Cooler for Raptor

i just got my Raptor drive . and was wondering what is a good cooler for it that won't break the bank as i need to save my pennies for a 400Gb Array.

This is a Zalman ZM-2HC1 Cooler which I use for my raptor. This thing makes the raptor cooler than any 7200rpm drive, it quiets my drive to inaudible because it is attached to the case wth rubber- and it looks sweet through my window. It can be mounted in regular drive spots, although I chose to mount it to the bottom in front of my intake fans. Well worth the $25 I paid for it. Check it out.

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  • Where can I buy a cooler for Satellite A300D-16Q?

    Where can I by a cooler for Satellite A300D-16Q?

    Do you mean the cooling module?
    Well, all parts can be purchased from an authorized Toshiba service partner in your country.
    Would recommend getting in contact with the ASP who could be able to provide such compatible part.

  • Wishlist for Raptor

    I guess it's a bit late for christmas, but here's my wishlist for Raptor.
    1. Statement execution statistics (autotrace).
    2. Ability to browse different between different schemas without having to create a new
    connection for each one.
    3. Tabs are great. But opening a new tab for each stored proc clicked is pretty
    annoying. Especially when you are searching through some stored procs to find
    the SQL statement that your STATPACKS turned up. A CTRL toggle to open a new tab or use back existing tab will be great
    4. Execution Plan is great. TKPROF would be even better.
    Anyways, great first attempt. For a free product it's already way beyond what i
    would expect.

    Tuning will be greatly increased for 1.1.
    One thing to find your code is look at the search source report. Then you could get the exact object your looking for.

  • Qosmios X300-156: Should I buy a cooler for the portable

    Well I'm freshman here in your site :)
    I have a doubt about my portable. I have asked many people reviews, but none was able to convince.
    I have a X300, and unfortnely he had a breakdown on the motherboard.
    I'm from Portugal, anda they sad to me that in Portugal they don't have the motherboard,
    I have to wait until she comes from germany. This is desperate because I'm there three weeks without the portable.
    Makes me think if its worth buying a laptop so expensive. If it were a normal portable Surely it would have.
    But my question is this. Should I buy a cooler for the portable since it has been down twice due to temperature?
    Some people say that i don´t need it and some people say that i should buy. Does it hurt to have a cooler in the portable?
    Well thats all. Thank you, and sorry my english =|

    Usually an additional cooler is not necessary and in most cases counterproductive.
    In your case its important that the notebook has been placed on the table and that there is enough free space around the notebook to assign good air circulation.
    Furthermore you should use the Toshiba graphic card driver because such driver supports and GPU overheating protection. Drivers from ATI page or nVidia page do not support such protection as this could lead to GPU damage.
    Its also advisable to clean the cooling fans and grilles from time to time its could be helpful to remove the dust using the compressed air spray.

  • Additional Cooling for QS 2002

    Sometimes a friend of mine, who manages an Apple reseller, will get old Macs handed to him that are bound for the recycler. I have an arrangement with him that he'll email me if he gets anything that he thinks I might be interested in/be wanting a chance to scavenge before he recycles them. The other day the emailed me saying he had two G4 towers that I might be interested in so I went down to his store to check them out.
    When I got there I discovered they were both QuickSilvers, one a 2001 867MHz single processor and the other a 2002 933MHz single processor. The thing that caught my eye on the 933 was that the video card didn't have an ADC port, but it did have DVI, VGA and an S-video port. Not a stock card, I thought and the S-video port was intriguing enough to warrant further investigation. I opened the case, wishing for a Radeon 9800 Pro, and when I eyeballed the card I still couldn't tell what it was, though I knew it was far too big to be a 9800 Pro; in fact it was the biggest video card I had ever seen inside a G4. So I popped the card out of the AGP slot and found that it was a BFG GeForce 6800GT OC. I also found I had a big grin on my face.
    Since the card was resident inside a Mac QuickSilver 2002 I was ready to assume it had already been flashed for a Mac, but just to firm up my assumption I grabbed a magnifying glass and started to closely examine the pins. Sure enough, #3 and #11 pins were taped and my grin was even bigger…
    An hour later I had both QuickSilvers home and was busily removing the 933MHz processor from the 2002 and replacing it with an OWC 1.5GHz Mercury Extreme processor which, up till then, resided in my GigaBit Ethernet G4. After transplanting the HDs from the GigaE and resetting the cuda switch I was ready to fire up the QS 2002.
    The startup chime was music to my ears and shortly after I had video…the 6800GT worked/works like a charm with absolutely none of the pain, anxiety and neuroses that are associated with acquiring, flashing and taping PC video cards for use in a Mac…
    My question is, what with the Mercury Extreme processor upgrade (the 7455 G4 is not exactly a cool running processor) and the 6800GT together in fairly close proximity, should I be concerned about/consider additional cooling for the QuickSilver and if so, how would I go about doing that as expeditiously (and cheaply) as possible?
    Happy happy, joy joy…

