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Dear All,
When I open ICLOUD on my PC I just can see FAVORITES contacts but cannot see all AGENDA/REPERTORY of contacts.
However I select it on my Iphone for ICLOUD to save all.
I've just change my Iphone 4 to a 4S a week ago.
Restoring system with Icloud data and I get all contacts information.
SO? Why I am not able to find contacts when opening ICLOUD on the PC?
Thanks for your kind help.

When I try to sync, it only wants to write the data from iCloud Contacts to my iPhone, wiping out my iPhone contacts, or merging them with what is on iCloud.  This is a problem because, for unknown reasons, the contacts on iCloud are from my wife's iPhone, not mine, and they are completely different.
Is there some easy way to delete all those entries, or to force all the entries from my iPhone to replace the ones in the cloud?

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  • All my contacts on iCloud are not showing up on my iPhone.  Any ideas?

    At first I had a list of contacts from iCloud and a list from MobileMe.  I now have those merged... but the merged list isn't showing up on my iPhone.  Does  anyone have insights about what is occurring and how to fix it?

        Let's explore options to resolve this issue mallory1056! I'm not familiar with Messaging Plus, are you referring to Verizon Messages Application?
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  • Iphone wont back up contacts to icloud

    I cant get my iphone 5 to back up my contacts onto icloud. I just got the phone a few days ago but I went onto iclouds and the only thing that has backed up is any notes I have. I have tried everything from closing the contacts app and reopening to deleting my icloud account and starting again and nothing is working. When I go into icloud> storage and backup> Manage storage and select my phone, the contacts app does not appear in the list for some reason although every other app does. When I am just in icloud settings, everything is turned "on" including contacts.
    Any help would be appreciated! thanks

    I see now in contacts when I click on groups i have a number of groups selected. All my contacts are in my group "hotmail" and in the group Icloud, there is only me as a contact. So I assume this is why I cannot see my other contacts on Is there any way to transfer contacts from my hotmail account to my icloud group?

  • Can i replace the contacts in iCloud and on my phone with those on my computer?

    When I enable iCloud on my iPhone 5 the contacts from my address book (Mac OS X)  are merged with those on my iPhone, creating multiple entries.  I have tried merging duplicates, but it resolved only some of the problems.  Now I am seeing all of the updates from my computer added to those on my phone instead of replacing information I have updated.  For example, in some entries I see the correct address (sometimes more than once) as well as the old address I replaced on my computer (sometimes more than once).  I tried "replacing the information on this phone" when I synched, but the problem persists.  I want to use iCloud to sync my contacts, but I don't want to merge with iCloud, I want to replace the iCloud data with the data on my computer.

    Step 1 - save VCF file of contacts on your computer
    Step 2 - Delete contacts in
    Step 3 import VCF in
    Step 4 make only icloud contacts visible on iphone by going to contacts -groups and take checkmarks out of everything but icloud.
    Step 5 make icloud your default contacts from now on. Settings - mail contacts and calendars - contacts - default contacts.

  • How to change default contact in iCloud?

    For a long time my wife and I shared an Apple account. The account was linked to my contact details.
    I have since started using my own Apple account so that my contacts and calendars can be separate from hers. When I set up my own Apple account and iCloud I changed the previous, joint, account to her name and she now uses it exclusively for her contacts and appointments.
    The one thing I am unable to change is the iCloud contacts as well as her login on our Mac to show that her contact card is her. It is linked to my contact card, i.e. opening her contacts in iCloud my card is highlighted as "me" instead of her card and when I select Open Contacts Card from her OSX login preferences it opens my card instead of hers. I cannot find any way to change it to her contact card. Has anyone worked out how to do this that could help me out?

    You need to have separate computer logins on your Mac with yoru own individual iCloud accounts.
    Each will then have your own individual info.

  • How can I back up my exchange contacts to icloud

    Good day
    Our company has just lost our ms exchange server information. I am tasked to restore what I can but the situation looks dire. My fear is that when the clients with iphones (all the managers and myself) sync with their mailboxes with an empty contacts list, there phones will update to that contact list and they will lose all contacts on their phone that they have.
    Can I somehow back up their exchange contacts to ICloud? My phone doen't let me.
    My idea is: re-create their mail boxes, retrieve the contacts from the cloud, and in doing so, restore their contacts to their exchange account when it sync.
    Hope you can help

    Open Contacts on your phone and tap Groups.  Then check to see what group the contacts belong to.  If they don't belong to an iCloud group, they won't sync with iCloud.

  • I have about 1000 contacts on my iPhone 4 after syncing with iCloud there are only about 120 contacts on iCloud How can I have the same info on both the iCloud and my iPhone

    I have about 1000 contacts on my iPhone 4 after syncing with iCloud there are only about 120 contacts on iCloud How can I have the same info on both the iCloud and my iPhone

    On the iPhone tap Settings > iCloud
    Switch Contacts off then back on then reset the device.
    Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button down at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

  • How do i add Gmail contacts to iCloud?

    Has anyone figured out a way to sync Google Contacts and iCloud contacts?

    The first step would be exporting your GMail contacts as a vcard:
    What you do next depends on how you've been syncing your iPhone 4 up until now:
    - if via iTunes on a Mac, import the vcard file(s) into Address Book app.  Then sync your contacts with your iCloud contacts (System Preferences > iCloud > Contacts[checked]).
    - if via iTunes on a PC, download the iCloud Control Panel ( and import the vcard file(s) into your contact manager program (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.).

