Circular Progress Bar Custom Indicator

I'm trying to create a custom front panel indicator to indicate progress in a circular style, so it fits in a square object. I've attached a little picture of what I have in mind.
I thought about taking a Pie Chart and using the Advanced -> Customize option to break it up so I just get the indicator, then add a circular decoration in the middle to give a bar rather than a filled in pie slice, and a label as a value indicator, but the Pie Chart doesn't have a Customize option.
Has anyone achieved this with some other sort of indicator?

Hi Duncan,
an idea:
Use a picture indicator. Draw an ARC in the indicator and place the value inside the ARC as TEXT…
Use a gauge indicator. Enable the color ramp. Set the color ramp values as needed by property nodes. Place the numeric display in the center of the gauge…
Best regards,
CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
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  • Custom "Draggable" progress bar in Flash

    I have created a custom skin for a Flash video that I wish to use. I currently have a shape tween within an MC that acts as the progress bar for the Flash video. Is there code that will allow me to click and drag that shape tween and control the movie? My movie is embedded within my flash not streamed. Is this possible, or if anyone knows of any good tutorials that would help me achieve this that would be great.

    you can use any scrollbar tutorial.  instead of scrolling the _x or _y property of a movieclip, you'll be scrolling through the frame numbers that span the timeline that contains your video.
    to look for a tutorial specific to your situation, try using google to search for "flash scrollbar timeline"

  • Customizing OI to add step progress bar

    Hello custom RTOI experts!  I am attempting to make a customization to the full-featured LabVIEW RTOI (for TestStand 3.0) in order to provide the seemingly simple feature of a step completion progress bar on the execution page of the tab control.  Let me explain a little behind the concept I'm going for.  There are some steps in my sequences that take a relatively long time (15 minutes or so).  During this period, a requirement of mine is to have a progress bar that gets updates every so often such that by the time the step would ordinary complete, the progress bar is at 100%.  Initial attempts involved a separate VI that managed the progress bars, but having yet another window is not the ideal UI design...  Instead, I was hoping to integrate this functionality into the RTOI so that each time a new step begins executing, additional custom data (the expected step duration) is (optionally) sent to the RTOI providing the progress update portion of the RTOI code the necessary data.
    Is there any sample code out there that performs some similar task so that I can get a better feel for how the pieces fit together?  In particular, there are a few things that are befuddling me:
    1) What is a good way to store this custom information (step duration) in the sequence file?  Should I modify the basic step types to add a new duration field which can be optionally set to something greater than the default, 0?
    2) How should the step duration get passed to the RTOI?  My current thought is to override the PreStep engine callback to send the custom duration field in a custom UIMessage, but that may be partly because I'm not familiar enough with the structure of the data is that is that is accessible via the sequence context...
    3) How do I link the progress bar data to the actual execution page that is currently being viewed.  Up to 4 executions can be running using the parallel model or the batch model in my sequences, so something would clearly need to be done so that when execution 1 is visible, the associated progress bar is shown, etc...  I'm assuming I can trap on some event when the user clicks on an execution in the list bar, but there is no similar code in the out-of-box RTOI - all that appears to be managed automatically by linking the controls to the execution manager.
    Thanks for any pointers or code samples (or even suggested reading) that anyone can give.

    Thanks for the response.
    I may indeed want to use the ProgressPercent message, but I'm not so sure just yet.  I did not want to leave the responsibility of sending UIMessages up to the VIs and other code modules called by the sequence - I was hoping for a simple solution to provide a new field (ExpectedDuration) that can be set for any given step.  In this way, the RTOI can manage updating the progress simply by counting seconds.  Perhaps there is some timer callback that can be leveraged to perform this function?
    What I have so far is as follows: I have a new step type called PassFailTestWithDuration.  It is a copy of the PassFailTest step type with the addition of a ExpectedDuration property and a new PreStep which calls the PostUIMessageEx with a custom event (10001).  The expected duration and the RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex both get passed as parameters.  Inside the RTOI, I have added a UserMessage callback VI which stores the data in the appropriate slot of a global (indexed by socket index).  (The global array is implemented as what I've heard called an action engine - there are init, read, and write actions that it can perform on data stored in the VI, and it is set as non-reentrant so that race conditions cannot occur).  Each entry in the global array has 2 fields - the expected duration, and the current elapsed time.  My idea was to continually update the current elapsed time for all active executions and simply show a progress bar for the "active" execution by displaying its elapsed time/expected duration in each necessary event...
    I think my main question now is - how do you determine the RunState.TestSocket.MyIndex of the active execution in the execution manager (or application manager)?  It seems like such an obvious thing to want to know, but I don't see it anywhere.
    Thanks again for any hints you can provide!

  • Can BIP report have a progress bar/indicator?