    Thanks for your response, Japamac.
    japamac wrote:
    Did you remove the old CPU fan?
    I did and have it here sitting in front of me though for the life of me I can't remember what I did with the screws…no worries, I'll find them…
    I kept mine, with a 2 GHz processor in a 2002 QS, turning it around so as to exhaust hot air.
    It helps a bit.
    Great idea…never thought of that.
    I was toying with the idea of replacing the 867MHz processor in the 2001 QuickSilver with the 933… Maybe not though…seems like too much work for such a small gain in processor speed and the CPU fan on the 867 may not be the same.
    I'd like to install OS 9.2.2 on the 2001 QuickSilver and use it to play all the old Classic games that I've collected over the years. I have a Radeon 9000 Pro that I scavenged out a MDD with a bad mobo that I could put in the 867 QS. I'm reasonably sure the 9000 Pro is the fastest video card that will still support 3D Graphic Acceleration in OS 9.
    Keep the 6800 clean. That's the most important thing with that card.
    I examined the 6800 closely before I put it back in the QS 2002. It was in very good shape and looked like it was brand new out of the box. And clean enough that I would consider eating a meal off of it…maybe…

  • Best cooler for 645 max LRU

    Just wondering what all the experts thinks is the best cooler for a P4 2.26 ON THE 645DX Max2 LRU .
    After assembling the PC, I don't want to take the m/b out to bolt on a cooler, so how about one that clips on!!!!

    Yeah, i'm looking for a good price vs performance vs noise solution really. Both the Volcano and the Vantec Tornado are really loud, but they seem to perform quite well.

  • Cooler for AMD 2800+ AthloneXP (K72NG-ILSR)

    I'm looking for recommends for a GOOD CPU cooler for my K7N2G-ILSR system with an AMD 2800+ AthloneXP CPU!  
    I've tried the Artic Cooling Silent Copper - it sucked! Although it was recommended for the 2800+  
    this might be a silly question   but is the CPU fan supposed to blow the air towards the heat sink or away from it? Does it make a difference?
    Thanks in advance!  

    currently using this
    never seen more than 50 c with a slightly more powerfull but same size as stock fan
    i fancy getting hold of but cannot justify the dosh really

  • Need extra cooling for Qosmio x875! Surprised?

    I'm looking for a laptop cooler and/or vacuum cooler for my Qosmio x875. I am currently considering the CM SF-19 and the CM Notepal X3. Which one is better for the Qosmio x875? I couldn't find exact specs on the Qosmio airflow, so I am loathe to simply make a judgement based on what I can guess.  I've already reapplied thermal paste and that brought my motherboard and CPU down from 100°C down to 75°C during maxed out gaming. A significant improvement, but still a bit too hot for my tastes, which is why I'm looking for extra coolers.  Any suggestions? 

