Copying text from CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item

We need to copy text from the CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item with two steps in the access sequence. First to look up by the Ship to Partner Function.  If doesn't exist, then look up by Sold to Partner Function.  Have setup a new text id (ZPRN), a new access seq (9011).  The access seq has one seq =5 for KNMT, ZPRN, all languages and that saves fine.  When I set the Partner Function to be SH.  I get the following error msg:
"The Language does not come from the partner function AG for MVKE".
Any ideas?  This access seq does not reference MVKE. It only references KNMT.

Hi Lisa,
Just stumbled on this post, as I am searching for something similar.
What you are attempting to do isn't possible in config.
This is because as standard Customer Material Info Records are not even considered for ship-to party in the sales order.
They work for sold-to only.
Therefore, this funny error message is SAP's way of saying, "Why are you trying to enter a partner here, because the data is determined for sold to only?"
You can change this with development for other fields (ie, to determine delivery plant, tolerances etc at ship-to) by using
the exit MV45AFZB with the USEREXIT_CUST_MATERIAL_READ form.
However, even if you do this, Text Determination is still sold-to only and still doesn't behave.
I am currently looking myself for a solution for this problem and I will let you know what I find.

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  • Replicate the Sales order Line Item Text to Production Order

    I want to replicate the Sales Order Line Item Text to Production Order? Please tell me if this is Functional job or a Developers Job?
    I believe this can be achieved by customization and doesnot need any programming and I am trying hard to gather relevant posts for this, but didnt find any.
    Please help me with some information if some body encountered this earlier.
    Jessica Sam.

    Hey Jay, thanks for your reply.
    Please confirm me if this is a developers job or a functional job?
    Do i need to do some programming to achive this?
    I checked with couple of my collegues and friends and 90% people say it can be achieved throug functional configuration.
    can thorugh some light on this as i had been researching on this seriously and still have mixed opinions .

  • I need to add fields in additional fields B the sales order line item

    i  need to add fields in additional fields B beside the field (icon_val_quantity_ structure) in the sales order line item, How to achicve this? please help me..

    Please fined the below solution for achieving your requirement.
    1. Add new filed "B" in table VBAP.
      a) T.code  SE11 --> Enter structure name VBAP --> display
      b) Goto --> Append Structure --> Enter Structure name and new field "B"
    2. request your basis team and take the access key for modification of stabdard program SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       a) After receiving access key for standard program then got o SE51 --> enter program name  SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
       b) click change Button
       c) click layout button
       d) add new field "B" below of the screen (F6 -> enter table name : VBAP --> get from dictionary --> selet new field and past in screen )
    3) write below code in flow logic
                               Verarbeitung vor der Ausgabe
        FIELD VBAP-New field name "B".
    4. functin Module code
    module ZZPB_OUTPUT_8459 output.
      Data: l_v_actve type ale_active,
            l_v_ttyp  type c.
      Data: l_v_tragr type tragr.
    l_v_ttyp = t180-trtyp.
      if l_v_actve is initial.
        l_v_ttyp = 'A'.
        CASE l_v_ttyp.
          WHEN 'A' OR 'C'.
            SCREEN-INPUT = 0.

  • Quantuty on the Sale Order line item

    Can anyone suggest how to control the Quantity on the sales order line item.
    Sale order line item should not be reduced below the delivered or invoiced quantity. For EX:Sale order line item 10 has 200kgs,delivery quantity created aganist that order is 100kgs, now the system should not allow us to change the sale order line item quantity below the delivery quantity i.e 100kgs.
    Thanks in Advance.

    In the transaction OVAH, for the message class V4 and message number 083, in the category column, change the entry from W to E. Then system will issue hard error when you change the order qty to below delivered qty.

