CIN Version - Excise Invoice Cancellation.

Dear All,
During billing document cancellation (by VF11) the excise invoice gets automatically cancelled. But my client doesn't want the automatic excise invoice cancellation. They wants to cancel the excise invoice only mannually (by J1IH).
SAP Version is ECC 5.0
Kindly let me know if you have any suggestions.
Thanks & with best regards,
S. Raju
[email protected]

Dear Raju,
  Please Check the bellow.
SAP Note Number 551932 - Cancellation of Billing with Excise invoice
Note Language: English Version: 2 Validity: Valid from 05.09.2002
When a billing document is cancelled, the attached excise invoice also gets
reversed. Again the user can go and cancel the excise invoice independently
through CIN making double accounting of the reversal.
More Terms
Excise invoice, Cancellation of excise invoice, j1iH, VF11
Cause and Prerequisites
This is because of the new cancellation procedure of the billing.
This happens because the accounting document for Excise invoice posting is
linked to the document flow of SD. So when you cancel the billing all the
related accounting documents are reversed.
This is because of the new Billing cancellation procedure. You have to
implement the userexit mentioned in note 339928. This will ensure that the
cancellation of excise invoice works as it used to do before the new
cancellation procedure.
In the userexit userexit_fll_xkomk1 in function rv_accounting_document
create add the code attached below. The userexit is in rv60bfza. This will
not get overwritten in upgrades.
rule_new_cancel = 'A'.
This will ensure that excise invoice related accounting document is not
reversed at the time of billing. You may use the existing functionality to
cancel the excise invoice
Header Data
Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 05.09.2002 07:35:33
Priority: Correction with high priority
Category: Consulting
Main Component XX-CSC-IN-SD Sales and Distribution
Additional Components:
SD-BIL Billing
Valid Releases
20.04.2007 Page 2 of 2
SAP Note Number 551932 - Cancellation of Billing with Excise invoice
Software Component Release From
To Release and Later
SAP_APPL 46 46B 46B
SAP_APPL 46C 46C 46C
SAP_APPL 470 470 470
CIN 3.0 30A 30A
CIN 4.0 40A 40A
Support Packages
Support Packages Release Package Name
Related Notes
Number Short Text
339928 New cancellation procedure cannot be deactivated
Attribute Value
weitere Komponenten SD-BIL

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  • Country India Version Incoming Excise Invoice Cancellation

    Hi Experts,
    I am unable to cancel incoming excise invoice. I have gone through many threads regarding this subject but still none of the suggestion is working out here, please gives your valuable comments?
    We are using TAXINJ procedure and I followed the below steps for excise cancellation.
    1. Good Receipt for PO MB01
    2. Capture and Post Excise Invoice ref to GR J1IEX
    3. Cancel the Material document created in step1 MBST
    4. Cancel the Excise Invoice created in step 2 J1IEX.
    When I am trying to execute step 4 i am getting the error message Excise invoice EX140 2009 has already been posted for vendor 907970
    When I try to post the excise invoice EX 140 it gives me error No Part I exists for availing credit in excise invoice EX140 2009.I tried to update part1 using J1I5,there I only found the material document created in step 3.
    If I try to post the excise document with ref to the cancellation material doc and I use the same excise number i.e. EX140, it gives error Excise invoice EX140 2009 for the vendor 907970 Exists. I also tried with a dummy excise number EX141.i am able to capture excise with this number but when I try to post it gives me message No Part I exists for availing credit in excise invoice EX141 2009, Then I updated the part 1 using J1I5 and tried to post the document EX141, it gives a div by zero Dump.
    Please help me out.
    With Regards
    Sarvesh Kumar Vashist

    Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    I am still confused what standard SAP says regarding Incoming Excise Invoice cancellation, the comments are contradictory even I searched in other threads also but there also no standard answer.
    does it allow the cancellation if Part2 is posted?
    I followed the steps suggested by SAP Learner. But it does not allow me to do the step 3 it gives me messageu201D No Part I exists for availing credit in excise invoice XXXX 2009".I checked table J_1IPART1 and table J_1IPART2, the entries are there for excise invoice XXXX.
    Please advice As per Indian Tax law is it OK if I post the difference amount using J1IH other adjustment. But if we have to post the -ve difference then how can book that amount. I extracted the registers it is showing the JV values but does not show any reference document.
    With Regards
    Sarvesh Kumar Vashist

  • Control Excise invoice cancellation

    Hi All
    Our Business process is Proforma invoice -
    Excise invoice -
    Commercial invoice (Pass to accounting )
    Problem - After generating Commercial invoice system is allowing to cancel Excise invoice through J1IH or J1IIN with out checking commercial invoice ..
    We need the system to check Commercial invoice at the time of cancelling Excise invoice .
    Is there any user exit or Badi to control the Cancellation of Excise invoice if commercial invoice exists