    I have a BIP report embedded in a dashboard along with the BI answers report.
    While processing, the BIP report shows a clock symbol indicating the progress bar where as BIP report is not showing anything.
    this gives the end user a wrong impression that whether the report is executed or still processing.
    Is there a way to set a text message or a symbol to show progress?
    Please reply if you know how to.
    Thank you
    Narasimha Rao

    Sorry about that! We are working on adding this back to Firefox in an upcoming version:

  • FM10 Progress-bar indicator shows no progress

    I'm using FM10 (v10.0.2.419) on Windows 7 OS.
    When I print to postscript, the pink ribbon that used to show the progess does not display any longer,
    and the percentages indicator remains at 0%.
    Any ideas? My colleague right next to me is using the same SW and HW and does not have this problem.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas....

    Do you see the page numbers increasing below the progress bar (thermometer in FM's parlance)? Does the job "print" to completion? What device are you printing to?
    You could check your maker.ini file to see if the colour definition has been changed to be a background grey. The default setting should be:
    ;-------------------- Thermometer Color Definitions -----------------------
    ThermoDoneColor=255, 0, 255
    ThermoRemainingColor=192, 192, 192
    There are two versions of the maker.ini file. The global one in the %FMhome% folder and the user-specific one in the \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\11 folder.

  • System horizontal progress bar cannot be customized

    I noticed that I cannot customize a system horizontal progress bar by going to right-click>>Advanced>>Customize.  When the control editor shows up, the customize mode button is grayed out. 
    I can customize a numeric control or a string control using the above procedure, so why can't I do the same for a system progress bar?
    Message Edited by S G on 10-01-2007 05:32 PM
    S G
    Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer, Certified Professional Instructor

    Yes.  It makes sense that the system controls are not customizable. 
    However, I do have situations where I would like to customize the system controls.  For instance, with the slide control/indicator, when you make the digital display visible, it shows up in a box.  When your slide is a control, the right side of the box contains the increment/decrement buttons.  When your slide is an indicator, these buttons are invisible, but the the box is still big enough to include them.  So, the box on the slide indicator is unnecessarily big on the right side.  Take a look at the and you will see what I mean.
    S G
    Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer, Certified Professional Instructor
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  • How long will the progress indicator spin before safe mode progress bar shows up?

    How long will the progress indicator spin before safe mode progress bar shows up?

    Not a good sign,  your HD is failing or has serious block problems. It might be possible to reformate the drive and start over.
    or something more agressive to do the repair, like Disk Warrior
    You need a backup plan in place here.
    more information here in a similiar thread:

  • My iMac will not boot up.  I  have a 3 year old iMac running   Lion.  When I push the power button I get the Apple logo, then the circular thing made up of small lines revolving iin a clockwise direction, then a progress bar which never fills in.

    The progress bar then disappears and the system never boots up.  How can I get this machine to boot without a start-up disc?
    Are there any keyboard shortcuts available?

    I think you'll need those grey original install disks as it sounds like your harddrive is corrupted.

  • How to display test progress in customized OI progress bar??

    Hi all
    From the deaf silence of group for my previous  question should i assume it is not possible to store/process the user configuration deatails in database instead of .ini file??
    also please clarify me the following questions.
    1. Is it possible to display the test progress in customized OI (like shown in the figure)
    i used the method to get the number of steps.
    axExecutionViewMgr.GetCaptionText(CaptionSources.CaptionSource_NumberOfSteps,true,""); ( but it returns null  i used it in precommand event of appln. mgr.)
    but the teststand  should provide a event so that i can update the progressbar value according to number of steps/ steps completed in UI right??
    2. The functionality of ABORT will abort the current execution. but when i say restart it should restart from step that is being aborted. but the current  restart functonality provided in test stand restart from very first step of sequence. is there any way to achieve this?.
    3. I try to run sequence file programmatically using the following code
    NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.Engine eg= axApplicationMgr.GetEngine ();
    NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.SequenceFile s =eg.NewSequenceFile ();
    s.Path ="D:\\Program Files\\National Instruments\\TestStand 3.1\\Examples\\Demo\\CreateDeleteUsers\\CreateDeleteUsers.seq";
    eg.NewExecution (s,"CreateDeleteUsers.seq",null,true,0,null,null,null);
    but it show the following error
    An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred in TestExec.exe
    Additional information: Unknown function or sequence name 'CreateDeleteUsers.seq'.
    have i anything missed in the code??
    Thanks in Advance
    exec.jpg ‏43 KB

    Re 2. Restarting from the middle is not a feature that currently exists. To implement it yourself, you would have to create a step or callback that reads a persisted version of the results, variables, current step group/index, and anything else you need to restore and applies it to newly started execution. You would have to arrange to persist all these items when you terminate, either with a special step/callback or with special code in a OI application that you write. 
    This is probably not a feature that can be implemented in just a few of lines of code. It could be a simple or difficult project, depending on how much state you need to restore, whether you support restarting from within subsequence, whether you try to restore the system state by rerunning setup and cleanup groups, etc.
    Re 3. Your code does not work because although you change the path of the new empty file, it is still a new empty file.  To load a file, call ApplicationMgr.OpenSequenceFile.  You can then execute it with a command object. Example:
    // run the current sequence
    // run an execution entry point (Test UUTs is typically at index 0 and Single Pass is typically at index 1)
    this.axSequenceFileViewMgr.GetCommand(CommandKinds.CommandKind_ExecutionEntryPoints_Set, 1).Execute(true);
    Alternatively, you could create an execution with ApplicationMgr.GetEngine().NewExecution, passing in the SequenceFile that the OpenSequenceFile method returns.  If you are modifying/creating an OI application, I recommend reading Chapter 9 of the TestStand Reference manual if you haven't already.

