Composite AV connector stopped sending video

my composite AV connector stopped sending video.......  audio still works but NO video.  I even exchanged the cable for new one.  Any advise??

wolverinekane wrote:
my composite AV connector stopped sending video.......  audio still works but NO video.  I even exchanged the cable for new one.  Any advise??
Where did you get the new cable?  New cable or another one you had?
There have been reports of problems with cables in 8.x.
I upgraded to ios8 and can no longer connect my iPad to the projector in my classroom.

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  • HT4108 Apple Composite AV Connector works with video

    My (just purchased at Apple Store) Apple Composite AV connector cable works fine providing video out to my iPhone 4S but will not "mirror" my iPhone screen. It seems I am doing something wrong, any settings I should check on the phone or TV (or projector)?

    I think I have a similar problem.
    I have an iPhone 4S, and used to play music playlists through the iPhone dock via a phono cable into my hi-fi. The dock is also connected to my TV via a composite cable.
    I could put the iPhone into shuffle mode, and it would play all tracks through the hi-fi. Whenever the shuffle hit a music video in the playlist, the video used to also come out on the TV, which is kinda cool. But now, videos play on the iPhone screen instead of being piped to the TV.
    If I want to play a music video, I can still do so by going into the Video app and playing it from there - it then goes out to the TV as it should.
    Is there a solution to this, or is it a bug in iOS 7?  I'm not sure which version of iOS 7.0.x caused this to be broken.

  • Is there a way to send video out from and iPhone 5 to 30 pin connector??

    My iPhone 4S could send video to my Audi MMI, and control it within the car It WAS PERFECT, I could get my GPS to show in the car without ANY hack! everything legal. iPhone 5 with Lightning Adapter just wont. Please help me with a work around.
    This way, I can get Waze to show up on my car Screen. It would be great when Apple gets IOS in the car. But now, I only found that it is possible with a Lightning to VGA or HDMI cable and and Audi AMI cable with those imputs, but that way it is impossible to control the iPhone from the car/wheel.
    Please help!! I was thinking of a Lightning to USB adapter, then a USB to 30 PIN and then a FEMALE-FEMALE 30 pint adapter...... I dont know! Hope apple with come up with something, is very dissaponting, Have every single iPhone from the first one and now Apple is letting us down.

    The 2005 iMac iTunes says it's 10.6.1 and I don't think that model will upgrade to any newer version of the OS or of the iTunes.  Once I upgrade the 2008 iMac to the 10.7, will I be able to access the 2005 iMac playlists through the home sharing on my 2008 iMac, and will the iPhone be able to download songs/playlists from the 2005 iMac via the home sharing?

  • HT5498 Is this information still valid after one and a half years? Are the lightning-to-HDMI or lightning-to-VGA cables the only available options to send video to a TV set?

    There is a relative using an iPhone 5s and is interested in streaming video from her iPhone to an old TV set; unfortunately the TV set does not have either HDMI or VGA connectors; therefore we figured out getting a "lightning-to-30 Pin adapter", plug it to the iPhone 5s and use an old "Composite AV Cable" to do the trick. However, I found this post informing video streaming is not possible through the "lightning-to-30 Pin adapter", but -considering its post date- I would like to know if that info is still valid or if something has changed since then. Obviously changing the TV set is not an option, we have a limited "budget" to solve this.

    Thanks for the feedback Rudegar. We're not planning using airplay mirroring using AppleTV, but directly as it used to work with old iPhone 4S. Just attaching the composite video cable (30pin-to-Composite) to the iPhone 4 worked on almost any TV set equipped with composite jacks. Maybe I have to rewrite the question to "...available wired options to send video to a TV set?"

  • My Mac Pro (2006) has suddenly stopped sending signal to the display monitor.

