CO Planning-Cost center planning KP06

Dear All
I need the table for cost center planning. Where the planned cost will be stored.

Please look in:
COKP CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning
COKS CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning
Please let me know if you need further details in this regard

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  • Activity Type Planning, Cost Center Planning

    Hi Friends,
    I am learning SAP Controlling. I have few doubts.
    1. Activity Type planning (or) Activity Dependent Planning (Cost Center +Activity
       type) both are same.
    2. Cost Center Planning (or) Activity Independent Planning (Cost Center + Cost
        Element +Activity type) both are same.

    Activity Planning and Cost planning are different. The first in quantity planning, while Cost planning is Dollar Planning.
    While planning cost ($), you can mention, if such cost is activity dependent or not.
    The purpose is to derive an actitivity price. This is derived by dividing, the cost by the activity quantity. If a cost center has more than one activity, then the cost need to be associated with the activity. This is where we require to identify, if a cost is activity dependent or not. When you mark a cost as  an activity dependent, that cost is fully cosidered while deriving the associated activity price.
    The activity independent cost are split amongst activities to derive the price for each activity. This step is done before the activity prices are computed.

  • Cost center planning in BW-BPS 3.5 ?!

    We did not manage to find any planning areas (applications) for cost center planning (the former SEM-BPS 4CCP0001) and the simplified resource planning (the former SEM-BPS 4RES0010) on BW-BPS 3.5.
    Using BPS_TRANS we can not see in client 000 any planning areas, sequences and folders relevant to these planning applications. The same applies for BPS0.
    We have several questions about this:
    1. Are the SEM 3.5 planning applications (or equivalent) delivered with BW 3.5 BPS?
    2. How we can enable/get them on our system? Do we need to install the SEM-BPS 4.0 addon on top of BW 3.5?
    Thank you,

    Thank you for the answer. For lazy people here is your answer from the implementation forum.
    -- by Inga Wiele -
    1. In order to get the SEM-BPS planning applications you need to install the SEM 4.0 Add-On. As SAP SEM is a part of mySAP ERP it is currently in Ramp-Up and not generally available.
    However, SEM 4.0 includes the planning applications Financial Statement Planning, Profitability Planning, Cost Center Planning, Simplified Resource Planning, Investment Planning, Sales Planning and Personnel Cost Planning.
    There is a how-to paper on the SAP Service Marketplace which describes the activation of SEM-BPS planning applications.
    Besides the SEM-BPS planning applications SAP delivers planning applications in the area of CRM, Retail and PLM with the BI Content Add-On 3.51.
    2. There are no plans to make the SEM-BPS planning applications available with SAP BW 3.5.
    3. You don't need to upgrade to SAP BW 3.5 in order to get the SEM-BPS planning applications.
    However the BI Content Add-On 3.51 includes new features for the planning applications of CRM, Retail and PLM.

  • Cost center planning for overhead calculation

    I have a doubt regarding the cost center planning for overhead calculation.
    My scenario is:
    There is a service cost center from which a certain percentage I want to allocate to the products as overhead. Now while doing so I have created a cost center and a cost element of type 43 (internal activity allocation). This cost element is the base for overhead calculation. Also I have created one cost element of type 41 (overhead rates). I have defined the credit (of cost sheet) with the cost element of type 41 and the cost center as mentioned.
       Now I am facing a problem while planning the cost center with cost element type 43 through KP06.The system is throwing the error message: 'Cost element xxxx can only be used for activity input'. My understanding is we must carry out the planning for the cost center to allocate a certain percentage to the product cost estimate. If I am not allowed to use the cost element of type 43 to plan, what should I use for the planning?
    Request your suggestion.
    Thanks in advance!

    Since you mentioned catg 43 cost element, I thought you are using Activuty Type
    To apply overhead on the product during CK11N, you need not plan any value on the cost center... The values planned in the cost center can not be used as a BASE in your costing sheet....
    It goes like this
    1. Your cost estimate has BOM + Routing
    2. So, the cost elements that you would see during CK11N, can be broadly classified into 3 types
    a. Primary cost ele - Material Consumption accounts for BOM components
    b. Secondary cost ele (Catg 43) - If you use any actvity type in the routing
    c. Secondary cost ele (Catg 41) - These cost elements are parasites... They need some basis to calculate the overhead value... That basis can be either the (a) or (b) above.....
    I think, what you are planning to do is Plan Primary cost ele in a cost center and trying to use the same as the Basis.. That wont work!
    What you need to do is
    a. PLan the values in the cost center, say, 100,000 USD
    b. Absorb it on the basis of 2.a or 2.b
    If 2.b is not applicable in your case, since you are not using activity types, then 2.a is the Only option left for you
    Hope it is clear....
    Ajay M

  • Cost center planning by functional area

    hi gurus,
    The client needs to do manual planning in CO (KP06) by cost center/cost element/fund/functional area. This data is later gets rolled up in FM to formulate the budget data. The client wants to enter all the account assignment manually except for functional area. They want that system automatically derive the functional area based on the cost center (one to one relationship). I tried the CO substitution but this functionality is only for actual data and not plan data. Any suggestion how I can derive the functional area in CO planning based on cost center?