  • Is there any component like percentage indicator not progress bar in Flex ?

    Hi All,
    I have to display a percentage value in a graphical way.( for example say 75% , a tube similar to progress bar which has a fill up to 75 % )
    Is there any such component in flex or can I use progress bar ? please share your thoughts.

    You want to use a determinate ProgressBar with mode set to manual:
       <mx:ProgressBar id="progressBar" minimum="0" maximum="100" mode="manual"
           label="0%" labelPlacement="bottom">
    Then use setProgress( %, 100 ) to set the percentage:
      // set the progress to 10 of 100 (10%)
      progressBar.setProgress( 10, 100 );
    Let me know if that does the trick.
    Ben Edwards

  • Progress Indicator (Progress Bar)

    I'm currently working on a stand alone Java Application and am developing GUI with Java Swing. Currently I need to implement a Progress bar so as to indicate the length of the process where the length of the process is unknown.It would be nice if you could share your views about this, or even get me a sample code in relation to this.
    Thanks and regards

    Well actually, only the JDK 1.4 allow such thing.
    The other solution is allways increasing the max size
    on when the max length is set, to set the length to the minimun
    and restart the process. Try the progressbar of the JDK 1.4 seems
    to be the best solution for your problem.

  • What happend to the download progress bar and the secure site indicator (lock)?

    I recently upgraded to Firefox ver.4. Immediately noticed that the green download progress bar no longer displays. Also when accessing a secure web site the lock icon previously displayed in the lower right of the window is no longer there. Any suggestions on how to get them back?

    The status bar was removed in Firefox 4. You can use this two add-ons:
    The Lock icon has been changed. Please read this article:
    You can use this add-on to get the classic icon back:

  • Custom made progress bar didn't work

    Take a look at
    Why is it not behaving like it supposedly should? The
    progress bar didn't really show exact progression, the File size
    didn't show the correct filesize that is being loaded, even the
    image loader sometimes didn't show the pics. Why is it so difficult
    for me?
    Oh..below is the code snippet. Thanks for helping/trying to

    Thanks Uwe.
    Anyone who has a Mac and a spare moment, may I invite you to download
    the demo of the "Create Character Styles" script on my website:, under the "Scripting" tab.
    It has a progress bar and enableRedraw = false (hence my interest in
    this subject), and it never occurred to me to test it on a Mac.
    If someone could test it on their Mac and tell me what happens, that
    would be much appreciated.*
    Free license for the first person who lets me know!

  • Custom Video Progress Bar

    I'm creating a simple little progress bar in AS3 to indicate
    the progress of a video loading. I have a rectangle on the stage
    called "bar_mc". I have this code, but it doesn't seem to work. As
    near as I can tell the function "progressHandler" is never even
    being called. What am I doing wrong? Any insight would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks!

    Thank You! Your info and code provided the missing link for
    me. I really appreciate the help.
    I thought once I figured out how to control the "loading
    progress bar" I would be able to figure out the "playhead knob",
    but unfortunately, I seem to be missing something there as well. I
    think the code must be close, but it isn't working. I think the
    problem is finding the "current position" of the .flv. Help says
    that NetStream.time will show "The position of the playhead, in
    seconds." So I'm using this to find the curPos. But it always seem
    to return 0.038 and so the playhead knob never moves. Here's the
    code. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • SAP BPC 7.5 Client, Silent install but with progress bar, can it be done?

    Hi All,
    I need to uninstall the BPC 7 Client and then deploy 7.5 to around 250 users accross the country.
    We have SCCM (SMS) in place so will be using that.
    I have the uninstall of 7 sorted and I have the response file etc sorted for the silent install of 7.5 and the install runs, silently, no issue.
    Is there a way though that one can "turn on" the progress bar during the install? So that users dont shutdown or disconnect in the 15min it takes the install to run.
    By way of example, in the SAP Business objects enterprise client on can configure the Silent install so that although it never prompts the user for a reponse there is a progress bar that runs, indicating that there is an install in progress.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Sebastian,
    No worries, I am using a pop up countdown so the users have some idea on progress. Would love to know why the install runs for over 15min.
    In the above case the uninstall was easy as we had deployed using MS AppV so it was just a case of deleting the advert in SCCM and the application was pulled from the users desktops.
    For 7.5 I am using a vbscript with following to uninstall:
    The install string pulled from the clients registry uninstall folder:
    RunCommand Chr(34) & "C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{EC8753EF-EE78-48B5-A4D0-FBBD237B5D53}\setup.exe" & Chr(34) & " -runfromtemp -l0x0009UNINSTALL -removeonly"
    We create a custom link, so this deletes it.
    DeleteFile "c:\Users\Public\Desktop\SAP BPC 7.5.lnk"
    You should be able to create something similar for 7.0 & 7.1
    Hope that helps,

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