    My Mac Pro (2006) has suddenly stopped sending signal to the display monitor. It coincided with plugging in an Epson printer via usb - while the system was running. Pretty dumb maybe? Could I have damaged the video card? Anyone ideas? Thanks

    Howdy Le Batch,
    I was looking into the issue you are seeing here, and came across a helpful article for this specific situation. It's named Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays and can be found here:
    When using an external display be sure to check the following:
    If you're using an Apple notebook, confirm the AC power cable or adapter is securely connected to the computer and the cable providing power to the display is also secure. It is always good to have your notebook connected to AC power when an external display is in use.
    Confirm display adapters are fully seated in their respective connections and that they are supported models and for the computer and display. Refer to these articles to assist you with adapter compatibility and further configuration information:
    Monitor and Display Adapter Table
    About Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters
    Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Thunderbolt ports and displays: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Remove all display cable extenders, KVM switches, or other like devices and retest to determine if the issue is resolved.
    If more than one video adapter is in use—or "daisy-chained"—troubleshoot by using only one adapter.
    Example: A mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter connected to a DVI to HDMI adapter is an unsupported configuration because there is a series of adapters in use.
    If available, try using a different display and or adapter (or use a different connector by using DVI instead of VGA, for instance).
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.Reset the resolutionStart by resetting the Mac's parameter RAM. If the display does not come up, was previously set to an unsupported resolution, and still results in no video:
    Start up in Safe Mode.
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
    Choose Displays from the View menu to open the preferences pane.
    Select any resolution and refresh rate that your display supports.
    Restart your computer.

  • IMac MiniDisplay to VGA stops sending signal to Analog Way switcher

    We have 3 iMac's, all running Yosemite (10.10.1), that we've recently installed with MiniDisplay to VGA adapters. We've run the VGA's into individual Analog Way switchers that also have Apple TV's and DVD players hooked up to them as well. The issue we're having is that though the Mac sees the "secondary display", the switcher is unable to see signal after waking the iMac from sleep. If we unplug and replug the MiniDisplay port adapter, it will re-detect the displays and the switcher will see signal again.
    We are also not able to go up to 1920x1080 even though the switcher supports it and other devices send it.
    Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    - James

    Apple has a minidisplay to vga adapter which i'm assuming will work.
    Yes, it will work fine!
    Would it be better to use vga or composite for watching movies and using the computer through the projector?
    The iMac is not able to connect via composite cable at all. VGA, Mini Display Port, and HDMI (through adapter) are the only types of cabling that will work. Keep in mind that composite is the absolute WORST video quality you could hope for. Here is the scale from worst to best...
    Composite, S Video, Component, VGA, DVI/HDMI/MDP (these last 3 are essentially the same quality)
    Is there such thing as male-male vga cable and would it send the signal properly from the imac to the projector?
    Yes, they are extremely common, and it will work fine. I would be surprised if there wasn't an extra cable of this sort already in the projector bag. It is standard gear for all of my office's projector sets.
    Is there any other way to link these two devices up? Component switch or wireless transmitter?
    The best connection you can make with the powerlite 77c is through VGA.

  • Skype stops sending messages/call stops/unable to ...

    So I've had this issue for about 3 months now and I believe it's ever since it automatically updated to 7.0. 
    The first time I noticed it happen was when messages would not send via my desktop but would do on my phone. The circle motion would be sat by the message on the chat window and would not have sent. I check my phone and the convo had still been going on but my message had not sent (Group convo of about 10 people).
    Next time it happened was instantly as I tried to log on. It would not be signing in at all, just sat at the signing in page and not responding. - I get a call via my phone on skype but not on my desktop. Frustratingly requiring to be on my desktop so I could do work while on skype - I had to reboot my computer to fix this, causing me to delay things for another 5-10 mins while my PC rebooted and I signed onto skype.
    The last time was today, I went about going to skype - It didn't sign in when I needed to be in a call with 4 other people. Reboot my computer. Fine, I'll deal with it, starts working. 2 hours into that call however, the thing just stops sending me the information but doesn't freeze up - I get messages via another means saying that they can still hear me and see me but I can't hear them - 2 minutes later they say that it's frozen up and I've left the call. Now, I know the only solution is to reboot my computer but I am fed up of having to do so whenever skype decides it doesn't want to play ball with me.
    I have tried every solution to fix it such as default settings, clearing temp/cache files and even reinstalls. But everything while my PC is running after it's 'crashed' (It doesn't exactly crash, just loses some kind of connection), once I reboot it seems to work fine. I have no idea what it is that's causing it - It literally just stops wanting to send or receive data. I've lived in this place since September 2014 and it only has started happening, I mention this as I live in student appartment block. 
    I hope that someone out there knows or understands what I'm trying to say or do here - and I guarantee you that I've tried ever sort of solution. Even deleting shared.xml and such. 
    I don't want to have to reboot my PC every time it decides it doesn't want to behave, it's frustrating when I'm in the middle of something and really shouldn't be the solution to my problem everytime.
    EDIT: Running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    sorry I don't have your answer but I am havng similar problem. I have no access to video call and my video icon has a red slash in echo test section. also on sound check with echo test my message did not play back.  I just had my computer retored and now have IE9. don't know if this has anything to do with it. when I first logged on I saw a flash that said NO SKYPE HOME. also looking for answers.

