Clearing Line Items

Hello Experts,
We have created GL Account for Bank with only Line Item Management Activated and user has created the entries.
Then user wants incoming and outgoing GL account with open item management.
So, user reversed all the entries without taking any reference of original document. Balance is NIL and we have marked it as open item management.
Now the problem is, when user tries to clear the document with t Code   f-04, the system is not showing the open items which were cleared without reference.
How to clear this document?
Is there any alternate way to do this?

First you have activated only Line item. After that you want open item management so you are cleared all teh line item into nil.
Now you want to clear each line item with reference as open item.
It is not possible in SAP please read the open item management.
Open items are incomplete transactions, such as an invoice for which goods or services have not yet been received.
In order for an open item transaction to be considered complete, the transaction must be cleared. A transaction is considered cleared when an offset value is posted to it, so that the resulting balance of the items is zero.
In the above example:
Two invoices are posted to the Customer account. These invoices are regarded as the open items because at this point the corresponding payment has not been received.
The payment is received and the invoices are set off against it.
The transaction is now cleared and the resulting balance is zero.

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    hello friends,
    I am not able to clear line items with F.13 transaction for special G/L Account..i am inputing the values with the Transactions F-48 and F-43....we can view the details in  Tr.code-FBL1N.
    Can any one help me...plzzz

    Hi Vamshi,
    please check the following:
    1. In transaction F.13 (automatic clearing), check box "Special G/L transactions" for vendors
    2. In transaction OB74, check that the associated G/L account for the special G/L indicator is included in the ranges of accounts to be cleared.
    I hope it helps. Best regards,

  • Enhancement on F.13 to clear line items automatically

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    i am not able to clear line items with F.13 transaction for special G/L Account..i am inputing the values with the Transactions F-48 and F-43....we can view the details in Tr.code-FBL1N.
    Can any one help me...plzzz

    hi Vamshi,
    chekc if on the selection screen of F.13 the special G/L transactions are properly selected. Also check the customizing for automatic clearing (i. e. which fields have to match).

  • Clear line item number

    hi experts,
    My requirement is to clear line item number(zeili) so that it can't be seen in the form output.
    but after clearing zeili in print program , it is showing '000' in print o/p.
    I don't want to show anything in print o/p of the form.
    Plz tell me how to remove this '000' from the output.
    Replies will be rewarded.
    Thanks in advance.

    Use &itab-fld(I)& which suppresses the initial value of the field. Chk out, it may work.
    Reward points if helpful!!

  • How to clear line items in accounts not managed on an open item basis

    We are getting ready to archive FI accounting documents from years 1993-2002.  We encountered a great deal of documents that did not archive during testing because the documents have open items.  We were given bad advice in the beginning on how to set up accounts. Several accounts were not set up on an open item basis and these accounts will not get archived until the line items are cleared. We have set up new accounts to replace these accounts that are now being managed on an open item basis. Our FI users are unable to clear the documents using F-03. Does anyone have a way of clearing these type of documents (not managed on an open item basis)?  Thank you in advance.

    One of our users has proven that the line items on GL accounts not managed on an open item basis are not holding up the archiving. The reason for many documents not archiving is that the item posted to the vendor is still open.

  • EBS upload didnot clear line items and post to Main Account

    We are on ECC 6.0. Our user as usual uploaded the EBS (she was doing this for last 6 months). Every time all line items from the  Check Issued Clearing account used to get cleared and posted to Main Bank Account and the checks were encashed.
    August EBS was loaded in Sept 3rd. This time all 2000 odd checks are still lying in Check Issued Clearing account itself. Transfer to Main Bank account didnot take place.
    Due to this the Checks are not updated with the Encashed Date and all checks are still shown as Outstanding.
    What could be the reason for this?
    Edited by: vijayakumar aluru on Sep 14, 2009 9:56 PM
    There is no change to the customization and the bank file format (BAI) also remains the same.
    Edited by: vijayakumar aluru on Sep 15, 2009 1:27 AM
    Is there a way I can delete the bank statement upload buffer and reload the EBS?

    i hope your issue would have got resolved, but below is my take on the issue.
    please check the external transaction code given by bank in the bank statement. I believe the bank would have changed the external trannsaction code that is the reason, FF-5 could not clear your check items, as system was looking for the external transaction code and internal postings rules, which probably were not matching.