  • How can I move contacts from iCloud to my iPhone

    I keep my contacts on my phone separate from on my Macbook.   Somehow (maybe after a factory reset) all my phone contacts are now in iCloud. 
    Is there an easy way to move my contacts from iCloud on my phone and also back to my Mac on my computer?  or do I have to do it manually?

    I just went to icloud-contacts- OFF.  It asks if I want to keep my contacts on the phone and I said yes.
    Thanks so much.  Saved me a ton of time.
    One thing I noticed though is for my name, it used to have an image of a person.  That is gone now on my phone but on my computer.  Is that only in iCloud?

  • HT2373 how can i import contacts from icloud

    I just bought an Macbook Air and need to import Contacts from icloud. What is the easiest way to do this.

    Go to System Preferences iCloud pane.  Sign In using your Apple ID.  Make sure Contacts is checked to the right, along with anything else you want to keep synced.
    Open Address Book, and your contacts from iCloud are already there.

  • I use Google as my primary Contacts manager and it is set up as an Exchange account on my iPhone. Does this mean I can't sync my contacts to iCloud?

    When I activated the sync contacts with iCloud option, only 93 of 912 contacts showed up in I assume it is because all 829 missing are considered as Exchange contacts. As stated when you activate Contacts sync in iCloud, Exchange cannot be synced. Is there a way I could sync all my Google contacts to iCloud?

    Is there a way I could sync all my Google contacts to iCloud?
    import them to your OSX adressbook. This is what gets synced to the icloud, nothing else.

  • HT204150 How do I separate my phone's contacts from another phone's contacts in iCloud?

    When i synched my contacts to iCloud, another phone's contacts went on to my phone.

    I think we need more information.
    You synced your contacts to iCloud - were there any contacts already in iCloud when you did this?  Or was the iCloud account new?  Had it been used previously by other devices?
    Is the other phone (that provided additional contacts) syncing to the same iCloud account?  Is this YOUR other iphone, or does it belong to someone else. 
    (Different users should use their own icloud accounts - that's how it's designed to work.  You wouldn't want different users sharing the same emails, contacts, events, data from individual apps, etc. - at least most users wouldn't want all data shared with others.)

  • HT204150 I backed up my contact from iCloud. And ended up with some one else's contact

    Would should I do when I back up my contact from iCloud and realize they are not mine. All the contacts where someone else's

    Are you sure that you are signed in to the right account in "Settings > iCloud" and/or "Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar"?

  • Hello people, I lost all my contacts on my iPhone. Facebook contacts integration is turned off. When I got to know that I have no contacts on my iPhone. I checked my settings and iCloud backup and contacts on iCloud (in settings) were off. Is there a solu

    hi me kashif Hello people,
    I lost all my contacts on my iPhone. Facebook contacts integration is turned off. When I got to know that I have no contacts on my iPhone. I checked my settings and iCloud backup and contacts on iCloud (in settings) were off.
    Is there a solution to get all my contacts back? Please help me. I want my contacts back, as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4

    Unless as part of a backup, or stored somewhere else, they are gone.
    Your son needs his own Apple ID for iCloud, FaceTime & iMessage. He can continue to use yours for iTunes content, but for everything else, he needs his own.
    When you did what you did, as far as iCloud knows, this is the same person with multiple devices, and that's they way things are supposed to work: keep everything in sync.

  • How do I sync my iPhone 5S contacts to iCloud (I think I have a unique situation)

    I've been scouring the internet all day and tried all sorts of things to get my phone to sync with iCloud.
    I added a new contact today and just for fun made sure it was syncing with iCloud online. It wasn't. I did everything I could think of to get it to sync. I turned off Contacts and turned them back on, I deleted all the contacts on ICloud and then refreshed them with my iPhone contacts in the hopes that it would add them. I also tried various methods of trying to work with iCloud and Gmail and switching them on and off. That is, I went into the Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the Iphone and switched the default from Gmail to ICloud and back again.
    To make a long story short: When I deleted the contacts from the iCloud website, it replaced them, but with an older version of my contacts! It didn't add my new contacts, nor my duplicates which by this time were triplicate because of the merging that I have done.
    Any idea how this happened? What can I do to get it syncing again? I don't care about duplicates right now, I just want the right contacts to sync.
    I have an iCloud account and a Gmail account, but I don't sync my gmail contacts. I use my gmail address as my iCloud login, if that makes a difference.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    "Forcing a backup in iCloud" -  Went to settings/icloud/storage and backup/ back up now
    I just did what you suggested and it worked. The Test Contact showed up. So, I deleted the contact I added today and readded it and it showed up almost immediately into
    Perhaps there was something wonky with the previous contact. Any ideas? It seems to be working well now. Thank you for your help.

  • How to delete duplicate contacts in icloud

    How do you delete duplicate contacts in iCloud so that they will not appear on all of my devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook)?

    Hey mzhill78
    Remove you icloud contact information on all your IOS devices, go to the icloud setting on you ios device and turn off the addressbook syncing, when it asks you "do you want to remove keep the address on your ips device you say NO...  So now your MacBook is the only thing syncing too the icloud.
    Go to Addresbook and look for the menu option find duplicates.
    After that wait for your laptop to sync this too icloud.  to check give it about 2 min depending on how many changes log into your icloud account at and check too see if the syncing has updated whats in the cloud.
    If it has then urn on your addressbook syncing in iclouud settings on your IOS devices and all should be back too normal.
    Hope it helps,
    If this has sloved your problem please mark it as Solved thank you..

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