  • JMF sending video in HTC Dream

    I am new to JMF. I am able to send video file successfully from PC to PC using the sample source code at JMF website with ease.
    However i am having difficulty transferring Video file from HTC Dream android to my PC. it jumped out of the try-catch without exception at
    MediaLocator locator = new MediaLocator("file://sdcard/aa.3gp");
    ds = Manager.createDataSource(locator); <--- error happened here!
    My media file is aa.3gp and is stored in my Android phone's sdcard.
    Anyone can help ?
    Warmest Regards

    Thanks for the great information, However, even if i changed the aa.3gp to another file .mov. It still gives the same error.
    The path /sdcard/<myfile> is correct as i have written other program to save movie file into the sdcard. I've been scratching my head for a few days, just no idea how to resolve this error. Think getting bald soon :)
    Well, wonder if the below debug message would be helpful: The error should be after "WARN/ActivityManager(65)"....
    09-16 13:36:07.314: INFO/StubService(1111): into handleInternalConn!!! isNetworkConnected:true
    09-16 13:36:07.314: INFO/StubService(1111): username not null:falsepassword not null:false
    09-16 13:36:37.964: WARN/AudioFlinger(37): write blocked for 127 msecs
    09-16 13:36:42.394: WARN/InputManagerService(65): Window already focused, ignoring focus gain of: [email protected]
    09-16 13:36:43.164: INFO/jdwp(65): received file descriptor 103 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.184: INFO/jdwp(100): received file descriptor 11 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.194: INFO/jdwp(102): received file descriptor 51 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.204: INFO/jdwp(145): received file descriptor 59 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.224: INFO/jdwp(277): received file descriptor 31 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.234: INFO/jdwp(999): received file descriptor 24 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.244: INFO/jdwp(1008): received file descriptor 25 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.254: INFO/jdwp(1111): received file descriptor 24 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.264: INFO/jdwp(1182): received file descriptor 33 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.284: INFO/jdwp(1237): received file descriptor 32 from ADB
    09-16 13:36:43.294: INFO/jdwp(1285): received file descriptor 24 from ADB
    09-16 13:37:11.064: INFO/jdwp(1330): received file descriptor 23 from ADB
    09-16 13:37:16.474: INFO/PackageManager(65): Removing non-system package:com.pandvt
    09-16 13:37:16.974: INFO/PackageManager(65): /data/app/vmdl37043.tmp changed; unpacking
    09-16 13:37:24.754: INFO/installd(39): move /data/dalvik-cache/[email protected]@[email protected] -> /data/dalvik-cache/[email protected]@[email protected]
    09-16 13:37:25.204: INFO/dalvikvm(1330): Debugger has detached; object registry had 1 entries
    09-16 13:37:26.084: INFO/ActivityManager(65): Start proc for broadcast pid=1340 uid=10004 gids={3002}
    09-16 13:37:26.104: WARN/ResourceType(65): No package identifier when getting value for resource number 0x7f060001
    09-16 13:37:26.194: INFO/jdwp(1340): received file descriptor 11 from ADB
    09-16 13:37:26.264: WARN/ResourceType(65): No package identifier when getting value for resource number 0x7f060001
    09-16 13:37:27.944: INFO/ActivityManager(65): Stopping service:$UpdateCheckinDatabaseService
    09-16 13:37:30.144: INFO/CheckinService(65): Checkin triggered: Intent { action=android.server.checkin.CHECKIN (has extras) }, market only = true
    09-16 13:37:30.164: INFO/CheckinService(65): Checkin triggered: Intent { action=android.server.checkin.CHECKIN (has extras) }, market only = true
    09-16 13:37:30.524: INFO/CheckinService(65): Sending checkin request (1916 bytes)...
    09-16 13:37:30.574: INFO/CheckinService(65): Sending checkin request (1916 bytes)...
    09-16 13:37:30.644: INFO/jdwp(1348): received file descriptor 23 from ADB
    09-16 13:37:31.394: INFO/ActivityManager(65): Starting activity: Intent { flags=0x10000000 comp={com.pandvt/com.pandvt.pandvt} }
    09-16 13:37:31.454: INFO/dalvikvm(1348): Debugger has detached; object registry had 1 entries
    09-16 13:37:31.564: INFO/ActivityManager(65): Start proc com.pandvt for activity com.pandvt/.pandvt: pid=1357 uid=10057 gids={1006}
    09-16 13:37:31.624: INFO/jdwp(1357): received file descriptor 11 from ADB
    09-16 13:37:31.754: WARN/ActivityThread(1357): Application com.pandvt is waiting for the debugger on port 8100...
    09-16 13:37:31.774: INFO/System.out(1357): Sending WAIT chunk
    09-16 13:37:31.944: INFO/dalvikvm(1357): Debugger is active
    09-16 13:37:32.034: INFO/System.out(1357): Debugger has connected
    09-16 13:37:32.064: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:32.264: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:32.464: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:32.664: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:32.864: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:33.064: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:33.274: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:33.474: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:33.674: INFO/System.out(1357): waiting for debugger to settle...
    09-16 13:37:33.874: INFO/System.out(1357): debugger has settled (1409)
    09-16 13:37:41.444: WARN/ActivityManager(65): Launch timeout has expired, giving up wake lock!
    09-16 13:37:41.894: WARN/ActivityManager(65): Activity idle timeout for HistoryRecord{43537058 {com.pandvt/com.pandvt.pandvt}}
    09-16 13:37:42.954: WARN/ActivityManager(65): Activity pause timeout for HistoryRecord{43537058 {com.pandvt/com.pandvt.pandvt}}
    09-16 13:37:43.544: INFO/CheckinService(65): From server: Intent { action=android.server.checkin.FOTA_CANCEL }
    09-16 13:37:43.654: INFO/CheckinService(65): From server: Intent { action=android.server.checkin.FOTA_CANCEL }
    09-16 13:38:17.264: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): VFY: unable to resolve static field 1660 (PROPERTY) in Lcom/ms/security/PermissionID;
    09-16 13:38:17.264: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): VFY: rejecting opcode 0x62 at 0x012e
    09-16 13:38:17.264: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): VFY: rejected Lcom/sun/media/util/Registry;.<clinit> ()V
    09-16 13:38:17.264: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): Verifier rejected class Lcom/sun/media/util/Registry;
    09-16 13:38:17.304: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): Exception Ljava/lang/VerifyError; thrown during Ljavax/media/pm/PackageManager;.<clinit>
    09-16 13:38:17.324: WARN/dalvikvm(1357): Exception Ljava/lang/ExceptionInInitializerError; thrown during Ljavax/media/PackageManager;.<clinit>

