
    The Processor use a MediaLocator to get one track, is there a way to indicate multiples tracks, such as a directory containing multiples audio file ?
    At this time, i can only set 1 file in the MediaLocator.No. The processor uses a MediaLocator to get one file. Files (can) contain multiple tracks.
    You can, in fact, combine the tracks of multiple files together, but, there's no need to do that with your application. AVTransmit2 sends each track as a separate RTP stream, so you'd just be sticking them together just to pull them apart again.
    In general, you want to keep your architecture as one processor per file, one RTP stream per track.
    Second Question
    Is there a more "elegant" way to change tracks ?Yes. It's what I refer to as a jukebox DataSource. I discuss it / explain the concept on this previous thread.
    What you're essentially doing when you change the MediaLocator is starting over from scratch. You end up with a whole new DataSource, whole new Processor, whole new RTP session. On the LAN, this isn't an issue because it looks like you paused the RTP session (because the IP/PORTs don't change).
    Over the internet, though, when you stop sending and restart, you're very likely going to get a new public NAT port. And so when your stream gets to the client, it's going to look like it's from a different person than the original.
    The solution is to use the jukebox datasource to change the media without restarting the Processor or the RTP streams. That'll ensure that your stream won't move between files from the perspective of the client...
    Last Question
    I have think about building my own object Playlist... gasp...
    I've look at the javadoc... but i'm a bit lost... does my class have to implement TrackControl ? what are the object inside etc...
    If someone knows information about this...Ummmm, your "Playlist" object should just be a Jukebox datasource, so follow the link and figure out how that's supposed to work. If you have questions about it, just ask 'em here (rather than on the older thread)...

  • Not able to view actual Price updated 'Value' in Change Tracker

    I was able to get my Change tracker to work and it is functioning. (SRM 5.0 MDM5.5 )... Configured Portal iViews for change tracker.
    If I change a description I can see it in the change tracker application. But if I try and track a Price change it only shows me a date-time  and user as to I when the price was changed it doesnu2019t show me the actual value changed, for my audit purposes.
    On the portal the change tracker "Field" dropdown shows -> Price Updated. this is what is tracking any change of price.
    In MDM Console-> Admin->Change Tracker I am tracking under Catalog Items: Price information, Price Updated, Special search terms, long description.
    When I look at the Data manager in the Record Detail, I see  u2018Price Updatedu2019 and it only has a Date and time stamp. In this same Record Detail,  I see the field Price Information that contains :Lower bound, Purchasing Info record ID, Purchasing Organization, Amount and Currency.  Amount-> contains the actual price value. This is what i want to see in the portal iView as Old value and New value....this is what I am unable to view? theres one small step i am not doing...
    I am trying to track the actual change in the filed u2018Amountu2019u2026 I have tried to search for it in the Portal iView fields (table, record contains, fields, record)

    Hi Alex,
    I would not here comment on change Tracking functionality but can you suggest another workaround to achieve this requirement. If it fits in your requirement you can go ahead with it.
    In MDM, Create another field in Main table say Initial Price and for already existing field Amount replace its name with Updated Price in Qualified table Price.
    now after this you will see that your by default Updated Price has values as it was your Amount field earlier and Initial Price field as empty. Now for next time, if any record comes using Import Manager then MDM workflow should trigger at Record Import.
    This workflow contains following steps.
    Assign step should have below expression and assignment:
    Price Information.Updated Price
    Where I am assuming Price Information is the field in main table which is look up to this qualified table Price.
    So in this way you can maintain both existing and updated values of Price and cant then show in your Catalog.
    suppose you have already existing record say 1 which has value of Amount as 20.
    So that means you have Updated Price as 20 and Initial Price as empty(Null)
    Now when same record 1 updates with new Amount say 40, it triggers this workflow on record import which will then assign value of existing updated Price 20 to Initial Field after that Updated Price will update by 40.
    Note: This Assignment works well only if your main table record has this Qualified table link as single record. If your main table record contains more than one qualified links then this Assignment would not work fine. So use only if it fits.
    Mandeep Saini

  • How do you delete duplicate tracks off your playlist?!

    How do you delete duplicate tracks off your playlist - everytime I connect my hard-drive it adds another of every single track - argh!!!!
    I remember there being a 'delete duplicate tracks' option on a much older version of itunes - is this still available and if not if you opt for the 'consolidate library' option will this automatically save to you computer as I have too much music for my laptops memory capacity! On top of that how can I stop this issue from contantly re-occuring everytime I connect my hard-drive?! Apologies if im being thick here.... xX*laura*Xx

    You are doing something wrong, iTunes doesn't add tracks to the library unless you ask it to, so there is a problem somewhere in your workflow which is creating the duplicates. For example, having iTunes set up to "Copy files to the iTunes Media folder when adding to library" and then repeatedly adding in a folder from an external drive would do it.
    Once you've worked out how to stop creating new duplicates you can look at the issue of deduping what you already have. See this recent post for some thoughts and a script that may prove useful.