    Hello Tom
    Maybe you should simple clean up your notebook, or be sure your notebook is placed properly on the desk.
    You can also put something under back side to make more distance between the desk and your laptop. I have placed two small books (about 1 cm) to allow better air circulation.

  • Lightweight but functional air cooler for 15" MBP

    I like to use my MBP in bed sometimes to watch movies.
    I want to use a cooler for it, but one that won't make the 15" MBP heavier than it already is.
    Any recommendations on a cooler that works great but doesn't weigh too much for a 15" MBP?

    Don't use your MBP in bed. It belongs on a hard, flat surface. Bedclothes will impede the flow of air into and out of a fan-cooling device just as they impede its flow through your MBP, and no fan-cooling device is going to weigh much less than a pound.
    In short, use your machine the way it's designed to be used, and it won't need any extra cooling.

  • MOVED: Quietest CPU Cooler for K8N Neo 2 Platinum Motherboard?

    This topic has been moved to AMD64 nVidia Based board.
    Quietest CPU Cooler for K8N Neo 2 Platinum Motherboard?

    Artic Cooling Freezer 64
    Extremely Quiet
    The low speed 80 mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum.
    The patented fan holder is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 80mm fans.
    Patent No 203 07 981 U1 (Germany)
    Patent No 10/834 232 (USA)

  • Better Cooling for STOCK Intel i7 930

    The Intel i7 930 comes with cooling which is probably OK
    But, even though I am NOT going to overclock, I am going to use PPro CS5 which is CPU intensive for AVCHD, so want better cooling
    I don't think I need (nor can my miniscule budget afford) a "monster" $100 CPU cooler... but I can manage one for $50 or less
    So... has anyone used any of these... and comments?
    Scythe Mugen SCMG-2000 
    XIGMATEK S1283V 
    Cooler Master N620 
    Again... NO overclocking

    I have similar setup: i7-930 and Cooler Master case (mine is CM 690series).
    I used originally the Intel's stock heatsink. It is ok for work with .avi files
    but you will run into high temps (80C) when you start working with AVCHD content.
    The CPU comes under heavy load during encoding of avchd files in progs like Cineform, for example.
    All 8 cours run at 100% in such applications and the temps go up. Although Intel say that the CPU
    can sustain up to 120C it is not recommended to run it for prolong intervals of time above 75C as this will shorten its life.
    In short, after reading tons of CPU coolers' reviews I ended up installing XIGMATEK S1283V is on your list).
    This is a German engineered cooler produced in Taiwan. I'm very satisfied: well manufactured, solid,
    silent (compared to Intel stock cooler) and easy to install. My idle temps remained the same (around 40C) but
    my temps under max load dropped to 68-70C.
    I used Arctic Silver 5 paste.
    Hope this helps.

  • Improving cooling for B&W processor

    After determining that my B&W G3's processor was causing frequent freezes due to overheating, I replaced the original thermal pad on the heatsink with thermal compound. Now the freezes seem to be gone--but only if I run with the case open and a small desk fan blowing on the heatsink. When I try running case-closed, it starts freezing up again.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for improving the cooling airflow in the B&W case? I am willing to consider sacrificing the internal speaker space, or the drive bay below the CD drive for venting. Might it also be possible to find a direct-mount fan for the heatsink?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I generally do not leave it on 24/7; I have a nightly Retrospect backup session scheduled to launch at 2:00 AM, after which the machine automatically shuts down. When freezes were happening frequently, it often would freeze up during (or even before) the backup session; this has not happened at all since I started running case-open with the fan.
    I used a thermal compound labeled as "Ceramique by Arctic Silver" that I purchased from RadioShack. I made good & sure that I installed the retainer clip in the correct orientation, with the bend over the processor core.
    The fans appear to be operating fine. Is the chassis fan supposed to blow air onto the board or out the back panel? And what is the airflow direction for the PS fan? What is the airflow path (and intake/exhaust points of the case) for the chassis fan?

  • Can I use a LiveType LiveFonts font (Cool) for print?

