Connecting to an sap system

Just wanted to know if the JCO client service is the only way of connecting to an SAP system from enterprise portal.

Hi Ram,
no, it's the "old" way, the new one goes via JCA; see JCA/J2EE Connector Architecture with WAS 6.20 (R/3 Enterprise) and JCO x JCA and Java to SAP as well as the brand-new article j2ee connector architecture with ep6 iview development.pdf
Hope it helps

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  • Connection to remote SAP system.

    Hi All,
    I want help in getting connected to a remote SAP System from my desktop. I am working in SAP NetWeaver developer studio.

    Hi James,
    Although the info. provided by you does not provide much information about the setup of your SAP System, but you can try this out:
    Inorder to get connected to the SAP system via your SAP NWDS(SAP NetWeaver developer studio).
    1) Please check if you are able to get connected to the remote server, incase the server is on a different machine. You can do it by following the steps below:
    Click on Windows Start menu -> click on Run -> Typein "cmd" and click on Ok button -> Typein "Ping 'IP address of the remote server'", I mean your remote server machine's IP address(Ex: or whatever it is). If it responds then please carry out the following steps in NWDS.
    2) Please GoTo :
    NWDS menu - > Window -> Preferences -> SAP J2EE Engine(Choose this on the left menu).
    Now, if your server is not installed on the same machine on which you are working then go for the first radio button which says "SAP J2EE engine is installed on remote host" and enter the server's IP(Internet Protocol) address(Ex:, etc)in "Message Server Host" and enter 3601 in "Message Server Port".
    Click on apply and Ok.
    3) Now again Click on Windows Start menu -> click on Run -> Typein "drivers" and click on Ok button -> Open the folder "etc" -> look for file "Hosts", openwith notepad
    -> Now typein the IP address and the corresponding host name(of the remote server)please note that the IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one space, preferably a tab space. -> save the hosts file.
    Now you should be able to connect to your remote server.

  • RFC connection between two SAP systems (with SAP router)

    I would like to set up a RFC-connection from SAP Solution Manager to other SAP system.
    The network connection between the servers is VPN.
    How can I set up this RFC-connection, if my connection between two SAP systems looks as follows,
    (I use the following SAP routers)?
    my server  --> customer
    my server --> internal SAP Router server xy (10.101....) --> SAP Router customer 2 (10.1....) --> SAP System customer (134....)
    SAP Systeme customer --> SAP Router customer (134.1....) --> internal SAP router (212.6....) --> my server
    How can I set up this RFC-connection, if my connection between two SAP systems looks as follows,
    (I use the following SAP routers)?
    something like:
    Thank you very much!

    Same answer as in the other forum where you cross posted....

  • Connection between 2 SAP system

    I want to send and receive an IDoc between two SAP system. but i can't connected to an other syestem. i try it juste between two different mandant.
    Can some one help me.

    Through RFC (SM59) u can connect the TWO SAP systems.........
    If u are in SAP 4.7 , once u enter into SM59 u will be finding the R/3 Connections... U have to choose that...
    if u are in SAP ECC , then u will be finding the ABAP connections.. U need to choose that and create the RFC connection.....
    But U need to know the details :
    1. Target Host Name .
    2. System Number.
    3. Logon details...
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  • Can we connect to any SAP system if we have connection details.

    Hi Experts,
    Can we connect to any SAP system if we have connection details.
    In this thread I found Diego Lombardini asking connection details.
    Needed help on this report
    I am working in ABAP for couple of years but donu2019t have much idea about connection to SAP system, Please let me know how it is possible .
    High points will be rewarded for any helpful answer.

    Hi Bikas,
      That reply is just because Diego got irritated by Ravi asking the same question in many threads many times .
    Otherwise if a SAP server is not secureed using secureclient you can always connect to that SAP system using the internet and your own SAP GUI ( perhaps based on the GUI compatibility )
    But i bet, nobody will reveal SAP server as open for you.

  • Activating WebService on R/3 to connect a non-SAP system (XML)

    Hi Experts,
    Apologize if my thread is not on the right category. I'm not sure where to put this.
    Is there any steps on how to activate webService to connect to a non-SAP system without using middleware like XI/PI. I'm trying to connect to a non-SAP system that sends an xml format message and then directly connect to an R/3 system. Is this possible? thanks!

    Check this link.
    Web Services from Function Module
    it might help u.