    Functional area is required for cost of sales accounting in Finance. It has got nothing to do with Cost Center planning. Functional area shall not be visible in controlling. Pl update this constraint to the client and go ahead with Cost center/cost element planning with necessary one to one relationship with Fund center, etc.
    Trust this helps much!

  • Copy cost center planning to profit center

    Hi dear,i did cost center planning with KP06,then i try 1KE0 to copy cost center planning data to profit center,but seems it does not work,because there is no relevant planning data when i use KE5Z to check planning data
    can someboyd kindly tell me what i need to do to transfer cost center planning to PCA,THANKS

    To integrate cost center accounting (CCA) planning with PCA, for each fiscal year in Maintenance of Versions, the Integrated Planning checkbox should be checked . Also in PCA, maintenance of plan versions -> settings for Profit Center Accounting, the Online Transfer checkbox should be checked so that the postings are transferred to Profit Center Accounting for each activity automatically
    Tcode KE5Z is for Profit Center Actual Line Items. So even if you select record type 1 here, it will not give planning data. Similarly, tcode KE5Y is for  Profit Center Plan Line Items. If you select record type 0 here, it will not give actual data. If Integrated Planning is activated (as mentioned above), then KE5Y will give you all planning data, irrespective of whether it is planned using PCA or CCA.

  • Cost Center Planning

    Hi All,
    The scenerio is like this:
    1)Client is using the excel upload functionality for cost center planning throu tx-KP06
    2) While defining the planning layout the currency defined is Total Cost for Object currency
    3) There is a devieation from the standard report and the user defined report because the standard report is always defined in co area currency and user defined report is defined in object currency.
    So my question is how to upload in both the currencies

    I am upload by using the flexible upload funtionality. The interesting thing here is
    like this
    Co Area Currency - EUR
    Object Currency   - ZAR
    We are uploading the excel sheet with 'ZAR' currency figures, but the system is taking these figures as "EUR" and applying exchange rate 0.135966 and showing in "ZAR"
    The scenerio is like this
    In Excel Sheet I am entering 35000 asuming that it is ZAR
    The system takes this figure as EUR and applys the exchange rate and shows as 257417 ZAR.
    I have tried different combinations but it is not working.
    When I see the overview in KP06 I could see 257417 ZAR, how come when I entered 35000 it has changed to 257417.
    I need your help, please guide me if you have any inputs.

  • COst center planning upload

    Hi ,
    My question is more specific to FI (functional).
    Watz the best way to upload the COst center planning?(KP06)?
    this is done for every quarter at my client.
    BDC pgm is looking more complicated.(table control, there are few disabled fields which need to validated)
    but i am able to find an option UPLOAD under menu.
    If i am not wrong there is one more method to this upload using so called Generic files.
    I am technical guy, never worked in FI area. I am having little support form Functional side.( i guess he has not done earlier).
    So completely left to technical .
    can anyone give the method of tips in doing so.

    Hi Parag,
    Thank you for ur response.
    I would like to have some more info regarding the table parameter used in BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE.
    Can you tell me exactly how do we map .
    for eg:
    I have the 5000-300 cost center.
    under this cost center if we have the cost element matches to the file provided.
    the it should  update the planning data(cost center plan) periodically, i mean For JAN FEB MAR (individually).
    Can this happen with the mentioned Func.Modu.
    Let  me know if u have info.

  • Updating Cost Center Planned figures in FAGLPCP Table

    Hi Friends
    We are in ECC 6.0.  I am doing cost center planning through KP06 t.code and figures and getting updated in GLPCP Table which is a old one.  But in ECC 6.0 version it shoudl get updated in FAGLPCP but not getting updated.
    Can anybody throw some light on this.  Due to this we are not able to fetch the values from FAGLPCP for our z reports.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Your suggestion helped me very much to overcome my problem. Thank you very much. But still I couldn't understand the settings in KPSI,  how those are related to Cost Center Credit. It would be great if you could explain thes three check boxes and their relation to Cost Center
    1. scheduling = 0 reconciling
    2. primary cost not reconciled
    3. activity reference not reconciled
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  • Cost Center planning Error.

    Dear All,
    I am getting problem wih Fund in doing Cost center planning (kp06). In client level there are 2 controlling areas one is 4000 and another is 6000. the compny code which assigned to controllinga area 6000 they activated fund. but the company codes under controlling area 4000 are not using Fund.
    when i am doing Cost Center planning kp06 system giving message that " Fund is actvated and layout 1-101 is unsuitable"
    Can anybody tell me why system is giving message eventhough my company code is not activating fund.

