Charging iphone with ps3 super slim

Will it cause any problems with my iphone to charge it with the god of war super slim ps3

Use your computer to charge the phone if you're unsure...
But for clarification, the iPhone will charge on any USB standard power (5V 1A)
Apple won't support it if your phone erupts into a ball of fire unless you were using their charger.
Also, remember this thing called time zones, the volunteers and other assorted experts on here are either working, sleeping or, studying. Be paitient to get answers.

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  • New PS3 Super Slim 320 GB model only uses 12GB "Flash Memory"

    Bought a PS3 SuperSlim 320GB model( )to replace my now broken FAT 80GB PS3 (that broke recently), I looked and though might as well upgrade get a slim or super slim, more memory quiter ext, so the console arived today and I plugged it in and all was fine, I signed in went on the store and tried downloading one of my games I bought on the PSN store and the message pops up, not enough memory.I sit puzzled looking, there is nothing but the 4.75 system update, then I looked at my system info and it says "9101mb / 12 gb ", "System storage in use Flash Memory". I looked around and it says to make a PS2 / 1 memory card and it made it using none of the 12 GB up, I then formatted the full system, took me to the initial settup screen etc, and the flash memory still had the update on and still isnt using the stupid 320GB memory ( ) , just spent nearly £200, buying a decent console and now its more useless then the 80GB one... Thanks for any help...

    One of these should do you.
    If you do decide on another hdd you will need the bracket included with the above hdd.
    Make sure the height of the hdd is 9.5mm or less or it wont fit.
    Your old 80gb hdd should fit but you maybe missing the bracket to hold it in the correct place.
    Have a look here for more info.

  • Ps3 super slim exchange

    I bought a Ps3 super slim for Christmas but it keeps freezing. Can I exchange of for the ps3 slim instead. It has not been 30 days yet please help

    Hi MrxGameFreak,
    There's no reason your brand new PS3 should be locking up on you. Please don't hesitate to bring it back. As long as you're still within the 30 day return period, you're welcome to swap it out with anything you'd like.
    Douglas|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • GTA V Can't Install On PS3 Super Slim.

    It says a minimum of 8.23GB.

    mont348 wrote:
    Ronjon500 wrote:
    Hey Mr SuperFastZombie could you please get your friend to contact me because I have exactly the same problem. lol
    I have a 12GB PS3 super slim console and I just bought GTA 5 on PS3 and it says that I do not have enough memory and it forced to quit. It says I need another 6022MB memory space in order to play GTA 5. So I looked on the internet to find out about how you can upgrade your 12GB console to a 500GB hard drive so I can play GTA 5 but its REALLY COMPLICATED and you need so many components to install it. You need like 3 things which include a 500GB hard drive, a mounting bracket, and a 16GB usb flash drive. And they might be quite expensive and even if you buy it you might not be able to install it yourself and all that money paid for it would be a waste. So yeah its tricky stuff.
    The best thing would be to upgrade the HDD a future update from Rockstar could block out 12GB users entirely. 
    This is some good advice. As you can see the process is pretty simple.
    In the mean time if you want it to install the game update you will have to delete any videos and Game Data to clear all the space on your console.

  • Is it safe to charge iphone with HTC charger?

    I'm in travel now and I haven't access to my charger. is it safe to charge my iphone with HTC or sonyErricson charger. the cable connector is with me.

    Hey I have done this in person it works but only if you have a mophine iPhone battery case then you can use the htc charger on the case's mini USB port and it actually charges the case and the iPhone! The case only works for 4&4s devices.
    The above is a method I currently use, any other working methods would be nice to know as I also have this question.

