Copy cost center planning to profit center

Hi dear,i did cost center planning with KP06,then i try 1KE0 to copy cost center planning data to profit center,but seems it does not work,because there is no relevant planning data when i use KE5Z to check planning data
can someboyd kindly tell me what i need to do to transfer cost center planning to PCA,THANKS

To integrate cost center accounting (CCA) planning with PCA, for each fiscal year in Maintenance of Versions, the Integrated Planning checkbox should be checked . Also in PCA, maintenance of plan versions -> settings for Profit Center Accounting, the Online Transfer checkbox should be checked so that the postings are transferred to Profit Center Accounting for each activity automatically
Tcode KE5Z is for Profit Center Actual Line Items. So even if you select record type 1 here, it will not give planning data. Similarly, tcode KE5Y is for  Profit Center Plan Line Items. If you select record type 0 here, it will not give actual data. If Integrated Planning is activated (as mentioned above), then KE5Y will give you all planning data, irrespective of whether it is planned using PCA or CCA.

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  • CO Revenue Planning to Profit Center Accounting

    Hi There Gurus,
    I have done the necessary congfiguration to ensure the Plan integration between CO and PCA and I have 1:1 assignment, however when I try to post the a revenue plan from a cost center to a profit center it does not post (costs do get posted).
    I also tried to activate User Exit : "EXIT_SAPLPC08_002" to call up to transfer plan data from Controlling and still its not posting.
    This is on mySAP ECC 6.0 version
    Please Assist
    Anele Daniels

    SPRO>IMG>Enterprise Controlling>Profit Center Accounting>Planning>Plan Versions>Maintain Plan Version.
    Select version 0 (or any version) and choose the folder on left panel Settings for Profit Center accounting. Check if online transfer is enabled.

  • Transport cost center standard hierarchy & profit center herarchy

    Dear All,
    Pls guide how to transport cost center standard hierarchy, cost center groups, profit center hierarchy and profit center groups from config client to production?

    For CO data go to OKE6 transaction and create a change request.
    For PCA, go to 0KEQ and do the same.

  • Cost Center Group and Profit center Group

    Hi All,
    The Client is requested to have Cost Center Group in the CO reports. I have trying to analyse how to get Cost center group in the report or Info Provider.
    When i went to T-code KS03 in ECC ( Display Cost Center), i get the Hierarchy Area field called KHINR, which shows the Cost center grp. Upon discussing with Functional person, he has told that this Field lies in Table CSKS (Cost Center Master).
    Now i am thinking to enhance the Cost Center Attribute Dsrc. with this Field KHINR.
    I just want some suggestions or advice on how to bring Cost center grp and Profit center grp
    Thanks and Regards
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    Hello Simon, Thanks again for all your FICO resolutions.
    Yes i truly agree that Cost Center Grp is CostCenter Hierarchy,, but i dont understand, y the Client has told that he needs the field KHINR in the Cost Center Report too.
    Actually he wants Cost Center Group wise report and NOT Cost center wise report.
    I have thght of extracting the Complete Std Hierarchy to 0COSTCENTER and then in the report , i can give a Cost Center Hierarchy Variable(probably a selection screen), such that the User can select the Nodes he want and then drill down the CostCenter Groups to see his respective Cost center accounting.
    Please opinionate on this

  • How to use new cost center field, new profit center field, new account field?

    As I create a new change request of adding new GL account, or that of new cost center, or that of new profit center, I normally enter the new GL code GL01, or new cost center CC01 or profit center code PC01 in "General Data" section on the change requst screen,  these codes (GL01, CC01, PC01) are landed in ECC upon data replication.
    I do see there is another field called "New Account" of GL change request, or "New Cost Center" of CC change request, or "New Profit Center" of PC change requst all of which is under "Administrative Data" section. I have never used it. but I was wondering what the purpose it will serve and how should I use them.
    Please advise,

    Hi Kiran,
    Thanks for the info. I don't quite understand though. could you tell me more about the usage of each? Why it is used when GL or CC or PC is blocked? Would the new cost center code entered replace old cost center master record?

  • How to get the member of cost element group from Profit center group

    Hi Guys,
                  I need to get the member of cost element group from Profit center group like in Tcode KCH3 and the same from Account Group like in Tcode KDH3.
    Any Function Module available to get this data.
    Thank U for Ur time.

    I am closing this thread.