    Dear Marathanda,
    CIN is not a statdard SAP offering, It has been built for India requirements and that is the reason why excise Invoice doesn't show up in the document SO, Del, Invoice..which gets updated in Table VBFA. and that is the reason why there is no check at Excise Invoice cancellation level that if commercial Invoice exists then cancellation should not be allowed.  there is one more factor for that, in many business scenarios we are creating Excise Invoice after the commercial Invoice and in many we are creating after delivery..say at the time of despatch of goods from factory premises or Stock Transfer Order so it's a tricky situation.
    In your case, the commercial invoice is getting generated after the Excise Invoice i.e.with Excise Invoice is getting generated with ref to the pro forma Invoice and then you want to restrict the cancellation of the Excise Invoice then first you need to check the Internal Number created at the time of Excise invoice, that number will give you the billing reference number (of pro forma Invoice). now from that billing document (pro forma Invoice) check in table VBFA , enter that precceding document number and and item number along with subseqent document number catagory as "M" It will give you the Commercial Invoice Number.  you can put your restriction there.

  • During Excise Invoice Cancellation Posting Date should be similar to excise

    Dear All Experts,
    Hope you are doing well !
    We have one requirement during  Excise Invoice cancellation for Posting Date Field. Generally, system is taking Posting Date as Current Date but we want system should take Posting date as (Posting Date of Excise Invoice).
    Please give your expert comments.
    With Best Regards,
    Bharat B

    Dear Bharat,
    Please use any exits given by me in the following thread and write the logic to populate the Excise invoice date as the cancellation date.
    Excise Invoice Cancellation on Date validation only
    Check and revert back.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hegal K Charles

  • Excise invoice cancellation error

    dera gurus ,
    i had problem with excise invoice cancellation.
    the problem is
    outgoing excise invoice created by j1iin cancellation is giving error.
    actur error showing in system is "excise modvat not defined for ceiv transaction and excise group".
    please guide me what is short in customisation

    Go to SPRO-->Logistics General --> Tax on Goods Movements --> India --> Account Determination --> Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction.
    Assign the appropriate GL accounts for the CEIV transaction and Excise Group Combination.
    Elanchezhian. K.C.

  • Excise Invoice Cancelation check

    Hi Expert,
    We have required check, without excise invoice cancel billing document not to be canceled.
    Please give the suggection how to configure.

    Yes as already stated, this is not addressed in standard.  But in one of our plants, a similar requirement was made and I had controlled via MV50AFZ1 - FORM USEREXIT_READ_DOCUMENT.  Of course, this is to control cancelling excise invoice against proforma.
    You can also even try with J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_BEF_SAV to achieve this requirement.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • CIN - Excise Invoice - Cancel Reversed Invoice and Post New Invoice

    I need to Cancel the Excise Invoice posted for return delivery 122 document, and post a new one.
    The client says he has already cancelled the invoice, and posted another one.
    Now, same return delivery document has 2 Excise Invoices. But the one I am seeing in Excise Invoice tab of MIGO Display is the Excise Invoice with Reversed status.
    When I display the reversed invoice in J1IS - it says "Document is Reversed". Does that mean Cancelled?
    We need MIGO to show us the new Excise Invoice for this return docuemnt, not the reversed one. Kindly help.

    "Have you created Excise invoice for other movements (122) in J1IS and posted the same through J1IV."
    Yes. Invoice No. 2391 is created and posted for return delivery document 5000052046
    "What did you see in 122 Material document header in Excise tab Status after cancellation of Exicse invoice?"
    For 122, the first invoice # 2317 was never cancelled. It has reversed status. "Document is reversed" is showing in Invoice Display through J1IS. Also, in MIGO for return delivery document 5000052046 - STILL the reversed invoice # 2317 is mentioned. Although 2391 is the new invoice posted for the same return delivery document.
    "Have you tried creating J1IS again after canceling the Excise invoice? What systems says then"
    No invoice has been cancelled yet. I don't know how to cancel without cancelling the 122 Mvt material document.

  • Excise invoice cancellation

    I have transferred  100 pieces from manufacturing plant to depot via Stock transfer Order.
    Excise invoice of 100 pieces is made.
    Due to some reason ,depot returns back 20 pieces to plant.
    how should i cancel the excise invoice for 20 nos.
    Plz help me out.

    You cannot cancel excise invoice partially. Since this is return from depot please use the sales return process in the plant to take back the material.
    You can use J1IEX >EWPO (without purchase order) or J1Ih > additional excise, to take back the credit for the 20 units which are returned.
    J1IH is preferred because J1IEX looks for vendor.
    J1IW is an obsolete transaction but can be used if you are in 46B version.

