Copying files from Mac to Windows-invalid file names

Unfortunately, my boss likes Windows more than Macs, so we have puchased some new Dell computers to replace older G4 Macs.
I'm having trouble copying existing files from a Mac (OS 10.4)to the shared drive on the Windows XP computer. I'm getting an error message:
"You can't copy the item 'filename' because the name is too long or includes characters that the disk can't display." Sometimes it doesn't give a filename, it gives a similar message "Some items couldn't be copied..."
I assume the person has used some "illegal" file names such as "Meeting minutes 10/7/07" Or maybe we have too many folders inside of folders.
QUESTION: Is there a correct/better way to copy large quantites of files/folders from Mac to Windows? Or is there a program that will look at the Mac files and alert me to wrong or too long files names?
Other ideas to copy these files?

You can use a freeware utility like Renamer4Mac or BatchRename'em both of which have built-in filters that will rename files for Windows compatibility.
Thank you... This sounded to me like it would fix the problem, so I downloaded both and looked at them. However, the manual/help file is very sparse, so I don't know if it will do what I want to and how it would do it.
1. I couldn't find any option in either program to: Look at all files in selected folder, and list any invalid file names for Windows.
2. There doesn't seem to be an option to "rename files without bad Windows characters" or "Remove invalid for Windows characters"
I just couldn't find any explanation of how it was offering to rename the files. I can't rename all files to sequential names, that would make it hard to find a file later.
Thank you,

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    Theres a feature called shared folders that works
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    Try dragging and dropping on a test folder with attributes that you need.
    My hunch is that it will work fine if you just "Select all", Copy and paste.
    But try on a test folder first.

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    I am strictly an Elements Windows person but, taking that out of the equation, I would go Windows.
    Premiere Elements Windows and Mac are essentially the same in video editing principles, but there are differences between the two. And, these differences often end up with Premiere Elements Mac on the short side...many Windows Only features.
    A while back I wrote a blog post on Mac Information Round Up to try to focus in on the Premiere Elements Mac situation. That blog post link is
    Included in the blog post is a long list of WIndows Only Effects. The most annoying Windows Only for the Mac people appears to be related to the Green Screening Key, Blue Screen Key, Chroma Key. I propose the use of the Difference Matte for Premiere Elements Mac users as mentioned in the blog post.
    And, the Elements Organizer in Premiere Elements Windows does come with a slideshow feature.
    If you are going to go Windows, best have Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer so that it is a 64 bit application which can take advantage of the 64 bit resources. Check me on this, but I am almost certain that Premiere Elements Mac needs to be on 64 bit, but also with 64 bit processor in order for it to be a 64 bit application.
    If there are to be "flaws" in the program, they are more likely to be troubleshooted to resolution in Premiere Elements Windows than Premiere Elements Mac. Versions of Premiere Elements Mac purchased from the Mac App Store have been highly problematic, and the cause(s) often left unresolved.
    That is my take on the matter.

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    Photoworks6x7 wrote:
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    I am planning to buy a MacBook Pro, my main computer runs under windows 7.
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    Yes Certainly. PS has been reading Nikon NEF files for YEARS. The only problem you may run into is with the Newest Nikon cameras. That is if you have the newest Nikon. That is until Adobe updates Adobe Camera RAW to support the newer Nikon cameras.

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    I am however able to copy music from the PC to the Mac without an issue.  The window pops up on the left when I drag the track within my Mac, and the Import button shows up on the bottom of the screen.  It is only when I want to copy from the Mac to the PC.
    I have checked the Sharing tab in preferences, and on both systems it is enabled.  I tried disabling and then re-enabling.
    I am also unable to using the download Purchased items in iTunes, as my Mac and PC are connected to different iTunes accounts.  Both machines are authorised to play both accounts though.
    Any advice?