  • Clearing Line Items in previous periods (F.13)

    My customer was not aware that an automatic clearing process had to be performed at the end of each month for a GR/IR Account (Transaction F.13). So, in Transaction FS10N, all line items by Purchase Order with balance = 0 are shown open. (They display with red light).
    We were able to fix the problem by executing the automatic clearing process (transaction F.13) for the current period which it is Period #10. Now, all line items by Purchase Order with balance = 0 are displayed on green which it is correct.
    We tried to execute the same process for previous periods (Period 09, 08, 07 .... 01) but we get the message Can't process, the period is not open. In previous periods, the line items still are shown on Red light even if the balance = 0.
    Any suggestions?

    F.13 clearing won't possible previous periods. can be possible present month and previous month only.
    Before previous month won't possible. the reason is Material period will allow only backpostings upto one month.

  • Doubts on clearing line items in profit centre and deleting the profit cent

    hello All
    We are using ecc 5.0 and new g/l, document splitting is activated. We are not using classic profit centre accounting.
    We have two accounts which has values for profit centre 1010219.
    1. 228100 which is assigned in cross company code clearing account
    2. 228200 which is assigned in cross business unit ( as a part of zero balance account) in documen splitting.
    now i want to clear all he entries for this profit centre and transfer them to another profit centre 1010403.
    I am unable to do so as everytime I try to pass cross profit centre entry, Account 228200 gets a balacing line item( as a part of zero balance). this way my profit centre trail balance will never become zero.
    can some body help me with this,,,,
    1. in classic profi centre we could use t-code ke90 just to pass a document entry in PCA, this is not possible in new g/l... is there alternative.....
    please  help....

    You can try Profit Center Distribution(both sender and receiver gets original account numbers) or Assessment(Assessment cost element shall be a bring in between) to transfer values from multi profit centers to one single profit center or multi profit centers. The cycle can be run on a periodical basis.
    Trust this answers to your query!

  • Account assignment deatils of PO in GRIR clearing line item

    Can we get the account assignment details from purchase order in line item of GRIR clearing account at the time of Goods receipt? We have created a purchase order with account assignment a WBS element. At the time of goods receipt the WBS element is appearing in P&L account but it’s not in GRIR clearing account but at the time of Invoice verification (MIRO) the WBS element updated in the line item of GRIR clearing account.
    Thanks and Regards
    Vinay Thakre

    I'm rather new but maybe my ideas can help you.
    Have you maintained a warehouse for this plant? (In my company some plants don't have) Is there a G/L account assigned?(I think this can be configured, because we have at least 3 different) Is maybe the material blocked for warehouse? (we have materials that are for direct consumption only).
    Just ideas.
    Regards, good luck. Paul

  • Scheduling a job to clear line items

    Dear All,
    I am receiving lockboxes , I want to know how to schedule a job so that the items in lockboxes gets applied to open customer line items.
    best regds

    Hi Subhadeep,
    Is your requirement related to Lock Box functionality? if it is related to same you can go through below link.
    Lockbox Configuration
    If not  provide your input for the process you require.
    Pankaj P

  • How to clear line items with withholding tax manually

    hi Experts,
    i posted a vendor invoice with withholding tax and i made payment as well but not through f-58.
    now i wanted to clear these two through f-44 but it gives the message withholding tax information ignored and didnt display the invoice as open item.
    how do i clear both the trasactions

    hi Praisty,
    thanks for the reply
    i have a second opinion on your statement that no matter whatever tcode you use for payment it will clear the open item. Even in F-58, if u make partial payment it will not clear you open item. But i didnt use f-58 as i said earlier.
    i used FBV1 for parking the document through which i entered the payment details...ofcourse it doesnt have the option for clearing the open items, cheque printing and it will not update your cheque register. i posted the parked document through FBV0. for all practical purposes, this is my payment document but it didnt clear my open item, in order to clear it i now used f-44.

