Chinese display improperly in Safari and Firefox after OSX 10.6.7 update

After updating to 10.6.7 some Chinese websites don't display properly in both Safari and Firefox on my '08 book pro, while the '09 iMac has no such problem. On the book pro Chinese characters appear as unreadable squiggles. Other apps (word, mail, photoshop) seem to do fine post-update.
Anyone encountered this? solution?

Puzzling. Why should it happen after the 10.6.7 update?
There is a long history of duplicate fonts causing problems in OS X. Do you know for sure whether you had duplicates of that one in 10.6.6?
Is this related to other more serious font problem reported by other users after the update?
I don't think the other one can be fixed by getting rid of duplicates.

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  • Font change in Safari and Firefox after installing Snow Leopard...

    My apologies if this has been addressed:
    Immediately after updating from 10.5.8 to 10.6.2 the fonts displayed in both Safari and Firefox have changed. They are now a barely-legible "handwritten" font. I have attempted to resolve the issue to no avail. The issue only seems to be present with Safari and Firefox- there are no applications (that I have noticed yet*) that are affected. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hello, NYeBeing & welcome to discussions
    I have attempted to resolve the issue to no avail.
    What steps have you taken, exactly, so we don't repeat, etc. I'll assume you've already used OS X's FontBook to check font health & remove dupes, and you've cleared existing font caches using Snow Leopard compatible tools such as QnyX or FontDoctor.
    What languages are enabled?

  • Fonts Do Not Display Correctly in Safari and Firefox

    Certain fonts do not display smoothly in Safari and Firefox. They appear to have little pieces of the letters missing. I'm sure others have experienced this problem before but I could not find how to fix this. On the Apple Discussions the fonts look fine... on Google for example, they look messed up. I do not know specifically which font(s) are displayed weird but it happens frequently. This happens in Safari and Firefox on my MacPro and MacBookPro. Is there a setting to fix this?

    Hello Flash, welcome to Apple discussions; )
    Look for Helvetica Fractions and Times Phonetic Fonts, if you have them,
    they can be the usual suspects.
    Check the Text encoding in both Safari & FF, under the "View" menu.
    In System preferences-> Personal (top section) in Appearance tab->
    on the last portion of the panel Font smoothing Style: set that to Automatic
    If those don't help, see this users tip excellent article Kurt Lang's ~ Font Management in Mac OS X
    Look into this application to find any corrupt font[s]Font Finagler
    Good luck, let us know how you fare.
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  • Lion text problem: Some text does not display properly in Safari and Firefox

    Some text in Safari and Firefox is seriously degraded, making it useless. I changed to Firefox because Safari was displaying wrongly, but Firefox displays the same way, so it seems to be an OS problem. See image as an example:
    I cannot see subtitles on BBC streamed movies, and the timing of the movies on the bottom ribbon do not display correctly.
    I am using Lion 10.7.5
    Is there a solution for this problem?
    Thanks for any help.

    Unbelievable (and I still cannot believe that) - is wmode="transparent/opaque/etc" - not supported by safari ? then how do you suggest we go about transparent flash elements on web pages? why isn't it working on safari while on every other browser on earth it does?