  • Not able to re-atp 1of the sales order line item

    Hi SAP PP Gurus,
    When I tried to re-atp 1 of the sales order line item it is giving error as mentioned below. Please let me know where this fix qty indicator in the sales order and how can I de-activate the same.  Thanks in advance....
    Item has no open quantity - Check fixed quantity ID
         Message no. V1 601
         The item does not have any open, confirmed quantities and the "fix
         quantity" indicator is activated. This means that the customer has
         agreed on a zero quantity and nothing is delivered.
    System Response
         The system issues a corresponding message.
         If you want the item to receive a confirmed quantity after all which can
         be delivered later, you should de-activate the fix quantity indicator.

    Hi Ritish,
    Strategy is MTO..
    I have triied to perform atp by using fix qty/date but still system in not proposing MAD. And it is giving below error screen.
    No. of components checked:                1
    Missing parts:                            1
    Overall confirmation date could not be determined
    Order : 1104739992
      Material           Plnt SLoc Reqmts q     Requirements  ATP/avai     Committ. d Material description M Bl
      NH524AA@@          32F2 F2WH   1.000      03.08.2009      0.000      99.99.9999 HP gt7725 PCI Expres X
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How to set Confrimed quantity as 0 in the sales order line item

    hi all
    i have a requirement that my user dont want to see confirmed quantity in the sales order line item.
    scenario is make to order.
    i have set strategy group is 20 -make to order
                                            MRP Type is PD
                                           Lot size -
    EX , still its showing confirmed quantity.
    could pls any one tell me how to set 0 quantity in the sales order line item

    Dear Sateesh,
    If the availability check is carried out and stock is not there in our plant, then it will show the confirmed quantity as Zero.
    If you don't want to carry out the availability check,
    To achieve this,
    1. Remove the availability check in the transaction OVZG against your requirement class.
    You can find the requirement type assigned to the sale order in the procurement tab.
    In OVZH transaction, you can find the requirement class assigned to your requirement type.
    2. Remove the availability check for your schedule line category in VOV6.
    In the material master MRP3 view, you ll be having Availability check, there you need to specify the availability check..
    If you specify it as KP(No check), then it will confirm the qty, though the stock is not there in our plant..
    To meet your requirement, you have to prefer user exit.(Correct me if I am wrong)

  • How to Find Out The Production Order Number For The Sales Order Line Items

    Hi All,
    I want to know the number of production orders for each sales order line item. I know the sales order number .Can anyone tell me how the tables can be linked to get all the production order numbers for each sales order line item.

    I think it depends on your configuration. But check fields KDAUF and KDPOS in table AUFK.  or in table AFPO.
    Rich HEilman

  • How to delete or activate the deletion flag for the sales order line item

    Hi All,
    I  have one Cust order & with referance to that cust order one production order is created . The production order user has done the Goods issue with 261 movement type  & GR wi 101 before 4 months back , & he has reverse  the GR  with 102 on todays date . but in materila master the  variable prize is maintain thats why it is showing  a differance in the cost .
    User want to delete the Production order as well as the custemer order From MDO4 , So we have make the Production order TECO & save , it is gone form the MD04 but the Custumer order still there . It is not allow us to cancell or reject . We have tried to maintain the reason for rejection but it showing the message that you can not activate the deletion flag for the order .
    Could you please Help me to find out the way how can i delete the custemer order ?
    Thanks In advance

    W ehave Settele that order & then activate the deletion flag for the order & then cancel the sales order.

  • Availability Check at Multiple Plants for the Sales Order line Item.