    I made a short video in FCP 6 and used LiveType for some moving fonts in the video. I am in the process of making a book with the same subject matter and am stumped. My illustrator wants to use one of the same fonts that I used in LiveType. I do not know if this is even possible. I did several searches online about this but the closest I got was seeing how I could make a word in LiveType and then export it so that I could add it to an image in Photoshop.
    My illustrator does not have FCP and therefore LiveType. I would be happy to pay for the font, but where would I do this? Specifically the font is a LiveFonts Pro > Cool in LiveType.
    Does anyone know how I can use this?
    Thanks in advance.

    LiveFonts are actually short movies, not vector based type like the regular fonts you would use in a word processing document.
    You might try making a large custom canvas size, typing the required letters individually as big as they can go without breaking up or pixellating, then exporting still images which you can assemble into words in a graphics program such as Photoshop. Consider also that print requires much higher resolution than video can provide, so even though your letters appear huge in LiveType, they will still be quite small in a 300 dpi print document.

  • Quietest CPU Cooler for K8N Neo 2 Platinum Motherboard?

    I am just now getting around to concentrating on making my system as quiet as possible (without water cooling).
    Searching the forum and the net, I found lot of favorable comments about the Zalman 7700 cooler, but their website indicates it will not fit on the K8N Neo2 Platinum.  Has anyone actually tried to see it if fits or not?  Also if it does fit, will it work with the MSI stock backplate as I do not want to have to remove the backplate.
    Any suggestions for other CPU coolers that are quiet that are known to fit on this mb?
    Can people who have had experiences getting CPU coolers to work with this MB please post your experiences here?  If there are sufficent replies to make this thread useful, I will add it to the sticky section.

    Artic Cooling Freezer 64
    Extremely Quiet
    The low speed 80 mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum.
    The patented fan holder is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 80mm fans.
    Patent No 203 07 981 U1 (Germany)
    Patent No 10/834 232 (USA)

  • Temperature controlled cooling for K7N2G - making a cheap and quiet sy

    My CPU and IGP fan speed is temperature controlled. The two fans in my PSU are very quiet. Beside these i have two fans blowing air into the cabinet and two fans blowing air out. At the moment I have the option to let them stay turned off, to give them 7V or 12V (by some switches).
    Now I have decided to make these temperature controlled as well. If the temperature is below 25 degrees (or something) they are turned off after that they turn on at low speed and then their speed rises as temperature rises.
    My question is now - where should I put the temperature sensors to control these fans?
    I guess it should be somewhere on the motherboard but where? Perhaps close to the RAM or at the chipset? Perhaps on my harddisks or just under the PSU to give a good idea about the temperature in the cabinet?
    I am also going to make some tunnels to make sure that the air coming from the fans gets to the right places (one should definitely go to my harddrives as they get pretty hot :-) )
    Another idea I have is to use a CPU throttle program to make the CPU stay cooler when I don't need more than 50 percent of the CPU power. I don't know if this will help at all. I already have the idle bit set. I have just installed hmonitor which can do the trick with CPU throttling. If I set the CPU throttle to 50 percent and then loads the "Toast" program the CPU doesn't get much hotter but of course it is also only working at half its speed. If for instance playing demanding 3D shooters or doing other hard calculations I turn it off to get full speed - otherwise I could just as well have "down clocked" the CPU instead.  
    Does anyone else have experiense with CPU throttling?

    Doesn't anybody know where the three temperature sensor diodes on the motherboard are placed on the motherboard?
    Of course one of them is under the CPU but where are the two others placed?

Maybe you are looking for

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    I'm currently on the annual creative cloud membership. I'd like to change to a single-app membership, since I only need Photoshop right now. How do I do that? Do I have to cancel the current plan and then sign up for the single-app plan, or is there

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    hello everyone, I have been facing a problem with my website using IE 6 and 7. each time anyone opens the website with it , it gets extremely slow. I have tried to remove alot of the picture and make it less rich but it doesn't seem to solve the prob