  • Mail, Chrome, Safari & others crash after OSX 10.9.4 update

    I'm on a 27-inch, late 2012 iMac (intel), and after updating to 10.9.4 a number of my apps will not open - the icon bounces on the doc and then stops bouncing without ever opening.  Apps include Mail, Chrome, Safari no longer work.  What's worse is the Crash Reporter also crashes, so I never see a report.
    I downloaded the OSX Updater Combo to see if I could re-run the installer, but the installer app does the same!
    When running in Safe Mode, everything still crashes, but at least then the Crash Reporter doesn't crash.
    I ran a diagnostics based on the instructions from this thread (Safari, System preferences and Chrome quits unexpectedly), and have pasted the response here:
    Between that and from the Crash Reporter was saying when in Safe Mode, it looks like it has to do with the Webkit engine, something about a WebCore framework? This is beyond my depths.
    The App Store app will start up, but nothing ever displays. Between that and the installer app crashing, I feel like I may be dead in the water.  Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Some of your user files (not system files) have incorrect permissions or are locked. This procedure will unlock those files and reset their ownership, permissions, and access controls to the default. If you've intentionally set special values for those attributes, they will be reverted. In that case, either stop here, or be prepared to recreate the settings if necessary. Do so only after verifying that those settings didn't cause the problem. If none of this is meaningful to you, you don't need to worry about it, but you do need to follow the instructions below.
    Back up all data.
    Step 1
    If you have more than one user, and the one in question is not an administrator, then go to Step 2.
    Enter the following command in the Terminal window in the same way as before (triple-click, copy, and paste):
    sudo find ~ $TMPDIR.. -exec chflags nouchg,nouappnd {} + -exec chown $UID {} + -exec chmod +rw {} + -exec chmod -N {} + -type d -exec chmod +x {} + 2>&-
    This time you'll be prompted for your login password, which won't be displayed when you type it. Type carefully and then press return. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you don’t have a login password, you’ll need to set one before you can run the command. If you see a message that your username "is not in the sudoers file," then you're not logged in as an administrator.
    The command may take several minutes to run, depending on how many files you have. Wait for a new line ending in a dollar sign ($) to appear, then quit Terminal.
    Step 2 (optional)
    Take this step only if you have trouble with Step 1, if you prefer not to take it, or if it doesn't solve the problem.
    Start up in Recovery mode. When the OS X Utilities screen appears, select
              Utilities ▹ Terminal
    from the menu bar. A Terminal window will open. In that window, type this:
    Press the tab key. The partial command you typed will automatically be completed to this:
    Press return. A Reset Password window will open. You’re not going to reset a password.
    Select your startup volume ("Macintosh HD," unless you gave it a different name) if not already selected.
    Select your username from the menu labeled Select the user account if not already selected.
    Under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs, click the Reset button
               ▹ Restart
    from the menu bar.
    Your hosts file is massively hacked. I suggest you unhack it and test.
    If you still have problems after taking the above steps, run the following command:
    sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

  • CSS for links display differently in Safari and Firefox

    Hello all,
    I am having some link display problems. The CSS code for my link display is as follows:
    #sidebar_1 a{
    text-decoration: none;
    font-weight: bold;
    #sidebar_1 a:link{
    color: #CCC;
    #sidebar_1 a:visited{
    color: #000;
    #sidebar_1 a:hover, #sidebar_1 a:active, #sidebar_1 a:focus{
    color: #000;
    Unfortunately, the website is not live yet so I can't direct you to it.
    What happens: in Firefox, mousing over a link causes it to go black; but when the link is clicked and the new page has loaded, the link goes back to being gray even though the linked page is active. However, in Safari the links for visited pages stay black. Any ideas on why this is happening?
    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    #sidebar_1 a:vistied {
    is stating that all visited links in the #sidebar_1 div to be black. Are you saying that all visited links are black, outside the sidebar_1 div?

  • HTML table display issues in Safari and Firefox

    A few days ago, in both firefox and safari, i noticed that whenever i go to certain sites with (i'm assuming) what are HTML tables, they aren't displaying properly. The tables are going way bigger than they should.
    ex. When i go to and click on any link, each item on the page has way more space between lines than it should. To see what i mean check out these screen capture.
    Also, perhaps a related issue, in Firefox, the page scrolling isn't smooth anymore when i use my trackpad.
    I tried trashing the preferences for each browser in my library, to no avail. Any help would be awesome. thanks

    hey thanks. The links in the orgininal post are fixed. To view the difference, look at the captures, then type in the url that appears in the captures to see what it should look like.

  • Can't save PDFs from Safari or Firefox after latest (10.1.3) update

    I just installed the latest update, and now when I open a PDF in Safari, I can't save it to my computer. I get a message saying "The document XXX.pdf could not be exported as XXX." When I try to do it from Firefox, the PDF won't even open. I tried deleting the plugins and reinstalling Reader and that didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks!

    Hi mccradks1,
    Regarding firefox, update it to version 10.0 or later and use it in 32-bit mode only.
    To save pdf's in safari, please try using the save button in toolbar and see if it works.
    Toolbar is present in two different forms:
    2. This toolbar appears when you hover the mouse at bottom of pdf screen.