  • My IPhone 5s has stopped sending e-mails suddenly.

    Yesterday afternoon my iPhone stopped sending my e-mails via aol. I can receive but not send. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the e-mail account, I have reviewed the sending server as suggested by some other support pages. I am at a lost as to why and need some help, this is also affecting my iPad. Thanks in advance

    Check first whether the you can send emails using web (Either on Safari App or try it on a computer)
    If it doesn't work in webmail ,there might be an issue with the email account.
    If its working , you can try adding the account to outlook on your computer and then sync the Email settings thru iTunes.
    If its a windows computer which you are using you'll get Info tab in your device page.
    Click on Info and then select Sync Mail and then Apply.

  • How do I use an iSight iMac to send video messages?

    I love the computer, but Knowledge base says the built in iSight won't work with iMovie HD to capture video.
    Is there another way I can make and send video emails or messages that can be emailed using an iSight iMac?

    "Is there another way I can make and send video emails or messages that can be emailed using an iSight iMac?"
    iVisit supports the 17/20" iMac with built-in camera (I won't call it an iSight as it's not Firewire and has lower resolution), you can record yourself (video, audio, text, url's, desktops and files) and send via email
    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

  • I can't send photos from camera roll iphone4 to a email address. It just stopped sending photos.

    i can't send photos from camera roll iphone4 to a email address. It just stopped sending photos.

    iPhoto Menu -> Preferences -> Accounts ->
    Delete and recreate your email settings.
    It's only difficult if you get all emotional over tiny things and don't stop to look for answers first. I find Macs very simple to use.