    Hi Friends,
    We are having two plants, Plant A and Plant B. Plant A is used to issue the orders to the vendors and stock them, while Plant B is used to manufacture the Product and Stock.
    When we create the sales order, we want to check the Current Stock Plus Incomming Purchase order stock for plant A and also check current stock plus Production orders in plant B.
    for ex if the current stock is 100 in Plant A and No physical stock in Plant B but there are some production orders for 400 Qty which will be ready in 1 week.
    If i create a sales order for 500 qty which is scheduled for delivery 10 days later.  then we want to commit to the customer ( Looking at both the plants stock situation )  the system should check the stock availability for both the plants and automatically create two different line items , Line item 1 for plant A and line item 2 for plant b.
    I know there is a user exit for Multiple plant selection USEREXIT_PLANT_SELECTION  in program RV03VFZZ. The Description of the USer exit says ( This user exit may be used to provide a list of plants for which availability is to be checked)  But we have never used this one. Will this user exit do exactly what i want ??
    Did any of you, have used the above User exit in your implementations ? If so please let me know whats the purpose of this user exit
    Your reply is much appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    I dont know about the userexit which you are referring about
    But this is not available in R3 The system makes a Availability Check only in the plant which has got determined in the item details shipping tab and stops there
    The same is available in APO
    If there are 2 plants say 1000 and 2000
    In sales order the plant determined is 1000 and there is no stock
    In R3 system stops there
    But in APO  system checks the plant 2000 and if stocks are available it creates an STO in the background automatically from 2000 to 1000 if configured accordingly
    Even if the material is maintained in 10 plants the system will make a  Availability Check at all 10 plants and act accordingly

  • BAPI to get the Sales order line item details

    My program gets Sale sorder and item as the input and I need to fetch all the item (Given item) details for this Sales Order from VBAP. Is there any BAPI to get the item details?