  • Early 2008 iMac dvd accepts disk but spins and ejects after osx 10.9.1 update Matshita UJ-875 firmware DB09

    dvd showing behavior of accepting disk, then ejects after 5 secs or so, without mounting.   DVD disk is confirmed good on macbook pro. 
    Matshita DVD-R UJ-875
    Started after update to 10.9.1

    Dudes! Let me weigh in here as a computer doofus and CD whiz. I'm kinda helpless in OS-X, but with laser problems I have 20 years of experience on all makes (as a retired CD and DVD technician). I've never seen a "Cleaner-CD" that did more than you could do with a puff of air like to blow out a candle. The coating on the laser lenses attracts dust and gets frosted with things like smoke from cigarettes and incense (things basically of an oily nature). But since our BoulderBoy can read CDs, there must be some recognition routine that the machine is failing at. A lens can be surgically cleaned with a humid (not wet) Q-tip (I made thousand$ doing just that) if your technique is good, but this sounds like an internal sensor or switching routine. Not worth servicing, try some voodoo. I used to keep some Brazilian "tools" for makes like Tandberg, Futterman, and Carver... things like a stone hammer for alignments and a gourd rattle for mysterious ghosts in the machine.
    "Exit Left to Funway." wralf (uhCLEM!)

  • Illustrator slow and unresponsive after OSX 10.6.8 update

    After recently updating OSX to 10.6.8 from 10.6.7 I can't even move a shape in Illustrator CS5 without getting the rainbow pinwheel for 5 seconds or more, and some of my commands are lost completely. I wiped and reinstalled my computer and experienced the same problem after running the combined OSX update. Is anyone else having this problem and is Adobe patching for this? I've installed all the latest Adobe updates.

    Reset your preferences.
    Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-Shift when restarting AI on a Mac or Alt-Crtl-Shift on a PC to reset to the defaults.
    Flush Cache (Helps slowdown)
    delete users\(username)\library\preferences\com.adobe.mediabrowser.plist
    Use Applications /Utilitiies/Disk utility and fix permissions.
    Run the action to remove unused items.

  • IWeb-generated site OK in Safari and Firefox, but no NavBar in IE

    I created a site in iWeb and it displays fine in Safari and Firefox. However, the entire NavBar section is not displaying in Internet Explorer, despite loose permissions for running code in IE.
    The script section from one of the pages appears below, and any help or suggestions are much appreciated. I need to get this site up, and really need it to be accessible for IE users.
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--
    new NavBar('widget0', 'Scripts/Widgets/Navbar', 'Scripts/Widgets/SharedResources', '.', {"current-page-GUID": "79F60B32-4240-4A88-8823-11CC50E1FDF2", "path-to-root": "", "isCollectionPage": "NO", "navbar-css": ".navbar {\n\tfont-family: 'Times', 'Times New Roman', serif;\n\tfont-size: .9em;\n\tcolor: #817B67;\n\tmargin: 0px;\n\tline-height: 25px;\n}\n\n.navbar-bg {\n\ttext-align: left;\n}\n\n.navbar-bg ul {\n\tlist-style: none;\n\tmargin: 0px;\n\tpadding: 0px;\n}\n\n\nli {\n\tlist-style-type: none;\n\tdisplay: inline;\n\tpadding: 0 25px 0 0px;\n}\n\n\nli a {\n\ttext-decoration: none;\n\tpadding: 0px;\n\tcolor: #817B67;\n}\n\nli a:visited {\n\ttext-decoration: none;\n\tpadding: 0px;\n\tcolor: #817B67;\n}\n\nli a:hover\r{\r\n \tcolor: #3F3F3C;\n\ttext-decoration: none;\r}\n\n\nli.current-page a\r{\r\t color: #3F3F3C;\n\ttext-decoration: none;\r}\n"});

    Are you using the navigation menu that comes with the page template? If so, it will not display on a PC with Internet Explorer unless javascript is turned on in the preferences. The template nav bars in iWeb use java and if this is not enabled on some computers, then it cannot be seen.
    What you can do so that it will show up in IE, is to create your own text based navigation bar instead - to do this, just open the Inspector and then go to Page - second choice in and click on the boxes which say hide navigation menu and then just create your own by using a text box, shape or whatever. Don't forget to hyperlink to your pages though.

