Cheque Number in Vendor and GL Line iTem Display

How can we get to display the Cheque Number in T Codes FBL1N and FBL5N

Please follow the paths
GL Accounts:
IMG ==> General Leder Accounting ==> Master Data ==> GL Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Define Special Fields for Line Item Disply
Enter Table PAYR
Field Name CHECF
Vendor Accounts
IMG ==> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ==> Vendor Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Display Line items ==> Define Additional Fields for Line Item Display
Enter Table PAYR
Field Name CHECF
After adding this, when you run FBL1N and FBL3N you can see the cheque number against payment documents.
Thanks & Best Regards
Sanil K Bhandari

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  • Profit centerwise Vendor and Customer line items view

    Deal ALL,
    We have not activated Business Area.
    We have 10 plant under one company code. Client is booking the vendor and customer invoice as per the cost center and profit center of the plant. Payment and Receipt is also made according the bank maintain for each plant. As one customer or vendor is dealing with all the plants.
    Can any body can help me out how to get the vendor and customer line item display according plant or cost or profit center wise, so we can make or receive payment accordingly.
    Request you all to reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try the transaction codes for Profit Display by suitable config in TCode O7F1, O7F2, O7F3
    Assign Points if useful

  • Profit Center population in the Vendor and Customer Line items

    our client is asking for  getting profit center in the vendor and customer line items  where in the view FBL5n and fbl1n we are not getting the profit center populated - in the new gl i understand that there is a standard report based on the gl account.
    but our business is not satisfied with the report and expecting report at profit center level.
    Can any one suggest any way of doing this.

    Dear Vijay,
    Let me provide you my view of solutioning for this. This is an enahcement that needs to be done
    1. You can get the profit center from the given vendor and customer line item at the time of posting, using an enahcement you will be able to capture it.
    2. Existing the profit center field is not populated in the BSIK,BSAK,BSID and BSAD tables
    3. Hence, in the same enhancement once you capture the profit center , you can write the code that profit center is updated in these tables also.
    4. This will help you to do the vendor line item wise selection in the FBL1N,  FBL5N profit center wise.
    Constraints of this solution:
    The only constraint remains where in the for a given document if there are multiple profit center, then the system will do the splitting profit center wise for a vendor line item, which will not populate the profit center in those tables as there is only one field available in the bsid etc.. tables.
    This basically would be the one the soltuion where in as seeen from the end user ther eis no change in the front end interface , the way they are doing always they can do.
    You need to also take care the % of document splitting means cross profit center postings /cross document splitting charactericstics postings and the volume involved in this. so that you can suggest this to your client.

  • Profit centre needs to be updated in Vendor and Customer line item reports

    We are using ECC 6. 
    Profit centre is updating for vendor and customer line items in document level.  But the same is to be reflected/updated in profit centre field in FBL1N and Reports.

    Use this T codes you will get Profit center wise  S_AC0_52000888 Paybles (vendor balances )
    Tcode for Profit center wise receviables S_AC0_52000887  (customer balances )

  • FI Open Vendor and Customer Line item

    Dear Experts,
    Do we have to migrate the Tax code in the Vendor and Customer Line Items during data migration?
    I read somewhere that is it not necessary to do so.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Hi ,
         It depends on the legal enviroment and sometimes on the settings used in your system. It is a matter of whether the Tax code information is needed in any circumstance that could arise subsequent to migration.
    Examples where you must migrate the tax codes:-
         i) Deferred VAT is used.
         ii) Prepayments with Gross Display.
        iii) Prompt payment discounts are VAT relevant.
    Kind regards

  • T.code required for Vendor line item display and Customer line item display

    Hi Gurus,
    Pl provide me transaction code for "Vendor line item display and " Customer line item display apart from FBL1n for vendor and FBL5n for customers.
    Kindly advise.

    You could use these, for example:
    S_ALR_87012103 - List of Vendor Line Items
    S_ALR_87012197 - List of Customer Line Items
    Just curious: what's wrong with FBL1(5)N?

  • Difference in GL Balance display and GL line item display

    Dear All,
    Can any one help me why the difference between GL display and GL line items display?
    Thanks in advance

    You can do the following:
    1. carryout gl balance carryforward from previous to current year : Use t.code:F.16
             You can cross check the fs10n balance with FBL3N balance from previous years.  Assume these balance are matching for previous year 2007 and 2008, you have this problem only in 2009, then you can carryforward this balance from 2008 to 2009 once again. Some times users may post some adjustment entries as per the auditors recommendations. If this balance is not matching from 2007 itself, then first carryforward the balances to 2008 then 2009.  You can run this transaction no of times.
    2. check the master data of gl account through t.code:FS04, whether any changes has been done to line item display field?
               If you find any changes to line item display field then run the program "RFSEPA01" to get all the line items.
    3.If your issue was not resolved even after the above two activities, then let me know the  sap version you r working.
    all the best

  • FBL3N and FBL1N line item display

    Hi Friends,
    - In TC: FBL3N, GL A/c line item display to be able to pull out data and display - vendor code, vendor name, PO No., text from PO (or MIRO header text)....How i can achieve this?
    - in TC: FBL1N, vendor GL to be able to pull Cheque No. reference in report...How i can achieve this?

