Compaq Presario mouse isnt working properly

Im having certain issues with my touchpad. i jsut brought this computer about a week ago and sometimes areas of the touchpad doesnt bothering working. At some points and times the whole pad works but after a few minutes of not touching it it just stop working and only part of teh touchpad works. its very weird. the only area i can move the mouse after it freezes up is under the touchpad light where u can turn it off. only that area under it. ive tried windows update for synaptics touchpad/mosue drivers; ive tried device manage and select update, and also tried from teh site witht he highest selectable firmware.usually if i restart ,close the lid, or reset device it works fully again, but i dont wanna waste my time with a touchpad that wont wrok properly. i have to say compaq presario is a very nice laptop and i wouldnt want to take it back which the store i got it from ran out of stock. I just want to find a solution first incase i have to return it back.
-compaq Presario CQ56(219wm)
-windows 7 home premium x64bit
-yea i think its 219wm if not mistaken

Please try this first:​blems/en-us
Good luck.
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    did you un-install the current ones first? also, have you made any recent changes lately?

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    If it gets far enough to reject your serial number, it won't help to download it. It must have installed ok.
    What is the message you get (DON'T tell us the serial number!!)?
    Does it mention a "qualifying product" by any chance?

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    ive tried everything and read every wiki. but i still think its something simple i just cannot understand.
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    what should i do?
    i just installed
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    schuay wrote:
    what wilco said.
    start hal using "sudo /etc/rc.d/hal start" before starting xorg. if mouse/keyboard work, add hal to the DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf.
    imo disabling hotplugging is cheap, just ignoring a problem instead of solving it
    If he don't need hotplugging, then there is no reason to use it...

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    For the future, you might want to consider  changing batteries in both the keyboard and mouse before they run down completely and/or have any older USB keyboard and mouse on hand for emergency (those can also come in handly if you need to boot using keyboard commands which sometimes fail to respond with a bluetooth keyboard).

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    What exactly happened?
    would you notice a mechanical issue with the button?
    if its a hardware issue and your under the warranty, you could have the device be repaired or replace as long as there is no accidental damage and liquid damage.
    you can always do a restore to isolate it from being a software issue
    please do back up when doing a restore for your device

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    mouse is not working properly.  everything was fine in the store but as soon as i got home the mouse was not working

    Great work, thanks for the report!
    Uhhh, what's a bamboo???

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    I have decided to dedicate this thread to the wonderful errors of Lion OSX. Each time I find a huge problem with Lion I will make note of it here.
    Today I discovered a new treasure of doggie poop in Lion. No Save As......
    I repeat. No Save As. In text editor I couldn't save the file with a new extension. I finally accomplished this oh so majorly difficult task (because we all know how difficult it should be to save a file with a new extension) by pressing duplicate and then saving a copy of the file with a new extension. Yet then I had to delete the first copy and send it to trash. And of course then I have to secure empty trash because if I have to do this the rest of my mac's life I will be taking up a quarter of percentage of space with duplicate files. So this is the real reason they got rid of Save As: so that it would garble up some extra GB on the ole hard disk.
    So about 20 minutes of my time were wasted while doing my homework and studying for an exam because I had to look up "how to save a file with a new extension in  mac Lion" and then wasted time sitting here and ranting on this forum until someone over at Apple wakes up from their OSX-coma.
    are you freaking kidding me Apple? I mean REALLY?!!!! who the heck designed this?!!! I want to know. I want his or her name and I want to sit down with them and have a long chat. and then I'd probably splash cold water on their face to wake them up.
    I am starting to believe that Apple is Satan.

  • Magic mouse not working properly!!

    I open the mouse in system preferences, the mouse eventually works, but no settings as to setting it up for the multi-touch controls will not load, I push the set up blue tooth mouse, and the mouse will work, but not the scrolling and other features,I'm not sure how else to describe it, but if you need me to be more specific I'll try and clarify it!
    Thanks for any help in advance!

    Suggest that you repost over in the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Forums and/or call Apple while your warranty is still good.

  • Mouse not working properly after update to iOS 7

    my right mouse click isn't working after updating to iOS 7.what should i do?

    1. Mac's run OS X and only iDevices like iPhones and iPads run iOS.
    Go to: Apple and select "About This Mac"
    2. What Mouse do you have...?
    Go to: Apple > System Preferences > Mouse and check your control or right click setttings.

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    Since recently purchasing a new 13" Macbook Pro my mac mouse is not scrolling properly or responding to any gestures. I have tried almost every possible fix without success. Can anyone help, pleeeease. This is very frustrating. Feel like throwing this apparently useless mouse out and buying a non-Apple unit instead.

    Try resetting rthe PRAM.
    By the way, "I have tried almost every possible fix without success" is not useful information. Without knowing what you tried, you will probably get a lot of useless information.

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    I have a MAC bluetooth mouse and recently the scroll wheel only works to scroll up, left and right, but not down. I have tried turning off/on the computer, force quitting the Finder, turning off and on again the mouse. Nada...
    Any thoughts how to fix this?

    This is a common fault with the MM. There are many threads on this. Certainly googling will gives you plenty of results!
    The best solution I found from a tip was to remove the batteries or turn it off and then rub the mouse upside down on a clean piece of white paper. Move it in all directions - 360 degrees.
    Carefully though so as not to put too much pressure on the buttons.
    After a while look at all the dirt on the paper which has been transferred from the ball.
    Turn it back on and voila! A fully functioning MM.
    Try it! You'll be surprised.

  • My Touch Isnt Working Properly

    Ok basically i bought my touch earlier today and put it on charge straight away. Itunes DID recognise it and allowed me to sync music and videos onto it
    up untill now my touch was working perfectly
    it wasnt untill after that when i started downloading apps and tried to sync them all that my touch stopped working.
    it just comes up with a screen displaying the apple symbol on.
    i turned it off using the home and sleep button and left it for about half an hour. when i came back it showed the same screen. after leaving it another five minutes the screen changed and displayed the end of a usb cable and an itunes logo
    i once again plugged my ipod into the usb port and had to restore the original ipod settings.
    after competing that my touch was still not working and went back to the original screen with the apple logo and itunes does not realise that it is plugged in anymore

    Your info says you are using Windows XP, is it 32 or 64 bit?

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    My facetime keep cutting and dropping the call, wasn't like that before update's and this Icloud stuff, anyone know what i've to do?

    I also just noticed this. I am using my mac pro as a baby monitor while the little one sleeps in the other room and keep my iPhone 4S by my side. After updating to iOS6 on the 4s it will not connect my mac to 4s or vise versa. The call shows up for a split second and then I get a message saying I'm not available since I'm calling myself from mac to 4s. I'm am on the same wifi network. It worked everytime before these updates for iOS6. What gives Apple?

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