    This is a sample code of BAPI.Try to map it to your requirement.This is not related to vendor.This is related to sales order.
    CONSTANTS: c_contract LIKE vbak-vbeln VALUE '0020000720',
    c_item LIKE vbap-posnr VALUE '000010'.
    Structure to hold BAPI Header
    DATA: st_bapisdhd1 LIKE bapisdhd1.
    Internal Tables
    Sales Order Create BAPI Return Messages
    DATA: tbl_return TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2
    Sales Order BAPI Line Item
    DATA: tbl_bapisditm TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditm
    Sales Order BAPI Line Item
    DATA: tbl_bapisditmx TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisditmx
    Sales Order BAPI Pricing Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapicond TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapicond
    Sales Order BAPI Partner Functions
    DATA: tbl_bapiparnr TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparnr
    Sales Order BAPI Schedule Lines
    DATA: tbl_bapischdl TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapischdl
    Sales Order BAPI Schedule Lines
    DATA: tbl_bapischdlx TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapischdlx
    Sales Order BAPI Pricing Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapicondx TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapicondx
    Customer Enhancement for VBAK, VBAP, VBEP
    DATA: tbl_bapiparex TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparex
    Table to hold BAPI Detail Conditions
    DATA: tbl_bapisdcond TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapisdcond
    Table to hold Return Messages from Sales Order Change BAPI
    DATA: tbl_return_chg TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2
    DATA: g_vbeln_created LIKE vbak-vbeln,
    g_valid_contract TYPE c,
    g_cont_price_date TYPE d.
    Start of Selection
    PERFORM validate_contract.
    PERFORM create_sales_ord.
    PERFORM update_sales_ord.
    End of Selection
    PERFORM write_output_report.
    *& Form create_sales_ord
    Create the Sales Order
    FORM create_sales_ord .
    PERFORM populate_bapi_tables.
    PERFORM call_create_sales_ord_bapi.
    ENDFORM. " create_sales_ord
    *& Form populate_bapi_tables
    Fill up the BAPI Tables
    FORM populate_bapi_tables .
    PERFORM populate_bapi_header.
    PERFORM build_bapi_partners.
    PERFORM build_bapi_items.
    PERFORM build_bapi_sched_lines.
    ENDFORM. " populate_bapi_tables
    *& Form populate_bapi_header
    Build BAPI Header Details
    FORM populate_bapi_header .
    CLEAR st_bapisdhd1.
    st_bapisdhd1-doc_type = 'ZOC'. "Order type
    st_bapisdhd1-sales_org = '026'. "Sales Org
    st_bapisdhd1-distr_chan = '00'. "Dist Channel
    st_bapisdhd1-division = '00'. "Division
    st_bapisdhd1-purch_no_c = 'Cust Po No'. "Cust PO No
    st_bapisdhd1-name = 'Orderer'. "Name of Orderer
    st_bapisdhd1-ord_reason = ''. "Order Reason
    st_bapisdhd1-sales_off = '3001'. "Sales Office
    st_bapisdhd1-sales_grp = '301'. "Market Area
    IF g_valid_contract = 'X'.
    st_bapisdhd1-price_date = g_cont_price_date.
    ENDFORM. " populate_bapi_header
    *& Form build_bapi_partners
    Build BAPI Partner Functions
    FORM build_bapi_partners .
    CLEAR tbl_bapiparnr.
    tbl_bapiparnr-partn_role = 'AG'.
    tbl_bapiparnr-partn_numb = '0000100750'.
    APPEND tbl_bapiparnr.
    CLEAR tbl_bapiparnr.
    tbl_bapiparnr-partn_role = 'WE'.
    tbl_bapiparnr-partn_numb = '0000504472'.
    APPEND tbl_bapiparnr.
    ENDFORM. " build_bapi_partners
    *& Form build_bapi_items
    Build The BAPI Line Items
    FORM build_bapi_items .
    DATA: l_matnr LIKE mara-matnr.
    input = '10000072'
    output = l_matnr.
    CLEAR tbl_bapisditm.
    tbl_bapisditm-itm_number = c_item.
    IF g_valid_contract = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc = c_contract.
    tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc_it = c_item.
    tbl_bapisditm-ref_doc_ca = 'G'. "Contract
    tbl_bapisditm-material = l_matnr.
    tbl_bapisditm-plant = '3012'.
    tbl_bapisditm-target_qty = '5.000'.
    tbl_bapisditm-target_qu = 'M3'.
    tbl_bapisditm-item_categ = 'ZZOC'.
    tbl_bapisditm-sales_dist = '301'.
    tbl_bapisditm-dlv_prio = '02'.
    tbl_bapisditm-prc_group5 = '080'.
    tbl_bapisditm-cust_mat35 = 'kdmat'.
    tbl_bapisditm-route = 'TESYS'.
    tbl_bapisditm-usage_ind = 'CIV'.
    APPEND tbl_bapisditm.
    CLEAR tbl_bapisditmx.
    tbl_bapisditmx-itm_number = c_item.
    tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc_it = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-ref_doc_ca = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-material = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-updateflag = 'I'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-plant = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-target_qty = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-target_qu = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-item_categ = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-sales_dist = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-dlv_prio = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-prc_group5 = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-cust_mat35 = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-usage_ind = 'X'.
    tbl_bapisditmx-route = 'X'.
    APPEND tbl_bapisditmx.
    ENDFORM. " build_bapi_items
    *& Form build_bapi_sched_lines
    Build the BAPI Schedule Lines
    FORM build_bapi_sched_lines .