    Check Apple's Home Sharing tutorial: iTunes: Setting up Home Sharing on your computer - Apple Support

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    Hi Gurus,
    We are using SAP BW 3.0B version.
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    Edited by: Madhusudhan Raju on Dec 3, 2009 4:25 AM

    I dont think the above code support windows OS. Because I always execute this script via UNIX.
    I think you can try this option, go to command prompt, goto the destination path where you have an XML file using cd....
    ftp (destination servername), specify the username and password.
    afterthat, use the command put and filename.
    check whether the file had reached destination successfully or not.
    For automation purpose, you can use the following script like
    ftp: -s: test.txt  (servername)
    In test.txt,
    cd /files
    put file.xml
    Also, you can check in SM69, there will be some SAP external commands to automate the file transfer.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I am not familiar with ExFat, but I do have Windows 7.  Will see if I can figure out how to do that then.  I have a 16GB flash drive that I can try this on with.  I assume ExFAT does not have the GB limit that FAT drives have then.

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    I've a business(sales) software(Ciel) which is working on Mac. This software is generating a file which can be exported to another (Ciel) software(accounting) but which only works on Windows. I've made 2 sessions for both operating systems, split hard disk in 2 partitions and installed the both software separately.
    How can I let the windows partition being accessible to writing mode from mac session in order to export the file from mac to windows?
    Thank's in advance.

    You may want to investigate Parallels for Mac. It will allow you to share everything in your Mac with Windows.

  • Converting file names from Mac to Windows.

    I am an Apple tech at a university that uses both PCs and Macs. We have found that we run into some problems when transferring a user's data from one platform to the other.
    When transferring lots of files, what do you experienced Mac techs use for safely converting file names from Mac to Windows?
    From Windows to Mac?
    We've tried NameCleaner and ended up with bad results.
    Please let me know if there is something good out there for these conversions.

    The problem looks like this:
    1. User wants to switch from Mac to Windows.
    2. We back up the data from his Mac to a server (an X-Serve RAID).
    3. We log into the server from Windows.
    4. We try to pull his data from the server.
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    In essence, without "cleaning" the Mac file names, data transfer to Windows cannot successfully complete. It quits on certain Mac file names. In the past, NameCleaner has worked sometimes, but now we have had some issues with NameCleaner (which don't matter in this discussion). The goal is to find a better solution than NameCleaner.

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    If you want a cross-platform solution that doesn't require the use of third-party software, use an external drive with hardware encryption. The device will have either a physical key or a numeric keypad. I don't have a specific recommendation.

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    When you try to copy data to the external drive, what happens? If you don't see any error, the external drive is formatted in NTFS, and OS X can't write in it.
    To be able to write on this external drive, you have to use an app like Paragon NTFS. Another solution would be to format the external drive in FAT32 or exFAT with Disk Utility > Make sure you copied all the files of the external disk to the internal disk before doing it

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    Firefox 2 versions use the file bookmarks.html to store the bookmarks.
    See also
    With Mac OS X 10.4 you can use Firefox 3.5 or 3.6

  • Copying files from Mac to PC network shared drives.

    Copying files from Mac to PC network shared drives.
    We have shared mounted drives in AIX Fusion that we can pull files from and copy to the mac, however we can not copy files from the mac to the drives.
    “Error in user parameter list (-50)” With MS DOS-Formatted Volume.”
    The drives are mapped on the mac using SMB. We can go to the files on the mac and use “save as” and this works and saves them on the shared drives.
    We can not drag and copy them to the shared drives. Every time it fails and we get the above error. We can create folders but not move any files.
    When we look up the error, it is referring to certain characters that can but used in a Max OS X filename and are not allowed in MS-DOS filenames. We are not using any of the characters not allowed.
    The drives have all the basic set up in AIX, RWC. All the PC's we have can drag files to and from all our shared drives.

    Either install software which enables the Mac to write to NTFS drives, or MacDrive on the PC, or reformat any drives you'll be using to share files between the computers as either FAT32 or exFAT.

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