CO: Automatic creation of Settlement rule - settlement rule not saved

First, We have a customer field in our internal order called 'ZWBS'.
also, I have  customized automatic Creation of settlement rule for internal order by:
1. T-code KSR4 - I have created Strategy called 'C25'.
2. I created Strategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rule called 'ZC25'
with T-code KSR2_ORC.
3.I Assigned the Strategy Sequence To Order Type ZC25.
4. I used User Exit COOM0003 in order to create Settlement rule from ZWBS field.
In KO01, when i go into the settlement rule I can see the 2 lines that the user exit created.
The problem is that when i'm saving the internal order the settlement rules are not saved.
My questions are:
1. Is anyone met this problem?
2. is the user exit work on T-code KO02 also?
thanks for your help.
Best regards,

Hi Lior,
Hope below information can give you some hints:
See the detailed description of the error for example for order, in transaction KO02, click button 'Master data', click button 'Settlement Rule', populate column category with 'PSG' and press
<enter>. On the 'Assignment to a Profitabilty Segment' screen press button 'Derivation' and see the long text of message K/111. In case the generation of settlement rules fails again later use these steps to find out why and check the derivation rule by means of transaction KECM.
Best Regards,

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  • Automatic creation InternalOrder inECC after Service Order creation in CRM

    After Service Order creation in CRM,  the automatic creation of Internal Order in ECC not happening, needs to be do the related settings. Can anybody share the stepts for the same to do the settings.

    Hello balu,
    Have you released all items?
    Also,please make sure that against the item category "Assign BW/CO" is set to Service.
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Shanthala Kudva.

  • Automatic Creation of Settlement Rule for Maintenance Order

    While doing TECO for Maintenance Order, its asking for Settlement Rule. IF I click settlement rule, message is coming as Maintain Settlement Profile with options like With Default, Without Default & Cancel.
    I have maintained the Cost center in Equipment Master. Also I maintained Cost Center as Default Settlement receiver.
    Also I have gone through setting in Automatic Creation of Settlement Rule under Controlling Category.
    But I couldnt understand that. Can you please tell what are the steps to be done?

    Please check the indicatorsin Actual cost/cost sales  and Valid recevivers in settlement profile.
    If for cost center : 1 settlement optional is maintained in valid recevivers and also for order
    and in actual cost/ cost sales: indicator to be settled in full is selected.
    Also check Allocation structure too if you have assigned the valid allocation structure.
    **check if you have assigned the valid settlement profile to order types.
    *****Most important after doing all these settings you need to create new order. for same order you will not get the automatic settlement rule
    Hope this helps.

  • IO automatic creation of plan settlement rule according to actual settlemen

    Hi guys,
    does anybody know, if it is possible to create mass wise plan settlement rules on internal orders according to actual settlement rule? Sounds like a normal requirement, but I did not find anything.
    Automatic creation of settlement rule seems only to work like (KSR1_ORC in customizing):
    01     No autom. calculation / manual maintenance
    02     Settlement to a profitability segment
    03     Settlement to a requesting cost center
    04     Settlement to a responsible cost center
    05     Settlement to sales order
    06     Settlement to a WBS element
    08     Settlement rule from assigned WBS element
    30     Settlement on Acct Assgnmnt from CRM or Errors
    31     Settlement on Acct Assgnment from CRM or on Event
    35     Settlement on Receiver from Accounting Indicator
    but nothing like "automatic on basis actual settlement rule"....
    Note: we can not use any of the above rules for plan, since also actual has to be entered manually.

    See if you can use exit COOM0003 for auto creation of settlement rules.. Here you can write your own logic
    br, Ajay M

  • CO: IO automatic Creation of settlement rule

    Hello everyone,
    We created a customer field in internal order (ZWBS field).
    Now, I customized all transactions:
    1. By T-code KSR4 I created Strategy 'C25'.
    2. I created Strategy Seq. called 'ZC25' by T-Code 'KSR2_ORC'.
    3. I' have Assigned the strategy Seq. to the order type by T-code 'KSR2_ORC'.
    When I create and internal order and go into Settlement rule I can see the two lines (FUL & PER) exactly like I've customized, but when I'm saving the order, the settlement rules are not save with the order.
    Is anyone met with a problem like that?
    I'll be gratefull for your help.