    CLEAR tbl_bapischdl.
    tbl_bapischdl-itm_number = c_item.
    tbl_bapischdl-req_qty = '1'.
    tbl_bapischdl-req_date = sy-datum.
    APPEND tbl_bapischdl.
    ENDFORM. " build_bapi_sched_lines
    *& Form build_bapi_conditions
    Pull the BAPI Pricing Conditions from the Contract
    FORM build_bapi_conditions .
    LOOP AT tbl_bapisdcond.
    CLEAR tbl_bapicond.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING tbl_bapisdcond TO tbl_bapicond.
    APPEND tbl_bapicond.
    CLEAR tbl_bapicondx.
    tbl_bapicondx-itm_number = tbl_bapicond-itm_number.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_st_no = tbl_bapicond-cond_st_no.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_count = tbl_bapicond-cond_count.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_type = tbl_bapicond-cond_type.
    tbl_bapicondx-updateflag = 'I'.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_value = 'X'.
    tbl_bapicondx-currency = 'X'.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_unit = 'X'.
    tbl_bapicondx-cond_p_unt = 'X'.
    tbl_bapicondx-varcond = tbl_bapicond-varcond.
    APPEND tbl_bapicondx.
    ENDFORM. " build_bapi_conditions
    *& Form call_create_sales_ord_bapi
    Call the Sales Order Create BAPI
    FORM call_create_sales_ord_bapi .
    CLEAR g_vbeln_created.
    order_header_in = st_bapisdhd1
    salesdocument = g_vbeln_created
    return = tbl_return
    order_items_in = tbl_bapisditm
    order_items_inx = tbl_bapisditmx
    order_partners = tbl_bapiparnr
    order_schedules_in = tbl_bapischdl.
    wait = 'X'.
    ENDFORM. " call_create_sales_ord_bapi
    *& Form update_sales_ord
    Update the newly created Sales Order with the Pricing Conditions
    from the Contract
    FORM update_sales_ord .
    CHECK g_valid_contract EQ 'X'.
    PERFORM get_contract_details.
    PERFORM build_bapi_conditions.
    PERFORM call_change_sales_ord_bapi.
    ENDFORM. " update_sales_ord
    *& Form get_contract_details
    Get Contract Details
    FORM get_contract_details .
    Need to manually get the relevant Pricing Conditions as the BAPI
    BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST causes problems when we call the BAPI
    this is due to the fact that these BAPIs belong to the same Function
    Group and there must be some common structures that are not cleared
    causing us all sorts of grief when we try and call the next BAPI)
    Pricing Condition Master
    DATA: BEGIN OF tbl_t685a OCCURS 0,
    kschl LIKE t685a-kschl,
    kaend_wrt LIKE t685a-kaend_wrt,
    END OF tbl_t685a.
    SELECT *
    INTO TABLE tbl_vbak
    FROM vbak
    WHERE vbeln = c_contract.
    READ TABLE tbl_vbak INDEX 1.
    SELECT *
    INTO TABLE tbl_konv
    FROM konv
    WHERE knumv = tbl_vbak-knumv AND
    kposn = c_item.
    CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
    We now need to make sure we only bring across the Condition Types that
    are EDITABLE. If we bring across non editable conditions (such as
    'ZPR1') the Change Sales Order BAPI will fail
    SELECT kschl kaend_wrt
    INTO TABLE tbl_t685a
    FROM t685a
    FOR ALL ENTRIES IN tbl_konv
    WHERE kappl EQ 'V' AND "Sales
    kschl EQ tbl_konv-kschl AND
    kaend_wrt EQ 'X' AND "Value is Editable
    kmanu NE 'D'. "Process manually
    Prepare for Binary Search
    SORT tbl_t685a BY kschl.
    LOOP AT tbl_konv.
    READ TABLE tbl_t685a WITH KEY kschl = tbl_konv-kschl BINARY SEARCH.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING tbl_konv TO tbl_komv.
    APPEND tbl_komv.
    CHECK NOT tbl_komv[] IS INITIAL.
    Map KOMV into the more BAPI friendly BAPISDCOND structure
    fxvbak = tbl_vbak
    fxkomv = tbl_komv
    fxbapikomv = tbl_bapisdcond
    entry_missing = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    ENDFORM. " get_contract_details
    *& Form call_change_sales_ord_bapi
    Call the Change Sales Order BAPI
    FORM call_change_sales_ord_bapi .
    DATA: st_head_chg LIKE bapisdh1x,
    st_logic_switch TYPE bapisdls.
    CHECK NOT g_vbeln_created IS INITIAL.
    CHECK g_valid_contract EQ 'X'.
    st_head_chg-updateflag = 'U'.
    st_logic_switch-cond_handl = 'X'.
    salesdocument = g_vbeln_created
    order_header_inx = st_head_chg
    logic_switch = st_logic_switch
    return = tbl_return_chg
    conditions_in = tbl_bapicond
    conditions_inx = tbl_bapicondx.
    wait = 'X'.
    ENDFORM. " call_change_sales_ord_bapi
    *& Form write_output_report
    Produce Output Report
    FORM write_output_report .
    IF NOT g_vbeln_created IS INITIAL.
    WRITE:/ 'Success! Sales Order', g_vbeln_created, 'was created!'.
    WRITE:/ 'Failure! Sales Order was not created!'.
    WRITE:/ 'Sales Order Create Log'.
    LOOP AT tbl_return.
    WRITE:/ tbl_return-type, tbl_return-id, tbl_return-number,
    WRITE:/ 'Sales Order Change Log'.
    LOOP AT tbl_return_chg.
    WRITE:/ tbl_return_chg-type, tbl_return_chg-id,
    tbl_return_chg-number, tbl_return_chg-message.
    ENDFORM. " write_output_report
    *& Form validate_contract
    Make sure that the Contract is Valid
    FORM validate_contract .
    DATA: l_gueen LIKE vbak-gueen,
    l_prsdt LIKE vbkd-prsdt.
    SELECT SINGLE vbakgueen vbkdprsdt
    INTO (l_gueen, l_prsdt)
    FROM vbak
    INNER JOIN vbkd
    ON vbakvbeln = vbkdvbeln
    WHERE vbak~vbeln = c_contract AND
    vbkd~posnr = '000000'.
    IF sy-datum LE l_gueen.
    Contract is valid! Set Order Price Date
    g_valid_contract = 'X'.
    g_cont_price_date = l_prsdt.
    ENDFORM. " validate_contract
    Rajesh Kumar