  • Javascript not working in Safari and Firefox

    in stead of rendering the html generated by javascript, the html code itself is displayed in both Safari and Firefox.
    The strange thing is that this is only for one of my accounts. This account was transferred using the migration tool from my previous computer, where I also had this problem.
    A brand new generated user account does not show this problem.

    In the affected account...
    From the Safari Menu Bar click Safari/Preferences then select the Security tab.
    Make sure: Enable plug-ins and Enable Java and Enable JavaScript are selected.
    Since you are running Snow Leopard, make sure Safari is running in 32-bit mode, not 64. Right or control click the Safari icon in the Applications folder, then click: Get Info In the Get Info window click the black disclosure triangle next to General so it faces down. Select 32 bit mode. Also, (in that same window) *make sure Safari is NOT running in Rosetta.*
    Relaunch Safari.

  • Safari and firefox stop working after a few minutes of browsing, regardless of what site I'm on. I have to restart my computer to get internet access again but it only works for a few more minutes, then I have to restart again. Please help!

    Safari and firefox stop working after a few minutes of browsing, regardless of what site I'm on. I have to restart my computer to get internet access again but it only works for a few more minutes, then I have to restart again. I don't get a spinning ball, it just stops working at whatever page it's on. I can close the program just fine but when I re-open it, either safari or firefox, it freezes trying to load the hompage. This started a few days ago after trying to stream a movie on my computer. I'm on a Mac Air OS X Version 10.6.8 and have downloaded all updates. When I go into finder, it says I have over 80 gigs available. Is there some other memory cache that I need to check? Thanks so much for your help.

    ejwoodall wrote:
    It's not a router problem as I explained in my post. If it was a router problem then I wouldn't have the problem everywhere I go. It is an issue with the software.
    Then I guess the millions of people running 10.5.7 with no issues are just hallucinating that their machines are working fine?
    I'm not trying to belittle your issues; you're certainly having them and I know first hand how annoying an intermittent AirPort issue can be. (In fact, mine was due to an AirPort driver bug that no one else seemed to suffer from.)
    The single best diagnostic you could do is take your system running 10.5.7 to an Apple Store, and try using their in-store network.
    If your machine performs flawlessly, it may be a router issue.
    If your machine has connectivity issues there, it may be a hardware problem with your machine.
    There have been numerous people in multiple threads over the years who swore that an update was buggy because things used to work, but returned later to sheepishly admit that they took their machine in, a problem was found and fixed, and now their Mac works flawlessly with the newer software.
    But simply reinstalling 10.5.5 in no way means the explanation of how firmware bugs may be at play here is incorrect.
    In the context of that explanation, all you've done is possibly reinstall software that asks to add "2 + 3."

  • Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox, but displayed correctly in Safari and G. Chrome

    Firefox display problems regarding this customers site:
    Thumbnails are not displayed correctly in Firefox - only a tiny bit of the picture is visible, incorrect scale (displayed correctly in Safari and Google Chrome).
    Can I do anything to make it work in Firefox, too?
    Kind regards,

    This article might help you-

  • HT5648 OS10.6.8 Firefox 24.0  The new Yahoo mail shows no graphics.  However, the new Yahoo mail displays correctly in Safari and Chrome.  I believe this has to to with the settings for Javascript.  Help me, please.

    OS10.6.8, Firefox 24.0 
    The new Yahoo mail shows no graphics using Firefox 24.0 - just identical rectangles where new icons should be.\.  However, the new Yahoo mail displays correctly in Safari and Chrome.  I believe this has to to with the settings for Javascript.  Those settings aren.t easy to access in the most recent Firefox 24.0 version.   Help me, please.

    The settings for Javascript are either on or off, Fireefox 24 doesn't give you a option to turn off Javascript, unless you installed something like NoScript extension (or some other Javascipt blocking add-on)
    If NoScript, then you need to use the View > Toolbars > Customize and drag the NoScript "Temp Allow All" button to the toolbar area to enable all enabled scripts (including Javascript) on that web page.
    Under the Firefox Help menu is a option to restart with add-ons disabled to see if something you might have installed is causing your problem.
    Reinstall Firefox or create another user account and run Firefox there to try to localize your issue.
    I'm having no problem here on 10.6.8 in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, Yahoo Mail works perfectly.

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