    Hi Lior,
    Is this the same with CO: Automatic creation of Settlement rule - settlement rule not saved?
    Best Regards,

  • Creation of Distribution rule(Settlement rule) in production order

    Hello SAP GURUS,
        I have one good query for you guys.When we create production order,by default it takes settlement rule (settle the cost of production order to material even that 100% settlement),and its because we have given the distribution rule (Default rule) in Order type dependent parameters.But in one of my friend system when i was creating production order manually it was not taking settlement rule by default and when i was going to save the order it was saying that settlement rule is not defined.I checked in order type that settlement profile was defined their.Even i checked in order type dependent parameter, distribution rule(default rule)  was their as material 100% settlement,defined over their.
      could you guys help in understanding this problem that where we have to define that system should create settlement rule by default(Settlement to material and even that 100% settlement).

    please try this....Goto KSR2_VBP.
    THere are two strategies.. 01 and 02.
    01 for manual creation of settlement rules
    02 for auto creation..
    first check whether 01 and 02 are in your plant.
    Sales and distrib....basic gen. of settlement rules.......
    here you ll find two activities.
    (1)maintaining the settlement strategies and
    (2)activating one among them.
    If you activate 02, your problem will be solved..
    Also check this..
    The settlement profile is to be defined for thee particular Order Type to generate automatically.
    Define Production Order Type in OPJH
    Under Cost controlling check the settlement profile .
    If not create the same in OPJH.
    Settlement Profile: Create settlement profile - SPRO > Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Product cost by Order > Period End Closing > Settlement > Create Settlement Profile
    Enter Settlement profile from OPJH or Choose one for production order
    and configure Settlement profile. Indicators
    with wishes

  • Amount Rule Type field not appearing in settlement rule screen.

    Hi Experts,
    We developed a program which creates settlement rules automatically on uploading data from excel file.
    We encountered the following error.
    cursor field COBRB-BRTYP does not exist in the screen
    In the Settlement rule screen, under distribution rules, the field amount rule type is not appearing.
    We have 3 level WBS structure. For the 1 level WBS this field is not appearing. But this field is visible for below WBS.
    Please help me..

    Hi Balachandar,
    As i said, we are using an excel sheet upload to create settlement rules for WBS elements.
    While uploading we got this error. COBRB-BRTYP does not exist in the screen.
    Now we need to check with abaper, why the program is checking that field in particular.
    Any way, thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Rule settlement - finding details

    Hi eksperts
    I u2018ve made rule settlement for  WBS element by cjic.
    Where I can find my rule in details : WBS, settlement receiver, amount? My problem is, because I donu2019t remember my rule. Are some reports or table which show this information?
    Rgds Stenwa

    Thanks a lot. My problem is solved.
    Rgds Stenwa

  • Automatic events for COST/EVENT distribution rule

    We are using 11.5.10 in our organization and we are using the following distribution rules
    a) WORK/WORK
    The COST/EVENT projects generates automatic event and that too these events are passed in functional currency.
    a) Is there a way we can stop these automatic generation of events?
    b) If not, is there a way we can make the system to generate events in Project Currency?

    By standard functionality system will not allow you to update the distribution rule of an active project. Here are three ideas to overcome the issue. Note those are not solutions that Oracle will give you, so be sure to test them carefully before implementing on real system.
    Please note the COST formula is calculating: ITD actual costs/total Approved Cost Budget X Total approved Revenue Budget. The billing extension called COST has as setup the name of the budget types for revenue and costs. It is possible to update the names of the budget types on the billing extension setup form. You might try setting a special budget types names which you designated only for that calculation. Enter budget cost and revenue values that will force the system to always get a zero result, so it will not create any new automatic event from that billing extension.
    Another option is to go on and modify the SQL code of the billing extension COST (some times named COST_TO_COST). By modifying the code you prevent it from generating new events.
    Another option is to update the distribution rule (Revenue Method) of the individual projects from COST to EVENT or WORK. Such update cannot be done from the front end, but you could easily do it by direct update on the database table.

  • Automatic Creation Of Internal Requisition

    I have a query related to creating of IR from Sales Order Line.
    Does Release 12 support automatic Creation Of Internal Requisition from Sales Order Line. If yes, does it work for both Models and Parts? Do we need sourcing rule to make IR ?
    Pls. share your views.

    Thanks Sandeep,
    I am looking for creating Internal Requisition from Sales Order Line , In we cannot create IR automatically but can create Purchase Requisition(PR) in case of Back to Back Order. If we want to source the item internally from any other org then IR has to be created manually. Pls. let me know if I can create IR from SO Line and prerequisite setups.
    My understanding says that in order to create IR automatically we need to have sourcing rule , MAKE / BUY attribute as BUY for the item in the destination org , do we have to make Source Type as INVENTORY under General Planning Tab of Item Master to trigger IR for the item from SO Line < We are not using MRP / ASCP in our case>
    Please clarify.
    +91 98868 32466