  • Excise Invoice cancellation in Intercompany STO

    We are creating the Intercompany STO from Depot to manufacturing plant.
    1)Creating the STO. Receiving plant is manufacturing plant
    2)Created the GI
    3) created the Outbound delivery
    4)Created the Outgoing excise invoice J1IJ from Depot.
    5) we are receiving the Goods at manufacturing plant with ref to Outbound delivery(materils is received at Quality Inspection first)
    6)Created the Excise Invoice "J1iex" Option "Capture excise Invoice" and "Without Purchase order"
    Sytem is created the partI and partII entries.
    Now we want to cancel the excise Invoice, How to do? we are trying to cancel but unable to do that?
    Sapman man

    When you are returning the material, you get a material document.
    You create an Excise invoice by using J1IS transaction with reference to the material document.
    This excise invoice will come for monthly utilization

  • Excise invoice cancelation scenarios

    Dear all
    Please explain the process and legal ways to cancel or reverse the excise invoice in sd. I want to know whether we can cancel depot excise invoice also..?
    Please explain..
    Thanks and regards

    If utilization has not done you can cancell excise invoice
    if utilization has run for the invoice time period it might not be possible you have to
    do incoming excise invoice in j1iex screen
    for any assistance revert it

  • Excise invoice cancel process for depot plant

      We have made the GR and also capture the excise details with J1IG for depot,  now due to some problem we want to cancel both tge GR and RG entry,  so which transaction to be use to reverse the entry of J1IG.

    Have you tryed T.Code J1IJ to cancel the Excise invoice?

  • Excise Invoice Cancellation did not update RG23A Part-II Register ?

    Hi, Dear's
    I have cancelled Excise Invoice (T.Code J1IIN), system shows reversal accounting entry generated thru J1IH
    BUT did not update RG23A Part-II register

    As far as i know there is no part 1 or part 2 for RG1 register.

  • Excise Invoice Cancellation on Date validation only

    Hi Experts,
    i am having critical requirement from Business, which is not available in SAP Standard, So i need help from you guys...
    Excise invoice can be cancelled on the same day of system/posting date. but when the system date and posting dates are not matching it should through error..
    Example  : i created Excise invoice on 17th june,2011 this is posting date of excise invoice, if i try to cancell on 17th june , it should allow.
                        but when i try to cancell the excise invoice on 18th june (system date) , it should not allow to cancell and it say Error !!!
    i heard there will be possible through User Exit  OR Function Module OR Routins ... Please help me
    Thanks and Regards

    Dear Madhusudhanan,
    Following are the list of User Exits available for J1IIN
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_BEF_SAVE User exit after the excise header and details are written and they can changed in J1IS  , J1IIN and Automatic creation of Excise Invoice.
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXINV_ADDL_DATA User exit for Excise Invoice Additional Data    in J1IS and J1IG                 
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1I5_MATFORM    User exit for J1I5 material form changes                           
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1I5_VALIDATE   User exit for subsequent J1I5 data validation                      
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IEX_BEF_SAVE User exit for J1IEX before the data is saved                    
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IEX_CHANGE    User exit for changing data before display             
    J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IS_BASE_VALUE User exit to Change base value in J1IS                
    I strongly believe that the first exit will serve the purpose.
    Now if you are cancelling it using J1IH, Check the following thread.
    J1IH-User Exit
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hegal K Charles

  • Excise Invoice cancellation in deemed export

    Hi All,
    In deemed export scenario, i have created an excise invoice .But when i try to cancel it throws an error "No item information transferred into Accounting. Message no. RW002".
    And it is also not possible to cancel the billing doc also which asks to cancel excise invoice first.
    i understand that no accounting document is generated when we create excise invoice in deemed export, while i was analyzing the excise invoice i saw that it was showing that BED,ECS& SE cess values.
    I checked in sales order and all excise condition values are marked as statistical.Further BED had been calculated based upon a condition record with a key combination of "country/plant/control code". Control code had been picked from the foreign trade tab of the material master.
    I created another sales order in which no excise conditions were calculated, and created an excise invoice where excise duties were showing zero values.Now in this case i was successful in cancelling the excise invoice.
    so my doubt is(i) Should excise duties be calculated in sales order and the same is to be seen in excise invoice?even though we are not paying any duties and conditions are statistical.
    (ii) Should foreign trade tab in material master be maintained in deemed export?

    Dear friend,
    doubt is
    Should excise duties be calculated in sales order and the same is to be seen in excise invoice?even though we are not paying any duties and conditions are statistical.
    Yes we can see the same values in excise invoice which are determined at order.
    (ii) Should foreign trade tab in material master be maintained in deemed export?
    And also even without generating FI document the excise document can be canceled.I hope you have developed an enhancement at VF11
    So it is not accepting to canceling the billing with out canceling the excise invoice.
    So check whether any mistakes are there in developed coding.
    Thank you,

  • Error while creating excise invoice cancellation thru J1IS(J1IEX Invoice)

    Dear All,
    While creating cancel of purchase excise invoice with reference to J1IEX Internal Invoice No. system is throwing a error
    "Error updating table J_1IEXCHDR"
    Message no. 8I308
    Suggest me asap,.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Radha,
    Check the ETT Table (Excise accounts assignment table) in the config have assigned the relevant gl accounts for TType - CEIV  Update all the gl accounts in the table.
    Verify the node--> Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction --- debit and credit account names to the TType -- CEIV
    Credit -- CENVAT Suspence
    Cr         RG23 AT1
    Cr         RG23 BED,RG 23 ECS,
    Dr         CENVAT Clearing
    Dr         PLA BED, PLA AED, PLA SED
    Dr         RG23 AED, BED, SED
    Same should be assigned for Sub-Transaction Type '01' for CEIV Type.

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