Clearing the FORM after SAVING the data

Question 1:
I've got a form that is built based on a table. When I enter the data and click on the save button, the FORM doesn't clear for me to enter the data for the next record. Where and how can I set up a process so that the form clears after the data is saved?
Quesstion 2:
I've got a form that is built based on a table. The table has 10 fields where one of the fields is a FK. I want all 10 fields to be on the form. I want the FK to be a select list where the display value is a description and a return value is an ID. I have picked the correct fields for display value and return value. However, when the data is saved, the return value is not stored in the table field. The field is bank. Any idea why this is happening?

The simplest way to clear the items for a page is to add the page number in to a Branch that is triggered by your Create/Save button - check your branches to see which one is linked to this button and enter the page number in the Clear Cache setting. If you created the form using a wizard, you should, however, already have a "reset page" page process that does this for you - if you haven't got this, then either update the branch or create a new "Session State" process that clears the cache.
For your second question, the data will be saved provided the page item is correctly linked to the table's field and you have "Process Row of tablename" set up correctly. If you have a "Process Row..." process, check the required settings in the "Source: Automatic Row Processing (DML)" section as these identify the table and its Primary Key. If you don't have one, you can create a new "Data Manipulation" page process to do this. In the page item, check that you have "Source Used" set to "Always, replacing any existing value in session state", "Source Type" set to "Database Column" and "Source Value or Expression" set to the table field's name.
One thing to check as well is, if you already have a "reset page" process, make sure it is after all other processes - change the sequence number if necessary.

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    try on-commit trigger on form level through clear_form procedure but cursor remain stay on the same record
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    Thanks Paul for the post. It sounds like this program is simply not designed for one user to keypunch a batch of forms. It would appear to limit the program's use to users who only need to key in one record/form. While a good solution for multiple users who need to enter just one set of data, the limitation would explain why this program is not widely used.

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    Edited by: Sadanandam Kasarla on Mar 16, 2009 12:07 PM
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    if the fields are in Edit mode or closed is controlled by the attribute VIEW_GROUP_CONTEXT of the controller class (*IMPL).
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    I've had the same problem. This solved it...
    Go to the "Form properties..." in the File-menu. Select "Run-time" to the left and in the box "Scripting" Preserve scripting changes to form when saved: choose Automatically (Script-based state changes are saved locally in an insecure fashion. This option cannot be used for certified forms).
    Hope it works for you to...

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    You have to define an XML Schema for the form and bind the form fields to the XML Schema. Additionally, embedding the XML Schema in the form makes life easier.
    Given an XML Schema you will be able to navigate through the document hierarchy and access form fields in the XPath navigator.
    If you would like a sample form, just send me a request at [email protected]

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