  • RFC Adapter to connect to Non SAP System

    I have a scenario to connect to a non SAP system using RFC adapter. I am not used to the same. I need to know whether this is possible and what are the steps to be done.
    Thanks and regards

    These links should help.
    Non-SAP application connecting to PI via Sender RFC Adapter
    Error by setup RFC Interface with non SAP system
    SAP PI to Third Party system through RFC Connectivity ??
    Jannus Botha

  • HTTP/S connection to the SAP System failed

    Dear SDN,
    I am trying to connect my EP System (Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP 15) to MMSCMDEV System(SCM 4.0 Development System).
    Please note SCM 4.0 has external ITS on server MMLCADEV (both are in same network). EP is in different domain.
    User Mapping has been done while making the system connection.
    1. Ttransaction service test is successful to MMSCMDEV from EP (System Administration->Support->Support Desk->SAP Application->Test and Configuration Tools->Transaction with parameters "service - transaction; tcode - /sapapo/ac04; SAP GUI Type - SAP GUI for Windows").
    2. While uploading transaction using Role Upload, I m not able to view any transaction and get the error as : System connection failed.
    3. System Connection Tests to ITS & WAS fails with error: HTTP/S connection test failed.
    The SAPGUI HTML is available thru ITS.
    Please help me resolve issue.

    Well I just tried to create the SAP Transaction Iview, putting the tcode I need.
    I am able to see them properly , both in  Wingui as well as webgui.
    I used a test role and attached it to my user Id and another test id (this exists in both systems and user mapping is done for it.)
    I am able to see the iviews working from my Id , but in the test id : it gives an error as : Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    Unable to lookup System 'MMSCMTST'. Please check the system object and the alias..
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    and :
    Can somebody tell me why this should have happened ?

  • Connect b/w SAP and Non SAP -system

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where i need to connect between a SAP system and Non-Sap System.
    the front end is an E-Build tool (for construction Industry) from where the user will pick the data and the data should get store at the backend i.e in the SAP system.
    E-build is a tool for construction industry with lots of flexible options for the user to check for their house, along with their prices.
    These all data needs to be captured and store at the backend.
    Can any one suggest me which method shall i go for this in ABAP(and How)  or need to go for the XI-Netweaver or EP technology.
    Thanks & Regards

    you better to go for middleware tools .  keep files( whichs contains data to be stored in SAP)  in one folder at 3p systems  and  middleware adapters will pick that filles automatically and sent it to Application server or then process the data into SAP.
    tks.. venkat

  • Connecting  external device (scanner & fax ) to my SAP system

    HI ,
    My external device system is not connecting with my sap system .... pls suggest what configuration is required.
    1. I have installed scanner software on my computer.....
    2. the scanner is transfering the scanned image to my system
    3. But it could not communicate with sap r/3.
    I need to scan my invoice online and attach to sales order. Your quick response is much appreciated

    Hi Divya,
    based on your description I think that maybe the forum Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware would be a better place for discussing this kind of requirement.
    Best regards,

  • What is best way to connect a non-sap sys sending  xml idocs to SAP system

    Hi Can some one please guide as to what will be the best approach in connecting a NON SAP system to a SAP system.
    The non sap system should not be connected to access real time data,it does not support RFC,it can send data in IDOC xml format and i think in teaxt files also.Also I dont think there is any EDI subsystem in place.
    There has to be a periodic upload of material data from SAP /stock status/
    then there will be incoming data into SAP for sales order/purchase order etc
    What would be the best way to connect the two systems,IDOCs with partial EDI looks the best way ,but I am confused as to how will the XML IDOC be converted to normal IDOC and viceversa,how to handle the event triggering mechanism.
    If someone has experience in such a scenario ,please help.
    There is a option to update the database of the application through SQL also...

    Check this link.
    Web Services from Function Module
    it might help u.