  • Charging iPhone with closed lid on mbp

    I've been researching, but found nothing this specific so far. Related links:
    - - This says it may or may not charge
    - -closed.html - This says it should work since Leopard and if it's not working to reset the SMC should fix it (I haven't tried yet):
    - This is not the same model, but for him it seems to not work anyway
    - Suggests for dealing with closed lid, but requires external display, among other things that don't come to this case (or so I guess)
    To me, experience showed that closing the lid with the iPhone already connected works fine. I'm using a macbook pro 2009, as already hinted elsewhere. It's 13'' if that makes any difference.
    But if I have the computer sleeping in the bag and want to just plug the iPhone for charging convenience, then it doesn't work. I have to remove it, open the lid, wait for charging to begin, then I can safely close, sleep, put it back on the bag, and it will be charging.
    So I wonder how this is supposed to work, and if I can "fix" this behavior. Anyone knows?

    I actually solved it on my own luck. Oddly enough, just need to remove and re-plug.
    Here, this is a small chart:
    1- Computer with lid open, up and running with energy - whatever AC or not.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    2- Computer with closed lid, sleeping as blinking light indicate and plugged in AC power.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    3- Computer with closed lid for long time, unplugged from AC power, no cables on it whatsoever.
    plug in iPhone - nothing happens.
    unplug it and plug in again in either port - it starts charging!
    If you close the lid and don't wait it gets to sleep (that is, white blinking light - if you want to be sure, wait till the computer cools down, if it was hot - that's sleep mode) you'll get normal behavior right on the first plug time. The trick of plugging again seem to work always from my tests. So this is a undocumented feature that took me freaking long enough to uncover!
    Now it's aight!

  • PS3 slim or PS3 super slim?

    Hi everyone, I'm debating on which ps3 i should buy...the slim or super slim? what do you guys think?

    Slim would be the better choice.
    The super slim you have to make sure the disc is snapped on otherwise it will scratch or even break inside.
    Second reason is the lens is exposed to dust more easily increasing the chance of it breaking down.
    Upside of a super slim its quieter and the bundle deals are enticing but other than that worth choosing it over a regular slim

  • Charge iPhone with iPod cable

    I was wondering if I could charge and sync my iPhone with my iPod cable, allowing me to leave one at work, and one at home. I just got the CDMA iPhone, and I have the 5th generation Video iPod 30GB. I heard that there is a difference with amps or power or something. I don't want to mess up either batteries. I heard that maybe you can charge but not sync. I have found a bunch of different answers. Thanks.

    The cables themselves are the same for the iPods, iPhones & the iPad. The power adapters may be different, but all of the USB cables are essentially the same.

  • Battery icon never full when charging iPhone with iTunes 8.2

    I'm 99% sure this just started happening with iTunes 8.2
    It's pretty minor as things go, but still annoying. After charging, my iPhone shows fully charged both with the large Battery while docked and on the little icon in the upper right corner of the iPhone.
    However, the iTunes icon still shows the lightning bolt.
    The iTunes icon does progress from being empty to full during the charging process, but never gets to the point where the full "plug" replaces the charging "lightning bolt"
    Is anyone else experiencing this with an original iPhone?
    One thing I did consider is that if iTunes 8.2 is being released in advance of the next gen iPhone and that device has a larger capacity battery, the iTunes might not think an older iPhone is completely charged when, in fact, it is. This seems a bit far fetched to me, but would be a bug nonetheless.
    Please pass along your experiences here...

    More information....
    I left my iPhone docked after the iPhone itself indicated that it was fully charged.
    About three hours after the iPhone displayed the completed charge plug, the iTunes charging icon finally changed from lightning bolt to plug.
    Bottom line, either the iPhone displays a charge complete icon too early, or iTunes does too late.
    Now, I'm starting to wonder if my formerly far fetched idea about iTunes being, umm, tuned more towards the next gen iPhone's batter may not have been that far fetched.
    Anyone else?

  • Charging iphone with audio jack?

    I just purchased a new vehicle, and the auxillary connection for media is an audio jack input. Does anyone know where I can get an adapter for the cord that comes with the iphone? Or possibly a cord with the apple male connection on one side and a male audio jack on the other?