  • QM order Automatic Creation

    Dear All.
    We want to create QM order for Appraisal cost capture in every inspection lot for this we have done - 
    In material master Individual QM order is ticked for inspection type 01
    Default order type QL02 is assigned to inspection type 01
    1-Now requirement is we require creation of QM order automatically after GRN of PO means creation of inspection lot
    2-Also same order we require to settle of Material master but while creation of QM order Manually in settlement receiver it's not allow to maintain the material master
    Please suggest how can we do this

    Forwarding to financial accounting for the creation of accruals requires a service entry. Every service entry sheet is based on a purchase order. Determining this purchase order is the first stage for forwarding to FI and therefore the first stage required for carrying out settlement
    This purchase order must first be created in Purchasing. Important criteria for the purchase order are:
    Service agents
    Purchasing organization
    Purchasing group
    Item category
    You must create the purchase order for a service agent. The purchase order can be valid for the following periods:
    In Customizing the purchasing organization, the purchasing group and the plant must be assigned to the corresponding transportation planning point and the shipment cost type. You make these settings in the IMG. Choose Logistics Execution ® Transportation ® Shipment costs ® Settlement ® Assign purchasing data.

  • Difference between Full settlement & periodic settlement

    What is Difference between Full settlement & periodic settlement, & how these works works on orders. Can anyone tell me that how can I check result for the same. (Kindly mention t-codes also)

    Please find below some salient features of each os the settlement type you have asked for:
    1. Periodic settlement -
    a) Will have Product cost collector as cost object (both REM and Descrete scenarios)
    b) WIP and scrap variances are based on Target costs
    c) Variances are recognized in the month in which they are actually incurred based on the target costs. Varainces = Total costs - GR - Target WIP
    d) Default rule in OPL8 should be periodic settlement
    2. Full Settlement
    a) Manufacturing orders will be costs objects
    b) WIP will be at actuals. WIP = Total costs - GR value
    c) Varainces will be recognised only when the order is fully delivered. till that time though there are variances, they will not be recognized but will be included in WIP value. This is the key aspect of Full Settlement
    d) Default Rule in OPL8 would be full settlement relevant:
    KSV5     Run dist cycle
    KSU5     Run assessment cycle
    KSUB     Run assessment cycle
    KEU5     Run COPA assessment cyle
    KKA0     Change Cutoff Period for WIP
    KKAS/KKAX     WIP - Individual Processing
    KKAO     WIP - Collective Processing
    KKS6/KKS2     Variance Calculation - Individual
    KKS5/KKS1     Variance Calculation - Collective
    KK87/KO88     Settlement - Individual
    CO88     Settlement - collective
    *For Sale Order controlling     *
    KKA3     Execute Result Analysis - Individual
    KKAK     Execute Result Analysis - Collective
    VA88     Sale Order Settlement
    Best Regards

  • Business rules config does not save to UJP_ELIM and UJP_ELIMH

    Hi folks,
    I completed the configuration of currency translation and the calculation of ultimate ownership in a consolidation application that I am building in BPC 7.5.  I then started to work on the business rules for Consolidation.  These are my findings:
    The first field is called Adjustment ID  on the screen (but it is actually Elim ID in the Elim table and ElimH tables). 
    When I populate this field and save, I get an error message saying "Input rule data does not match the rule name ELIMH.
    When I populate all the fields on the Auto adj defn screen and try to save or try to validate, I get the same error.
    Nothing gets saved to the tables and Both the Elim and Elimh tables have no values in them.
    In 7.0 NW, when I created a new adjustment id and saved, it automatically went and saved it to the database and this was the same in 5.1 as well.
    What am I missing?
    Would very much appreciate any light that you can shed on this.
    Thank you
    Tara Sitaram

    Hi Tara,
    Can you check that your BPC ABAP, BPC .net Server and BPC client are the same service pack?

  • Substitution  rule  & validation rule

    Please  tell me what steps should be followed in substitution  rule  & validation rule
    Thank You

    For Creation of validation Goto GGB0.
    You should choose in which module you are going to create. Like FA, AA, Cost accounting, Spl Ledgeretc.
    Then at what level you want to do Validation. Like Complete Document level or Line item Level
    Then You need to Define Your
    1. Prerequite
    2. Check and
    3. Message
    For Substitution goto GGB1
    You need to define your Prerequisite and Substituion rule.

  • Automatic Creation of PO by workflow once PR is released.

    Hi All,
    Can anybody explain the details steps for creation of workflow template if PR is released then automatic creation of PO needs to be created with reference to PR.?

    You can take a look at standard Workflow WS20000075(PO). Regarding your requirement most probably you need to do some configuration. In SRM this is possible once a Shopping Cart is completed it can be converted to a PO.

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