  • Problem with Send and Receive Emal In SAP System

    Hi gurus!
    I have a following quote:
    Dear !
    I have a problem with send and receive email in SAP system following :
    I want to test send and receive email in local network at my company. I
    had two server
    Server 1 : I setup Exchange Mail Server 2007 with domain controller is
    Server 2 : I setup SAP ERP ECC 6.0
    On Server 1 : I created 2 account ( and ) and then I tested send and receive email between u1 and u2 in local network through Microsoft Outlook 2007 -> OK
    and then
    On Server 2: I had configured send and receive email on SAP system
    through tcode SBWP, SCOT and SOST as Note 455140 - "Configuration of
    e-mail, fax, paging or SMS using SMTP"
    for example :
    I logged in SAP system with user Basis01 (with email ) -> then,using tcode SBWP -> new message -> send to with Internet Mail type and then status message with green light -> sending ok
    and then I have used Microsoft Outlook 2007, I logged with account u2 ->check email -> Ok. I saw message which send from u1
    Finally, My problem is how can receive mail in SAP system without using Microsoft Outlook
    For example:
    Login system SAP with Basis01 account (with ) -> tcode SBWP ->New Message -> send to
    and then
    Login system SAP with Basis02 account (with ) -> tcode ??? ->
    To receive email from Basis01 (with )
    Please help me now
    I replace "@" with "A" because of banning email of this forum.
    This quote is about sending email in local network. And we can't receive any email from the outside email address. Addition if I wanna send email to internal email in Internet (we've just tried with email address in local network) What should I config in SAP and Exchange ?
    By the way, Is SAP Server IP added to Relay Agent for sending or receiving mail ?
    An NLP
    Edited by: An NLP on Apr 6, 2010 7:03 PM

    This problem is a classic problem of mail routing via Exchange. Exchange like most mail servers use the domain part of the email address as a means to route mails. So I will make an assumption that your main company mail addrss is "User @".
    So when you send a mail to the "User @ mail" address the mail is delivered to your Outlook mail address as this is the default route for company.
    (Q) So how do you get your Exchange server to relay the mail into the sending SAP system?
    (A) The easiest way would be to setup and unique mail domain for your SAP system. I always recommend "user @" which in your case would be "u1 @". You can then instruct Exchange to send any emails addressed to domain to your SAP system. Also using this format of address you can configure multiple mail connections into multiple SAP systems.
    (A) Another answer would be to enter the "Full" email address (LOcal and Domain part of address) into the routing rule for Exchange e.g. "U1 @" so that all emails addressed to this user will be delivered into SAP. However this method requires a lot of Admin as you will have to update Exchange with ALL email address that need to receive emails. Also if your corporate mail address is "U1 @" then all mails will be forwarded to SAP.
    I would definitely NOT recommend this method but the decision is up to you.
    P.S. The IP address of the SAP system is entered into the mail header of the email. This is standard practice in SMTP relay. You can suppress this header in Exchange
    Hope this helps

  • Send IDOC from XI to an Third Party Non-SAP System

    Hello Everyone ,
    Is it possible to use XI IDOC adapter to send an IDOC to a Third-party non SAP system . This third-party-system handles IDOCs  .
    We want to do
    SAP -> idoc -> XI -> idoc -> Third Party .
    Any response is appreciated . Thanks.

    Hi Rahul,
    Check this out if it is helpful for your scenario:
    [Connections to Non-SAP Systems|]
    Praveen K

  • Two GRC systems linking to one SAP system

    I have a possible scenario where there are 2 GRC systems (for company 1 & company 2) connected to two seperate ECC6.0 systems.
    Both companies are now looking to split out the HR element of their ECC6.0 systems and share a common HR system.
    I am wondering what is the recommended approach to take for the GRC systems? I was thinking of creating a link from each GRC system to the new HR system.
    However I am not sure how to deal with SPM- as this seems to have a one to one connection with the SAP system, meaning that only one GRC instance will be able to report against SPM usage.
    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    As long as you configure the connectors from the SPM Java side, you can report on multiple SPM backend instances from a single GRC Java System.
    However, if you want to integrate SPM with RAR for the critical transactions / SOD analysis, I believe that you can only specify one RAR source.
    If you split out the HR elements to a single shared system, you can also have both GRC systems connected to that HR system You would need to consider the rulset defined in each RAR instance and the users who report on it to ensure that you are getting the "correct" rules in the correct place.
    I would recommend not reporting from both grc systems as it doubles the administrative overheads and adds further complexity to the implementation. I would pick one of the GRC systems and adjust the functions in that one to look at the new HR system for the relevant authorisation definitions.

  • Configuration needed for non-SAP system as Idoc sender

    We have a need to connect a non-SAP system which is sending an Idoc to XI. I understand that on the sender side, we need to create a tRFC port from the sender system with the server address of the Integration as the target host?
    My question is on the PI side, are the configurations the same as  a SAP system, i.e. maintaining the port in IDX1 and getting the metadata in IDX2 or will it be different?

    In PI, you will need to create a port in IDX1 with the same port name as the Idoc control record when the Idoc comes from the non SAP system.
    As you cannot load the Idoc metdata from your actual source, you will need to copy the Idoc metadata from a actual SAP system or from the port of another SAP system in IDX2
    Also, in the Business Service / System, make sure that the logical system name is maintained as per the Idoc control record of the source.

Maybe you are looking for

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