    I'm alittle confused, mainly with the title. Are you looking to charge the iPhone through the audio jack from the car? If so there is no power and no way to charge it from there. The AUX jack in the car is for audio in only.
    There are cables that have the iPod dock end to plug into the iPhone, and then it splits to audio and USB jack for charging. You could then plug the USB end into a cigarette USB power jack from the car and the audio cables could plug into the AUX jack on the car. I would suggest trying a Best Buy or Future shop.

  • Safe to charge iPhone with Blackberry USB adapter?

    I have the small wall-plug-to-USB adapter from my Blackberry that looks like the one below. Is it safe to use a standard Apple 30 pin + USB connecter (pictured below the Bberry connector) with it to charge my iPhone 4S? Otherwise I have to buy a second Apple-branded connector to have one at both home and work.

    usb is 5volt ios devices can charge with anything that provide 5volts
    if the charger don't follow the usb std and provide 50volts the phone will explode

  • While charging iphone with usb adapter supplied with the phone power line gets blown up ?

    While charging my IPHONE 4S with the USB adapter supplied along with iphone the power line gets blown up every time  and I am left only with the option to recharge through the USB port of my laptom.Any remedy?

    Have you tried other outlets? That may be an electrical problem in your house, worse case scenario. Try other USB wall adapters.

  • Charging iPhone with iPod car charger/FM Transmitter - Damage battery?

    I used a new ipod car charger/FM transmitter to charge my old original model iphone and got a message popping up that the device isn't made to charge the iphone but it would charge so I left it in. Ever since then, my battery seems to be dying much, much faster than normal. Could I have damaged the battery?

    Possible that the circuitry or output levels of the charger was not an exact match to the desired voltage or resistance of the 30 PIN connector and thus caused an issue with the battery...but it's not very likely that this alone caused your battery to all of a sudden not hold a charge...

  • Ok to charge iPhone with iPod charger?

    I was looking at the specs on both:
    iPhone AC adapter: 5 volts @ 1 amp
    iPod (5th gen) AC adapter: 12 volts @ 1 amp
    Obviously considering the numbers don't match and the total power output is not the same (12 watts for ipod adapter and 5 watts for iPhone adapter), it is not good to charge the iPhone on the ipod adapter.
    But I was wondering, can the iPhone handle it? Has anybody tried it?
    Or do I have to keep charging the iPhone through the computer (I have no more outlets for the iPhone AC adapter to plug into)
    The reason I am asking is that the iPhone is taking a long time to charge through the USB port on the computer. I plugged in to charge this afternoon and it is only about 80% done. This is the first time I am charging it since I got it though so that might be the cause.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    OK, I give up. Which is the right answer?
    Allan Sampson wrote:
    Do not use your iPod wall charger for charging your iPhone.
    dyranios wrote:
    I charge my iphone all the time with my ipod charger, I use it more often than the charger I got with my iphone it's fine
    TexasCowboy_ wrote:
    I tried using a 2nd generation Nano charger and the iPhone got extremely hot, couldn't even touch it and when smelled it smelled singed.
    Simonjhutton wrote:
    The Ipod and iPhone chargers are the same. there is no problem using the ipod charger with the iPhone or the other way around. If anyone tells you that it's not ok you should ignore them cos they don't know what they are talking about.
    Appleman1958 wrote:
    The iPod chargers that use a USB type connection are fine. There are some very early iPods that used a firewire type connection. These should not be used with the iPhone.
    What good is a forum where you never know if what you read is true?
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  • Can't charge iPhone with Logitech speaker dock

    Six months ago I bought a "Logitech pure-fi express plus" to play music and charge my iPhone in the Kitchen. Recently the player has stopped charging the phone. I have upated to OS 4, but my wife has not and her iPhone won't charge on it either. Below is the webpage with the specs for the player.
    Can anyone help?

    I really think Ives needs to be reigned in.  It is ABSURD that the case and charging the phone are incompatible.  The case is tight now but is unlikely to remain so if I pry it off every night to charge. 
    POOR DESIGN, like so much of iO7.

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