    Hi Jemes,
    I guess you are getting message KAFF002, right?
    The system triggers message KAFF002 if and only if one of the
    three components of Funds Management (funds, functional area, grant -
    usually in Industry Business Solution IS-PS) is active in the current
    system, but is not provided in the selected layout. This is not allowed.
    A valid layout must contain all active components.
    Use a planning layout that contains exactly those components that are
    active in your system. If there is no suitable standard layout you must
    create your own layout (for example, for Transaction KP06 use
    Transaction KP65 and planning layout 1-101, 1-101F or 1-101FFG, provided
    they are available in your system. You may have to copy them first from
    client 0 using Transaction OKBF.)
    Best Regards

  • How to create File description in cost center planning (T Code -KE13)

    I am creating Cost center planning in KP06 and would like to create my own layout(File Description) using excel. e.g. 01_1P1_IDES1572_001IDES-1572 as this is the standard SAP file description. How to create my own this way as per my excel layout.
    Jagruti Collaco

    <b>Three steps:
    Identify or Create planning layout.
    Identify or Create planning profile.
    Create file description.</b>
    Next upload the data.
    Detailed Steps
    Identify or Create planning layout.
    Identify an existing standard layout or else
    Create planning layout through KP65 (you can also copy a standard and modify it)
    Identify or Create planning profile.
    Go to SPRO>Controlling>Cost Center Accounting >Planning>Manual Planning>Define user defined Planning Profiles.
    Create a new Profile. You will see nodes or folders on the left indicating General Controlling>Layouts for controlling> and Default parameters.
    <b>Choose the layout for controlling and enter the layout you chose in earlier step.
    Enable Integrated excel checkbox and overview (everything you can)
    Next, select the layout and double click on default parameters.</b>
    Enter a test data with cost center, elements, period, version, year. and save all. You may want to save the file as a model in your desktop with a different name say CCAPlan.csv. (You will notice, as you come out a new file description field that was blank earlier is now populated with a name like 01_1P1_(layout name)XXXXXX_Profile Name (XXXXX)
    Come out of the screens.
    Go to KP06, extras. excel upload via extras. or KE13

  • Cost Center Planning Table

    I am trying to find the table that stores the cost center plan information that is entered in transaction KP06.  The help says that it is in RKPLN but SAP says that the the table does not exist.
    Thanks for helping.

    Hi Eric,
    The table name you mentioned is a structure and definitely there is no table with that name exist.
    As i do not have the real time data and fields mentioned which you are looking for its difficult for me to tell you the exact table name.
    Still you can find out yourself by following the below steps, if you have test data with you -
    1) Go to transaction ST05 (SQL Trace).
    2) Click on the button Activate Trace.
    3) Open transaction KP06 in another Session/window.
    4) Enter the Test data.
    5) Once you see all the required data populated on the screen, go to the other screen ST05 opened.
    6) Click on deactivate trace.
    7) Then Click on Display trace.
    8) It will give you another Pop-Up, just click Ok.
    9) It will display all the table and details of select query performed on the various table to populate the transaction.
    10) You can check for the various tables which fetched data and get the table you are looking for.
    If you are only looking for fetching the cost then its stored in COSS and COSP.
    Hope this helps and works too!
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  • RE: Cost Center plan data

    Can anyone tell me in Cost Center plan data KP06 i want to give uers only layout access we have several lay outs how do i restric other layouts

    You can restrict this by planner profiles.  In the role assigned for planning to the user, there will an authorisation object K_TKA50, where you can restrict the planner profile.
    And as you may know that layouts are assigned to planner profiles in customising; the layouts are thus restricted by the ones assigned to the planner profile.
    To reach this customisation, navigate as follows in the IMG:
    Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Planning -> Manual Planning -> Define User-Defined Planner Profiles
    So the steps will be:
    1.  Create Layout
    2.  Create Planner profile, assign layout to profile
    3.  Modify user role to restrict planner profile to the one created above.

  • Cost center planning data table and transaction code to view

    I want to see the cost center planning document. In which transaction code, I can see this document.
    In which table, cost center planning data is stored?
    VS ramaiah
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    I do not think that COEP contains the plan line items*. For plan line items it is COEJ. But as suggested by Christian the better option in case you want to create a report is you use COSS/COSP and COST. The latter is for activity type planning (KP26) and the other two are for cost planning (KP06).
    The transactions to view the plan document is KABP and line items is KSBP.
    * Christian, do correct me if I'm wrong. I was not able to see anything with value type 01 in COEP.
    Kind Regards // Shaubhik

  • Cost Center Plan - versions

    The standard SAP is given three version for maintanance of the cost center planning Version 0, 1 and 2. Our client is having the planning reviews on quarterly basis. hence he need total 5 versions.
    0 version he wants to use the planning for the financial year at the time of the budget
    1 version is required for 1st quarter approvals
    2 version is required for 2nd quarter approvals
    New  versions are required for 3rd & 4th quarter approvals
    Kindly suggest, does it possible to create teh new plan versions where we can maintain the plan through KP06

    Dear Prasad
    Thanks for prompt response, Is there any impact if we create new version ? Is there any SAP suggested documentation
    Kindly revert

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