  • Transfer of Customer balance from one profit center to another profit cente

    Actually we  are working in SAP version 4.7, and now i want to transfer some accounting document from one profit center to another profit center like in a customer a/c lots of documents are showing in different profit balance and right now i want to change the profit center in some documents, pls advice how can we do the same in Detail if possible provide any user manual related to that.
    Thanks  & Regards

    Once again, this are you possibilities:
    You can use the PCA allocations like 3KE5 (assessment) or 4KE5 (distribution) or the manual PCA posting trnsactions 9KE0 or 1KEL.
    If you speak about cost element accounts that are assigned to real account assignment objects and you have changed the assignment of the profitcenter to the CO-object (like in the cost center master data, WBS element, internal order master data and so on) you can repost the respective accounting document into PCA. Please have a look in SAP note 858363 for more information regarding that.
    Best regards,

  • How can we transfer from Dummy profit center to Respective profit center

    How can we transfer from Dummy profit center to Respective profit center?
    Rinky shah

    Hi Guru,
    Where ever for GL posting a account assignement as PCA is required, in absense of Profit Centre the entry will flow to dummy profit centre.
    You can use the same distribtion and Assessment (as we do for Cost Centre accounting) for allocation to the valid Profit Centre from the dummy Profit Centre.
    Hope this answers your query.
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  • Wrong profit center to correct profit center for  vendor

    Hi friends
    Please suggest me how to correct/transfer the transactions from wrong profit center to correct profit center for vendor.

    Hi Raju,
    To allocate costs and revenues, you can use Assessment and/or Distribution methods.

  • Requeirement is while posting FB01 profit center and trading profit center

    Hi experts
    In ECC6.0 while posting FB01, 40 is the debit key the user is assign profit center and trading profit center and second line item is 50 is the credit key user was assigned only profit  center and  system is automatically captured the trading profit center. Now the requirement is in credit side   50 posting key only required profit center not required the trading profit center. Could you please assist us step by step procedure  as soon as possbile.
    This is very urgent requirement.
    Thanks & Best regards

    Hi experts,
    Partner profit center is confirmed
    Thanks & Best regards

  • Issue on profit center group and profit center group hierarchy

    hi experts
    I have a requirement where i have profit center,profit center group and profit center group hierarchy.
    profit center group and profit center group hierarchy are same?if they are same how to get them into BI.if they are not same how to get them into BI
    im using two datasources 2lis_11_vaitm and 2lis_12_vcitm,how to connect the profit center group and profit center group hierarchy with the datasources,My dataflow is on top of these datasources there are two write optimised dso and on top of those w-o dso there are std dso and on top of the std dso there is a infocube.on infocube there is multiprovider

    Hi Sivaram,
    Profit Center would be an attribute of any object which is used in the 2lis datasources. maybe CO Order or WBS etc...from these objects Profit Center should be or could be made as navigational attribute.
    Further you can load the master data and hierarchy from the datasource 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER
    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck.

  • Transfer of amount from one profit center to another profit center

    Dear Gurus,
    1. We want to transfer amount from one profit center to another profit center,  wrongly posted how to do this? what is the t code for this?
    2. We developed on drill down report report painter, newly we have added one profit center in that report but values are not picking in that report how to map it? Please help me
    Pls advice me for the above said issues as we are nearing the year end pls help me.

    1."We want to transfer amount from one profit center to another profit center, wrongly posted how to do this? what is the t code for this?"
      Ans: You can transfer through Assessment Cycle or Distribution cycle
              a) Creat Assess cycle 3KE1 and Execute in 3KE5
              b) Creat Dist cycle in 4KE1 and execute in 4KE5
    2. "We developed on drill down report report painter, newly we have added one profit center in that report but values are not picking in that report how to map it? Please help me"
        Ans: Goto KE82 and select your report . In selection charac include new profit centre in profit centre group used in your report.

  • Profit center and Partner profit center assignment in TM transaction

    Dear Experts,
    I am very new on TRM, could you tell me how you define profit center and partner profit center for FI posting pass from TRM? I did not see there is field for PC or PPC on any of TM transaction.
    Appriciate your help.

    For postings from treasury you can assign default profit center and business area (also segment from EH3) to account assignment reference.  The basic idea being that you generally manage all similar transactions with same account assignment reference through a same organization unit like profit center.  You do this assignment in TRM -- General Settings -- Accounting -- Link to other Accounting Components -- Assign additional account assignments.
    However in case you want to have a different profit center derived in a different way than through account assignment reference, you could use a custom logic and derive it using the BAdI TPM_ACCIF_TRAC.

  • Wrong profit center to correct profit center

    Hi  friends Please  suggest how we correct/transfer the transactions from wrong profit center to correct profit center.

    There is one concept called profit centre document.  By using the same, you can transfer amount from one profit centre to another profit centre.  You can also use the General Ledger also.  The transaction code for the same is 9KE0.
    Assign points without fail.

  • Copy cost center hierarchy to profit center hierarchy: is this possible?

    I would like to know or I can copy my standard cost center hierarchy to my standard profit center hierarchy. If so, how to proceed?
    Thank you in advance,
    Eric van Zundert.
    Ps. We do not have enterprise organisastional active.

    Hi Eric,
    No standard tool exists for this operation. However, if you really prefer to do it manually, you can pull a trick. You can export your cost centre hierarchy to TXT file, correct there certain parameters (change BCCSS to  BGLPCT, etc.) and then import it as profit centre hierarchy.

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