  • Request to Make Withholding Tax info changeable on Cleared Line items

    Hello all,
    I got a new requirement where the client wants to change the withholding tax information in vendor cleared items. some documents got posted with wrong WT T type, now they want to make the changes to submit 1099 report. Withholding tax info is updated in vendor master and it is picking up defaultly while making the postings to the vendor through FB60.Even this field  (Withholding tax type)  is not changeable in Withholding tax info tab of the FB60. i try to make the settings through Tcode OB32 (document change rules)  but unfortunately this field is not editable in withholding tax information, while open the document through change mode. The field is WITH_ITEM-WITHT (Withholding tax type).
    Please can anyone help me who works on this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: p.venkateswarareddy on Jan 20, 2010 9:21 AM

    Dear Kumar
    The relevant withholding tax types change, for example, as a result of legal changes. A withholding tax type is relevant if the following conditions apply:
    1. The withholding tax type is entered in the SAP master record of the business partner and indicated as subject to withholding    tax (vendor).
    2. The company code is indicated as authorized to deduct tax for vendors or as subject to withholding tax for customers for this withholding tax type (withholding tax data for company code: View V_T001WT)
    3. The posting date is in the validity period for the deduction authorization (withholding tax data for company code View V_T001WT).
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Partial Clearing line Item

    Hi All,
    I have a open document 1 which has a value of 100.00 rupees. I want to clear it with a value of 99.99 rupees (document 2 gets created), so that another document of 0.01 rupees gets created (document 3) which is in open status.
    Can this is be done. Please help. If so, then how ?

    For such minute diffrences dont go for Partial Clearing but go for Residual Clearing so 0.01 will be debited to expense account based on determination defined in transaction OBXZ, amount debited is subject setting made to employee tolerance group in OBA4 and OBA0.
    Chintan Joshi

  • Development of Report for Cleared and Uncleared Vendor Line Items

    we are in the process of developing a customized report, which invloves the details of cleared and un cleared line items for vendors. How can we obtain the details in SAP

    Before consider developing any program development, I would request you look into the options available with various reports in Standard SAP for vendors.
    FBL3N would essentially satisfy all the user needs across various industries.
    Please also go through F.98 for all vendor reports.

  • How to clear the line items...

    hello friends,
    I am not able to clear line items with F.13 transaction for special G/L Account..i am inputing the values with the Transactions F-48 and F-43(In each transaction v have assigned the same assignment (BSIK-ZUONR)) line items has to be cleared based on Assignment....we can view the details in Tr.code-FBL1N.
    Can any one help me...plzzz

    Hi PK,
    1. Should we maintain OIM for all Excise G/Ls (BED, ECess, SHECess)?
    - Please DO NOT maintain OIM on BED, ECESS and HECESS, only to be maintained for Cenvat Clearing Account. Also note that clearing of Cenvat Clearing is not easy, as in standard SAP, the assignment field is not updated with the same information for the Dr. and cr. line items of Cenvat Clearing Account. You need to use an exit in Substitution for it to populate the P.O. no. and line item at the time of MIRO.
    2. How to clear the BED Excise GLs which is with OIM in our system, it is thru F.13 only?
    You can use F.13 only if the entries are matching not otherwise, else clear all of them manually if you have good control of your account balances.
    3. Can we activate or deactivate OIM any point of time, I mean can it be activated in case the G/L balance amount is not ZERO?
    OIM activation for a GL - Refer Note No.1356457.
    OIM Deactivation :  You can deactivate OIM after making the balance Zero on that Account and by changing the Message No. FH 190 to warning in OBA5.
    4. What is the use of T Code J2IUN, I have gone thru the SDN links, but I am not able to execute the screen. What parameter should we select while executing J2IUN, when we use Pay cenvat from ser tax cr and Pay ser tax from cenvat cr.
    J2IUN is to utllize Excise Duty. The liability of Excise duty is utilized from Excise balances of BED, PLA , Service tax etc.. as per business requirements.
    Hope this helps you.

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