  • Conditions KONV table for Sales order Line item.

    Hi Friends,
    What are the key fields bw vbap and konv table.
    requirmnt is : need to fetch conditions ( from KONV table ) for the sale order line items.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Fetch field <b>KNUMV</b> from table <b>VBAK</b> for that particular Sales Order No i.e <b>VBELN</b>.
    2. Goto <b>KONV</b> & based on <b>KNUMV</b>, <b>KPOSN</b> and <b>KSCHL</b> (condition type), fetch the required condition details along with its net price (KONV-KBETR)  and net value (KONV-KWERT).
    KONV-KPOSN = '00000' -> Header Condition
    KONV-KPOSN = '00001' -> VBAP-POSNR = 10
    Reward points if the answer is helpful.

  • Third Party GRN Posting Date to be Copied to Sales Order Line item Billing Date

    Hello Experts
    I have a client requirement where in they want to bill line items in the sales order ( third party process ) to the end customer in sync with the GRN posting dates happened in the PO
    For EG if GRN happened on 1st July 2014 then Billing Date should come in as 31st July 2014 so when they execute VF04 giving from and to dates as 1st july to 31st corresponding sales order can be invoiced
    Actual problem is for suppose if i create a sales order in the month of june say 26th basing on the factory calendar setting and invoicing list maintained in the customer master system defaults the billing date to 30th June 2014 , and the same when user runs VF04 from 1st June to 30th June this sales order shows as due and mistakenly end user invoices the customer ( whereas logical GR would have only received in July 1st )
    My requirement is similar to below threads but i am unable to find answer how to copy GR Posting date to Billing Date of the sales order line item
    use GR Doc date as billing date
    3rd party sales process (w/o ship notif) - Billing

    Hi Lakshmipathi ji,
    As my requirement is to update the billing date at the sales order line item level , As a process user goes in executes VF04
    For Ex
    Sales Order Created Date is 1st June 2014 then System Defaults Billing Date at line item to 30th June 2014
    Now when i do GRN suppose on 1st July 2014 for that line item , system should trigger a code where in check the posting date of the GRN and override the same in the Biiling Date field of the sales order line item
    So when VF04 is run for a month All the GRN which are recieved in the month of July are invoiced in July
    Please share me your thoughts do we need to check any userexits from MM side which reads the posting date of GRN and then copies in to my third party sales order