    I think this requirement can not be met with the report painter as it would fetch data from multiple tables.Secondly thease transaction codes itself created through ABAP.
    Specification you have to provide to your ABAPER like table names & field names

  • Assignment Number in GL A/c Line Item Display

    Hi Guru,
    In Assignment No column, GL A/c line item display ( FBL3N ) it is showing the Billing Document No same as in Referance No Columnbut not the assignment no,
    but should actually show the Assignment No as per the Billing Document Display VF03, where it is showing correctly.
    Can you please help.

    are you saying the assignment field for the customer entry is correct but for the GL account it is not?
    If that is the case you could either do a mass update of the assignment field from the customer entry to the GL account entry.
    However to correct this at source you need a substution that looks at the customer assignment value and copies it into the GL account entry.

  • FBL3N adding vendor name to line item display

    Our users require the vendor name to be displayed on the G/L line item layout when they execute FBL3N.  I was able to get the vendor number to display through the use of Offsetting account number.  Is there a way through standard config to also pull in the associated vendor name?
    Thanks in advance,

    Take a look at the following thread: adding a field to FBL3N
    Edited by: Jaroslaw Cichon on Feb 19, 2009 3:15 PM

  • Report vendor GL account line item display (help needed)

    hi all,
    how r u there?
    i have one scenario that depending on HKONT
    which is on my selection screen i should not get that HKONt in my display and want to display all the offsetiing entries of that HKONT of different fisical year.
    main thing is that how to & from where i will get offsetting entries for that HKONT.
    currently i am using only BKPF & BSEG table
    so plz let me know how i can get my above requirement.
    if any one has code relating to my query and want to help me the HE or SHE can send to me on my
    mail id- [email protected]
    thanks in advance
    for ur efforts

      Did you try the Standard SAP transaction FBL1 or FBL3..

  • Adding Special Field in the line item display

    Dears Through SPRO settings, I added the field 'Group Account Number' (ALTKT) for the GL line item display.
    It is now transported to Quality.
    When I try to see that field in the change line item layout, I could not find that field for inclusion.
    However, in the SPRO of Quality, I find that field already appearing.
    Why it is not appearing in the FBL3N special field screen ?

    Hi Niki,
    I am not sure how you have added this filed but if you follow these steps you will have it.
    1- Run FBL3N and make your settings and execute it (F8).
    2- Go menu Settings > Special fields (You can run it by t code OBVU out of FBL3n also)
    3- Add a new entry, select your field (BSEG ALTKT Group account number) and save it
    4- Back one step (F3) and select "Change layout..." icon.
    Now you have the field in "Hideen fields" column. Just select it as "show selected fields"

  • Profit center clearing accounts line item display

    Dear all,
    I have implemented  document splitting at  profit center level.
    The zero balance clearing account (profit center clearing account) is open item managed and also line item display tick is  put. eg both ticks are active.
    I am trying to see the line items in the account using fbl3n,fs10n etc but am not able to view the line items althought the balance of the account is  visible in fs10n.
    the message i get is 'no line item selected'.
    Pl suggest some way through which i can see the line items of the profit center clearing account.

    Dear Venkatesh
    I am also facing same problem, I am using T Code FAGLL03 to display Line Items for Zero Balance Clearing A/c but I am not getting line item display instead it is giving following error.
    “Account 141010, company code VALC is clearing account
    Message no. MSITEM111
    You have stored account 141010 in company code VALC as a clearing account. At the same time, you use line item management with this account.
    System Response
    Error message issued because line item display cannot read data for an account in a ledger if line items exist partially in the entry view together with clearing items for which there are no line items. In such cases, only the data with line items would be selected.
    Check the Customizing settings or account control. Change the settings so that only automatic postings without line items can be made to the account, or select a different account as the clearing account.
    Please do suggest me.
    Thanks in Advance

  • Problem with cents:"G/L Account Bal. Display (FS10N)  vs. Line Item Display

    Dear colleagues,
    We have used BSIS table within a batch input program using standard transactions such as F-02 and OASV, in order to leave several "old" G/L accounts completely up to zero, and therefore transferring their complete amount to "new" G/L accounts.
    What we see in several "old" accounts after doing the transfer is that system still displays me 1, 2 or 3 cents in transaction FS10N......but if I double click for its G/L account line item display, system correctly tells me that the old g/l account is completely balanced. Logically, for I have checked in BSIS table through program which is the necessary amount to balance the old g/l account.
    So we can say there is a lack of coordination between what I see in the first screen of FS10N and the Line Item display screen of the g/l account. No doubt, old account is completely balanced and well transferred to new g/l account (checked in BSIS table), but FS10N still reports few cents.........isn´t it somehow mischievous?
    Does anyone know how to clean those cents (which actually are virtual cents)? Is there any sap note reporting this bug and providing the solution?
    Thank you so much for your kind attention on reading my post and best regards.
    F. Albisu

    Dear Neeraj,
    Yes you are right, there a lots of notes related to this issue.
    I have found note 595776 which I think best fit with my problem. Would you hindly read it and confirm to me, from your point of view, I am in the correct track?
    (Of course, the system I am talking to you abput, proceeded to the Euro Conversion in 2002)

  • GL display for inventory account which are not defined as line item display

    Hi All,
    We have inventory gl accounts which are auto post accounts , these accounts get posted when grn is done. these accounts are not defined as line item display accounts, but if we execute the T code: FS10 we get the gl balance display and not line item display.
    Our requirement is that we should be able to view the line item display matching the GL account balance in that GL account.
    Can we get the report in MM module line items wise display.
    Prashant P. Zinge

    You should use RFSEPA01 program via execute SE38 transaction.
    This program activate line item for each account. Activation means, this program generate line items to BSIS table. So that after this program running, you can see line items in FBL3N.

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