  • I got an iPhone 4 a week ago. I synced my iTunes once and now I want to change what albums and playlists are on my phone. When I try to do this, iTunes threatens to remove all my apps. Of course, Apple's support is no help.

    I got an iPhone 4 a week ago. I synced my iTunes once and now I want to change what albums and playlists are on my phone. When I try to do this, iTunes threatens to remove all my apps. Of course, Apple's support is no help. I know there has to be a way to add and remove whole albums and playlists like on the music tab on the device, so please don't tell me to uncheck/delete everything from my iTunes that I don't want and re-sync. That is not helpful and not the issue. How do I get around it threatening to remove all my apps?

    On the MacBook, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Advanced > Disable remote control

  • I cannot change song order on playlist with highlight and drag. I have turned off shuffle and highlighted the far left column( up/down arrow) of playlist. My mac pro is running 10.5.8  and am using itunes 10.4.

    I cannot change song order on playlists (old or new) with highlight and drag. I have turned off shuffle and highlighted the far left column (up/down arrow) of playlist. My mac pro is running 10.5.8  and am using itunes 10.4. I can't drag and drop "music" to "playlist" but can right click and get the option to "add to playlist." No such option for moving song within playlist, only the up and down arrow which moves song from top to bottom list, so if it is #4 from top it will move to #4 from bottom. Stupid I know. I spent over an hour with Apple support, reinstalled itunes, restarted and rebooted computer. Networked with my laptop which is running 10.6.8 and itunes 10.4 and it can drag and drop. The final Apple support solution was to reinstall my operating system. I would prefer not to. Any other ideas?

    After looking at other people's posts, I think it's official: there is a bug. Itunes support said I should not have lost the drag/drop tool and I haven't on the laptop that is running itunes 10.4 and operating system 10.6.8. I chatted with someboby who lost both his drag/drop and side scroll and what we have in common is a wacom tablet for a mouse. My laptop is a wireless mouse. I reinstalled whatever updated driver that wacom has out there, shut the system down for night, hoping for magic, but alas none to be had. So if I want to change song order, I network the laptop and desktop, share the screen on the laptop, drag and drop to my heart's content and curse Apple for making me work this hard to find the tool that was once at my fingertips. Apple also let me know that if I want to share songs in household that the hundreds on songs that were purchased for .99 need to be repurchased for another .30. Maybe Apple is holding my drag/drop tool captive til I pay up the money or Maybe the next update will fix the problem, I for one give up for now.

  • How Do I Change My Sequence Settings to Match My Clip

    Hello -
    I shot some footage in SD with a frame size of 16:9. When I dragged a clip into my first sequence, FCP asked 'if I wanted the Sequence to assume the properties of the clip?' I hit 'yes' which changed the sequence to match my clip. However, when I created a new sequence(in the same project) and dragged a clip into it, FCP did not prompt me with the option to change the sequence settings. Now, I have a 4:3 sequence with a letterbox 16:9 clip. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks for your help!
    Isaiah Smith

    menu: Sequence Settings (or Commnd 0).
    Then check (√) the Anamorphic checkbox.
    Then select everything in the timeline. (Command A)
    Command Option V (Remove attributes). Make sure Distort is checked (√)

Maybe you are looking for

  • What types of video can i upload to iPod Nano 7th gen

    I would like to know the types of video formats I can put into my iPod Nano 7th Gen please. Also , can I put HD videos? Reason im asking is because i purchased a HD movie from itunes and it didnt let me upload it onto y iPod. Thanks

  • Page dimensions query in dps

    Hello, am new to DPS, am really enjoying learning the package. I have two questions, which are causing me difficulties; 1 can you extend the depth of a page for designing to an iPad 2. can you extend images across the width of two pages? Have checked

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    I'm trying to figure out how to optimize the RAID chunk/stripe size for our Oracle 8i server. For example, let's say that we have: - 4 drives in the RAID stripe set - 16 KB Oracle block size - MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT=16 Now the big question is what the

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    Dear All, My RAC database and the standby database is 11gR2 on Linux. I was configuring simple replication between RAC and standby database using Golden Gate. When I start the extract process it does not start on the source database that is RAC, I am

  • Pad2 not showing up in itunes

    i have 2 ipods 2 iphones and an ipad 1 and 2. The ipad 2 i just got today and while i have tried to set it up everything has failed. All that is on the screen is the picture telling me to plug into itunes. The ipad2 is not showing up in itunes under