  • Field added in Aditional data tab of sales order line item at screen 8459

    Hi all,
    My problem is .
    I have appended one field in VBAP table, given it a name "WBS ELEMENT"
    The field is getting displayed in VA23 as well as VA02 Transaction.
    when i create sales order with the quotation reference,
    the "WBS Element"  of line item of quotation should get updated in "WBS Eleement "  of sales order line item
             This i am doing by triggering user exit.
    Problem is:
    Once Quotation  line item get copied to the sales order line item
    and the screen is in front of you with those details,
    before saving sales order .
    if you go at the sales order line item withou saving the document
    The field i have created in the screen 8459 i.e WBS Element ,doesnt get displayed.
    how could i retain the field Ihave created on screen 8459
    while creating the sales order from quotation before saving that sales order.
    Pleas help .

    Hi Vikram,
    It seems as it has been coded only to save the values into the new field that you have appended to VBAP. But before saving if the user wants to see the field, it is blank. You can try coding in PBO (process before output) of the relevant screen as follows:
    1. Get the reference of the quotation. Something like XVBAP-VGBEL will give this number.
    2. Get the value of Z field in VBAP by passing this quotation.
    3. Copy the above value to the corresponding Z field in XVBAP (or any internal table which holds VBAP data before saving)
    Please reward if helpful.

  • Sales order line items delivery cancelled but still appears in MD04.

    Hi PP Gurus,
    In the sales there are 6 line items are there out of which for 1 line item delivery and PGI happened. And for remaining line items delivery got cancelled, but these line items for which delivery cancelled appearing in the MD04, I have rejected the sales order line items but these line items still shows in MD04. Please advise how to remove these line items from MD04.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Pl refer SAP Note : 1166713 for the Problem which says " You have posted goods issue and therefore the delivery requirements should no longer be existing. These inconsistencies can be seen using report SDRQCR21"

  • Revenue Recognition based on User Status of assigned Sales Order line item

    Dear Community members,
    We have requirement to recognize / de-recognize revenue posted to WBS for calculation of RA, based on the 'User status' of the assigned Sales Order line item.
    To elaborate requirement further -
    1) WBS Element - XXX - 10 ( with operative indicator - Plan/Bill/Account Assign)
    2) Sales Order(SO) Line Items assigned to the above WBS -
    - SO No -  123 Line Item 10 - Actual Rev - $ 300 - User Status - EXE (Meaning this work is in progress , partial payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is 'Zero'
    - SO No -  124 Line Item 20 - Actual Rev - $ 400 - User Status - COMPL(Meaning this work is Complete , all payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is $400
    - SO No -  125 Line Item 10 - Actual Rev - $ 800 - User Status - EXE (Meaning this work is in progress , partial payment received thus actual revenue for RA at WBS is 'Zero'
    As per WBS reports Actual Revenue posted to WBS XXX-10 is $ 1500 ( $300$400$800) , however since two SO line items ( SO 123 /line item 10 and SO 125 / line Item 10 ) are NOT having User status 'COMPLETE', the actual revenue posted by those line items $ 1100/- ($300 + 800)  should not be included as Actual Revenue for RA at WBS level.
    Thus Actual Revenue for RA at WBS XXX-10 should be $ 400 /- ( the revenue posted by SO 124/line item 20 which has user status as 'COMPLETE')
    How do above can be achieved?? Is there any standard solution for this?? Is any SAP Note available for this (I too am looking for one but not found any ) ?? do we need any enhancement , Customer exit etc
    Thanks in advance
    with regards

    Thanks. You are right that the 'Completed Contract Method' would defer revenue recognition. However, the status checked would be of the RA object (WBS Element in this case, as RA key is on WBS and RA is being calculated on the WBS).
    However, our requirement is to check the user status of the Sales Order Line items assigned to the WBS element and filter the revenues posted based on the active user status of individual Sales Order Line item.
    Please give you inputs.
    Thanks in advance
    With regards

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