  • How can i send video from my iphone 4s to email

    How can i send video from my i phone 4s to an email address?

    Mail attachment size is determined by your ISP, & limit that size to betweem 10MB's & 25MB's, depending on ISP. So, unless it is a very small video, you won't be able to.

  • How do I send video (or any files) from my ipad 2 to my iMac ?

    I have an iPad 2 and an iMac. I am not that advanced technically but I managed to do this in the past but the how/why seems lost to me now !!
    I know the later iPads have AirDrop, but I have downloaded Dropbox for use with my iPad 2. When I have tried to send photos, videos, (by clicking on the box with an arrow) the iPad 2 only offers mail,message,icloud,vimeo,facebook options. Nowhere do i see the dropbox logo, or other options.
    iCloud is a mystery to me. I have no idea how it works. Photostream seems to randomly get files onto my Mac, but how or why I have no idea.
    Bluetooth is equally strange. I can connect iPad to iMac but then what? I don't see ways of exploring files either way.
    Is there an issue with PROXIMITY ? Does the ipad have to be near the Mac for Dropbox to work ?
    I now how to find the file, select the file, click the upload/share icon... after that I am stumped!
    Looking forward to any help.

    Upload video to Dropbox.
    1. Launch Dropbox on iPad
    2. Tap the "..."
    3. Select "Upload"
    4. Select Camera Roll
    5. Select video to upload
    6. Tap "Upload"

  • How do I get Apple to stop sending me email?

    I know this isn't the right forum for this question, but I didn't see one that seemed relevant.
    My first question is regarding these discussion boards. I posted a question here (in the Using iPod Shuffle area) and since then, I am getting an email every time somebody posts to this area.
    The email has instructions on how to stop this from happening, they tell you to log in, go to "My Subscriptions", and in the Subscribed Categories area, select the delete option. However in the Subscribed Categories area, it shows zero subscribed categories, and there is no delete option.
    Has anybody else run into this and found a way to fix it?
    Second, since I am vaguely on the topic anyway, maybe somebody will know this one.
    Since I purchased something from the iTunes music store, I have been getting ads by email from them. I told them not to send me ads at the time, but they are sending them anyway. I have replied back to the emails begging them to stop sending me ads, but they ignore this.
    I really want to keep my email account as spam-free as possible.
    Has anybody else run into this and figured out how to make them stop?
    Thanks for any help.

    Look in "My Settings" to find the .... setting ... which prevents your from automatically subscribing to each one you either originate or respond to.
    FYI, general questions on use of the Discussions themselves are handled in a separate forum — Discussions Feedback.
    One way to manage/change your contact preferences is to log into and change whatever you want or need to in there. If there are separate things which come from ITMS that aren't controlled from that page, and you can't find it discussed in the iTunes help or support pages or in its own menus somewhere, then you really should be asking in the ITMS forums instead of the iPod Shuffle one.

  • Stop Sending and Receiving Emails for the employee which is no longer exist

    Exchange 2007
    Hi There,
    I have lot's of mailboxes in my exchange server which their users are not with us anymore.
    I would like to stop receiving any emails for them.
     I know if I go to "Mail Flow Settings\Message Delivery Restrictions\Accept messages from\Only Senders in the Following List" and select a dummy user it works but it sends my server information to the sender. and I do not want to give the
    Any idea how to:
    Stop sending / Receiving email for these type of users?
    Changing the respond message?
    Thank you in Advance for your time

    You have a couple options.  Removing the mailbox would be the simple solution to stop mail flow, but I am assuming you need the mailbox which is why you have not taken this route.
    Alternatively, if you have a message filtering solution in place that sits in front of your Exchange environment, you may be able create a filter to block inbound messages for a specific address so the message never reaches your internal Exchange servers. 
    This would prevent any information regarding you Exchange servers being returned.
    If you do not have a filtering solution to do this, you can create a delivery status notification (DSN) so that a custom response is returned when messages are sent to a mailbox.  Refer to this article on creating a DSN:

Maybe you are looking for